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Assets (3).png

Below Sunshade
is a standalone title taking place in the world of Adorevia.
The Story is one of the pillars of the Below Sunshade as usual with our games.
Is a story-driven crafting survival game, in which you find yourself stranded on a wild island full of secrets and dangerous beings.
Your goal is to escape the Island within 30 days while managing ressources and, if you like: engage in combat, befriend other survivors and explore optional areas to find secrets.


Thread Updated: 2022-05-17
Release Date: 2022-03-17
Developer: Arvus Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 3.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Roundscape AdoreviaUprising

2D Game, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Voiced, Combat, Management, Multiple endings


1. Extract and run.


Smoll patch for Sunshade to fix a few issues!

Changes & Fixes

  • You are no longer stuck in the treehouse after Tulip leaves
  • The passive skill Defender now grants defense as described
  • Low FPS during CG Scenes fixed
  • The Naipei Quest “Worthy” now completes after giving her all three bounties
  • The Silver Sword got rebalanced
  • Pressing F5 no longer restarts the game (RPG Maker why u do this)
  • You no longer enter no-clip mode after picking up the Rapier
  • We changed the visuals of some smaller areas to feel more natural


  • Two new, secret endings
  • Lots of new, kinky fun including old and new characters
  • Lots of new Items and Camp Buildings to craft and find
  • Combat and Gameplay Rebalanced
  • Press R to see your current relationship level with other characters
  • New Characters (Including sexy harpies)
  • New Dungeons and reworked ending
  • New Enemies and Features
  • New outfits for some characters
  • New encounters and dialogues

2.0.2 Bugfix
Fixed Issues
– Fixed a memory leak causing random crashes and performance issues. The game now runs as smooth as it did before Milestones. Have fun!

2.0.1 Bugfix
Fixed Issues
– Fixed an Issue where you get a blackscreen when using the bed.
– Fixed an Issue where the UI wouldn’t reappear after a CG Scene with Tulip
– Applied some changes to fix the random crashes and improve performance
– Fixed a few smaller typos

MAJOR UPDATEby Below Sunshade
do 12 november
Below Sunshade: Milestones Release
Release of our second, large update for Below Sunshade
Hey folks!
Hope you’re ready for the Milestones update! Our biggest update for Below Sunshade so far.

  • Introducing two new characters! Tulip and Galan. The sexy goblin alchemist and the young adventerous elf. Each one with their own storyline. Tulip is voiced by the talented Oolay-Tigher while Galan is voiced over by LewdAudio. Also DornVA returned for new Idrune Scenes.

1.5.3 Bugfix

  • Fixed missing picture file error when talking to the heart
  • Fixed stuck at black screen issue during talitha’s second CG scene
  • Required mining decreased to access the mountain
  • Milestone System! Completing quests, dungeons, finding secrets and making progress results in Milestone points which can be used to unlock special skills.
  • Journal! Keep track of your quests.
  • Combat Rework! You now have to equip skills to create your perfect build. On top of that you can find eight different new skills all around the island.
  • Familiar Faces! New content for Idrune including a super secret scene, also new Art for the Heart of the Island has been added.
  • Alchemy! Brew potions which grant you special effects for a whole day.
  • Rework, Rework, Rework! Lots of smaller changes and additions: For example two teleportation circles which allow you to travel between the east and west ends of the island.

1.5.2 Bugfix

  • Battle Background fixed on the big cave entrance map
  • A bunch of Iron/Obsidian/Gold Ores now respawn
  • More Iron/Obsidian/Gold Nodes added to the game
  • Idrunne’s second CG Scene fixed
  • Talitha’s CG scene order fixed
  • Raptor Fight during Night fixed
  • Having the Aquamarine no longer skips interactions with the Heart
  • Issue fixed where using Talitha’s Chest would result in skipping a dialogue

do 1 oktober
1.5.1 Bugfix

  • Fixed an Issue where the Statues, to access the skull, won’t move.
  • Fixed an Issue where the door inside the secret temple won’t open after entering the right sequence
  • Fixed missing file error with corrupted boar
  • Fixed Issue where Talitha’s second scene would play instead of the right CG Scene

