[RPGM] Lolita Gone Wild [CG159b] [pepette]



You play as Lolita, a young student who just turned 18.
More than anything else, she wants to emancipate herself and no longer wants to be naive.
You will have to help her discover life : she will have to find a job to pay her rent, buy food and clothes (and other less avowable things).
She’ll also have to do well in school, keep fit by playing sports, discover her body…
She will meet many people to help her with this last task.

All the route are separate and you can choose to continue it or not.

If you’re stuck :
– check your tasks in the TODO LIST (inventory)
– go to the CG room (downstair in the kitchen). You’ll find tips in “CG locked” tags

Thread Updated: 2022-06-04
Release Date: 2022-06-04
Developer: Pepette – buymeacoffee
Censored: No
Version: CG159b
OS: Windows

2D game, 3DGC, Female protagonist, RPG, Virgin, School setting, Tiny tits, Redhead, Urination (optional), Blackmail (optional), Groping, Voyeurism, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Sexual harassment, Drugs (optional), Bukkake, Handjob, Masturbation, Sex toys, Oral sex, Prostitution, Gloryhole, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Group sex, Spanking (soft), lesbian (more or less optional), DP, gangbang, public sex , Clothes Changing, sandbox
NEW TAGS : Rape (optional), Bondage (optional), Twins (male), pregnancy


1. Extract LOLITA CGXX.rar
2. open the folder you create
3. Click on Game.exe
4. ALT+ENTER (full screen) or F5 (bigger screen)


Old saves will work BUT don’t blame me if old save are boring to play…
(read the pdf in the game folder)

(31 may 2022)
4.94GB (+ 0.27GB)
159 CG (+ 29)
5 ENDs (+ 3)
9507 Pics (+ 1980)
6388 text box (+ 1278)

A very big thank you to linus.quotes, reld, SpeedySF and “Une grande rousse Japonaise” for all the time they spent testing this version

– Many corrections from my EnGrish (thks Janice Davis)
– Some corrections in French too (thks Tiberium and SpeedySF)
– Fix the bug that prevented Lolita from losing her virginity in the brothel (thks @Lukzor )
– Fix some price in Bazaar (thks Tiberium)
– Fix Bug beach cabin : impossible to change back at night (thks @popa25 )
– Fix a bug that prevented you from choosing a class after having seen all the events in the literature class. (thks Jake03)
– Fix the deletion of one of the passengers if you refused to be deflowered on the bus(thks SpeedySF)
– Fix an outfit change during the Volleyball game(thks SpeedySF)
– Fix some bug at the “café Français” (thks SpeedySF)
– Fix Marc now open the door to peek when you shave (thks SpeedySF)
– Fix Lolita did not want to take a shower even though she was very dirty (thks SpeedySF)
– Fix problem of displaying white underwear at church (thks reld)
– Fix Ingrid’s party / drinking alone : The game is blocked when the rapist arrives (thks linus.quotes & “Une grande rousse Japonaise”)
– Fix Ingrid’s party (English version) : problem of translation evenning/night (thks linus.quotes)
– Fix Party at Ingrid’s : text color changed (thks SpeedySF)
– Fix the shortcut to the beach (thks linus.quotes, SpeedySF)
– Fix laundry : theft of thong when you don’t have it yet (thks “Une grande rousse Japonaise” & reld)
– Fix laundry : free gain of red underwear (thks reld & “Une grande rousse Japonaise”)
– Fix laundry : night lighting in the garden while hanging (thks SpeedySF)
– Fix Home help book (ENG) : the pregnant icon does not appear (thks linus.quotes)
– Fix Warehouse : you can come to work before accepting the job (thks linus.quotes)
– Fix Warehouse / Ingrid’s party : some portraits do not appear (thks linus.quotes)
– Fix Warehouse : the naked picture for the dealer unblocks the wrong replay in CGroom (thks linus.quotes)
– Fix the curtain does not open on the man side at the pool (thks reld)
– Fix text error in Tutorial(FR) (thks “Une grande rousse Japonaise”)
– Fix 3rd and 4th CG Math class are skipped when Lolita has her period (thks linus.quotes)
– Fix delay bug of stat gain when masturbating in a public place (thks SpeedySF)
– Fix you can’t get naked when wearing the towel at nudist island (thks SpeedySF)
– Fix impossible to exit the Debugmode code windows (thks SpeedySF)
– Fix some walls on which Lolita should not climb (thks SpeedySF)

