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“Fragile Innocence” – is a RPG-style story-oriented open world game where your decisions shape the future of two main characters. You take the role of Prince Philip and Princess Isabella,the future rulers of neighboring kingdoms. Due to a decision made by their parents they are set to get married. Just before the wedding a strange chain of events takes place, which forces them to continue their journey separately. Will they find a way to be together again? Or maybe they will decide to find a new love? You will decide how the story unfolds. The game will touch themes such as: long distance relationship, coming of age, moral corruption and cheating.

Thread Updated: 2022-04-04
Release Date: 2022-04-04
Developer: Dark Love – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.9
OS: Windows
Language: English

3DCG, 2D game, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Big tits, Big ass, Teasing, Multiple Endings, Multiple Protagonist, Virgin, Adventure, Religion, Romance, Rpg, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Masturbation, Creampie, Voyeurism, Female domination, Combat, Stripping, Corruption, Sexual harassment

Planned content: Cheating, Anal sex, Titfuck, Group sex, Blackmail, Graphic violence, Interracial, Spanking, MILF, DILF, Footjob, Humiliation, Harem, Lesbian, Ntr, Exhibitionism


1. Extract and run.


Added new quest: ‘Calm before the storm’
Added new scenes (depending on your choice in the last Sigmund’s Scene you’ll either get next scene with Luis or a dream sequence with Philip — I advise to check both). To have the most juicy version of Cassius Scene you have to agree to his proposal in the Winery.
Introduced 3 new characters (Bernard Moreau, Pascal Vidal and Celeste Chapelle)
Added new busts and sprites for few characters.
Added 2-3 animations (it depends how you count it).
Added 6 brand-new maps.
Completely redesigned: Noble District, Town Square, most of Castle Interiors, Royal Baths.
Partially redesigned: Temple District, Docks, Castle Courtyard. Besides that, I improved foliage of most exteriors.
Added Map Menu (for now you can check maps only for the Royal Castle and Military Camp). Press ‘M’ to use the menu. If you’re using really old save, there’s an option in Isabella’s room to add Map Menu.
Fixed few grammar mistakes from previous update.

Added new quest: ‘The end and the new beginning’
Added new scenes (the night scene with Philip changes dramatically depending on your choice) and completely re-rendered Painter scene.
Introduced two major new characters (Doctor Marlene, Niveah) and few minor ones.
Changed sprites of all major characters! (to fully enjoy new art style you need to start from the beginning, old saves will still remember some of old sprites!)
Added busts for few characters.
Added 2 battle scenes (the art style of battle scenes was also changed completely)
Added 9 animations (one of them is a complete remake of Philip-Isabella scene in the Temple of Serene).
Added 7 brand new maps.
Completely redesigned: Throne Room, Council room, Castle front.
Partially redesigned: Eastern Hallway 1st floor, Temple District, Noble District.
Fixed few grammar mistakes from previous update.

Added new quest: The last obstacle
Added 2 new large scenes (scene in the baths changes dramatically depending on your choice after the fight with Juwete) and 4 smaller ones.
Added new main menu screen.
Added short stealth mini-game.
Added sprites and busts for few characters, including new ones for Isabella and Philip.
Added Philip-Isabella Relationship Intimacy lvl stat. You can check your lvl in Menu->Status->Personality
Changed name of two statistics to make it less confusing: ‘Arousal’ is now called ‘Desire’, ‘Shame’ is now called ‘Indecency’.
Now ‘Oral’, ‘Anal’ & ‘Vaginal’ stats will display no experience as ‘Virgin’ instead of number ‘0’.
Remade all the scenes to make smoother pictures transition. No more map pop-out during transion between renders.
Now save screen will display the title of chapter. Doesn’t work with older saves.
Fixed few grammar mistakes from previous update and added new sound effects to older scenes to make them more immersive.

Added new quest: Women and wine.
Added 4 new large scenes (scenes will change lightly or severely according to your choices) and 2 smaller ones.
Introduced 2 new characters: Hermina and Tiberius Wolfenkratz.
Added 1 battle scene.
Added sprites and busts for few characters, including new ones for Isabella and Philip.
Added 1 new map: Isabella’s new bedroom.
Replaced a few older renders from ver. 0.01 with poor quality.
Repopulated few districts of Asturia with npc.

