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tame it f95.jpg

tame it f95.jpg

The game is about Lee, who travels by plane to a hotel on one of a small distant island, but something unexpected happens, so he’ll soon face a vivid adventure and good bunch of survival.

An exciting process of taming wild and hot babes, which will open access to a variety of unusual kinks and passionate situations, an island full of mysteries. You will have to develop skills, find contact with wayward girls, complete quests and eventually understand whether there is an opportunity to escape from a desert island!​

Thread Updated: 2022-07-22
Release Date: 2022-06-29
Developer: Manka Games WebsitePatreonDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 1.1.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Store: SteamItch.ioNutakuDLsiteKinguin

3DCG, Adventure, Animated, Male protagonist, Survival, Point & click, Free roam, Groping, Voyeurism, Handjob, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Titjob, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Big Tits, Spanking, Threesome, Pregnancy


1. Extract and run.



  • Bugfixes
  • Addon
  • Steam release
  • Multiple languages


  • Story continuation
  • New minigame and collectibles for it
  • Add Octa kiss favor
  • Add Octa reactions to the jaguar in dialogues
  • SOS location, chapter 1 intro, beach and forest backgrounds got live2D versions
  • New collectibles added, they spawn through the game on different locations, like Tonya’s photo
  • Collectible objects now respects the time filter
  • Improve Octa task assignment. Octa can now get stones and seaweed from the lake
  • Fix unintentional skip of the part of the story in chapter 9
  • Fix mess with the words in the dialogue window in some cases
  • Adjust berries and mushrooms tasks chance before dinner at chapter 10
  • Enable tooltips by default
  • Add tooltips to dialogue window tabs
  • Add tooltips to chapter selector and save/load menu
  • Add hint to the bait minigame.
  • Change texts in chapter 8
  • Add all voyeur scenes to the gallery
  • Fix jam max count (thx AltairPL)
  • Don’t allow crafting if there is no space for the result in the inventory (thx AltairPL)
  • Don’t allow to gather more water than free space in the inventory (thx AltairPL)
  • Add time check on Lee treatment in chapter 11 (thx AltairPL)
  • Fix Cat behavior at the start of chapters 6 and 7
  • Forbid to kiss and pet Cat before the story unlocks it (thx AltairPL)
  • Add items count to craft window (thx AltairPL)
  • Add items count in task assignment in the dialogue window (thx AltairPL)
  • Update assets in the prologue
  • Add toggling hints in the prologue steering game
  • Set actual Lee hp value at the start of the fight with the jaguar
  • Rework game over screen
  • Add confirm to “Disable Live2D” setting with game restart
  • Don’t show “Disable Live2D” setting on desktop devices
  • Many small fixes


  • Story continuation
  • New locations
  • New minigame
  • Fix loading button on the death screen
  • You can now choose a teaching minigame variant (except for basic words like “lee”, “cat”, “octa”)
  • Add scrollable screen to plane jaguar scenes to remind about the waterfall there
  • Fix bug with not fully clearing state in chapter selector
  • Fix Cat shown in the house at the start of chapter 7
  • Calculate fishing lure deviance by Lee hunting skill (thx rainwake)
  • Add prologue minigames to the gallery
  • Add visual bar instead of emoji line in the dialogue answers
  • Add keyboard controls to fishing minigame (thx Anaz)
  • Important change to the calculation of healing. If the character has a bad state, hungry or thirsty, he won’t heal by the house while this state is active.
  • Lee and Cat are not hungry now after dinner in chapter 10
  • Prevent Lee’s death from the honey (case when hunger and thirst at zero and hp low, so consume honey can kill you as it increases the thirst and hurt Lee)
  • Rework of gift system. Gifts are more valuable now but their value lowers for the girls with each try
  • Add jam, gift for Octa and nutritious cooking
  • Increase number of recipes to 12 in crafting screen
  • Add Cat BJ scene as a favor (Require 70 Cat relation points)
  • Update 2nd and 3rd levels of Tonya’s BJ scene to L2D version
  • Make bungalow extension not clickable on home location
  • Set secondary font from the English version
  • Add a requirement for teaching Octa 6 words before dinner in chapter 10