– New START menu with pics changing if you unlock some endgame (thks SpeedySF)
– Now Lolita remembers who took her virginity (new deflowering only)
– Premise of a contraceptive and period system (there are still things to improve)
– Redo basic CG peeing (with zoom if option urination is ON)
– added images on the blackmail BAD END (if Lolita doesn’t shave)
– added images on the FullCG VICTORY
– Now CGroom remember the victory/bad end you saw (does not count in the number of CG, nor in the version).
BUT it can’t remember what happened in version 130 and previous.
– Now, when you change at the beach or pool, the game only suggests the swimsuits you own.
– New option : choose Lolita fertility
– Changed the resolution choices (thks SpeedySF)

– Add 1 CG masturbation looking porn on computer
– Add 6 CGs (count for 1 in CGroom) at the « café français » naked tits service
– Add 1 CG with the client in café toilets
– Add 3 CGs (count for 1 in CG room) with the barman
– Add a new NPC in the warehouse and the pixel animation that goes with it
– Add 13 CGs at the Warehouse (New job – drug addict – spermaddict – urination)
– Add 5 CGs students party
– Add 3 CGs rape (drunk sex)
– Add 1 CG at the bazaar (negociate the price for tampon)
– Add 2 CGs at the hospital (gynecologist)
– Add 1 CG pregnancy test
– 3 new Good / Bad End = become a mother.
– Add images on the blackmail BAD END (if Lolita doesn’t shave)
– Add images on the FullCG VICTORY
– Add Pregnancy & Aborption (soft, only text)
– Add 10 new NPC in the street reacting to Lolita outfit and if she has sperm on her
– Add new trophy : serial mother (get pregnant 3 times)
– Add Ukrainian language (machine translation)
– Add new “little” MAP = Lolita’s garden (Lolita will now do laundry, she can tan here too)

(27 may 2021)
– Add 6 new langage (machine translation): Now, in addition to FRANÇAIS, ENGLISH, you can play in DEUTCH, ESPAÑOL, РОССИЯ, PORTUGUÊS, TÜRKÇE, ITALIANO
Thanks 乃คяdaK , Remigio , Forca , Gamefairys55 , Mr. Pilchard , randomguy6516265165 , recreation for testing these new languages.
Thanks to 乃คяdaK for allowing these translations and for correcting the Italian version
– Fix the first day « no class » bug (thks Tinus Tushy , Archangelysses , BuffLawyer )
– Fix the poker freeze (thks @DELIDVUZ, gsuk , Frurose )
– Fix the « changing for sport » bug (thanks Draxc )
– fix some others little bugs
– Fix the memory overflow crash (thks @Mamie for finding the solution)

4,67 GB
130 CG
7527 Pics

Sorry, this update was long overdue, but I needed to recode the whole game to make some improvements.

– You can now play with the MOUSE (thks SpeedySF for his help)
– Make a bigger and scrollable map (some location appear during the game)
– You can now access to the map by pressing the ‘a’ key (thks SpeedySF )
– New menus : map, score, trophies, options, credits, Load (thks SpeedySF )
– The portrait of Lolita that appears when she speaks now matches her outfit
– You can now skip txt by pressing the « shift » key (thks SpeedySF )
– Now, multiple choice display on a single window (thks SpeedySF )
– Rework the speed of some school CG (Thks TrueDarkness35 )
– Redo the lunch pics
– Redo the “Score” window
– Redo some CG in layout to reduce size (thks SpeedySF for his wonderful program).
I will redo most of the CGs according to this method progressively as updates are made.
– Rework how characteristic gains/losses are displayed (thks Tinus Tushy )
– Now Lolita can Jogg naked

