[RPGM] MonGirl Sexpedition [v0.80] [Yeehaw Games]


Jack’s simple life ends on his birthday with a surprise. He ends up in an unknown land full of monster girls with a task from the Goddess herself. Will he able to impress her?
Of course, this quest won’t be simple, but Jack will meet a lot of interesting girls along the way. Will they become just friends or something more? It’s up to you! Meet girls, increase your power and get the ultimate reward!​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-07
Release Date: 2022-05-07
Developer: Yeehaw Games PatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.80
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

2d game, 2dcg, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, fantasy, male protagonist, monster girl, oral sex, vaginal sex


1. Extract and run.



H content

Elly gets a new H scene in this update. You can see the preview here. To activate it, simply visit Elly in her store after getting her affection far enough.

New features and activities

After completing the main questline, you will enter the free-play mode where you can do all the optional stuff you missed. This way you will be able to get all the H scenes without different playthroughs or save/loading. That is, if you’ll survive.

Rena got a new dress, and she looks great in it. You can check out the preview here.

Added a new puzzle with a vanishing floor for the astral prison zone.

Added a new mini-cutscene in Bright Meadows, featuring Mona and Elly.

Players will be finally able to turn in a piece of an ancient tablet in the astral prison zone. It will help you to get stronger before the final boss fight if you’ll explore the zone.

Small fixes and improvements

Added a sound for portal transitions to make the experience more fluid.

Added a new puzzle with new mechanics. It’s based on a vanishing floor and the players need to cross the gap in a specific fashion.

Fixed a problem with Bella’s dialogue at the riverbank. Her sprite no longer remains after the dialogue ends.

Added a free-play mode after the main story with an option to clear the favorite girl selection. This will allow players to clear any missed/new content for the free-play mode.

Fixed a bug where Naka and Belle still had their H scenes available even if you’ve chosen a different girl as your favorite.

Added an option to teleport at the top of the tower right from the ground level once the player progresses the main story far enough.

Fixed a bug that caused Rena’s active skin to switch to the default one after her chibi scene and first encounters on the outskirts. Now skins affect all these dialogues correctly.

Fixed a bug that blocked buying Meggie’s room upgrade from Mudbrick if Mariam’s slave choker quest wasn’t completed. Now you can properly buy it even if you didn’t finish Mariam’s optional task.

Fixed several typos here and there. Thanks for reporting these!

H content

Mona gets a new H scene, and you can see the preview here. To activate it, simply talk with the big girl after getting her affection far enough. A fair warning – picking a different girl as your favorite will lock you out of other girls!

New features and activities

The main story quest features your favorite girl selection. This will directly affect the ending and will lock you out of different girls’ scenes, so make a save beforehand.

Players decided to go with a pretty original choice for Naka’s new skin. You can see the results of her poll here. The artist liked the idea of keeping the plushie ^^ Naka looks cute and sexy at the same time. You can check it out here.

Ali from Thula’s square received a new kind of merchandise. Now you can buy a pack of maps from him much earlier in the game. Finding the right spots and digging up the treasure will reward you will strong potions and Maggie’s flask upgrade.

I’ve posted a solution for Leopold’s mansion puzzle here. If you have trouble solving it – this will help you. Also, I’m adding a way to get back into the mansion in the v0.7 release. If you already finished the main story part there – this won’t be a problem. This adds a way to beat the puzzle and not lock yourself out of the clear points and other rewards.

The new puzzle uses the same sokoban logic since the players seem to like it.

Small fixes and improvements

Fixed a small logical issue that didn’t allow purchasing Maggie’s room before getting a room for Mariam in some circumstances.

Fixed a rare bug with the teleportation scroll and kitsune crystal logic to correctly move the player based on what rooms they built for the girls.

Brewing strong potions no longer requires clean water. Also, both health and mana potions are now stronger.

Fixed a problem with backtracking in slime forest after advancing far enough with the main quest.

Fixed a small bug in Elly’s cake quest that allowed players to buy it without spending money in certain circumstances.

