[RPGM] Fem U Zero Week 2 [v1] [Salia Coel]



Femdom University Prequel
Your character will now appear in the the story of Fem U exactly 1 year earlier.
The changes in the timeline will affect the main-game.
Femdom University

Thread Updated: 2022-07-23
Release Date: 2022-07-21
Developer: Salia Coel PatreonInstagramF95zone
Censored: No
Version: 2
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Link

2dcg, 2d game, m8ale protagonist, female domination, urination, big ass, big tits, school setting, sandbox, spanking, voyeurism, teasing, footjob, female protagonist, multiple protagonist


1. Extract and run.




-Fixed a bug that caused the “fart” question activate “scat” instead.
Please re-visit your computer in your room to re-take the psychological survey to fix this.

-April Level 2 now available.
(finish Level 1 perfectly to unlock!)

-Miss Flowers now has a second punishment (the punishments cycle through )

-Added a little bit more main-storyline with Phelia.
(Talk with Elsie after finding out the USB sticks owner. Elsie is in the Hallway when you exit your dorms)

-You can now unlock searching through garbage (interact with Genia for that)

Fixed lots of crashes
Fixed an insane amount of typos (thx carrotman)
Thanks for everyones bug reports.

Initial Release


Walkthrough by 262177

– Talk with Pheli during tutorial day and let her guide you through the game. What you tell her doesn’t matter, you’ll still get 3 Cookies.
– Optional:
* Talk to the girl who lost her cookies, give her one and she’ll give you an apple and 10 reputation. Apples rot so eat it on the same day.
* Talk to the shy girl near the fountain to unlock a small scene.
* Head west from the dorm and the path will be blocked by a teacher who tells you to run off to the main university building to attend your lessons.
– Head to the southeastern part of the map and take a left to enter the building. Enter the first classroom (and the only one implemented so far).
– You cannot slack off on tutorial day so take the A course and have Ms Flowers proceed. If you pick the B course here, you’ll unlock a special scene and set a permanent switch.
– When you’re done with your classes, Pheli will automatically come to pick you up to eat together at the cafeteria. Follow her lead and memorize the path. The menu you pick doesn’t matter, Pheli pays for both of you.
– Once you’re done eating and telling Pheli the truth about your backstory, she’ll guide you to April’s bakery, “Goodies”. She will block off the exit so just get that job. Make sure you clean properly so you can unlock how to clean perfectly, this will also be handy when you meet up with your tenant (homeowner) later. Make a mental note that you can do double shifts – teachers do not care about you not attending at the moment, they only care about you slacking off.
– Pheli is here once again to take you back home. That’s good for you, too, because since your student ID card doesn’t work yet, you wouldn’t even be able to get in. After helping you open the dorm room, a heartwarming scene plays with Pheli and she heads back to her own dorm in the B section after waving you goodbye. Make a mental note to go back here the next day if you can (if you forget, that’s not important, nobody will steal the key item that will be waiting for you). Also make a mental note of everything you’ve been doing and have been told by Pheli – to help you, she gave you 3 cookies, ordered 2 Classic Menus, and called the bench where you part ways the best bench in the galaxy. Once you get in you can no longer get out for now, but you can still access the vending machine should you need some consumables.

This is the last time you will see Pheli.

– Hit the hay. It’s a new day, so you are hungry after waking up. Don’t worry too much about it until you need to expend food.
– If you are migrating from a previous save or want to reconsider your content choices, access the university computer and redo the test.
– Ignore the shower, toilet and washbasin. You will meet up with your tenant, Patricia, who will explain the basic ruleset of the place. Cleaning up the place doesn’t skip time – your work experience will start to show here and she’ll congratulate you if you manage to “lick the place clean” (figuratively speaking), which will also set a trigger and lower your weekly rent by 15 coins. You can pay up on any day in the morning and afternoon. Before heading out, speak to Genia and tell her you’ll help her get her notes which requires a bit of dustbin spelunking – this will unlock going through dustbins for random items (and -5 reputation each time, once per trashbin daily). Finding her notes requires you to go through 4 different dustbins (-20 reputation total), and the reward for finding them is 15 reputation, a Bitten Chocolate Bar and a whole one. There are no consequences if you merely talk with her to unlock the skill.
– You now have quite a bunch of choices.
* Examine the bench where Pheli was to find an USB stick. Put it in the computer (not a very wise idea if that was yours, but it’s the university’s and you didn’t have any computer at the orphanage so fuck that) and you’ll also find out that it is encrypted and belongs to Pheli. This will unlock Elsie the next day, who will gladly decrypt it for you in exchange for 2 Green Teas. She will also reward you with 2 Green Tea+ once she’s done and those never go stale thanks to SCIENCE! Once unlocked, you get to access a live interface. Answer the questions properly and you now have something else to worry about: your friend is gone and you don’t even know anything about their situation. It’s pointless to try and power it back on as there isn’t any connection anymore.
* You can interact with some more NPCs and get introduced to Ronda in front of the gym.
* Eating at the cafeteria replenishes stats slightly more efficiently, but can only be done once a day.
* Consumables that go stale should be eaten or drunk immediately when needed on the same day. Some stale consumables will rot and eventually vanish, others will become less effective. All consumables with preservatives never become stale.
* Talk to the students on the leftmost side on the campus and give them 2 coffees for 20 reputation. If you don’t care about reputation and want them gone, you can also beg for food (a single cookie). Do it multiple days and they’ll eventually bully you, destroy your reputation and finally go away.
* You can attend classes or slack off and rest during the class. If you do, you’ll get blackmailed by your teacher (who really just wants to spank you and bitchslap the hell out of your face until she gets wet). Go along with it and don’t take the strikes. Do that three times to unlock a new punishment (see the prior sentence). The punishments are repeatable and slightly dent your energy.
* You can skip classes a do a double shift but will very likely run out of energy early on. This won’t cost you reputation and the teachers won’t care. If you clean up perfectly, you unlock cleaning behind the counter (which takes even more energy and food). April will ask for a massage for the front job, and for her chair to be repaired for the back job. If you succeed in doing those tasks without passing out (the latter will automatically succeed after screwing – the bolts – at least 3 times), you will get a 40% performance bonus (which will automatically become Mouldy Bread instead of the coins if your willpower is dangerously low). Both scenes are repeatable at will.
* You can study in the library to lower the cost of Business classes in the afternoon to get a minor reduction in studying costs.
* A worried Mara is waiting for you in the gym building (same as the cafeteria), help her access her school furniture for some more reputation (that you will lose soon enough) to unlock her route. She seems like a really nice girl, maybe this won’t be too hard after all?