– 9 CG Passers-by in the street. Event change (more or less) reacting to Lolita outfit or stat.
– 5 CG with the school nurse
– 3 CG at the casino (poker)
– 1 CG spying Marc (roommate) in the shower
– 1 CG porn magazine
– 1 CG masturbation with THE big dildo (buy it at the sex shop)
– 1 CG public masturbation at the harbor
– Add the « on demand » option at the plug scene (thks Naxos )
– Add « skip » option to lunch in the kitchen
– Add a « wear the same outfit » option in the bedroom (thks zekemckillip )
– Add pics when you go jogg
– Add pics when you learn dance (will be used for a future job)
– Add new conditions to make the razor appear in the bazaar (for those who avoid blackmail)

– Fix some typo in French and English (thks lot of you…)
– Tried to solve the “win/earn/make” debate (thks Mephistopoles , arashiki , Ut5962 , Frurose , Naxos , sorebottomart )
– Fix the razor now appear even if you cheat for shaving before blackmail (thks sorebottomart )
– Hope I fix display problem for very large screens : the window splits (thks Tinus Tushy )
– Fix a problem with “stat mining”, when you were drinking and urinating in public endlessly (thks reld ).
– Fix “public masturbation” in the graveyard so that you can only do it only once a day (thks reld )
– Fix a bug that prevent to skip literature class (when all CG are unlocked)

– Getting the portrait in the dialogues to match the outfit made me recode the whole game.
Of course, I retested it, but as a lot of reactions depending on Lolita’s characteristics, I couldn’t test all of them.
Please report me all the bugs you’ll see in the dialogs (location, who you were talking to, language Fr/Eng).

– I know there are still more images to be redone in HD & in Layout. I can’t redo them all at once.
I’ll continue to redo them regularly in the futures updates.
– Crashes sometimes occur when the game’s memory becomes saturated because of the many images in the game

(“error line 106” or “107”).

On the machines where the game was tested, crashes occurred only after many hours of playing
(fortunately, the auto-saving feature allows you to recover the game shortly before the crash).
I’m always looking on the RPG forums to see if a script can solve this problem, but I don’t find anything for the moment.

– Crash when the math teacher checks Lolita’s homework (and she hasn’t done it) when she is naked. (report by ouch2020 )

– Fix the new CGs doesn’t trigger… Sorry (thanks Frurose )
– Fix an English sentence display in French mode at the beach (thks SpeedySF )
– Fix some typo in French and in English (Thks Ut5962 )
– Romain now doesn’t respawn in the school toilet (Thks TrueDarkness35 )

– Add a clock in the house to skip time (thks wmh42009 )

VER CG109a : HD release
– 4,51 GB
– 109 CG
– 5906 Pics

– FIX :
– Fix a lot of « Engrish » mistakes (thks Yuno-Chan & BoopRick : The correction isn’t complete yet, but they do a loooong job)
– Fix a bug not erasing the « auto-save » tag if you recall an autosave
– Fix French and English typo (thks lot of you)
– Fix the cheating sin bug – Old saves: Perhaps the bug will appear one last time (thks everyone ! you are so many reporting it. special thanks to Frurose who point the good zone)
– Fix English sentence in French mode at the church (thks SpeedySF)
– Fix the pool when you buy a second ticket without leaving the pool (thks lot of you)
– Fix the layer error in the bus (thanks SpeedySF)

– GAME IN HD! You can change game resolution up to 1024×640 (thks Ustar)
– Change the « hot » icon in game.
– Autosave now only save the game in the morning
– Change the max number of save : now there’s 50 saves allowed (49 + autosave)
– Change the stats gains: the excitement rises during the day when Lolita wears the plug (thks zekemckillip)
– Rework a few stats gains…
– Redo all the swiming pool pics in HD (232 pics). The content of the CGs has changed a little
– Change the level of exhibition required to show your breasts at the bar
– change the clothing store so that involuntary triggers stop

