[RPGM] Daily Lives of My Countryside [v0.2.4.1] [Milda Sento]

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Photo Cover.png

A boy back to his countryside to continue his study. Let’s follow him to enjoy beautiful rural life.​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-02
Release Date: 2022-06-01
Developer: Milda Sento TwitterSubscribeStar
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English

2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Animated, Big tits, Big ass, Shota, Dating sim, Humor, Voyeurism, Handjob, Sleep sex, School setting, MILF, Groping, Sandbox


1. Extract and run.


– Can temporarily disable Douie’s Plum Harvesting for other schedules (Cucumber, Butter Churn)
– Reduces the Maze passed count to 2 after the first time.

New Content:
– Douie:
+ Morning Goods Help
+ Butter Churn: Boob Suck, Lick, Vagina Finger
+ The Sleeping Giant Inn: Douie’s husband with someone’s mom
+ Cucumber Harvesting Stage: Cucumber Anal Solo, Blowjob, Deep Blowjob, Anal, Deep Anal
+ Plum Harvesting Stage: Butt Play, Vagina Lick, Sit on Face
– School Courtyard – Ebony Girls:
+ Behind School Gymnasium: Deep Blowjob, Vagina Sex – Woman Astride
– Mae: X-ray for Memories Missionary Vagina Scene
– New Locations: The Sleeping Giant Inn – Vineyard, School Courtyard – Behind Gymnasium
Other: Rework Douie
Bugfix: Emmi Focus – The danger meter doesn’t go down


– Kate is stuck in moving
– Mae HJ image is stuck (If you played v2.3.0 or older saves, the fastest way is to access the Dream Room by “Dream” before sleep and play Mae’s Boob scene once to turn it off)
– Emmi Focus scene missing part after ejaculation
– Mabel Slap (Use Phone to erase)
– Farming Tools disappear
– Anna Sleeping Scene multi PPs


New Content:
– Mae:
+ Vegetable Field
+ Activities with Horse
+ Wild Memory
+ Horse Trip
– Kate:
+ Swimming Trunks
– Swimming Pool Mob/ Tanned Girl: Oil Massage
– Anna Sleeping: Mini Dust Vagina Sex – X-ray
– Rework: Mae, Kate, Cindy
– Increase save slot to 69
– Crops sales earn double the money


Bugfix and adjust:
– Hand Holding image stuck.
– Anna Study mini game. Change Middle Mouse to Left Mouse for easier use.


New Content:
– Wake up in the morning
– Go to school with Anna
– Bath with Anna normally
– Help Anna with her homework
– Light Sex X-ray for Daisy Sleeping
– New character: the Witch and her appearance.
– 6 new locations.


– Pleasure and Danger bars still exist after the minigame.
– Transparent when going to the fireplace after clothes are shredded.
– Dream Room. Daisy’s Thighjob freeze.
– Change day cheat will freeze the game before the First School Day event.


New Content:
– Daisy Halloween: Chasing and Escape game. Two scenes. One when you lose and one when you defeat Daisy.
– New Character: Korona.
* Halloween is every 30th in-game.


– Morning Bath. Stuck when using Daisy panties.
– Can access lesbian magazine vol. 2 without paying.
– Anna Study not display.
– Dream Room, Mae.
– Can’t use the Phone after Kate’s events.
– Two Daisy on Christmas day morning.
– Santie’s loop after change day cheat on Christmas.
– Mabel, fence.


*Important: If you play from old save file, Please set Daisy’s progress back to 0 on the Phone.*
New Content:

– Daisy and Anna: Lesbian Magazine vol 2.
– Daisy story progression rework.
– Help Daisy with the morning barn work.
– Morning bath peeping.
– Daisy now has a blanket when sleeping.
– Morning join bath.
– Bathroom wank while fantasizing about Daisy. (Please turn on X-Ray on the Phone if you want to see the final shoot)
– Sleep together: Daisy assaults.
* You can check on the Phone in-game for more details.

Betty First Meet will lock your Phone.
Lesbian Porn Mag time issue.
Adeera, time issue.
Can’t interact with Pixie.
Mabel only gets stuck on the fence if you modify the ladder on Thursday daytime.


New Functions:
– Phone Shortcut “P”
– When turn on cheat you can: Edit time freely, Change day, Teleport.
– Add Useful Tips in Phone Setting Icon.
– Add Skip option on First school day events.
– An iron fence shows up.
– Swimming Pool will lock your phone.
– Dream Room Mae, image stuck.
– Way to School locked.
– Gape, Prolapse, Lesbian mistext.
– Adeera, image stuck.
– Adeera, game frozen when talking with her after the 1st event.
– Mabel Hug, stuck.


