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Decades ago, an Estate was attacked by Servants of an unknown Master. Their only goal seemed to be the deaths of everyone on the grounds. There were no survivors. Our protagonist Master had been kept away from the destruction by his uncle, who raised him. With no one left alive to explain why he had to grow up an orphan, he returns home with a single Servant – his childhood friend – seeking to rebuild his family Estate and take revenge on whoever tried to burn it to the ground. And hopefully build a harem of cute Maids along the way~

Thread Updated: 2022-05-06
Release Date: 2022-05-06
Developer: The Mithril Hourglass – WebsitePatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
Prequel: Maids & Masters: Arrival (Demo)

3DCG, 2D Game, Male Protagonist, Anal Sex, Big Tits, BDSM, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Male Domination, Female Domination, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Sex Toys, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, Puzzle, Romance, RPG, Turn Based Combat


Extract and run.


Reworked the uncle’s Estate; maps are all smaller and some events may have moved or reset.
– Melissa’s room has moved, has had a new event added to it, and has other minor updates.
– “Master’s old room” now exists, and has unique events and exploration rewards.
– Anne (the Head Maid that greets you on entry) now has her own unique room.
– Cedric (the Head Butler and Master’s old instructor) now has his own unique room.
– The third floor (the Servant’s Floor) has been split into a Maid’s Wing and a Butler’s Wing.
– – The Maid’s Wing has different events, with some rooms having events unique to their Maid.
– – The Butler’s Wing has different events, with some rooms having events unique to their Butler.
– The garden that was in the southeast corner of the Estate grounds has been moved west.
– – This garden also has been expanded to have 4 “hidden path” puzzle rewards.
– The Estate grounds now have a back yard, replacing most of the “north wing.”
– New Servants have been created, each with new hints to make Trophy 6 easier to find.
– Laina’s dialogue for Trophy 6 has been updated to better indicate what you’re looking for.
– The “hint trail” for Trophy 6 has been updated to be easier to follow in the new maps.
– Additional exploration rewards have been added throughout the Estate.
– Additional changes following finding Trophy 6 in preparation for the next sidequest here.
Added Teely’s recruitment quest; she’s located in Adhauga.
Added an instance of Teely to serve as a Door Maid after her recruitment quest.
Added an event to handle Teely auto-greeting the player with some customization options.
Added Teely’s Freeze content (new chat dialogue for all Maids, 2nd Service scene, and more).
Added Teely to the Love Shack (the Love Shack itself is still a work in progress).
Added the rescued captive to the Adhauga waterfront.
Removed v0.5 “end of version” message.
Fixed a bug that would send players to Griselda’s central courtyard instead of the docks.
Fixed a bug where Melissa’s chat option would double up during the Freeze.
Fixed a bug with Quinn’s Freeze scene being available without completing her Freeze event.
Fixed a bug that caused the Freeze’s dinner event objects to incorrectly remain visible.
Updated the quest tracking for the Uncle’s Key sidequest.
Updated some bench sprites to look more like benches.
Various other minor event and dialogue updates.

