[RPGM] Milfairy Tales [v.0.4105 Exp] [LeelaK]


Follow our hero-in-training (Default: Mark), in his quest to master his family sword-style. He is the son of the legendary heroine, who once saved the world from chaos. His mother’s fighting style draws powers from one’s inner sex drive, but she thinks she can’t fully teach him all the principles. So he will have to learn even more from his foxy masters, on how to turn his sexual tension into power! Yet, little does he know that his journey will be the beginning of something much greater and that the land might be in need of another legendary hero soon enough. Join him and his colorful party of sexy Milfs on a magical journey through Milfairy! A fantastic land of many mysteries, protected by the Goddess of absolute love!

Expect a mixture of a traditional JRPG, with combat, dungeon exploration, dating and sex games with the girls from Milfairy! Embark in a story that will join two unlikely star-crossed lovers in a quest to save their world once more and for all!​

Thread Updated: 2022-04-22
Release Date: 2022-04-21
Developer: LeelaK – SubscribeStar TwitterItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.4105 Exp
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: English

2D Game, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Voiced, Fantasy, RPG, Combat, Big ass, Big tits, Incest, Milf, Spanking, Voyeurism, Cumplay, Facial, Anal sex, Tentacles, Female domination, Monster, Monster Girl, Lactation, Anal creampie, Cum eating, Handjob, Blowjob, Sex toys, Vaginal


1. Extract to the desired location and run Game.Exe.


– V.0.4035 to V.0.4105-Expansion

– Some new menu icons might pop up on the screen. Press ‘S’ to get rid of them.
-Added a few new maps/rooms: Southern Road and Western Road. You can access them from the village.
– Added first full LLM scene with Ammy. Go to her house after finishing ‘Up ‘n’ Coming Part 2′ quest.

-Grace’s LLM scene is replayable and updated. To get access to her scenes talk to Mariah at the end of the Chapter (in the first floor’s stairs at night). After that just talk with Grace in any spot you can get access to her Intimacy mode, she must have Intimacy Lv3.

– New Love Love Mode includes more items to use. A new Target Scan so you know the exact spot to trigger a target (they sometimes differed from the image). New critical and score tracking for future rewards based on the most efficient way to get the max score in each scene.

– All previous LLM scenes will be revisted and fixed to the new standard in the next chapter.
– Added the Lust Battle Duel minigame. Tutorial duel and first challenger duel added for now.

– Added Hunt #04
-Revamped some stores, in particular you can get the new Love Love Mode items from Emma’s stores.
-Added new Intimacy scenes for La’Yla and Mariah at the Amazon Hotsprings
– Replay for all Chapter IV scenes are now added to the Memory Lane (replay mode).
– Small bug fixes and corrections.
-Some items / spells fixes.
– New Mrs Ammy dialogue bust artwork.
– Fixed the enemies in the Casual/Nightmare spars for Jakku’s chapter IV battles.
– Added the properly balanced first summon spell.
– Can change Day/Night at the Amazon Village’s Inn
– Added a new dialogue route to La’Yla’s Intimacy chat after she sends you to the date.
-Mariah also gets an extra scene in Chapter IV after you first visit the Amazon Village (Hotsprings).
– New Villager’s Quest: You can do a quest for Jack (He’s in the Amazon Village Arena).
– Added Gallery pictures 320 to 334.
– Added a new scene with La’Yla in the Hot Springs (footjob)

– Some other stuff I don’t recall right about now… x_x’

– V.0.4020 to V.0.4035

– Fixed Grace’s third blue chest in the backroom of the pub. It’ll show up without needing to finish the raft puzzle for the waterway chest first.
– Scotty’s locker no longer moves after his quest’s done.
– Emma (Arena) will give you a quick tutorial of the Dating Mode after you finish Ammy’s quest.
– New LLM item added. Dull Memory Card (F) to reduce a girl’s Climax meter so you can get more tries at finding their hidden bonuses.
– Minor fixes of spelling, graphics and pricing.

– V.0.4020
– Chapter IV is now complete.

– 2 main story quests
– 1 story dungeon alt
– 1 new boss
– 2 new side quests
– First “What If” game over scene added. You can’t let it play in full otherwise it’s game over.
– Gallery count is now 318
– 7* new scenes / 8 new cgs and variations (1 scene on hold for the expansion*)
– 1 new Love Love Mode
– Dating System introduction
– New “Darts” minigame
– Some bosses, skills, items, etc. were adjusted for balancing purposes.
– Locked “Row” command to avoid bugs.
– Added item descriptions to the select item screen (farm, gifts, books, etc.)
– Items are better categorized and will be properly integrated as the game progress.
– Revamped item descriptions are coloring system. It’s not fully done, still in progress. New descriptions will only effect *newly acquired* equipment.
– New skills / items available
– Party Switching added!
– 2 new skills for Grace. (1 is a hidden/extra secret)
– More secret rooms are accessible now.
– some new meters will pop up in old saves, remove them by opening the “Mastery Menu” (press S)
– There will be an expsansion* for this update in about a month.
– Some other stuff I definitely don’t rememeber right now…

– fixed a bug where Mariah’s shower scene pick would get stuck to the screen.
– fixed the rewards O’ra gives you for the Hunt trades. Should work properly now.