Save file compatibility: Yes.

New Content:
– Daisy and Anna lesbian scene.
– New character: School Principal. School Principal Story Progression.
– Mabel Story Progression.
– Update Dream Room: add Anna, Mae, Pixie Old Scenes.

* Since this game is still in the early stages of development. If you’re struggling to find new scenes,
I recommend using the Phone in the Key Item to navigate their locations.
* Is this update contain any H-scene? Yes, all of them.

v0.1.8.1 Bugfix

– Weird guy in the classroom.
– Pixie’s Event Marker.
– Text box bug after using Phone. If you play on the v0.1.8, to fix this bug:
+ Open the Phone.
+ Click on the Schedules and Events App. Press Enter on your keyboard.
+ Click on any character like Daisy or Anna. This could fix the problem.
– Sprite bug, changing tool too quickly when tool animation running.
– Anna’s shoulder flickers during the nighttime handjob.
– Anna Sleeping: more than one PP.
– Christmas day. Santie event: day loop.
– Mabel’s Event Marker.


New Content:
– Intro Rework. New Wallpaper for Phone.
– Farming Event. New pose for Daisy after helping her with the Cornfield.
– New character: Pixie. 2 Story Progression Scenes and New Item.
– Mae Greeting Scene.
– Bath with Anna Scene.
– Bathtub with Anna H-scene.
– Rework Anna Sleeping Scene. Add 3 H-actions.
– Update Dream Room: add Santie Old Scenes.
– Some bugs from the previous versio


New Content:
New character: Santie.
– Sex scene with Santie.
– Sex actions add to Daisy Sleeping scene.
– New tool: Axe with animations.
– Can’t complete Theo’s Quest.
– Anna Milk the Cows Quest.
– Get stuck after Join the Swimming Club event.
Put here so that Mod would saw and update the thread with this one just in case

v0.1.6.2 Bugfix 2 (Raw Version)

– Milk the Cows Quest.
– Anna Hide and Seek game.
– Theo’s Quest.
– Image issues.
– Tool Hud visible issue.

v0.1.6.1 Bugfix (Raw Version)

– Anna Hide and Seek game.
– Theo quest.
– Image issues.

v0.1.6 (Raw Version)

Bugfix: Daisy apron when diving on lunch.

Rework and recolor:
– All the character busts, Betty Breast Flashing, Emmi Focus and Look Out the Window scenes.
– Daisy Laudry Quest and Anna Milk the Cow quest.

New Characters: Mabel, Douie and Mae.

New Scenes:
– Mabel Story Progression.
– Emmi Focus when Start Class.
– Anna Hide and Seek game.

New Map:
– Douie’s Farm (not fully implemented: Lack of character’s schedule and dialogues)
– Emmi and Betty office

– Add Facesets for characters.
– A lot more new sprites and sprite animation.
– Theo Quest (when get F on the test again after Emmi’s Got F on the Friday Test Event)

Farming: (Lack of Farming Event. You can click on the sword on bottom right in Daisy’s Farm to start farming.)
+ 8 plots to plant.
+ 3 new plants: Turnip, Potato, Cucumber and 1 old plant: Corn.
+ 4 new tools: Hoe, Sickle, Water Can and Glove with fully animations. (Click on the tool icon to know how it works)

+ Quick spend time by setting up your desired time. (Can’t time rewind)
+ Functions:
+ You can check on character Events and Schedule. You can change character affection and progress when turn on cheat mode.
+ In Events or Schedules Selection page you can click on Events or Schedules to switch between them. Click the Red Destination Icon to quick change location.
+ You can cheat gold, change name when turn on cheat mode.

Gallery Room (Select Dream option when go to bed. Not fully implemented)


Sorry for a little “not fully implemented” update. But I have to end it here to have more time for the next update “The Christmas Update”.

Next update will focus more on H-scene rather than gameplay.

Thank you so much for your support.