– ADD :
– Add 27 CGs in the school
– Add new pics when Lolita do her homework
– Add new pics when Lolita tan at the beach
– Add « hotmeter » in the wardrobe. To know how hot your outfit is
– Add thought of Lolita when she puts on an outfit for the first time (coming out of the closet)
– Add a reward image in the CG room that appears like a puzzle as the CGs are complete (You will have to wait until the game is complete to see it fully)

VER CG82c : fix
– bad file for a map blocking access to a part of the CGs (thanks euphoniousmonk)
The “CG82b” fix failed, this one is the good one

VER CG82a : third release
– 3.21 GB
– 82 CG
– 4580 Pics

– FIX :
– Fix some EnGrish (thanks maxx mad)
– fix bug in the pool when you buy an other ticket without going out (thanks 666bbb666)
– Fix CG in the mens room when change at school doesn’t trigger (thanks PanNeo79)
– fix first maid job CG doesn’t trigger (thanks Frurose)
– Fix untranslated French sentence when you want to go elsewhere than to school (thanks Hentai-kun-81)
– Fix the freeze when you approch a doc in hospital
– Fix bug church confession wrongly accuses you of cheating (thanks ustar)
– Fix the through-wall of the gloryhole (thanks Hentai-kun-81, persnik, t1ant)
– Fix some bug in the gloryhole (thanks persnik, ustar)

– Move some « help books » that were in the way (CGroom, CheatRoom)
– Change the rules to keep the plug at night
– redo the 4 intro pictures in HD

– ADD :
– Add 7 CGs when you take the bus
– Add 3 CGs in the gloryhole (via the customer grid)
– Add 2 CGs drug cure at Hospital (temporary sperm addiction)
– Add CGs flash tits in bar (thanks ray3dave)
– Add lubricant use (allow anal if you are not skilled)

– impossible to change back at Beach cabin (report by popa25)
– untranslate sentence at beach (report by YuriNeko)
– Bug with red underwear change (report by puffmutter)
– crash when you leave the gloryhole (report by persnik, ustar)

Sorry if I forgot to mention your name…
You are so much making me feedback ! It’s really cool. Thank you very much !
As I already said in this thread, this version is less dense than expected. Because of the Covid family came to live in my house and I couldn’t work on the game in front of them.
But I still managed to make 877 images and 13 new CGs.
Take care of yourself !

ver CG69c : bugFix2
– Fix other files missing crash (typo error) (thanks Randy_dg, ASDA54321, jdewilde, poplarchan)
– Fix trophy doesn’t appear (thanks ustar)

ver CG69b : bugFix
– fix missing audio and pics (thanks Frurose, Randy_dg, popa25, Gregoris, bootyHunter)
– move debugswitch (thanks ronan333, arashiki)
– fix maid job CG doesn’t trigger (thanks Frurose)
– fix the crash in the hospital (thanks Popa25, Frurose)

ver CG69a :
– 2.4 GB
– 69 CG
– 3703 Pics

– FIX :
– Fix blond man at the pool giving unlimited stats when naked (thanks wmh42009, Fargus)
– Fix some french/Engrish typo (thanks LegionOfOne, Hentaisan, fearjam)
– Fix last CG with the neighbour didn’t start (thanks Papy.ion6984)
– Fix the bug when you go to the gloryhole allready naked (thanks Kitsoka, t1ant)
– Fix Some invisibles bugs
– Fix nudist island repeating unlimited (thanks Jeff Kronn)
– Fix a display bug erasing an image too fast to be seen when paying the rent (thanks hentai-kun-81)
– Fix logic & bug at pool (thanks Jeff Kronn, Hentaisan, Kitsoka, raska42, hentai-kun-81, t1ant… lot of people)
– Fix sleeping pic missing when shaved (thanks Sangoku25)

– Change some reputation surname – seems it was misleading translation (thanks LegionOfOne)
– Rezise the game (thanks stoneM) – You can choose F5 to have a bigger screen (alt enter still works)
– Max the number of time Lolita said she need a shower or is angry (old save : counter have to start, so she’ll said some few more time)
– Add the possibility to skip the masturbation anim in the room after 2 times with dildo (thanks : Twistedcat8, Loqic)
– fast service at the bar after the 4th time she works = she doesn’t detail the orders anymore(thanks AnyName’llDo)
– Cropped the pictures of the pool
– Start to reworked the consistency of things she does and not, according to her stats. (there’s still a lot of work to be done here…)
– Rework the sprite of Lolita

