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3000 Universe – this is a story about a wonderful world, but there was someone who wanted to take over the whole world and establish their own, new, selfish, world orders. Will the heroes rise? Will the kingdoms unite? Will the chosen hero come? But it doesn’t really matter. Because you are… and there is the same invader.

1. This is my own universe. I try to develop characters, lore and story.
The main idea in the study of another world with your own attitude to sex. In this world, girls will love to be yours … if they can like you.
2. Roleplay. I plan to add multiple playthroughs for each mission. Skill and relationship tests that affect the course of events, as well as turn-based time simulations. But whether I can succeed or not is another question.
3. Tactics – Chess – Random does not exist.
Victory depends only on your actions and planning. Only the initial position of enemies on the battlefield is random.
4. Grind? Of course, you need to level up to deal with stronger enemies. But the enemies are limited and will not allow you to gain experience indefinitely.
5. Sexual content. Sex scenes can be short or long. Have a choice or require a skill to discover. The books will reveal the details of the character of the characters and the lore of the universe – text + art. There is one more thing, but I am still thinking about it.​

Thread Updated: 2022-04-16
Release Date: 2022-04-16
Developer: 3000 Universe Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Ep 0 – ThetaBugFixed
OS: Windows
Language: English

2D Game, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Big ass, Big tits, Titfuck, Anal Sex, Harem, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Rpg


Extract and run.


EP 0 Theta(BugFixed)

1. Fixed passage to a new location.
2. Edited characteristics of characters and items.
3. The equipment of the characters has been edited.
3.1 Characters are given starting weapons.
4. New MC sprite corresponding to the art.
5. Minor English fixes.

EP 0 Theta
1. The technical part.
1.1 A huge number of bugs have been fixed, but not all.
2. Gameplay.
2.1 Added a new location (~ 50% ready).
2.2 The balance and level of enemies has been changed, the game has become easier.
2.3 Added a new system of skill trees.
2.4 New active and passive skills have been added for all characters.
2.5 Added a new system of tactical classes.
2.6 A system of bonuses and damage penalties has been added depending on the tactical class. (Now the choice of target for the attack will be of more tactical importance.)
2.7 Added a new item system. Each type of weapon, armor and item will give a unique skill.
3. Art and scenes.
3.1 The description in the character book has been changed. Now there is more info.
3.2 A new character book page has been added.
3.3 Added 2 short new scenes with new characters in a new location.

EP 0 Eta
1. The technical part.
1.1 Fixed all bugs about which they wrote to me.
1.2 Improved time system.
1.3 The TP scale is now displayed correctly.
2. Gameplay.
2.1 Added a new location (~ 50% ready)
2.2 Added several new items and enemies.
3. Art and scenes.
3.1 Added an image to the first stone of the seeker.
3.2 New portraits for some characters.
3.3 New character + one scene + party member.
3.4 New character without interaction (only small diolog).
3.5 New character + one scene (two options).
0. Maybe something else I forgot about.

EP 0 Zeta
1. The game is almost completely redone. Reduced locations and changed history.
2. The game has become much easier, but not easy. Added skill system.
3. New scenes, of course. Some have been removed or redone for future use.
4. The game time remains the same for 1-2 hours.
5. And a lot of minor fixes.

EP 0 Epsilon
1. Reworked enemies. Added enhanced versions of enemies.
2. Added a system of passive skills and a system for learn them (sexuality).
3. Added one short scene and a secret piece for the existing one.

EP 0 Delta
1. Redesigned map. Added 2 new locations.
2. Added improved and unique versions of old items. Added new items. Added improved and unique versions of new items.
3. Added a new character.
4. Added a story scene. Added 3 h-scenes.
5. Added 15 arts. Added arts to old scenes. Some art has been improved.

EP 0 Gamma
Almost everything has been redone. Can be considered as a new “first” release.

EP 0 Beta
The character does not get stuck in textures when moving.
The character does not die immediately after rebirth.
Enemies that did not disappear after destruction will now disappear.
Interaction with objects on the location is available.

Fixed the main story.
Story actions now have some variation in passing depending on the character ‘s skills.

Improved game and skill balance.
Now the variability of the passage depends on the skills.

All arts are redrawn.

Ep 0 Alpha
First release

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