Added new quest: Goddess blessing.
Added 4 new large scenes (scenes will change lightly or severely according to your choices) and 2 smaller ones.
Introduced 2 new female characters: Rosia Sylvestre and Mathilde Sylvestre.
Added 1 battle scene, two animations.
Added sprites and busts for few characters, including new ones for Isabella and Philip.
Added 10 new maps.
Completely redesigned Castle Chapel.
All images were edited to look more crispy (in very subtle manner)
Edited images in Isabella’s night scene in her room so it will fit the tone better.
Switched few images in Cassius scene, where I noticed low res textures on the walls.
Seeing the feedback about problems with animations I added new option. In Isabella’s Room click on her dressing table (the same spot where you want to see NPC Bio). Now, if you want to, you can enable dialogue option that will pop out before every animation that will ask you, if you want to play it or skip it. This option is disabled by default, because it’s quite annoying and ruins ‘cinematic feel’ of the scene. But if you have serious problems with animations, it will come handy.

Added new quest: It’s in his kiss.
Added 4 new scenes (additional options available if you developed Isabella-Philip relationship)
Introduced 3 new characters: Sophia, Cassius, Marbella.
Added 1 battle scene, one animation.
Repopulated few districts of Asturia with npc.
Added sprites and busts for few characters, including new ones for Isabella and Philip.
Added new maps: Royal Gloriette, Eastern Hallway 3nd floor, King’s Chamber, Cassius House Corridor, Cassius House (the last one not used yet)
Replaced many old renders from 0.01 ver. with poor quality. Now renders are more consistent when it comes to quality and art style.
Added the button to hide textbox. Press ‘ctrl’ to do so.

Added new quest: A night to remember
Added 5 new scenes (some scenes may change slightly or profoundly depending on player’s choice – a scene with Gia changes depending on the choice that Philip made earlier in the game)
Introduced 4 new characters: Emmanuelle, Elvira, Annaya and Marquess Silvio Ambrosi.
Added 1 battle scene.
Repopulated few districts of Asturia with npc.
Added sprites and busts for few characters, including new ones for Isabella and Philip.
Added new maps: Violet Rose, Royal Conservatory, 2 levels of the cellar and a hallway that leads to servant quarters.
Made minor design changes to few maps and completely redesigned Dining Room.
Added golden map pointers
MOST IMPORTANT: Fixed the door in the Council Room.

Added 2 new quests: Royal Duty and The Master And The Muse (ongoing)
Added 6 new scenes (some scenes may change slightly or profoundly depending on player’s choice)
Introduced 7 new characters
Added 2 minor battle scenes
Repopulated few districts with npc
Added sprites and busts for few characters
Added new map: Painter’s atelier

Changed game font
Fixed grammar mistakes
Added mini label for Lady Agatha
Changed color of internal monologues to make dialogue less confusing
Slightly compressed images
Made some quest objectives slightly more descriptive
Small bug with Grandma Elia being present in two places at the same time is fixed, but will be included in v. 0.2
Fragile Innocence v0.1

Developer Notes:

The game is developed in RPG MV. I don’t plan to change the engine. Deal with it. I like the open world feeling it gives and it will allow me to reduce amount of time I have to spend on boring ‘transitional’ type of renders (ie those type of renders that lead from one important scene to another). That being said, it doesn’t mean I took lazy approach. As you can see the game doesn’t use basic RPG MV assets. Every single map was made by me in Photoshop. You would be surprised how time consuming it can be.

I don’t plan to switch to Renpy anytime soon. It’s a good engine and I play quite a few Renpy games myself. It’s just doesn’t fit to my workflow. Deal with it. Maybe one day I will want to learn programming with this engine. As for now RPG MV is perfect for me. I also realized that the game isn’t compressed. I will try to find a way to change the size of the game. As soon as it will be possible I will port the game to Mac/Linux/Android. It’s more about uploading it to servers than anything else. You have to be patient.

I don’t know when exactly the next update will appear (I will release some update within next 3 months for sure, but when? That’s the question). I must see, how quick I’m really able to work. I have fulltime job and a computer that isn’t exactly NASA level. I was working on this game on and off since march 2019. Since then I have learned the basics of Photosop, DAZ studio and RPG MV. I want to be fair with all of you.

When it comes to netorare aspect of the game, I will say this: I don’t like cuckold stuff. If the game will get ntr tag, it’s becasue there are routes with ‘cheating’. Isabella and Philip are both fully playable characters. What will happen with their relationship depends on the player.

Early in the game Isabella will have more exposure than Philip. The only reason of that is the fact that the story takes place in her Kingdom. When the prologue will be finally finished (I would say within 2 next updates) Philip will travel to a different location, where I will introduce many new female characters that he can interact with.

Once again I want to mention, this is not a game about slutty female MC that cheats on her weak boyfriend with beta personality. The story will revolve mostly on corruption and seduction of both characters.

I’m waiting for your suggestions and constructive criticism (If you want me to change absolutely everything about the game then it’s not constructive criticism. It just means the game is not for you). Bear in mind I’m not native english speaker, so some lines may sound wonky and stiff.

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