– ADD :
– Add CHEAT ROOM in the CG room (no code needed)
– Add an OPTION MENU : you can skip ALL changing, skip stats display, choose sexual preferences
– Add TROPHY system = in this release, 3 are easy ton unlock, 4 are hard, and 3 are unreachable (thanks LegionOfOne)
– Add good reputation… This is the very beginning of this part of the game. (thanks LegionOfOne for his translations)
– Add new musics
– Add 4 levels of cum stains to the portrait of lolita. (thanks yudas51)
– Add a light above each outfit (in the wardrobe) indicating where she can wear them : red = bedroom only, orange = home, green = outside
– Add 1 CG Naked spank in school
– Add 1 CG in the Bazaar
– Add 7 CG in the church (the nun give a little tip at the bar if you confess)
– Add 4 CG in the brothel
– Add 1 CG Anna’s story… see her at the pool
– Add a romantic story with the poolside cashier, but No CG yet
– Add reaction to Lolita’s outfit at bar and brothel (5 issues, depending on how sexy) and at pool (each swimsuits)
– Add a hair regrowth system : her bush reappears after a week (thanks deaddog)

0.55.1 : Bug fix
– fix Tent exit in gipsy camp (thanks : PolarTiger)
– fix gloryhole exit (thanks : Sangoku25, Rech, Grimm2017, Twistedcat8, max_002, Loqic)
– fix G string in the clothes shop (thanks : Sangoku25)
– Add the possibility to skip the anim in the change room after day 7 (thanks : Twistedcat8, Loqic)
– changed the conditions to trigger the “shave request” event – need to restart the game if you allready reach this point (thanks warbandit18)

v0.55 : First release
– 1.86 GB
– 55 CG (with variant for all outfits)
– 2687 pics


As I distribute the game for free, coding is not my main activity. My IRL work is irregular. At some times I have no free time, at other times I have plenty. The speed of updates depends a lot on this schedule.
As I don’t know how much free time I’ll really have, it’s difficult for me to estimate the date when I’ll be able to release an update.
As far as possible, I try to do 1 or 2 updates per year. If I can, I will do more

I’m Pepette, french redhead woman, 46yo.
I make all by myself

Well, to be completely honest :
SpeedySF helps me when RUBY scripts drive me crazy (He makes a wonderfull clipping software too!)
– My best friend used to test until the CG130d version, since then I’ve called on 4 players to test before publication (SpeedySF , reld, “une grande rousse Japonaise” & linus.quotes ).
– players sometimes correct my enGrish (thanks Yuno-Chan , BoopRick & Janice Davis).
– players sometimes correct my FrAnch too.
– players sometimes rework the automatic translation (thks 乃คяdaK & linus.quotes ).
– some players sometimes give me good advice (thanks… there are too many of you to quote, sorry)
Thanks to all of you, it’s a real chance for me to have you !

I am French. The game is basically in French.

I translated it with my EngRish and the help of DeepL.

Since then, many players helped me to improve the English version.

The German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian & Ukrainian versions are machine translations (some of them have been corrected by players – thanks to them).

All texts are easily editable for correction (read the explanatory PDF in the game directory).

There are a lot of puns in the texts, which sometimes leads to curious translations.

(see the answer above for other information)

If you want an additional language, you just have to ask

It will take me some time to do the translation (as I probably don’t speak your language, it will be a machine translation).

Then I will send you the files to copy in the game to add this new language.

Once validated the playability of this new translated language, it will be integrated in the next updates.

Yes and no…

It is “drunk sex”. Which IS a real rape, since there is no consent.

However, the scene is not treated as a real rape in the game, in the sense that there are no psychological consequences for Lolita : Because of the alcohol, she has no memory of the scene.

In reality, rape is a serious act and Lolita should not recover so easily. I didn’t want to explore this aspect of the game because I thought it was too dark in relation to the general atmosphere of the game.
If you don’t want to see these CGs, you can disable them in the game options.