Fixed a rare combat bug that stemmed from the combat plugin and semi-randomly tried to use bosses’ skills instead of rising the shield. While I can’t fix the plugin entirely, this problem should not be appearing for the game character.

Marked Maggie’s table as such. Now you can talk with her standing on the other side of the table.

Fixed a problem with Shrike’s boss fight. I also updated the current v0.60 version with a hotfix. If you encountered this problem, just update the game and load up your save. No lasting consequences. Sorry for the trouble!

H content

Belle gets a new H scene, and you can see the preview here. It’s one of the richest scenes frame-wise in the entire game at the moment. It also features 4 animation loops instead of the usual 3.
To activate it, simply talk with her after getting enough affection points with her and she will ask for your help. The new H scene is the reward for this quest.

New features and activities

Aside from a new scene, Belle gets a new dress in this update. You can see the preview here. It looks pretty hot on our playful barmaid.
Maggie received an art rework. You can see it here. She retained the middle East vibe, yet with different details and feeling. Hope you’ll like it.
Added the standard set of on-map H scenes to hellhound enemies. Now you can find the lusty doggies in the volcanic regions aside from several special occasions.
A new puzzle. It will be a different take on the “plates and boulders” puzzle you might have encountered before. Yet this time it will have a twist.

Small fixes and improvements

Added an option to replay all their respective scenes through dialogue options to Naka, Elle, Belle, and Rena. Just talk to them after getting the scenes and check out the new options. It works the same way as Mariam’s and Mona’s scenes did.
Fixed a strange graphical behavior in some cases when players dug up stashes.
Added on-touch exit activation to the wardrobe fantasy zone with the skins.
Fixed an issue with one of Belle’s pictures for the home cave. Now it shows up properly.
Fixed a rare bug that saved up the tint after teleporting with kitsune’s crystal or a recall scroll into the indoors area.
Fixed the encounter with Lord Leopold. v0.6 will have this installed during the launch. If you want to use this fix for v0.5, you can get it in this post.
Fixed some typos in the text here and there.
Some players reported several bugs that they got in rather specific circumstances. Either way, sorry about that. These include:
A cache in the slime forest now properly responds to players’ digging no matter how far they progressed in the game.
A dialogue scene with Belle that didn’t take her skin into account.
Home cave pictures on the wall. Certain paintings affected both pictures at once instead of just the active one. Also, Hanako’s picture correctly appears on the list after getting her H scene.
Kitsune quest. Now it properly starts even if the player didn’t activate it until getting to the end of the main quest.

H content
v0.45 brings a new, big H scene with Mariam. Here’s the preview. This time she gets to use her pussy (at last!) so you can expect Jack to get wild. Just like the other scenes with Mariam, this one will have a special voiceover. To get this scene, simply talk with her after getting the revelation from oracles’ ponds via the main quest.

New features and activities
v0.5 gets 2 bosses. 1 for the main quest and the other one for the optional task (Mariam’s). Both bosses will net you some nice loot. Some players still don’t know about the difficulty toggle in the options menu. If you will find new challenges too hard – use it.
Added new normal enemies of all kinds, including a hellhound. Didn’t have the time to make on-map scenes for her. These will appear in the next update.
Added stronger potions to Mona’s shop after you help her with her task.
Agatha made new, stronger charms and got a new alchemy book for sale. She will also help you enchant your weapon after you defeat a certain new boss. Plus, now you can sell dream shards to her for a hefty sum of jink.
Added a new puzzle. It’s a numbers puzzle, not too hard, especially with the in-game hint.
Added a new treasure map for the new zone. You can grab it as a reward for solving the new puzzle in the volcanic region.
Small fixes and improvements
Made new dialogue options for Mona and Mariam so you could replay their last scenes from the game itself and not just the gallery.
Fixed a bug that sometimes affected both pictures in your home cave when the player tried to change one of them.
Added and fixed a few colored labels for the quest journal.
Fixed a rare bug that could automatically start the hot springs scene after getting there for the second time.
Changed Momo’s quest, namely the first step with the magical ruby. Now, it’s much easier to get it in the ruins if you have the quest active.
Fixed a problem with certain bosses’ projectile attacks where the hitbox could stay even after the graphical part of the projectile was already gone.
Fixed the last Belle’s quest. Now, it properly finishes and allows the player to work in the inn.
Changed the loading screen to a more positive one.
Buying alchemy tools from Mona will properly deduct the cost from the player’s money.