Added more Maids to Griselda’s Estate. Most can progress the quest for trophy 15.
Added transfers to gargoyles so the secret paths work both ways (active after completing story).
Added multiple new events to Griselda’s Estate.
Added a new book to the library in Viridius’ Estate.
Added functionality to the hidden Love Shack (interact with the chest if it’s already open).
– Partial implementation; more will be coming for this feature in future builds.
Added a non-Haunt swamps maps with new events and updated existing maps to allow access.
Added Maids outside your guest house on Griselda’s Estate to allow repeating certain scenes.
Added the Hold next to the Augalamh pond that requires the Damp Writ of Holdings.
Added combat encounters and a hidden item to the wilds outside Griselda’s Estate.
Added a short quest to Quinn to rebuild empty bookshelves in your Estate library.
Added partial functionality for Trophy 9 (more coming in future releases).
Added the Ventire trophy quest to Quest Tracking.
Added a check if the Ventire move quest was completed to update the BGM in their new home.
Removed a missed “end of version” message for v0.4.
Removed the FAQ from the README and added it to the dev blog.
Fixed a bug that prevented the Homing Stone teleport from being used after completing the story.
– Existing saves will remain bugged until the “end of version” message is replayed.
Fixed a bug where a trader in Ventire would have the wrong dialogue box.
Fixed a bug at the entrance to Viridius’ Estate.
Fixed a bug that allowed the player to enter the wilds outside Griselda’s Estate before intended.
Fixed a bug that prevented one of Quinn’s scenes from being repeated.
Fixed bugs that prevented some “scrap” items from correctly disappearing after collection.
Fixed a bug that incorrectly disabled the Homing Stone’s teleportation without re-enabling it.
Fixed a bug that prevented gathering the scrap wood in Ventire fireplaces after the move quest.
Fixed a bug where the Homing Stone on-use event duplicated itself in some circumstances.
Fixed a bug that may have prevented interacting with the Headstone at the Beauregard Estate.
Updated Quest Tracking to properly track the new quests.
Updated Quest Tracking to provide better guidance for Augalamh side quests (for real this time).
Updated the Silcrow payout in Emily’s shop to account for being enthralled.
Updated Bianca in your Estate’s yard so she disappears correctly after story completion.
Updated the mysterious tower in the Deep Wilds to be less (more?) mysterious.
Updated the path to the cloth trader near Cumhaill so he’s easier to reach after appearing.
Updated the wilds leading to Griselda to be smaller.
Updated v0.6 finale so trophy 16 can be earned after event starts even if conditions are not met.
Updated destructible headstones to prevent events from incorrectly duplicating.
Updated the dungeon instance of Bianca to allow repeating certain scenes.
Updated a girl in Adhauga to tease the upcoming community-created optional Maid, Teely.
Updated the FAQ to address the self-extracting archive .exe.
Updated several encounters in the swamps to account for the Haunt being inactive.
Updated elements of Augalamh sidequests for clarity and to account for the Haunt being inactive.
Updated the Nithercott Hold to be more consistent with other story elements.
Updated the surveillance chair so it is interactive outside of its story relevance.
Updated position and movement behavior of some enemies to reduce risk of divide by 0 errors.
Updated interaction points for Trophy 14 for story consistency and obtainability after v0.6 ends.
Updated interaction points for Trophy 15 for story consistency and obtainability after v0.6 ends.
Updated Rescue quest so it can be completed after the story for v0.6 ends.
Updated quest progression in Ventire so it can be properly tracked in Quest Tracking.
Updated equipment tiers in Emily’s shop to be more flavorful.
Updated the Maids at the player Estate to align them better with story progress.
Various item description updates, and minor event, map, and dialogue updates.

Next story release
– Includes 2 new large areas to explore (consisting of nearly 40 new maps), 10 new scenes, 3 new trophies, and a new party member specialized in offensive Theurgy
Added a tracking condition to an NPC on Viridius’ Estate.
Fixed a bug where Phoebe’s dialogue wouldn’t trigger after completing the Cumhaill funeral.
Fixed a pixel being out of place with Phoebe’s sprite.
Fixed a bug where Trophy 13 wouldn’t appear correctly in the trophy room.
Updated war table/Homing Stone Quest Tracking for Augalamh to provide clearer direction.
Updated some item names and descriptions.
Updated the garden maze to make the end of the maze more apparent.
Updated a conversation regarding the hunter on the north road.
Updated Bianca’s sprite so her headband appears less jagged.
Various other minor dialogue and event updates.

Known Issues – These will be addressed in v0.6.1
Quest tracking is incomplete; guidance is attached directly to chatting with party Maids
This update utilizes a switch that can cause bugs with Viridius; his Estate may close off
There is currently only one NPC that can be utilized to progress a trophy quest
Some buildings are largely empty except for a few hidden items
Certain secret passages do not unlock as they should after you learn of them
You cannot re-enter the swamps (during the story, speak with Bianca next to your Headstone)
Some scenes do not currently have a means of repeating them

Added additional content to communing with Trophy No. 12.
Added a weather effects system – it will now occasionally start snowing when going outside.
Added “teleport” options to various door Maids.
Fixed a “divide by 0” bug after conceding and returning to the Fekhacht 2F skeletons.
Fixed a bug that locked the player out of the Estate and in Cumhaill buildings during the Freeze.
Fixed Alice walking in place instead of trying to make a snow angel again during the Freeze.
Fixed a bug where the game would freeze when entering Deirlinn’s house during the Freeze.
Fixed a bug where Lothario’s dialogue would continue to autorun, locking up the game.
Updated Chat options with Maids to be in line with other Freeze events.
Updated Folk to have more dialogue based on the state of the party during the Freeze.
Updated Master’s comment about going to Cumhaill during the Freeze to only occur once.
Updated doors so that weather effects only clear on entering a building.
Updated Alice’s post-event Freeze event to fix a bug and expanded the associated dialogue.
Updated the default hit rate of all characters to be higher so attacks miss less often.
Updated the evade rate on many enemies to be lower so they evade less often.
Updated the Operative class stats to not have default stat growth.
Updated the Caretaker class to have a higher base critical rate.
Removed an internal folder of unused images to reduce total file size.
Various other minor dialogue, map, class, and event updates.