Don’t panic, this is not a bug.

Wait a few moments until the guys are done working, and they won’t be watching the entrance of the room anymore

Despite the care I take in testing before publishing, there are too many variables and possibilities for me to test everything. I inevitably miss some bugs.

Before each release, a a game is done from the beginning in English and in French. (Sorry, not speaking other languages, I can’t do a test these part).

Report it to me on this thread, or by mail : [email protected]. Try to explain me: what kind of bug (crash / error), where (in which map), and the language you play in. Ideally, send me a save (or the autosave) just before the bug so I can reproduce it more easily.

Sometime, when I post a bugfix, a rule of the site (7 days minimum between 2 updates) prevents the game from reappearing in the “latest update”.
So, I advise you to check if a bugfix is not published in the days following your download (this advice is valid for all games on this site).

As soon as possible, but unfortunately not right away
Sorry, I don’t know when.
I still have a lot of content to insert in the game.
If you want to have a first idea, take a look at the number of “empty CGs” in the CGroom

When I started the game, I was afraid that the size of the images would make the game impossible to download. So I had the bad idea to make the images very small.

I’m gradually redesigning these images, replacing them with larger ones using a layout technique so that the overall size of the game doesn’t explode. It’s a long work, it will take a lot of updates to get all the images resized.

The “final” images are in HD 1280×720.

I don’t plan to make them in 4K quality, first because it would make the game too big, and second because some players play in windowed mode and the images have to fit them too.

The CG images are 1280×720 (see the answer above for more information)
Many players play in windowed mode, I can’t make the images bigger without causing them problems.
Depending on your screen resolution, the images may look smaller than the game screen.
Unfortunately, I can’t test the game on all screen types that exist. I can only tell you to test the different resolutions offered by the game to find the one that best fits your hardware.
What is sure is that the more you set the resolution of the game in a mode close to 1280×720, the less the difference will be.
There are 5 ways to change the resolution of the game
– The “resolution” menu (I think you’ve already tried this one, but you should also mix it with the following ones)
– switch between the 2 fullscreen mode to see witch one is better for your screen (“alt+enter” OR “F5” to activate/deactivate)
– Edit the Game.ini (with any TXTeditor) and swith between RGSS300.dll / RGSS301.dll
– Edit the Game.ini (with any TXTeditor) and modify the values “FullscreenRatio” or “WindowedRatio” (number without decimal point, and remains in small values)
– And, as a last resort, change the resolution of your computer screen during the game.

I am lobbying for a “tiny tits” tag to be created on F95zone. In the meantime I use the tag “loli” whose definition on this site is “Girls with undeveloped bodies in sexual situations.”

But I agree that this tag is misleading.

Lolita is a common name. There are 80 years old Lolita’s.
Before the book and the film changed its meaning, Lolita was referring to the holy virgin. It is a diminutive of the first name Dolores, which means pain. The Catholic Church used to call the Virgin Mary: Maria de Los Dolores, to recall the pain she felt at the death of her son Jesus Christ.

Sorry, I don’t have the possibility to make an Android version (nor Mac version).
I know that some players use an emulator to play “Lolita gone wild” on other platforms.
One player told me he was using JoiPlay to play on Android. I remember he had some trouble loading his saves, and I don’t know how he solved the problem, but if I remember correctly, he succeeded.
You can also try Neko RPGxp emulator.
(I haven’t tried any of these emulator, I can’t say if it will work)

The debug code will just ruin the game.
To cheat you don’t need it : Go down to the CGroom (stairs in the kitchen), there you have a door that leads to the CHEATroom : you’ll find what you’re looking for…
Using a savegame editor on Lolita gone wild is useless (and it often crash the game, so I set a check when loading a game to restore the save)

I always make sure that the updates are compatible with the old saves (The update of the variables is done automatically when you load your game).
copy your old SaveXX.rvdata2 in the new main folder
Since version 159, a SaveData.rvdata2 file has appeared, it contains data that remain from one game to another (language chosen, endgame seen). Don’t forget to copy it in future update if you want to keep these data
You can also copy the Game.ini to keep your sound/display preferences

The biggest disadvantages of not starting a new game when I release an update are :
– consistency of the story (there is often a progression for the CGs, when Lolita already has high stats, it can create an impression of backtracking).
– dead time to fill between new CGs (some CGs are only triggered on specific days, so you have to redo actions you’ve already seen between).