  • Story continuation
  • New locations and buildings
  • New words in dialogues
  • Add gallery for tracking opened scenes (wip)
  • Add spanking to favors
  • Reworked steering game internal logic, less random, more QTE-like gameplay
  • Add outline to task requirement numbers
  • Remove autosave on exit (it causes problems in rare cases, thx Satadoros)
  • Lee may be poisoned by the raw meat with 5% chance. (thx Suck2Die)
  • Cat and Octa will not study more than two times per day. Lazy girls
  • Cat will now occasionally bring gifts, just like in Chapter 6, but with a relationship check (>=50) and not a 100% chance
  • Octa may now point at some collectibles in the fishing minigame
  • Fish with the honey recipe now shown without the requirement of big fish in the inventory
  • Inventory capacity slightly lowered
  • Highlight new tabs in the dialogue window
  • Update Tonya sleep game to L2D version
  • Fix inventory tutorial close button
  • Fix Cat hunting tasks assignation
  • Show progress marker by long tap on the pause-menu button for Android
  • Fix comb task progress requirement
  • Fix big fish catch chance after use of chapter selector in 7+ chapters
  • Rework progression logic in Chapter 5 from Cat relation to the simple counter. Because starving Cat lowers relation to Lee so there may be problems before.
  • Add character relation points on success learning
  • Rebalance Cat relationship chart (slightly higher requirements that cover bonus from learning new words)
  • Add new logic for coral fish
  • Spoon Lee and Cat in a sleep at a certain level of relationship (thx xBlaBlaBlax)
  • Add Cat to SOS screen (when her relation to Lee is high enough)
  • Small improvements in random function
  • Show new favors with the story progression only
  • Disable torch visual filter on the night scenes


  • Fix saves compatibility issues. The next version will be based on 0.10.1
  • Improve tooltips logic
  • Fix Octa size in some scenes
  • Fix UI unresponsiveness in some locations


  • Story continuation
  • 2 new minigames and a new voyeur
  • New location (Octa’s lair)
  • New food recipes
  • Add difficulty level selector at the start of chapter 1
  • Add tooltips to UI and inventory. Disabled by default, can be enabled in the Settings menu
  • Lower character relation level when she is starving
  • Lower Lee’s thirst on rainy days
  • New words/phrases in the dialogue window
  • Change health/feed/love report style in the dialogue
  • Change Octa color based on patron votes. Octa change her color according to her mood
  • Cat should eat less on normal and easy difficulties
  • Cat should not bite in the night if relations are high
  • Add Steam achievements support
  • Add hint to the lake fishing about no prizes when skipping the game
  • Add sounds for several tasks and crafting recipes
  • Fix bottle stealing bug (thx Kirito2453)
  • Fix in bait minigame (thx Satadoros)
  • Add additional checks for bait minigame stability
  • Add additional hints for jaguar and plane door
  • Small fixes in the dialogue window (thx Muggle)
  • Change of the chapter now counts as the day advance (thx Fluffy)
  • Mobile performance changes. The game should use fewer resources and battery
  • Reworked SOS location code (if you saved on it in the previous version you may have trouble loading your game)
  • Many small fixes and improvements


  • Story continuation
  • New items and gifts
  • Saves are compatible with the 0.6.2+
  • Add exit to main menu button on Android
  • Fix Cat tasks reporting (thx DamnedFrog)
  • Made plane grapple task messages less misleading in the 6th chapter
  • Add small question mark to opened but yet to be learned words in the dialogue window
  • Add Alt+Shift+P hotkey to show current progress value (for debug purposes)
  • Add help screen to the second teaching minigame
  • Add new favor
  • Update several sounds in prologue
  • Change save/load icons to be more distinguishable
  • Some improvements in gifting. Cat won’t decline seaweed. Lee can now eat lake fish