Next story release
– Includes Freeze versions of the Estate and Cumhaill, 8 new scenes, and a focus on smaller character moments in both the mansion and Cumhaill.
Added more dialogue to Phoebe for increased clarity.
Added more butterflies to the new maps that were missing them.
Fixed a bug where the Missing Masters quest would not count as completed in quest tracking.
Fixed a bug where the orbs in one of the optional holds would change color incorrectly.
Fixed a bug with one pile of wood that prevented collecting it.
Fixed a bug preventing interaction with the fireplaces in the Beauregard Estate.
Fixed bugs involving the player being transferred to the wrong phase of Cumhaill.
Fixed a bug where Orvik wouldn’t stop telling you to get down.
Updated the renders for Phoebe’s handjob scene.
Updated Quest Tracking at the war table for new game phases.
Updated some item descriptions for improved readability.
Various other minor map, dialogue, sprite, and event updates.

Reworked the map for the road north, making it smaller and adding secrets.
Reworked the hints for the uncle’s key; they should provide much clearer direction.
Added Willow to various locations.
Added the uncle’s key quest to Quest Tracking.
Added more secrets to uncle’s Estate.
Added more secrets and yellow flower paths to various maps.
Added Holds to the calculation for Silcrow payouts in Emily’s shop.
Added inventory checks to most collectible items to avoid waste due to the item cap.
Added a trader to the tent in the wilds near Cumhaill as part of the v0.4 post game.
Added side quests to Augalamh, restoring cut content intended for v0.4.
Added side quests to Ventire, restoring cut content intended for v0.4.
Added Trophy Number 9, restoring cut content intended for v0.4.
Added Trophy Number 10, restoring cut content intended for v0.4.
Added Trophy Number 11, restoring cut content intended for v0.4.
Added Trophy Number 12, restoring cut content intended for v0.4.
Added new maps in support of Trophy Number 11.
Fixed a bug where the Cumhaill trader would take all your fangs instead of the offered amount.
Fixed a bug with the Cumhaill trader where the number of antidotes received was incorrectly displayed.
Fixed a bug where the Quinn event would lock up if she joined the player and left again.
Updated the entrance to Deirlinn’s grove to match the yellow flower indicator.
Updated the threshold to unlock Deirlinn’s scene to be slightly lower.
Updated the ruined homes in the wilds leading to Lothario’s Estate.
Updated the Fekhacht entrance hexagram to trigger when walked on instead of interacted with.
Updated various bookshelves in support of Trophy Number 9.
Updated various maps and events in support of Trophy 10.
Updated Augalamh in various ways in support of Trophy 11.
Updated the Nithercott Estate grounds to be smaller, among various other updates.
Updated Fekhacht – wood is now lootable, as well as other secrets and additions.
Various other map, dialogue, and event updates and fixes.

The bugfix version addresses a bug that locks the player from progressing after Emily’s arrival. If you have reached Viridius, you are past the point that this bug affects. The bugfix version contains no other changes.

Reworked Alice’s first scene – scene has been rewritten and has new renders.
Reworked wilds north of Ventire – it is slightly more difficult to solve but easier to navigate.
Added another treasure chest and a new secret to the wilds north of Ventire.
Added more yellow flower paths to various maps.
Added a basic spoiler-free walkthrough to the README.
Added more fast travel options.
Added three new issues of Stay Clean Quarterly magazines to various Estates.
Added some spare SCQ photos from Lothario’s personal collection to Lothario’s Estate.
Added an instance of the party Maids to the Beauregard Estate.
Added Emily’s first scene and an event triggering it, restoring cut content intended for v0.3.
Added the scenes unlocked by finding trophy 6, restoring cut content intended for v0.3.
Added Emily’s second scene and an event triggering it, restoring cut content intended for v0.4.
Added Quinn, the first optional recruitable Maid, restoring cut content intended for v0.4.
Added Willow’s first scene, restoring cut content intended for v0.4.
Added a dialogue option to Willow discussing her shadow powers.
Fixed a bug where the new items did not correctly pay silcrow after purchase.
Fixed a bug during the event explaining the war table where a transfer didn’t happen.
Fixed a bug that prevented boss music from playing at the top of Fekhacht.
Fixed a bug where it was possible to get above the transfer when leaving the trophy room.
Fixed a bug where one of Lothario’s Maids wasn’t properly polishing that wood.
Fixed Detail Brush having an incorrect icon.
Fixed certain trees in the wilds leading to Ventire displaying incorrectly.
Fixed item description on Servant’s Vim and Servant’s Vigor for accuracy.
Updated the Drowned Hold – fewer “parallel paths” and a new dungeon introduction event.
Updated several of the books in the player Estate’s library.
Updated the End of Version message and changed its location.
Updated some maps and events to accommodate future releases.
Updated Willow in the player Estate so that her scene can be repeated.
Updated the repair animation for headstones to match the scope of the destroy animation.
Updated the beds in the Edgerton Estate to allow sleeping there.
Updated several bookshelves in the Edgerton Estate to help facilitate Quinn.
Updated Melissa – she should now suggest checking on Emily after she arrives.
Updated the wilds leading to the north forest; new yellow flower paths, various other updates.
Minor enemy rebalance – enemies in the swamps should be easier to fight.
Various additional map and event updates.
Various dialogue fixes and updates.