The thief appears according to the amount of money you have. Every time he steals from you, this trigger amount increases by 100€. So after a while, you have to be really rich for the thief to appear.
If you want to avoid being robbed, you just have to deactivate the thief in the cheat-room (this will add a sin to confess, the most serious: cheating in the game).
There will be some CGs with the thief that will be able to avoid being stolen, but you’ll have to be patient, I don’t plan to do them right away.

Currently there are 19 outfits in the game (more are planned but only work outfits). Most of them have 4 variations (3 underwear or commando).
Although I agree that some of the outfits could surely be prettier, I am afraid that I cannot add new ones to Lolita’s daily wardrobe.

Lolita is an open world game (sandbox). Many scenes can be re-done throughout the game. Often, once all the scenes have been unlocked in a location, the player has the choice to replay the one of his choice by returning to it.
So, if I create a new outfit in Lolita’s wardrobe, I would have no other choice but to redo all the CGs with this outfit.
Even if I made a special variant for this outfit, it would be a huge amount of work.
I’d rather focus on creating new scenes than devote an update to creating new outfits without adding new scenes (which I’d have to do if I started this kind of work).

But… There will be in some future scenes some “unique” outfits that will be more enticing.

No, the game is rather straight sex oriented.

There are several scenes between girls, and some scenes mixing both sexes.

The game is called “Lolita gone wild” not “Lolita is a prude”. I think that answers the question.

Yes ! But you won’t see Lolita’s belly getting rounder over time.

If Lolita gets pregnant, you will have the choice of aborting the pregnancy or seeing one of the game’s endings.

If you wish to support Lolita financially, you can make a donation here.
And if you would like to help spread the word, you can post a review, use one of the game’s signatures, or “simply” add a like on the game thread

Developer Notes:

I know, RPG is an “old” engine, but I find it appropriate for this game.
So if you dislike ALL rpg game, there’s no need to post here…

CG are made using Honey Select.
The CG have variant for all the outfits.

The future of this game :
Lolita will experiment more and more. I plan more event everywhere !


Currently, there are 5 possible END in the game.

to increase EXHIBITION
– Eat: depending on the outfit, you will get points.
– get changed in the park for a jog.
– on Wednesdays leave your home without being dressed in sports clothes
– At the swimming pool, put on a sexy swimsuit (or go naked swimming) and talk with everybody
– never protest if you get groped
– Pee in public: at the beach, at the cafe…

As updates are made, repetitive elements will be less present. Please be patient.
If you don’t eat or shower, you miss stats increases, but you don’t risk game over.

many places to make money unlock as you progress through the game.
– Bar: 16€ to 63€.
– Maid : 20€.
– gloryhole : 20 to 200€.
– brothel : 20€ to 370€.

You can only pay for your drugs in kind if you’re an addict.
It’s random, but you’re more likely to end up a junkie if you take cocaine.

Update frequency :

This game is free, I’m not a professional and I create it on my freetime. There’s no guaranty in the update frequency.


As English isn’t my language, I hope I didn’t do too much mistake writing this page and this game
I use Deepl and Linguee for my corrections, and I’m fortunate enough to be helped by players who point out my mistakes.

If you want to report faults feel free to PM me on F95Zone

My beta-tester is French so the English version was never tried by a native speaker.

Others: COMPRESSED * – BUGFIX for CG159b (crash)


** no reason why it shouldn’t be compatible with the “compressed CG130” version
* The compressed version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.









08 - map.png

09 - drugs.PNG

10- blackmail.PNG












22-piscine douche.png

23-piscine vestiaire.PNG

trophee full ENG.png





4 CGroom.png

5-cheat room.png

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