[RPGM] Katalist [v0.096_P2FF (ReUploadFixes) ‘Stable’] [Tearycian]



The MC gets transferred to a new college following some mysterious circumstances.
After short he gets caught up by some students into taking part in a weird ritual…​

Thread Updated: 2022-07-13
Release Date: 2022-07-13
Developer: Tearycian PatreonSubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: 0.096_P2FF (ReUploadFixes) ‘Stable’
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

2dcg, Combat, Female Domination, Male Protagonist, Facesitting, Humiliation


Download, Extract from archive and run the exe.


v0.096_P2FF (ReUploadFixes) ‘Stable’:
-Fixed Tracy’s Second scene not triggering
-Fixed some students catches not registering
-Fixed Lucy after-loss bug
-Fixed Stuck Beverly’s CGs after scenes
-Fixed stuck Ki’s CG

v0.096_P2FF Stable
-Fixed Lucy bugs
-Fixed Beverly’s Eatery loop
-Fixed ATMs not working
-Fixed Drvg Dealing job not being repeatable
-Fixed Tracy’s Second scene not triggering
-Fixed Miki dark screen
-Fixed Blossy loop
-Fixed other reported bugs

-Fixed Memory Leak
-Fixed guard picture stuck on screen
-Fixed Bloomers stuck on screen
-Fixed Tracy bugs
-Fixed Caroline’s kiss loop
-Fixed Lucy not using other scenes
-Fixed other reported bugs

-Added a ‘Character Info’ menu to the Quick Menu
-Can see specific variables to the character, such as Submission, as well Relationship Status etc
-Fixed Macky’s Loops
-Fixed Macky’s 1st Floor call bug
-Fixed Macky’s Skips Again
-Fixed Macky’s Adjustment Checks
-If an ongoing save has yet to have turned any assignment the warnings/counsels might reset
-This changes nothing, it just needs to clean some checks, the Route works after this
-Fixed Irate Ghost appearing as a Sock on the map
-Fixed Maven crashing when staring at feet
-Fixed some Panties softlocking the Panty Quest
-Fixed infinite panties
-Edited the Window to select Panties
-Fixed Damna’s softlock
-Fixed Dominic’s clones
-Fixed Ortega’s Room bug
-Fixed Fouslet’s Portrait stuck on the screen
-Fixed Beverly’s Library bug
-Fixed Beverly’s misplaced gold check
-Fixed Interlude parts not triggering
-Fixed Miki’s infinite Drain scene
-Fixed Version log crash
-Fixed Fouslet’s statuses not showing graphics
-Fouslet’s teases show the status on the bar now
-Submitted Stat renamed to Surrendered, as it actually counts surrenders hence it’s less confusing
-Other things

-Fixed Macky’s Skips
-Fixed Raining
-Fixed “Common Event calls exceeds limits”
-Fixed Dominic’s clones
-Fixed Macky’s adjustments to ongoing saves
-Fixed Fouslet’s Loss Scene screen bug
-Other things

-Added Mobs
-Implet [Locations: Dry Woods(Right from Vaila’s Lawn)]
-Aggressive, chases when MC is seen
-Can steal ELVLs in some H
-Fouslet [Locations: can be found mostly every place without people(Portal World)]
-Calm, won’t attack/chase unless interacted with, allows escape
-Can steal Energy in some H, at times ELVLs as well
-Remade Vhidna
-Edited old scenes
-Added variants
-Routes recoded and separated
-Added variants
-A lot of fixes
-Some minor scenes
-Other variants
-Some edits
-Main Story
-Added the branches to the Interlude
-Based on what the choices are, some aspects/scenes will change in the future
-Panty quest added&fixed for the current version
-Added Panties
-Added continuous aggglomerate selling task (Azure woods pass)
-Added various activities/short events
-Pass time/random stat at the Arcade
-John has pass time events for every time frame (unless school frame)
-Added Energy Change and Rest shortcuts
-Added Energy Meditation
-After learning Fire Magic, aside from Transmutation, Meditation skill is learned as well
-Gets automatically added to ongoing saves
-Can meditate on obtained Essences to learn Elements/Skills/Others
-Reworked Stats and their weight, this Part(_P1) regards struggling, see below
-Struggling’s results now depend on Stats and disposition
-Success= Main Stat: Control (2x Points); Minor Stats Example: Bravery, Creepiness, Manipulation…
-Failure= Main Stat: Submission (2x Points); Minor stats Example: Cuteness, Perversion, Depravity…
-Various choices/actions/others may also weight on the results(for example total times surrendered)
-Example: having 10 Control and 0 Submission will give a 20/1~ success,
10 Control and 10 Submission will even it out to 50/50~,
while having 0 control and 10 Submission will give a 1/20~ success.
-Re-added missing maps
-Fixed Lucid Dreaming
-Lucid dreaming is not limited to Night time anymore
-Fixed Beverly’s stuck bugs
-Fixed Beverly’s school scene not triggering or softlocking
-Fixed Macky disappearing after the Desk Rabbit scene
-Fixed Macky’s hallway scenes not appearing
-Fixed Maven’s Minbreak scene not happening
-Fixed Miki’s scenes glitching
-Fixed Energy Explosion
-Fixed Hit
-Fixed and changed some other skills
-Fixed hue of animations not changing
-Fixed other reported bugs