Weapon and armor complete rebalance.
Reworked the quest for finding Maila.
Reworked the gates in the Aimadh Ranch Barn.
Reworked haystacks so finding a needle in them is akin to finding a needle in a haystack.
Reworked Viridius Aggression path – it is now possible to reach his headstone, among other changes and updates.
Added math so that Cumhaill reputation is awarded for extra wood gathered if the floor repair quest is skipped.
Added a choice for Deirlinn’s scene when it is first unlocked.
Added new equipment options.
Added butterflies to various appropriate maps.
Added new yellow flower paths that lead to new hidden items.
Added secrets to find in various maps.
Added an event that informs the player of their progress during the floor repair quest.
Added various additional interactions to various maps.
Added Aimadh Ranch House and Ranch back yard, restoring cut content intended for v0.3.
Added north-facing windows to Viridius’ Estate.
Added Jenny’s first scene, restoring cut content intended for v0.3.
Added a secret scene for Jenny, restoring cut content intended for v0.3.
Added Trophy Number 7, restoring cut content intended for v0.3.
Added Trophy Number 8, restoring cut content intended for v0.3.
Fixed a visual bug in Lothario’s ballroom.
Fixed a visual bug in the wilds north of Ventire present after completing the Hold there.
Fixed a bug where a render in one of Melissa’s scenes was off-center.
Fixed a bug where the new character did not correctly join the party.
Fixed a bug where the Cumhaill trader ignored the entered number but still made the trade.
Updated enemy positioning in various maps.
Updated Fondle to give more SP to the target.
Updated some early enemy stats to accommodate the changes to equipment.
Updated Adhauga and Adhauga Waterfront to be smaller, among other updates.
Updated wilds leading to Ventire to be smaller, among other updates.
Updated various item descriptions.
Updated various background game elements.
Updated end of Viridius Aggression to have special options if diplomacy was attempted.
Updated the README with a Q&A section to address common questions.
Various additional map updates for visual consistency.
Various additional dialogue fixes and updates.
Various additional event fixes and updates.

Next story release
– Includes ten new areas to explore, including: two new Hold dungeons, two new Estates, and two new sections of the world map.
Added enemies to wilds leading to Nithercott ruins.
Added various interactive events.
Removed progression restriction on entering the Nithercott Estate and preceding wilds.
Fixed a bug where Poison would sometimes be removed when a character took damage.
Fixed Adhauga Accord not correctly awarding Silcrow during Emily’s shop payouts.
Minor dialogue fixes and updates.
Minor weapon and armor rebalance.
Minor map updates.
Updated animation on Weaken.
Updated some skill names to be more accurately descriptive.

Added Jenny to various locations after she’s recruited.
Added Alice to various locations after she’s recruited.
Fixed a bug where Emily was visible before intended.
Fixed a bug where the Deep Wilds Hold would teleport the player to the wrong location after using it for the first time.
Fixed a bug where the player could enter the DWH before intended.
Fixed a bug where the pillars in the DWH would not bar entry when re-activated.
Fixed a bug where the stairs leading into the DWH were not displaying correctly.
Fixed more instances of transfers placing the player higher or lower than intended.
Minor dialogue fixes and updates.
Updated Maids to have new dialogue after completing Viridius.
Updated various enemies to resist certain states.
Deleted old post-game message.
Minor dialogue fixes and updates.

