[Ren’Py] WTM Academy [v0.20d] [Ninoss]


This game is a mutation of Examination Day that became standalone, I recommand playing it if you want to see from where it all started.

In this game you’re managing a girlz only school. The main goal is to disturb them when they are passing their exam to keep them in your school as long as you can to satify their parents.
The game also features many other components like PTA meeting, management, events …
This game use real porn assets and as the goal to be higly moddable to have infinite replayability and customization.

If you loved games like The Headmaster or the original Examination Day, that’s for you!

Thread Updated: 2022-11-03
Release Date: 2022-11-02
Developer: Ninoss – DiscordPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.20d
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Anal sex, Corruption, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Groping, Humiliation, Male domination, Male protagonist, Management, Pov, Rape, Real porn, School setting, Sexual harassment, Simulator, Spanking, Strategy, Teasing, Vaginal sex


1. Extract and run.



Major game-crashing bug fixes, some additional content + modding instructions !

– Added : 2 photoshoots
– Added : Added an auto-save each day in case things goes wrong and you’re enable to save anymore.

– Fixed : Error in the .ini parser hard crashing the game while loading some modded girls (thx Adrian24)
– Fixed : Prevent the player from selling subject causing a crash, the feature isn’t fully implemented yet (thx cooperdk)
– Fixed : Bad calculations and typo for relation on sponsor request response (thx @jv1ds)
– Fixed : Panties were not deleted after being sent to a sponsor (thx Freesocer)

– Updated: HOW_TO_MOD updated to explain modding on all new 0.20 features

– Balance: Fear growth increased on high impact exam events


This is a big update, opening new gameplay features, leave me your impressions about balance and how it can be further used.
This version has been tested but some bug might have sneak in ^^

– photoshoot class and the related .ini config loader for modding
– 11 photoshoots for now
– procedural event for the photoshoot sessions
– gallery in the review screen

– Added : SPONSORS
– sponsor class and the related .ini config loader for modding
– 5 sponsors with different traits
– sponsor’s dialogs and negociations
– 4 types of generated sponsors’s requests

– Added : Rules can have a montly cost, deduced from the academy’s budget. Rule’s cost is now also counted as “upfront” cost deduced from the academy’s budget too.
– Added : sensitiveArea parameter added to the girl’s config (thx @BuggyDClown#6250)
– Added : choosing the girlz applying to the academy, each girl have a resume (thx @B4ND1T91#8015)
– Added : fancy algorithm to detect cloth’s colors that will be used in future updates
– Added : 20+ new cloth variations (thx @Weatherman5#8095)

– Updated : vote menu can accommodate more options and should show faster on good connection. Also added some ETA to inform players of the estimated delay of each suggestion. Also made an API call to benchmark public votePower / patreons votePower in order to adjust patreons’s combined vote power to at least 25% of the total votes.
– Updated : INI file loaders have been separated and refactored, now in game/scripts/INIloaderz
– Updated : log.txt will now show some logs about the mods, should be usefull to debug not loading / missconfigured ones.
– Updated : added a “404 not found” vid to avoid crash and notify that a file is missing when playing a .webm
– Updated : the API now cleans up some datas periodically to maintain performance

– Fixed : “low cloth” tolerance wasn’t matching wardrobe calculation, causing girls to build pressure and flee for no apparent reason (thx @kraken989#0341)
– Fixed : display issue of votes during PTA, some “FOR” votes appeared “AGAINST” (thx stho90)
– Fixed : slap boobs event was calling for “event_pinchNipples” (thx @Adrian24#9382 )
– Fixed : clones should *(really)* not appear anymore, re-launching the game was resetting some variables related to that
– Fixed : bug where missing .webm where pulled from other girl’s folder instead of the generic folder (thx @Gdiggers888#2953 )
– Fixed : Sunday was missing
– Fixed : Bug causing PTA policies to have weekly costs inverted
– Fixed : Upkeep costs were inverted in the PTA’s dialogs (thx @jv1ds)
– Fixed : Sponsor’s request types where corrupted on load (thx ThatTallGuy)

– Balance : Button to transfer cash from MC to the academy
– Balance : Academy’s budget now starts at 3000$ instead of 2500$
– Balance : PTA Rules are now bought with the academy’s money
– Balance : sensitiveArea adds a bit more arousal gain.

0.18b :

Quick bug fix !

