[RPGM] Down the Neko Hole [v0.19.00] [Towerfag]


NekoHole is a game about the (mis)adventures of a catgirl that one night finds out her little brother has disappeared.​

Thread Updated: 2022-04-25
Release Date: 2022-04-20
Developer: Towerfag – PatreonSubscribeStarTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.19.00
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Princess & Conquest

2dcg, 3d game, adventure, big ass, big tits, creampie, fantasy, female protagonist, furry, monster, monster girl, oral sex, rpg, teasing, turn based combat, vaginal sex, virgin


1. Extract and run.


Fixed many missing resource errors. Report if you find more, those are easy to fix.
Some of them had weird names, which caused more than a couple of issues.
If you’re still having problems moving your save from 0.8 to 0.9, I recommend the following (as a one-time measure):
Start your save on 0.8
Turn off clock HUD
Transfer save to 0.9


First part of Emma fight / ACT 1 ending added
Greatly reduced client size
Added “Splashing Around” CG for Neneko/Shina
Resized and tweaked some of Nou and Kaere portraits
Added “Paw” icons for quests completion status
Neneko can now enter the City right after defeating the Cucco, if the guards at the gate have already escaped
Added more Patron “Last Will” items that will drop from monsters around the Hole (1 new team of 4 Patrons have been added) 27/40 TEAMS ARE READY! JOIN NOW OR NEVER!
Minor fixes and improvements


  • Final event for Kaere’s Act I added
  • Added “Trapped Frog” CG for Kaere
  • Added wounded portraits for Neneko
  • Resized and tweaked some of Neneko’s portraits
  • Fixed some issues with the Kirin fight
  • Fixed name mismatch when more than 1 item drops at a time
  • Added new BGM: “The Hole Point”
  • Added more Patron “Last Will” item that will drop from monsters around the Hole (2 new teams of 4 Patrons each have been added)
  • Fixed Elixir not healing Neneko’s HPs when used with the Quick-Item menu
  • Minor fixes and improvements


  • Added many new icons (Hungry Manacle, Gold, Key, Rusty Key, Goth Key, Felyne Dress, Wine?, Potion, Elixir, Town Map, Handle)
  • Various fixes/tweaks/optimizations around the Abyss Lift map
  • Fixed sound effects of some monsters’ attack animations
  • Finished working on the first part of the fight against Emma (will be added once complete, but boy, that scene is so good)


  • Added more Patron “Last Will” item that will drop from monsters around the Hole (2 new teams of 4 Patrons each have been added)
  • Various fixes/tweaks/optimizations around the Abyss Lift map (looks and runs better now, in preparation for the first Act’s closure!)
  • Fixed Mana Poppies not being deducted after the quest’s completion


  • Added “Nap Time” CG for Anzu
  • Increased big map load time to reduce stuttering around the map
  • Tweaked Neneko’s hitbox to avoid the sprite going up Z levels around corners
  • Fixed time progress / HUD being stuck after Nou’s intro scene


  • Fixed Kirin Corpse not being interactable
  • Fixed doors in and out the Kirin room
  • Fixed fog setting interfering with render distance while entering large maps
  • Lowered fog impacts on performance in certain cases


  • Added a CG Gallery in the main Menu
  • Added Nou’s Forge in End City (West)
  • It can now be used to improve your weapons and armors with Splinters and Shards you’ll find around the Hole
  • Added Lina, the Dwarven Engineer in End City (West)
  • New portraits for Nou ️
  • New portraits for Anemone️
  • New portraits for Lina ⛏
  • New portraits for Abigail ️
  • Added a new expression for Kaere
  • Added Battle OST theme
  • Lina and Nou have their own daily schedules and dialogues
  • Added bath-time dialogues for Nou
  • Added “Bath Time” CG for Nou
  • Added Frog critters (at night, near ponds and rivers)
  • Added Frog Leg item
  • Added “SDC Uniform” costume for Neneko (chest)
  • Added “Dark Laces” costume for Neneko (lingerie)
  • Added new icons for Worn/Polished/Ancient/Hidden Weapons
  • Added more Patron “Last Will” item that will drop from monsters around the Hole
  • Minor fixes and improvements


  • OPTIMIZATIONS BIATCH! Let me know if you’re seeing better performances with this patch
  • Fixed a wrong teleport in the Oktomite Passage
  • Fixed jumps over platforms
  • Bird Thighs now healing correctly 2 HPs
  • Lowered Splinters drop rate while digging around the Hole
  • “not enough Last Wills…” message popping up when quick-using items
  • Holding “S” triggering mass consumption of the selected item even when they’re depleted


  • Some items not being usable in the Quick Item menu anymore (default on button S and D)


  • Added new icons for Last Wills and Worn/Polished/Ancient/Hidden Armors and Rings
  • Added dialogue bubbles to most treasure chests
  • Fixed screen fading to black after re-playing the NSFW scene by End City’s gate
  • Fixed Kaere’s quest not proceeding to the next objective after talking to her in the Shrine by the lake
  • Guild building’s guard passability fixed
  • Changed treasure in Cucco’s Nest to Worn Claw of the Egg

