[Ren’Py] Private Dick [v0.014 Alpha] [Cisco Donovan]



Step into the gumshoes of Sam Steele, private detective, in this story-driven corporate conspiracy with a cast of exotic, beautiful and above all deceitful characters.

f95zone Devlog

Thread Updated: 2022-06-30
Release Date: 2022-06-30
Developer: Cisco Donovan – TwitterItch.ioF95Kickstarter
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.14 Alpha (listed as 1.1.0 on itch.io)
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

2DCG, Male protagonist, Noir, Oral sex, Anal Sex, Stripping, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism


1. Extract and run.



  • New, dynamically updating notebook / quest log
  • New sketch art for every character
  • Updated Roxi sprite (boy has this taken a while to get right)


  • Bit of a name change to Private Dick: Lipstick & Lies
  • Added Kickstarter links & branding
  • Updated Sam-Emily visuals
  • Some tiny content tweaks and optimisations
  • Added a few new backgrounds
  • Update “side image” appearance for talking heads (ie, when a main sprite is off-screen)
  • Update menu / choice / option UI. I think it’s better like this? *shrug*
  • Better main background image
  • Go Back a page when pressing backspace
  • Allow Quick Menu to be hidden from preferences

* Optimised build (halved the size of the archive)
* Fixed an issue where cases could trigger early
* Added couple of backgrounds


  • New case: The Return of Heracles
  • New characters: Vivienne, June Van Beek
  • New h-scene with June
  • New Case Select screen
  • Fixed some visual flicker on the title screens
  • Updated credits/about page
  • Added social links to main menu

* Added social media overlay
* Enabled fast skipping


  • New art for Bobbi at the bar
  • Updated a few assets (on the boxout selection splash and coming soon screen)
  • Slightly extended Bree’s blowjob (no new assets, just expanded it out a bit more)
  • Gallery will now exit the story gracefully at the end of the scene


  • Update dialog portraits to match the main character sprite (for some characters anyway)
  • Emily’s sprite rebalanced
  • Added a bunch of expressions to Emily
  • Synced expressions in Emily’s sex scene
  • Updated the teaser gallery and added a short-cut to the menu
  • Updated the boxout helper UI – MUCH nicer now (more to come)
  • Fixed some typos and tweaked some content
  • Added a little more dialog with Bobbi


  • Added a boxout options menu to game start
  • Added some REALLY ROUGH teasers on game completion (these will be updated in a week)
  • New lumpy asset (apologies in advance)
  • Added more detail and some face variations to Sam-Emily

v0.0.4 Release

  • Added some colour and tweaks to Sam-Emily
  • Added boxouts to Sam-Emily
  • Added some detail to Bree’s blowjob
  • Updated credits
  • Fixed a couple of endgame issues

v0.0.3 Release

  • Tweaks to overall game flow to make Lumpy’s content a bit easier to find
  • Plug in assets to Sam-Emily scene
  • Tweak to Lumpy-bree scene
  • Enabled downloads (recommended)
  • Added a very simple gallery page (which will unlock once you’ve completed a scene)
  • I am expecting to put out another small update with a bit more detail in the two sexy scenes.

Developer Notes:

Demo contains:
* Introductions to Roxi, Evee, Bobbi, Emily, Bree (and of course, P.I. Sam Steele)
* A stylish striptease in the intro
* Two graphic CGS, one heavily interactive
* Social media interface
* Previews of what is to come

Upcoming Features:

  • Complex story: There are over 40 multi-part stories planned for Private Dick, almsot all involving at least one CG.
  • Social media: Voyeurism is one of the big kinks of Private Dick, and modern social media is a wet dream for the voyeur. Social Dick will have a social media interface where you can catch up with the cast from a safe distance, enjoying a little casual exhibitionism.
  • Innovative, creative sex. Tired of the same old vanilla sex scenes? Sick of the handjob – blowjob – vaginal – anal progression? Seen a few too many tentacles? Every scene in Private Dick is designed to titillate, surprise and innovate – while also giving you options. Skip a scene you don’t like, steer a scene to be more gentle or more rough. It’s your journey.
  • No hard choices. Well, maybe one. But Private Dick isn’t about choice or consequence. I don’t want you to make a choice which means you lose out on content later on. I don’t want you to grind through the game twice just to get a different ending. Where the game presents choice to you, it’s to express yourself and your interests. All CGs can be replayed any time and in different ways.

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