Fixed : Renpy crashing on MAC with xysize statements (thx Heinzmonkey)
Fixed : Wedgie conditions broken (thx B4ND1T91)
Fixed : Clones girls could appear and were obv bugged (thx Factor96)
Fixed : Typos

Balance : Naturism and Corruption decay decreased

0.18a :

Mid-Update before 0.2.
Many system improvements, easier installation/compatibility for mods and addition of traits. (I hope that will had more variety to gameplay)
Also some more content but mainly all the required components for 0.2 are there :zoeSmile:

– Added : Traits parameters in girl’s config (ex for Iva: brown_hair,brown_eyes,small_boobs,hairy,naturist,emotional…) (more infos in game/HOW_TO_MOD.txt)
Traits can modify base stats and stats gains, they can also be used to trigger special event or dialogues, that’s the first implementation of a ‘real’ personality for girls !
– Added : Buttons to do “global” events during exam (like skipping the round / Reassure / Disturb)
– Added : Trait object (added ~15 traits to start)
– Added : Academy object
– Added : Kissing during exam (need more .webm) (ewo ara1111)
– Added : Notification in main game’s menu indicating if your game is up to date (compared to F95’s version)
– Added : Event support for .webm + button to hide UI during events
– Added : Academy Budget (WIP)
– Added : 1 new girl

– Updated : arousal is now in the Player object
– Updated : prestige, weeklyPassed and weeklyFailed is now in the Academy object
– Updated : Exam UI
– Updated : Girl review UI
– Updated : Girl’s color will follow their physical traits
– Updated : Algorithm calculating girl’s pocket money and wardrobe reworked
– Updated : Game updated to RenPy 7.5.1 and made the code comply with some random RenPy’s rules
– Updated : Tutorial re-enabled
– Updated : Many texts/dialogs have been reworked/added by B4ND1T91
– Updated : Reworked how modding works to allow multiples modders to add stuff without overwriting things. Some mods will also be much easier to install !

– Fixed : Negative intellect values causing crashes during exam (thx Gdiggers)
– Fixed : Some conditions in events playing bad .webm
– Fixed : Bug causing PTA policies to not save properly + bug avoiding selling subjects (thx Narcissus-rain)

– Balance : Reduced random subject progression

0.1c :

Some additions, QoL and needed bug fixes for 0.1 !
The game should play without issues, I’ll focus on implementing the most voted feature now



– Added : 1 new girl
– Added : Requested button to sell all panties at once

– Updated : More config parameters and options for events to give more possibilities to modders (see HOW TO ADD NEW GIRLS.txt)
– Updated : girl.ChooseCloth() algorithm reworked.
If a girl is privated from one cloth because of a rule or choosed a cloth not perfectly fitting her will, she’ll choose other clothing parts taking it into consideration (thx Kevin Smarts)
– Updated : Vote menu will now display the total vote count

– Fixed : Some evaluations issues (thx slamakans)
– Fixed : The game wasn’t checking correctly for gameover while having less than 3 girls, causing a hard crash on exam start / sleeping (thx (Asenaris))
– Fixed : Rare bug that could cause an error on girl generation (thx Gdiggers)
– Fixed : Messed up calculation of arousal during the exam. Now the pressure should equalise the arousal after some rounds, making a girl edging the best way to avoid her finishing the exam without fleeing (thx Gdiggers)
– Fixed : ‘None’ panties bug finally fixed ! (thx slamakans and Abaddon)

– Balance : Automatic daily intellect gains slightly reduced
– Balance : You now gain +25$ for each new girl joining the academy

– Disabled : YearBook and rules placeholders temporarly disabled. (YearBook will come back completed in the next update)


– Fixed : Some typos
– Fixed : Some really minor bugs


Bug fixes and the vote system for the next update, don’t forget to make your voice count.
I’ll probably push the game to F95 latest updates tomorrow, if you see any bugs, weird things or typos, let me know !