-Main Story
-Added Interlude
-Bonnie’s Essence can be turned in to Vaila
-Added scenes and variants
-Few edits
-Added scenes and variants
-Fixed route bugs
-Added scenes and variants
-Fixed route bugs
-Added more variants
-Some edits
-Added more variants
-Few edits
-Added other variants and minor scenes
-Added Lucid Dreaming
-Can see some one-time scenes once when going to sleep
-Learned after browsing in the Occult Club
-Main scenes taking place while asleep will still take priority
-Edited/Remade many CGs
-(Vaila, Dominic, Miki, John, Allan, Rick, etc.)
-Edited/Remade some maps
-Various other graphical edits
-Various balancing and tweaking to difficulties, skills, items etc
-Removed the weird animation of idles in fights
-Edited some menus
-Improved performance
-Added some utility things
-Various tweaks and misc stuff
-Fixed characters disappearing in battle
-Fixed the pixi bug
-Fixed reported bugs

-Fixed John’s new game bug
-Fixed Bonnie’s softlock bug
-Fixed Miki’s softlock bug
-Fixed other reported bugs

-Added scenes to Macky
-Added alternative way to get Macky’s route
-Fixed Kneel
-Fixed Bonnie getting stuck
-Fixed Dixie’s and Beverly’s softlocks
-Fixed other reported bugs

-Added Blossy
-Added Dixie (Schoolgirl)
-Added Beverly (Schoolgirl)
-Added 2 scenes
-Some tweaks
-The cleaning event can now be skipped after doing it once
-Added books to Ayleen’s library to learn skills(Half time)
-Can take them home after winning
-Various Tweaks
-Fixed Macky’s route lock
-Added Irated Ghost (Mob)
-Added various variants/edits to existing scenes
-Damna/The Covert
-Added the option to rename the Cube’s Memories(Saved Locations)
-Now everything costs only Energy
-Action Guard is now also doable with the mouse
-Added late timeframes
-Added Books and corresponding learnable skills/functions/others
-Crawl has been moved to the “Special” skill tray
-Various tweaks
-The battle UI will now be hidden during animationsscenes
-Improved Animations stability
-Changed volume adjustment stacks from 20/1 to 1/1
-Added Credits, Project and Version Log pages to the Title Screen
-Resized/Edited many Menus
-Screen UIs and functions can now be turned ON/OFF with the “UI” Menu”N” key
-Improved Mouse and Hovering support
-Added a quick menu on the screen (Clickable)
-Done a lot of cleaning
-Improved overall stability
-Added name boxes to dialogues
-Increased Save Files to 50
-Many spelling fixes and texts edited
-Fixed the Runaway/Gameover bugs
-Fixed reported bugs

-Fixed Miki’s loop bug
-Fixed Ayleen’s Volunteer not appearing
-Fixed Cube’s Memory bug
-Removed uninplemented characters and scenes
-Fixed other reported bugs

-Expanded Miki
-Miki can now be progressed through by losing
-Expanded Ayleen
-Added Damna’s Covert (Energy/Occult/Special Merchant)
-Added Covert’s Cube (Teleportation Item)
-Once acquired it can be used the same way as fast travel (M Key)
-For now, up to 3 custom spots/locations can be saved as Memories
-Added Toggle “Gold” (Pee/Watersports/Golden Showers)
-Added Compass (Options/N Key)
-Day and Time can now be seen on the Phone
-Fixed reported bugs

-Added Bit Serious Noo
-Fixed Bonnie’s Ritual Bug
-Fixed Bonnie’s misplaced animations
-Fixed reported bugs
-Other minor things

-Fixed Bonnie Crawl Event
-Fixed Maven Crawl Event
-Fixed Journal crashing the game after winning against Bonnie
-Fixed Bonnie’s misplaced names and pictures
-Fixed Noo not taking damage in the first battle
-Fixed Ayleen looping name questions
-Fixed Vaila clipping through the wall
-Fixed Vhidna crashing the game on the first fight if hp is too low