Chapter IV “Expansion”:
*An “update expansion” is planned for January, some stuff had to be postponed due time constraints:

To be added in the “update expansion”:
– Ammy’s Minigame and LLM
– Two artwork (mage dialogue art, and La’Yla spring art)
– Replayable Dating with Grace
– The ability to use the Summon Fairytear.
– Ammy LLM scene will be added in an upcoming “update expansion”*.
– Replay gallery is being improved and the replays for Chapter IV will be added in the upcoming update expansion.
– Raphy’s hints will be added.

.3766 to .3790_bugfix:

  • Added missing Town3 song.
  • Fixed Mariah’s LLM shower scene points distribution. You can get perfect score now.
  • Some secret areas that aren’t available yet have warnings.
  • Added pics 182-183 (reward for 2 Bronze Stars with O’ra)
  • O’ra’s rewards should be fixed: she’ll give you 1x Blaze Sword, 2 GCs in gallery, and 1x Feral Stone (rewards for getting 1, 2 and 3 bronze stars from the Hunts).
  • Fixed a glitch that didn’t allow you to use pocket watch after certain fast travels.
  • Fixed a party split error in the Amazon Village
  • Fixed the requisites for the Toxic Haze and Frigid Haze spells.
  • Fixed the gift counter for Grace, it was giving her gifts to Valerye before.
  • Fixed some wrong name instances in the Love Menu.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Added the Loot Token system, you can get study items to increase stats from Jack (Betty’s Inn in chapters 2-3) or the Arena Desk (chapter 4).
  • Added the Charm reward from interacting with people in the Café.
  • Added Elliot in the Blacksmith so some quests can be continued.
  • This one is experimental: added the possibility of doing some early game side-quests in later chapters. All Betty’s, Veronica’s, Ammy’s and Ramdo’s quests should be able to be done in later chapters. It’s not guarantee that this will work properly as it wasn’t tested enough just yet. I still recommend finishing every quest you start before moving to a new chapter!

Let me know if things are working out. Some of the more challenging changes/suggestions will have to be implemented with more development time. Keep in mind this was a quick-bugfix to cover easier/more immediate issues.


  • Added an extra Veronica scene after her quest is done. Go to the Master Task book at night to check the scene.
  • Added some missing dialogue and NPCs at the arena.
  • Added final performance results for the shower scene. You can play it even after having finished it once and still get the rewards. 4 different rewards states based on how many special triggers you hit in the scene.
  • Some bug and encounter fixes.

Overall changes:

  • Extra visual animations for battle status.
  • Added a “party split” indicator (near daytime) to show when you can get special interactions with the party members (in progress).
  • 2 new skills to master (new master). 9 in total were added but the other 7 need Part 3 stuff so they won’t be accessible just yet.
  • Fixed faulty tiles that would lock characters in place or that the character would be able to jump/go through. Always save in new rooms and keep reporting those, it’s difficult to catch on every weird tile interactions.
  • More short travel routes (Amazon Village / Café)
  • 6 new scenes added in total. 9 new CGs included. 2 can be replayed indefinitely.
  • 2 new LLM scenes. One of them has some of the final features for the mode. Weakness hits, Body Lotion item works in this one (shower scene). Eventually LLM will have a full overhaul once all its systems are in place and the free dating mode is added. Lmk if you run into anything weird.

*Don’t forget to save often*

Added Chapter 4 – Part 2/3
– New location: Amazon Village
– New dungeon added.
– New location: Love Letter Café
– 2 new villager quests and 2 new story quests added.
– 2 new bosses. 3 new mini-bosses (hunts).
– New crafting recipes
– Added a new master. Intimacy can be increased to Level 1.
– Added the second style of kitchen, Rustic. (Amazon Village)
– Level 4 Equipment available on shops after finishing a new quest.
– Fixed some tiles that were getting players stuck in certain areas (like Deeper Woods’ chest).
– Hunt side-quests available (#1, #2 and #3). They’re battle challenges for the full party. 3 of them are available now. More to come later.
– Current Gallery CG count is 255/257 (including variations). Some pics still aren’t unlockable in the gallery just yet.
– Added new items and more secret rooms.
– Tons of new animations added (field/enemy skills/moves/etc)
– Plenty of bug-fixes and QoL changes spread around.