– Implemented : 3 new girls
– Implemented : Vote system to choose the next update

-Updated : Some .webm and resized some .webp to some gain size

– Fixed : Some typos (thx @Zirenas)


That’s mostly a bug fix update.
– Implemented : 1 new girl

– Updated : UI of the exam
– Updated : reworked/added some of the girlz pictures

– Fixed : Import bug that was hard crashing the game (thx Gdiggers bradduk Yukemoto)
– Fixed : Some other minor bug/adjustments reported on Discord

For modders : Girlz boobs pictures are now at the “standard” 2:1 ratio


Implemented : 3 new girls
Implemented : Discord and Patreon on the main menu (Feel free to support your fellow headmaster )
Implemented : Stats over https integration, it’s a test tbh, some stats should show up there : https://ninoss.pythonanywhere.com/

– Updated : The game will select girls you didn’t see in the week first for the exam

– Fixed : Random girls color being too dark (thx miel360 )
– Fixed : Sometime you could have x+1/x girls (thx Freesocer )


Updated : “DEBUG” infos during exam (enabled via settings) are now updated with the new stats !

Fixed : Some calculations were always missing 1% (thx SassyBF)
Fixed : Fucked up code, duplicating some stats (thx Freesocer)

Some fixes and adjustments, waiting for more feedbacks about the balance now that it’s not fucked up anymore and can be debugged properly ^^


Implemented : New stat system
Implemented : UI with help/estimates for the player
Implemented : 13 new girls
Implemented : Added some more .webm, dialogs, etc….
Implemented : Many (PLACEHOLDER) for next updates, most of needed things for updating smoothly are now in the code.
Implemented : Finished many things from last update : timeManager, girlManager, more support for modded configs, better girl generation, weatlh things…

Updated : Reworked how exam events are handled
Updated : HOW TO ADD NEW GIRLS.txt (stats are now available, also explained how to add custom exam events)

Fixed : Too much things to detail, almost everything was broken so I fixed like a hundred small bugs here and there.

I’ve been tryharding this for like ~2 weeks at an average of 4-6h/day so I’m giving you the thing to test it and for now I’ll take a breath :cool:
Even if I tried, the balance is broken kinda everywhere so as usual I’ll be responsive on feedbacks and also try to actually “play” the game more to balance things out !


Implemented : Pocket cash and Parents’wealth for each girl, can be specified individually in girlConfig.ini.
This will allow some blackmail plays in future updates. At the start of the game, the girls will also choose their cloth according to their wealth.
Implemented : Additional ‘vids’ folder for girls, allowing to play videos of this girl instead of generic ones
Implemented : Complete ‘value’ system for clothing, each one having a unique price
Updated : HOW TO ADD NEW GIRLS.txt

Fixed : By re-doing and normalizing how clothing behaves, I think I’ve also fixed the rare bug related to missing images on panties ^^
Fixed : Clothes’s armor were not working as expected, it makes the game significantly more difficult, balance will be needed.
Fixed : Clothes glitching in the review menu, I’m not happy with the text being centered but renpy don’t want me to justify it :'(

Some other technical things have been done, notably file sorting magic to be able to use the same .webm in multiple situations.
All technical requirements for the ‘cloth shop’ are kind of done too.

I’ll now focus on re-working the stats that would be :
– Intellect : Main stat for completing exams, also helps the girl being focused
– Discipline : High discipline girl will be more inclined to just obey when not willing
– Affection : Overall affection with the player, helps everywhere, mainly gained via events
– Fear : Easy to up stat, will allow the player to do things with the girl even if she’s not willing. But at high values this could trigger the girl’s parents attention, they won’t support you at PTA and will try to remove the girl from your school.
– Corruption : Corruption is the ‘sluttyness’ stat, the higher it goes the more frivolous and horny the girl will be.

After that we’ll be ready for more girls/event/features !


– Bug-fixes


Initial Release

Developer Notes:

This game as the goal to be higly moddable, don’t hesitate to share what you would like to see in the game and what part of it do you liked for me to improve gameplay throught updates !

Mods and Modding:

Instructions on how to add girlz/events can be found in game/HOW_TO_MOD.txt

Updated mods are available directly on the discord in the #mod-showcase channel.
You can also find some mods linked directly in the thread by modders.

As many core components of the game are in active development, you might need to start a fresh new game on each update.
If you encounter the following crash while saving : ‘TypeError: no default __reduce__ due to non-trivial __cinit__ (perhaps store._imgScaledDownSurface = <Surface(14x14x32)>)’.
This sadly can’t be fixed are it’s python liraries conflicting with the renpy’s save sytem on certain conditions. Just load the last morning auto-save and play from there, it should then save properly.

For linux users : if you encounter some crashes, try deleting the ‘lib/python2.7/queue/’ folder. Don’t ask me why, it fixes the issue


Extras: ModPack*

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.













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