[RPGM] [Completed] ~My wife~ Impregnated for the kingdom’s sake [v17.06.06_MOD2] [Suzuya]

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  • [RPGM] [Completed] ~My wife~ Impregnated for the kingdom’s sake [v17.06.06_MOD2] [Suzuya]



For the future of their kingdom, the protagonist’s wife submits her body to the King.
Assist her babymaking efforts, as a husband and as an alchemist. The King doesn’t have any offspring.
Without an heir to the throne, the Kingdom faces a dire crisis! The only hope is Luna… but she is already married…
During the weekdays, collect materials and create items. Then go watch as your wife gets f*cked on the weekend!

Full save, (Guide.txt) and (ReadMe.txt) included. Read them please!
DLC after story game included. More like a kinetic novel.
Moans and pantings are voiced. Has some custom sound effects.
Most of H-scenes are NTR (cuckold type)
Multiple endings
No grinding
Monsters can perform erotic attacks
Easy and not time consuming battle system
Has funny dialogues and NPCs
60+ base CG (not including pose art / cut ins) and 30 H-scenes
1 pregnant scene in one of the endings

Thread Updated: 2022-06-26
Release Date: Japanese 2017-06-06, English 2022-04-26
Original Title: 国の為に王様と子作りして孕ませられることになった妻
Developer: Suzuya | DLsite | Ci-En
Translator: JustXuX | Ko-fi (preferred) | Patreon
Censored: Yes
Version: v17.06.06_MOD2
OS: Windows
Language: English (MQMAT)
Length: ~3-8 hours

male protagonist, japanese game, vaginal sex, 2D game, 2DCG, creampie, group sex, groping, big tits, big ass, kissing, anal sex, oral sex, pregnancy, impregnation, fantasy, rimjob, titfuck, censored, multiple endings, NTR (cuckold), old man, monster rape, corruption, handjob, adult toys, cosplay, swinging


1. Extract the game and play.


* Translated the game.
* Translated some images.
* Translated the guide and readme files that came with the game.
* Lowered the quality of some .ogg audio files, with no audible difference.
* Converted the audio files |.wav -> .ogg| to preserve space. No audible difference.
* Fixed some names in the dialogues.

* Translated a series of events that I missed.

Translator Notes:

A short version of what MQMAT means, for lazy, a translation that let’s you play the game and enjoy it. This is supervised, hand-picked, and sometimes edited MTL. MTLs used: DeepL and Sugoi.

For a better experience it’s advised to use this utility.
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