  • Add additional quest to chapter 7
  • Add L2D version of the peeping scenes in chapters 3 and 4
  • Update Renpy to version 7.4.6
  • Enabled L2D animations on the Android
  • Add alternative cat teaching minigame
  • Add preference to disable l2d as it works badly on some older phones
  • Fix possible breakings of the game plot in chapter 7 (thx Mank, kyon9394)
  • Fix lost sentences in the dialogue window (thx fortuna95, Torchwood)
  • Increase the chance of success fishing in chapter 6 on every try


  • Story continuation
  • Saves are compatible with the 0.6.2 and 0.7.1
  • Add experimental option for the hardware mouse pointer. It may help if you have problems with the mouse pointer in the full screen mode
  • New music: island, prologue plane crash
  • Add new words in the dialogue
  • Enable the “Favors” tab in the dialogue window
  • New items
  • Cat may help you with the hunting minigame if you have good relationships
  • Reduced chicks & crabs hearing distance on normal and easy difficulty
  • Add different fireflies animations
  • Add a point of interest on the plane in chapter 6 (skippable)
  • Show unknown words marker in the dialogue window
  • Add protection from loading new saves in old versions of the game
  • Refactored animation timings in minigames. Android build should work faster now (MacOS too)
  • Move bobber to the end of the line to reduce cases of confusion about point of impact
  • Add notification about daily autosave
  • Add autosave before chapter end scene
  • Add quit button to some minigames
  • Add help screens to the fishing, hunting and additional help screen to the taming minigame
  • Fix task info window (5 requirements) (thx Deckmaster)
  • Fix saves compatibility errors (thx Satadoros)
  • Fix bridge construction in the next chapters (thx WillTellU)
  • Reversed task/crafting numbers in requirements, tell us what you think
  • Fix SOS location jumps to chapter 5 (thx NerdWithGuns)
  • Fix tasks result rounding on hard difficulty (thx tttt00006)
  • Fix typo in saved sentence “cat + gift” (thx drhotrod)
  • Improved saves compatibility (thx Halfsweat)


  • Add L2d version of Tonya’s first level of the intoxicated scene
  • Some windows are more opaque now
  • Slowed shadow movement in the lake
  • Improved game reset logic on chapter select
  • Add L2d version of plane steering game
  • Hunting and fishing minigames respect difficulty preferences
  • Add random Cat appearances on some locations
  • Update lake bg and plane wreck sounds
  • Add sounds to several tasks (building, stone and leaves foraging)
  • Fix learning multi-click exploit (thx Dantastic)
  • Fix saves compatibility errors (thx fortuna95, Dantastic)


  • Story continuation
  • Saves are compatible with the 0.6.*
  • Lowered requirements for some buildings
  • Improved mobile UI for the fishing game
  • Fix hunt events flickering on click
  • Fix “global name ‘name’ is not defined” crash (thx Trashmeat, Vyzion)
  • Tasks slightly rebalanced
  • New music
  • New items and crafting receipts
  • Add gift system
  • Enabled tasks dialogue tab
  • New dialogue words and phrases
  • Lee states now may be combined
  • Show visually when Lee is hurt
  • Reduce count of Cat sleep games in chapter 5
  • Fixed coconut freeze in the tutorial (thx Scuba-steve12)


  • Fix Inventory lock (thx Malleee, arjunazuluna)
  • Fix hidden mouse pointer in some cases (thx dark5ide)
  • Fix twice catch-n-freeze in the fishing minigame
  • Disabled common tasks stay visible on the location
  • Swapped music and sound button images
  • Fix try to eat inedible things
  • Fix that craft screen hides on progress
  • Refactored task reports text
  • Change say type in prologue outro
  • Fix torch description
  • Add fuel to the chapter 4 hints