;) Make a mental note to regularly look for her around the building.
* You can also meet up with Kelly in the gym building, who has you hold down a button so she can shower. Agree to it so you can unlock her route. Keep pressing the button until she goes batshit crazy and only manages to actually make the shower work by punching and kicking it, which in turn gets you stuck on the valve button. Well, isn’t that just great? Do that three times total to unlock all scenes (only available once a day). Make a mental note to force her to give you 20 coins (which will be lowered to 15 if you go all the way down). Also make a mental note to immediately head back to her and tell her to stop harming your reputation (remember Jahy-sama’s lessons and don’t give up, insist to make her mad and she’ll lift the blackmail permanently – you can now skip going back to her for more than 4 days without consequences). Regardless of what you do the first time you’re forced to wait until she’s done with her shower, you’ll be caught looking at her naked. The second time is affected by your content choices. The final time (repeatable) is affected by your content choices as well. If you have both scat and pee on, you can still only see one of the two. Both are required to be on for scat to fully process, though. If you have neither of that, she’ll merely sit on your face and force you to drink her love juices (while also randomly farting on your face if you enabled that).

Mara content (because that’s enough wall of text content up there): There are minimum day spawn limitations on some content, but you can pretty much do this at any time.
– Talk to her the first few days until she starts sending you around for coffee errands. Depending on your choices, your reputation might take quite a hit and you’ll permanently be known as her bitch.
– She will blackmail you with the photos she took while basically trampling you.
– She will spit the coffee in your face if you don’t deliver it properly and ask for another one.
– When she is seen standing by the fountain, make sure you have at least 46 willpower left (about half the bar assuming initial willpower) or you won’t be able to refuse kissing her feet after doing the massage, which will automatically lead to her giving you the (local) portfolio regardless of what you pick at the moment.
– If you unlocked Genia’s “skill”, she will make you go through the trash for her sandwich to humiliate you even further.
– Once you’ve done all of this and are officially her assistant, there is nothing more for you to do here.

Extra content:
– You can meet up with Ray outside of the dorm on Sundays at night. In exchange for being a lab rat for her drugs, she’ll pay off your rent. Up to you.

Corruption effects:
– Being drugged will significantly destroy everything you’ve achieved so far. Don’t do drugs.
– Being exposed to feet too often will make willpower checks harder or event prevent resisting the related humiliation. (April’s and Mara’s massages.)
– Being Kelly’s toilet and eating her shit or drinking her piss causes damage to maximum energy, willpower and food every day. This is further increased up to 20 times.

Let me know if I forgot something. Aspirins are on the house by the way.

Developer Notes:


-> A Resource-Management Game:
Made in RPG Maker MZ
The only real goal is to pay the weekly rent.
Manage your Hunger, Money, Reputation and Stats.

-> Semi Moddable: People experienced in RPG Maker can do their own stuff and send me their project, so I can build that stuff in. If you are interested in adding your own fantasies please contact me in Discord.
You can contact me already.

-> No Monstergirls here.
This game will be focussed on Surviving the University life.

-> Backstory and Timeline:
New characters: Prevent them from being expelled, to make them appear in original Fem U.
Old characters: Learn their backstory, become friends with villains, to prevent them becoming villains. Or not.

Week2v1: MEGA

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.
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