* Old saves are not compatible with this version *

Bugfix: Daisy apron when diving on lunch and some more bug…

School Entrance:
– Pink hair girl teasing. (Just talk to her every day)

Swimming Pool:
– 3 new swimming pool characters: Kate, Nina, and Cindy.
– Add Shower Peeping spot. (1 PM)
– You can join the Swimming Club by talking to Nina at 5 PM.
– Kate H-scene. (After talking with Nina at 5 PM. Heart event marker will pop up at Shower Peeping spot 1 PM)

My Class:
– You can study on your laptop. The test will start on Friday.
– Start class: 2 scenes with Emmi.
– Emmi H-scene. (After Got caught by Betty event at the Swimming Pool and got F on the test. Meet Emmi at 1 PM on Class)

Daisy’s Farm:
– Daisy and Anna bath scenes.
– Daisy H-scene:
+ 1st scene: Bath with Daisy (After Sleep together with Daisy event)
+ 2nd & 3rd scenes: Bathroom (Talk with Theo next to the vending machine after Sleep together with Daisy event)
+ 4th scene: Bathroom (After the 2nd & 3rd scenes, Daisy’s friendship points: 40)


* Old saves are not compatible with this version *

– Enable right-click menu (I disable it on the previous version).
– Add quest system.
– “A” to quick open questlog.
– Redraw characters bust.
– Fix the school gate locked bug.

New Content:
– Anna milk the cow. (4 PM)
– Can have some fun with the cow after you learn how to milk.
– Anna H-scene at night when you learn how to milk.
– Daisy’s Friday laundry day. (Can take the quest when Daisy in the Barn 7 AM)
– Daisy at the kitchen on Laundry Day.
– You can “dive” when having meal at home now. The image will change according to the character and their outfit.
– Daisy Sleep together. (When Daisy at the mirror)


So I spend the whole morning to remake all of the events in-game and over 9000 checks every event so it would be fine now. This is kind of my un experiment. I’m really sorry about this. Next time I will double-check before its release.
If there are still bugs in this version… I will fix it in the next update.

Add Event Marker to let you when event available.

This is all scene you can do right now:

– Daisy at Daisy’s Barn morning.
– Anna changing clothes in the Bathroom at 3 PM on a workday (school day).
– Daisy Mirror at 9 PM and Daisy Sleep at 10 PM in Daisy’s Room 20 Friendship points to acquire.
– Anna Sleeps at 22 in Anna’s Room 20 Friendship points to acquire.
– 1st school event will start on Monday.
– School Swimming Pool between 4 trees at 1 PM on workday (school day) first event is Betty event, then Peeping event there are 3 images and it’s random 1/3 chance.

That should be all of it, the game is still in it dev so nothing much you can do now.




New Map and locations:
– The class will start at 6,7,8 AM (your choice) end at 11 AM. The club will start at 1 PM.
– 3 outside locations: School entrance, Courtyard and Swimming Pool.
– 4 inside locations: School 1st and 2nd Floor, Old Infirmary Room and MC Classroom.

New character:
Ms. Betty, Ms. Emmi, Marie, Brad, and some unfinished characters.

New image and animation:
– 4 images and 2 animations.

Add Event Marker to let you know when the event available. Currently, only in School map, I will add it to Daisy’s Farm Map next update.

Future plans:
– So we have a School map and Daisy’s Farm map. So I decide to stay here a little bit. Add more characters, more scenes, more locations, …


– A little bit rework of all images, mostly faces and some drawing issues.
– Fix some bug.
– Increase Anna and Daisy’s schedule and conversation as well.
– Add some restrict to prevent players from entering events too early. Increase the Night raid atmosphere.


– Daisy’s Farm
– 6 Locations. (For someone wants to explore)
– 1 Location lock for later later on use. (Barn’s Room)

– 5 Images.
– 5 Animations. (not include small animations)

*There’s a scene you can unlock by increase Daisy’s Friendship point. (Mirror)*

– You can now change MC’s name.

– Loop increase point choice. (Fixed)
– My bad grammar. (Fixed)


Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Big thanks to:
Noce for helping me with ideas about the witch character
Apex for his suggestion
If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the suggestion channel in this game Discord server.

Hi. I’m Milda Sento. This is the first release of Daily Lives of My Countryside. I hope you enjoy!
If you find a mistake in the game, please leave a comment describing the issue.
If you have some thoughts, suggestions or even questions – feel free to contact me or leave a comment.
The game will keeps getting better with your help.

– Milda Sento.

Cheat Tool Explaination:

There’s a number of people asking for save files to access scenes and what not, even though they have the tools to make their life easier on their own rather than requesting a save every single time… So here’s a brief explaination* (Credit*: yercat ) on how to use the ‘Cheat’:

1. Use the phone to activate the cheats.

2. Look on the events, what numbers(both affection and the blue numbers) that are required for the event to trigger.

3. Then on the phone too, go to where you can see how many affection points you have, it will let you edit them. Put the numbers needed for the event you want to see and thats all, the scene you want to see should happen(obviously you need to be on the place it happens and talk to the character).

This will allow you to view any scene, but may not work with events that require an item that triggers the scene, you’ll need to use a save file editor to add the required items yourself if that’s the case. You don’t need to be requesting save files if you understand on how to use the cheat

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