  • The game now autosaves each day
  • Fixed “game over” screen bug (thx Chiller Cheemstar Lets)
  • Cat feeding interface added
  • Multiple bugs fixed
  • Firefly collectables added
  • Fix chapter end progression
  • Added custom cursors to sleep minigames
  • New and fixed sounds
  • New night music


  • Story continuation
  • Learning minigame
  • Cat sleep game
  • Emoji dialogue system
  • UI and items max count fixes (thx fortuna95)
  • Search and taming games merged
  • Improved hunting internal timer state (no more premature ending)
  • Added new hints to chapter 4
  • Lee’s food balance changed so he should be fed more often. We hope he’ll eat every day at the end of all balance changes as it’ll be healthy for him. Food is also becoming more nutritious
  • Ren’py engine updated to 7.4.3, minimum Windows is now Vista, but antiviruses should be less suspicious about game executables
  • Items in inventory are now ordered
  • Luck implemented
  • SOS may be completed
  • Home location animated
  • Changed food part in chapter1 tutorial from bananas to coconuts


  • Fixed collision check in fishing
  • Some text improvements
  • UI fixes
  • Fix location trapping after task completion (thx Trashmeat)
  • Fix progression bug (thx Vamp4re, mandor1784)


  • Story continuation
  • Weather effects
  • New torch mechanics
  • UI transitions were slightly decreased
  • New voyeur scene/minigame
  • Search minigame
  • Taming minigame
  • New bungalow and bridge buildings
  • New locations
  • New resources for story and survival
  • Added mouse wheel and drag to scroll inventory UI
  • Info windows are modal now
  • Small balance changes and other bugfixes
  • New bugs so there will be what to fix later


  • Story continuation
  • Add chapter selector
  • Add difficulty settings
  • Fishing minigame
  • Voyeur game improvements
  • Fix not visible buildings from the beach
  • Do not show item count on unique item in inventory
  • Fix birds flickering in the main menu
  • Ren`py upgraded to version 7.4.1
  • SOS task now not appears in chapter 1
  • Increased influence of skills on foraging/hunting results


  • Reworked locations internal logic.
  • Add some strange mushrooms and berries.
  • Add new random hunting events.
  • Add rock gathering task on the beach.
  • Tasks are now completed faster by 1 second.
  • Add SOS building. It’s a hard and tiresome process, that lasts for several chapters.
  • Cooked food params slightly balanced.
  • Improved collision in hunting minigame.
  • Add warning when using old saves.


  • Story continuation
  • Crafting mechanics
  • New bonfire mechanics
  • Hunting minigame
  • Updated tasks and items UI
  • New bugfixes and new bugs :)


  • Return to steering game after loose, instead of the main menu
  • Add gallery mode to minigames
  • Many fixes


  • Story continuation
  • Added new chapter with new survival mechanics
  • Day/night cycle
  • Refactored progress class, old saves are broken :(
  • New minigame
  • Many fixes and improvements


  • Fixed bug, appearing in saving/loading in some cases
  • Added button to start credits from the outro
  • Fixed multiple small bugs
  • Active hints and control adjustments in steering minigame
  • Fixed some confirm captions


  • Fixed bottle duplication on some scenes
  • Added hints to steering minigame
  • Changed some animations and logic in the steering minigame

First public release

Developer Notes:

In our game, we decided to replace all texts with emojis. This is an experiment and a serious challenge for us. But it will allow players from all over the world to enjoy the game, regardless of their knowledge of the language. All dialogues, thoughts, tasks in the form of emojis — isn’t that fun!



Thanks to mandor1784 for sharing.

Tame It! 2020-09-28 21.04.42.png

Tame It! 2020-09-28 21.05.05.png

Tame It! 2020-09-28 21.06.42.png

Tame It! 2020-09-28 21.07.28.png

Tame It! 2020-09-28 21.08.59.png





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