[Known Issues]

  • Replay scenes for the new scenes were not added yet. The replays will be added at the end of the chapter (next update).
  • Raphy’s hints aren’t fully implemented yet. They’ll be added once the full chapter is finished.
  • Retry battle function is known to glitch out some battles. I don’t recommend using it in mid-cutscene battles.
  • Pressing “S” or clicking on the Mastery Menu (top-right) will fix many visual related bugs and glitches (portrait not showing, event indicators not showing, MC getting weird speed or face on, etc).

v.03360 Change Log:

⦁ General bug-fixes done to the original release. Let me know if you find anything strange and/or game-breaking. I’ll make another minor-bug revision next week.

⦁ Chapter 4 started! Part 1 (roughly 1/3 of it)
⦁ Pre-emptive battles Attack option will properly hit enemies first.
⦁ Current CG count is 207/209 (including variations) two pics are not unlockable just yet (Betty and Raphy’s dialogue)
⦁ 3 new skills/spells to master (from Bastet’s) + 1 new skill from story progress.
⦁ Pressing “S” fixes visual glitches even when the Mastery Menu isn’t available in Chapters 1 and first half of 2.
⦁ Time Switch CP cost has been reduced from 4 to 2.
⦁ ‘CLEARED’ animation added to side-quests (main story quests don’t have those).
⦁ Overall tweaks and adjustment made to moves, skills, points, minigames and travel, etc.
⦁ Shortcut travel option added to Deep Woods
⦁ Gathering minigame options added to the logs inside Deep Woods.
⦁ Cooking minigame added. There’s just one kitchen available currently.
⦁ Town Map added near the central square. It allows for quick teleport in town.

[Love Love Mode]
⦁ First animated scene added!
⦁ 1 New Love Love Mode scene added (interactive).
⦁ 5 New scenes added in total. (+1 one new shower dialogue)

[Chapter 4 – First Part]
⦁ 1 new dungeons added and several new areas and secret rooms added.
⦁ First-tier Chapter 4 dialogue options added for the girls.
⦁ Bastet can now reach LV 2 Intimacy and teach new spells.
⦁ 3 new quests added (2 main story, 1 side-quests).
⦁ 1 new boss. 2 Mini-Bosses.
⦁ New items added. (around 160 total)
⦁ 1 new crafting recipes for Emily (3 items added).
⦁ New store upgrade level adds grade 3 equipment.
⦁ 6 scenes added.
⦁ 1 Love Love Mode scenes added.
⦁ Girls Intimacy cap: 20/25. The MC can reach level 2 of total intimacy with Bastet.
⦁ MC apprentice attributes cap: 25.

[Known Issues]
⦁ If you have an old save with the characters in your party. Remove then before talking to Mariah to start the first new event. Otherwise they’ll show up in random locations of the game. It’s a minor overlook but it looks whack and will be removed when the public version drops. (fixed)
⦁ Some jump routes might take the characters out of bounds. Most should be fixed, but just a heads up!
⦁ Replay scenes for the new scenes were not added yet. The replays will be added at the end of the chapter.
⦁ Retry battle function is known to glitch out some battles. I don’t recommend using it in mid-cutscene battles.
⦁ Pressing “S” or clicking on the Mastery Menu (top-right) will fix many visual related issues if you ran into them, try it out. (it now works even before Mastery is available)

– Added the Smoke Bomb item, grants you 100% flee rate from battles. You can purchase them from Ibram (town’s merchant).
– Added a new Town Map. You can find it below the main square, to the left of Ammy’s house.
– Fixed a glitch that wouldn’t let you use the mouse inputs during the afternoon and some other screens.
– You can retry the water puzzle in case you lock yourself in. Also added a bit more hints on what to do in the Waterways.
– Reduced some damage values for some enemies by a bit.
– Reduced TP cost for Bastet’s Syphon Kiss to 25 and increased her LP gain to 7%.
– Added text to the indicators to further pop them out.
– Main Story Event indicators will always show up on screen no matter the distance.
– Opening the master menu fix even more picture and visual inconsistencies or issues with choices.
– Gem items are now cheaper.
Added an “EASY” option to the training dummy mini-game and and “AUTO” feature as well.
– Bedge sells Water Gems after you rescue him in the mines.
– Added Water Gems item bags to the Amazon Mountain maps.
– Veronica’s date in the bar can raise your Charm to at least 10.
– Fixed Boobleena Vol.X12 book attribute increase to Charm.
– Added a second page to the manual.
– Fixed a glitch that didn’t allow the player to jump the gaps in Deeper Wood B after Grace blew up the pillar.
– Peeing Oldman will now give the toilet house improvement at night as well as during the day.
– Fixed a spot in Deeper Woods B where you could jump to an unintentional area.
– Fixed a spot where you could walk through in the underground caves.
– Added a clear quest for the Deeper Woods main quest, for those who are using old saves. (Doesn’t affect other users).
– Added a special scarecrow in the backyard to clear the Deeper Woods quest for those who have older saves. (It won’t affect new save users, so you can interact with it no problem).
– Added some voices.
– Fixed a bunch of bad instances in Val’s LLM scenes. This mode is very complex, so some stuff is still bound to be iffy. But it should be playable for now. Note: The “Body Lotion” item won’t work in this version. No need to bother getting it for now.
– You can recruit Grace, Valerye and Bastet to your party after the chapter is over. Just talk to them in their respective chatting locations.