Added 40 weapons + 40 armors (20 Chest / 20 Rings) with floating stats
Reworked completely monster drops, now most of them have the chance of dropping a piece of a Divers team treasure map!
Powerful monsters (Cucco, Red Oktomite, Kirin, Abigail) have now the chance to drop new pieces of equipment.
Join 4 “Last Will” items from the same team to make a treasure chest appear somewhere!
Added Splinter/Shard items that can be slotted into special weapons/armors/accessories
Reworked the transition into big maps in order to reduce the loadings of the out-of-view portions
Abigail got a new sprite for her “owl” form
Fixed some of the End City’s monuments 3D-off sprite
Fixed unclimbable ladder in the lake’s Shrine
Added a way out the Oktomite Nest if you fall to the tiny catwalk before opening the passage to the Relic’s area of the map
Minor fixes and improvements

Various fuckups fixed

Leech Relic drawing life from rocks and trees too~
Fix to farmer location during tilling cycles
Ox Guard by the Mana Pipes hitbox fixed
Underground Lili hole leading inside the Self Defence Committee building (temporarily) removed
Fixed hitboxes around the Self Defence Committee building

The Blood Manor Library is now open at night!
and her events have been added
Abigail’s and Kanako’s portraits have been updated. Anzu has her whole set of portraits already inside the client, to reduce the update size when her CG scene will be ready
Owl Eye Relic and related events added
Added Melmos aggressive variant, Sludgos(


⚠⚠ for the mid-sized ones), under Kaere’s Hut after her first series of events
Fixed lights not casting shadows during daytime
Fixed camera collision inside buildings
Fixed missing light sources inside buildings
Added 3D TUUUUBES in the upper part of End City
Added option to turn ON/OFF 3D models around the game
Fog now updates itself (adapting to draw distance) when leaving/entering a building
Fixed the respawn rate of the digging spots
Fixed scene getting stuck when skipping text during the Necklace retrieval
Neneko now reverts to her correct size when leaving a Lili hole
Fixed Lili passage in the nuns’ dormitory not working correctly
Fixed the guard in End City’s Prison getting stuck on its way back to the entrance
Fixed the vine to climb under the statue by the Blood Manor getting the player stuck
Minor fixes and improvements

Monuments around End City won’t get the player stuck if jumped on anymore
Blood Maids (and other enemies) can’t jump on other events during fights anymore
Weather correctly cleaning once entering interior maps, during rain
Adjustments have been done around Anzu room and Blood Manor
The prisoner in the dungeon of the Blood Manor now only requires the closer maid to be KO before talking to Neneko

Added Shina X Brass Ox NSFW scene
ACT I for Shina is now complete!
Belladonna have appeared! Seed-shooting plants will pop up in the Western wilds during the daytime! It’s the first bullet based enemy in the game!
Added a mysterious maid in Anzu’s Blood Manor…
Said maid already has her daily routine, the Library will open soon!
Fixed hit timing detection, now the (enemy/player) distance gets checked at the right time, so you can dodge/move out of the way right before the attack connects to avoid taking damage
Fixed diagonal hits detection
Fixed combo detection, spamming single attacks will now go “attack” -> “jump attack” -> “attack” -> “jump attack” … as intended
Added turrets in Spring Goddess’ Shrine
Added Menu option for Particles
Removing the Lili Relic while in a narrow passage will now result in death, as intended

Minor fixes and improvements

Updated nw.js libraries. Increased performance all over the game
Stopped dead enemies from chasing the player around (spooky!)
Fog now adapts to Render Distance
Added cute glitchy Neneko to the Update Screen
Birds, bats, and other monsters now drop loot
Fixed black box on shadows during the first visit to the Sheds map
Minor fixes and improvements

auto-updating client now allows to patch-in encrypted data (pictures, sounds…)
3D plugin updated for better compatibility with future updates and better performance
fixed Neneko dress possibly influencing other portraits being shown
Lady Anzu’s head maid, Kanako, has now her first portraits
turned on a less than perfect AA effect to reduce the load on weaker machines
fixed rapidly cycling between “S” and “D” triggering the use of depleted items
fixed enemies getting stuck while moving randomly and not responding to Neko slashing at them after that happens
fixed the lift in West End City asking for the lever you can use in the Lake Goddess’ Shrine
Sproutos have appeared! Cute flower zombies raid the wilderness of the Surface at night!
Unplucked Mana Poppies will now spawn Sproutos, at night
various optimizations around the game

Other optimizations

Fixed inventory crashes

auto-updating client
new title screen with discord and Patreon links
no more jumping/walking right in the hole while on surface
stairs from the lower to the higher level of End City can now be climbed normally
granny doesn’t get you stuck anymore
popup icon for gold fixed

Regarding the “auto-updating” part: this client won’t be needing to be re-downloaded completely anymore, instead, the bugfixes will be sent directly to your client when you launch the game (if you’re connected to the internet, ofc).
This way bugs will get fixed faster and we’ll keep download sizes as small as possible.
The title screen will tell you what build you’re on. Currently, it will show v0.1.00 for everyone.
Once I’ll announce a fix that should be on your way, let me know if anything goes wrong!


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