Added an event explaining the war table on returning to the player Estate after recruiting Jenny.
– The war table allows Formation to be changed, so Jenny (and future characters) can be used in combat.
Added new items to Emily’s shop (available after completing Viridius).
Added fast travel options on exiting the Estate (available after recruiting Emily).
Fixed a bug where it was not possible to leave the north forest Estate Ruins due to an event repeating.
Fixed a bug where leaving the north forest wasn’t working as intended after completing the current story.
Fixed some states not correctly removing under certain conditions.
Fixed more instances of transfers placing the player higher or lower than intended.
Fixed collision issues that allowed the player to get to places that weren’t intended.
Minor dialogue fixes and updates.
Minor sprite updates.
Minor updates to some NPC pathing.
Updated horizontal fence collision (fixes bug where you could walk through some railings).
Further decreased default title screen volume.
North forest Estate Ruins has been reworked (Missing Masters quest is now completable).

Added missing masters Estate (missing masters quest not yet completable).
Added animations to enemy skills that didn’t have them.
Fixed more doors in the player’s Estate.
Minor enemy rebalance.
Minor world map updates.
Updated some sound effects.
Replaced more placeholder assets.
Fixed a bug where you could find Maila before intended.
Fixed a bug where Phoebe would explain the hidden grove shack before joining the party.

Next story release
– Includes five new areas to explore, the second section of the world map, and a new character to recruit.
Added more sunshafts to indicate the presence of windows.
Fixed a bug with Deirlinn’s scene placing the player in the wrong instance of Cumhaill.
Fixed a bug where going onto the balcony at the Estate would transfer the player to the wrong instance of the mansion.
Fixed doors in the player’s Estate transferring the player one block higher than they should.
Minor NPC placement updates.
Minor map and dialogue updates.
Minor weapon rebalance.
Various updates and fixes to Emily’s shop.
Minor tileset collision updates.
Minor sprite updates.

Minor map updates (“yellow flower” paths should be easier to follow).
Fixed a bug that allowed entry to the deep wilds before intended.
Added sunshafts to indicate the presence of windows.
Added more interior windows and associated events to interact with.
Added more interactions with various objects.
Updated hints regarding the quest that rewards Trophy 6.
Fixed various shadows.
Other minor map and dialogue updates.

Next story release.
– Includes the first stage of Estate repairs, two new characters to recruit (one non-combatant), the first section of the world map, and five new areas to explore.
Optional content – Deep Wilds Hold.
– Includes new enemies and the game’s first puzzle; Important: this dungeon is intended to be extremely difficult at this stage of the game, but it can be cleared.
Optional content – Uncle’s Estate.
– Includes a new quest (that awards a trophy), new hidden equipment to find, and many rooms to explore.
Added renders to the magazine in the library.
Rebalanced some skills so that allies cannot evade buffs.
Replaced additional placeholder assets.
Minor enemy rebalance.
Minor accessory rebalance.
Minor sprite updates.
Updated repeatable scenes to prevent the tileset from “flashing” before displaying renders.
Updated some item descriptions and icons.
Updated items that should not be usable to not disappear on attempted use.
Updated some maps and map names to improve accuracy and remove bugs.
Updated some dialog and added some sound effects.
Added empty transparent text boxes so renders can be viewed without obstruction.
Added conditional branches to reclaim lost items that shouldn’t have been consumable.
Added debug instances to reclaim items if they were obtained and lost (debug feature needs to be turned on for this).
Removed a variable increase instance that placed the player in an elevated game phase before intended.
Reduced default home screen volume.
Added/updated README.txt
Added/updated Credits.txt

Updated some equipment to be equippable by more characters.
Updated some weapons and skills to perform more in line with intention.
Updated some skill descriptions to give more information.
Updated some skills names and on-use text for consistency across classes.
Updated and added to states.
Updated some maps.
Replaced placeholder assets.
Minor dialogue updates.
Minor class updates.
Added hidden grove.
Added Deirlinn’s grove (accessible after Deirlinn’s scene).
Improved v0.1 post-game (various bug fixes and small updates).

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Tags do not include planned content; the following tags will be included in future updates.
Exhibitionism, Futa/Trans, Group Sex, Interracial, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Religion

The uncle’s Estate maps are 30-60% smaller, and some have been removed entirely. If your save currently has you in the uncle’s Estate, it is strongly advised you leave and save on the region map before loading your save in the newest version. Please check the changelog on the website for full details.

Known issues
– Entering the uncle’s Estate for the first time in the new version may result in a bug that freezes the game. A fix is implemented for the next build.
– If the floors are manually repaired, entering the master bedroom of the player’s Estate will trigger a story event early and bug out story progression. A fix as well as a fail-safe has been implemented for the next build.

Important Note: Saves from Arrival are not intended to transfer to the main game. Attempting to carry over a save will allow the save to load, but will cause many bugs and other issues.

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