⦁ Chapter 3 added!
⦁ Fixed a bug that made regular attacks stronger over time.
⦁ Added an option to Lock FPS to 60. Some monitors were speeding up the timing for some minigames. That ought fix it! Under the OPTIONS menu.
⦁ Added Mastery Bar to old skills. The more you use skills the more they level up the more effective they are.
⦁ Current CG count is 176 (including variations)
⦁ New “Free Cum” mode. Use the mouse to freely finish scenes (implemented in newer scenes).
⦁ 9 new skills/spells to master.
⦁ Added multiple route scenes. You get more CGs if you get the answers correctly. You can still rewatch any result in the Memory Lane (replay mode), but you won’t get the rewards (bonus points/unlocks) from the replays.
⦁ You can reduce your intimacy attributes with the girls.
⦁ Added a new section to the Love Store. You can now purchase items to recharge Training Capacity Points.
⦁ Pressing “S” to open the Mastery Menu also fixes many visual glitches that might happen. If the menus disappear, try pressing “S”.
⦁ Retry battle function is known to glitch out some battles. I don’t recommend using it in mid-cutscene battles.
⦁ Free Time-Switch item added to the Mastery Menu (after a certain quest). You can also Time-Switch in your bedroom at certain moments of the story.

[Love Love Mode]
⦁ New scenes with more actions available. (Old ones will be updated in the future).
⦁ Free Cum Mode for LLM and some scenes available (you click, you splash). Auto function also available.
⦁ New scenes for Valerye (10 actions), Veronica and Mariah.

[Chapter 3]
⦁ 2 new dungeons added and several new areas and secret rooms added.
⦁ 7 new quests added (2 main story, 5 side-quests).
⦁ 3 new bosses.
⦁ Plenty of new items added. (around 160 total)
⦁ 2 new crafting recipes for Emily (13 items added). ⦁ New store upgrade level adds grade 3 equipment.
⦁ 14 new scenes added.
⦁ 3 Love Love Mode scenes added.
⦁ 1 new party member/master.
⦁ Girls Intimacy cap: 15. The MC can reach level 2 of total intimacy.
⦁ MC apprentice attributes cap: 15.

[Known Issues]
⦁ Replay scenes don’t have all the effects/voice clips from the original non-replay versions of them.
⦁ Pressing “S” or clicking on the Mastery Menu (top-right) will fix many visual related issues if you ran into them, try it out.

Added Mac and bugfixes. No new content.

v.02025 release

  • Day/Night switch added to the MC’s bed after the chapter is over, so you won’t miss some nightime events. Removed some placeholder audios too.

v.02024 release – Chapter 2 added!

  • Minor bug/dialogue fixes + extended the time you can get Mariah’s first shower scene till the boss of chapter 1.
  • Added some extra voices.


  • 4 Tension Drive modes (how to increase TP, under the technique menu).
  • Gallery now has 999 slots (to prevent as many future saves from becoming incompatible as possible).
  • The current available CG count is 59 (includes variations).
  • Added new proximity icons (shops, info, interactives, etc.)
  • Improved some animations and huds.
  • New menu backgrounds.

[Chapter 1]

  • Access to part of the Goddess Temple.
  • More items to collect earlier (Temple).
  • You can rename your MC by talking to the town’s cat. :3
  • No new CG added to Chapter 1 yet (there are a few scenes on-hold, I’m prioritizing the main story for now).

[Chapter 2]

  • 1 new dungeon
  • 1 new boss
  • 2 Side-Quests (1 tutorial, 1 full)
  • 8 new scenes + 1 new shower scene dialogue
  • New playable character
  • Mastery System access
  • 6 skills to learn from 2 masters
  • 5 Master Errands Mini-games added
  • Love Love Mode Interactive Mode added.
  • 2 Love Love Mode scenes added. (Spanking)
  • 44 new CGs added to the gallery (Current Total: 59 CGs)
  • Girls Intimacy Attributes cap = 5
  • MC Apprentice Attributes cap = 10

Developer Notes:

v. 0.2024 Notes:

Hello there! We made it to the second release, Chapter 2 is here and it officially closes the introduction to the story, world and main mechanics for the game. I hope you enjoy the game, a lot of love and thought is being put into it. Feedback would be greatly appreciated! Cya~! (^~^)/

Quick Walkthrough (up to v0.3766):

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