-Added Bonnie
-Added Journal Menu
-Edited some menus to show more info
-Fixed reported bugs
-BuffsDebuffs’ icons now show the affected stat
-Other things

-Fixed Macky’s route halting after the second scene
-Macky’s route can now progress on any day of the week(depending on the event, of course)
-Added an extra class on weekend days in the morning
-Fixed John and dominic resetting the help event
-Fixed Dominic giving out multiple necklaces
-Fixed Other reported bugs
-Lowered some requirements for certain scenes


-Remade Miss Macky
-Added 7 scenes to Miss Macky
-Added 7 scenes to Ayleen
-Edited some CGs
-Remade Noo’s First Scene
-Made some balancing
-Fixed reported bugs


-Added Maven
-Added Worship Skills to Maven
-Added Difficulty Setting
-Resolved the “Uncaught type error cannot read property width of null” Bug.
-Fixed some Miki’s bugs
-Fixed some Noo’s bugs
-Fixed staves not beign equippable
-Fixed reported bugs


-Added Miki
-Fixed some crafting ingredients not showing
-Changed some skills from crafted weapons
-Fixed Ayleen’s loss loot bug
-Fixed misplaced animations
-Fixed some crafting recipes
-Fixed reported bugs


-Fixed Ayleen’s second punishment scene taking too long to load
-Fixed Ayleen’s punishments repeating themselves
-Fixed Ayleen’s armpit scene not ending the fight
-Fixed QTE scenes sporadically hardlocking the MC
-Fixed Ayleen’s first encounter hardlock bug
-Fixed Noo’s boobs smother scene sometimes triggering the paizuri scene
-Fixed a bug with MC’s Lvl that disabled Drain scenes from repeating
-Fixed McHearty’s job repeating previous lines after finishing the shift
-Fixed some other minor stuff


-Fixed Noo’s Boobs Smother Scene hardlock bug
-Fixed a bug that kept some minor Noo’s scenes from triggering
-Fixed Vhidna’s Trample Scene not dealing damage
-Fixed a bug that kept Ayleen’s punishment scenes from triggering
-Fixed a bug that kept some Ayleen’s stare scenes from triggering
-Fixed Noo’s and Vhidna’s repeatable drain requirements
-Fixed Items not showing descriptions
-Fixed some recipes using the wrong ingredients
-Fixed other minor bugs


-Reworked Noo
-Remade her fight
-Added 3 Scenes
-Noo’s Essence can now also be obtained by losing to her and choosing sub options
-EditedCorrected some old H Scenes
-Added more Loot
-Added 3 Scenes
-Added variants to the Facesitting scene
-The Foot Worship scene is now repeatable
-Added more Loot
-Added 6 Scenes
-Added variants to some scenes
-Added more Loot
-Corrected some CGs
-Gameplay etc…
-Added “Kneel” Skill
-Becomes avaiable after losing at least 2 times to the engaging Boss
-Added the option to Ask for Mercy
-Aborts Fight
-No loot can be obtained by getting Spared
-Added the option to request a specific scene from the engaging Boss
-If the scene usually results in Death, it will still result in Death
-Usually they won’t variate from the usual execution, but some are slightly edited to fit better
-Added “Stare” Skills
-Becomes avaiable after losing at least 2 times to the engaging Boss
-If repeated, some may trigger a scene
-Increases Seduction Gauge by 1
-Added Action Guard
-Added Alchemy at Vaila’s Cauldron
-Added WeaponArmor Crafting at the Blacksmith
-Added Weapon and Armor upgrades and augments, craftable.
-Added lootable ingredients to the world
-Added the option to work at McHearty’s.
-Added options to turn onoff rougher content, off by default, for now there is just one, more will be added as scenes containing specific content gets added
-Fixed the sporadical multiple use of seduction skills by Vhidna
-Fixed a bug where if you refused Vhidna’s offer once, you could’t get the facesitting scene anymore.
-Fixed a bug where Ayleen would hard-lock you in infinite defeat scenes.
-Fixed some coordinates.


-Fixed Fumigate
-Fixed grabs using wrong animations and pictures
-Fixed Ayleen’s Fight


-Added Ayleen
-Added Fast Travel outside the Portal World
-Fixed Vhidna’s Black Box Flickering Bug
-Fixed Noo’s First Fight Bug


-Added Vhidna
-Lowered the essence required to progress from boss to boss from 7 to 1
-Added the option to work at the pawn shop

First Release

Developer Notes:

Hi, i just started creating this game,
i hope that you can give me lots of feedback.
I will update monthly. Please, do have fun.

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