MAJOR UPDATEby Below Sunshade
wo 30 september
Below Sunshade: Heart of the Island
Discover the Heart of the Island
Heart of the Island is our first free DLC for Below Sunshade.
Our goal with this DLC was to connect story strings and turn Below Sunshade into a more compelling game to play through overall. We hope you enjoy the new content.
New Features
The Heart
A new Location featuring a new character. The heart features a whole new storyline with two possible paths to chose from. A path of light and a path of corruption.
The Heart is voiced by the fantastic Bordeaux Black
New Dialogue Features
Idrune, Talitha and all other characters now breath and blink during conversations.
We’ve added this feature to provide more immersive dialogues.
Living Orbs
Those orbs are the remains of a forgotten civilization.
Find them and they will support you in battle.
New Enemies
A few new enemies have been added to the Island: From corrupted boars to a dangerous naga.
CG Gallery
You’re now able to view unlocked CG Pictures in the new gallery.
We’ll expand on the gallery in the future.
And more…
We’ve fixed bugs, rebalanced aspects of the game and of course added a few new items.
You’re also able to give Idrune a task per day. For example you can ask her now to gather some branches for you.

Below Sunshade 1.1.2 Bugfix
Fixed Issues:

  • Talitha’s third scene won’t repeat endlessy anymore if triggered.
  • Gold Axe now works as intended
  • Harmony Threesome ending is now easier to unlock
  • You can now use talitha’s key on the globe in the captains quarters as intended


  • New Content has been added to 1.0.5 instead of 1.0.2. Oof.
  • Repairing the ship now consumes energy as stated
  • Vines can no longer be found. They were an item we added in early dev and have no purpose. There was one instance where they could still be found.
  • You can now find “Cure disease potions” on the island which are also necessary for one of Idrune’s mini quests
  • Stuck image fixes for Naipei’s new scene
  • Missing image fixes for new Lizagon scene
  • New Talitha Scene triggers as intended now
  • Harmony Ending is now easier to achieve since you can now complete Idrune’s “Cold” quest

Hey folks!
Time for an update, this one comes with five new CG Scenes and quite a few bugfixes and polishing.
Also thanks for your patience, took a few weeks longer than intended but we hope you like the new content.
New Content:

  • Story Mode! No more Day/Time Limit for those of you who want to unlock all the content.
  • New Talitha Scene! Encounter Talitha in a private situation.
  • New Idrune Scene! An additional CG Scene path added to Idrune’s second sexy encounter.
  • New Naipei Scene! An additional CG Scene path for the Naipei & Fang ending
  • New Lizagon Scene!

We hope you enjoy the new content!
Thanks for your support and let us know what you would like to see in Below Sunshade!


  • Blackscreen fixed for Idrune’s second Scene
  • Talitha’s Quest Path fixed
  • Visual Indicator now displays every stage for the ship
  • Talitha bug fixed where her event would play on day 25 even if you haven’t met her yet
  • PC bust disappears as intended after the pond stairs dialogue
  • Negletic Idrune’s hunger now has a big impact on her affection
  • Building torches in your camp now lowers the chance of attacks at night as intended
  • Entering the lizard camp no longer triggers the naipei scene unless you actually obtained the sail
  • Several transfer events fixed in the third temple
  • The Bat and Minotaur are no longer outside the boundaries in the third temple
  • Gold/Obsidian Pickaxe crafting costs are no longer swapped
  • You can now gift items to Talitha
  • Several smaller QoL changes and fixes

Complete release.


  • Voice Acting
  • Different Survivors with their own Stories
  • Full Dialogue Busts
  • Crafting System
  • Gifting System
  • Several different endings
  • Dialogue Choices & Affection System
  • Several Kinky Encounters
  • Improved Movement: Diagonal, Climbing, swimming …
  • Many, Many Secrets ….

Survival & Needs
When you add survival aspects into your game it’s all about the right balance. It should never feel tedious and like a grind, instead it should be an element that plays along with the rest of the game.
Instead the game offers a wide mix of various, smaller features that all together create fun and flexible gameplay. You want to spend the new day gathering resources for a new building but you and Idrune are hungry? You can wait till night and hunt more dangerous creatures for better quality food or you split the resource hunt onto two days and play safe.
The game offers several approaches so you can chose the path you want.

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