H content

v0.45 brings 2 new H scenes with Hanako and Mona.

Hanako’s scene is rather unique. You can see the preview here. As you may know, she is far different from her carefree sibling, Ayane. And even if she permits some pervy stuff, it will be on her terms. This H scene will be right up your alley if you have a thing for feet. To get it, simply advance the main quest and follow her lead to the fox temple in Niko forest.

Here’s Mona’s H scene preview. This time our big girl wants to practice her old recipes from her homeworld. Since nobody needs these in Bright Meadows, she fears getting rusty with them and asks Jack to find a rare red flower that somehow grows close to the cold regions in her world. The said brew increases certain desires, and, of course, Jack will get to participate in the test run. To get this quest you’ll need to visit Mona’s shop after advancing the main quest far enough and getting the second level of affection for her.

New features and activities

Mona’s got a new look that players picked for her. This time it’s more on the tempting/seductress side. Here’s a preview. As always, you can unlock it with Maggie’s help.

Added new spells for Jack’s magical repertoire. This time it will be a fireball spell, a direct upgrade from the firepuff. The second one is a heal spell and you will unlock it via the main quest.

Added new monster girl type enemy. This time a snow leopard girl like Rena, but since you will be trespassing on their hunting grounds, they won’t be too happy to see you. Plus, they get all the on-map H scenes available this far. You will encounter snow leopards in the snow mountains to the South.

Added a new puzzle for v0.45. It focuses on the classic mechanic of water jugs where the player needs to fill exact values in different vessels to solve it.

Added a new treasure map for the new zone. You can grab it as a reward for solving the new puzzle in the snowy mountains.

Small fixes and improvements

Fixed a graphical bug that removed the barrier in the desert after you interacted with it for the first time. It would still be there before you get Robert’s help, but without the animation. Now, it works properly.

Increased all spell damage for a more comfortable playthrough as a mage since the main problem should be hitting your targets with these.

Fixed a bug that allowed Maggie to provide several tips at once, including already beaten steps.

Fixed a rather strange bug that allowed projectiles like arrows to “move” while they were bumping into an obstacle and still have their hitbox active. This allowed ranged enemies like wolf girls to literally shoot themselves.

Fixed a graphical bug for puzzle plates that I use in several puzzles. They no longer flicker between states if the player tries to interact with them. This was a pure graphical bug and didn’t affect puzzle logic in any way.

Removed some quest goals that were stuck in the journal even after you’ve completed them.

Fixed a rare bug that could get Lord Leopold stuck in phase transitions. The change is retroactive and will work with all your previous saves. You just need to restart the fight.


H content

v0.40 brings 1 new H scene with Rena. Here’s the preview for it.

Rena found a clue about her lost sister and need Jack’s help. Helping her will lead you to her new H event. Rena will teach Jack how her fellow tribesmen make love. This scene has a bit of experimentation in the narrative part and I would like to hear your opinion on it.

New features and activities

Elly received a new look. This time players picked a nice and cute fit for her. Here’s the preview. You can get it the usual way – collect some dream shards and talk with Maggie about illusions to buy it.

Rena also got an update on her tribal hunter look too. The artist didn’t have the time to put all the details in. Here’s an updated preview.

After reaching the end of the current main quest (and getting a new skill), you will be able to complete the sword quest from the start of the game. Just use the bed in your home and follow the lead to pass a trial and get a customizable sword.

A special character will appear in v0.4. You can see her preview here.

v0.4 will bring a new mini-quest instead of a puzzle. It will feature playing cards with a rather interesting opponent and uncovering his secrets.

Small fixes and improvements

Added titfuck on-map animation for both wolf and tiger girls in the Niko forest. It’s about the same as lamias have, but now you can do it with them too. Wuffgirls are fans of it.

Fixed a nasty bug that prevented players from advancing Mona’s quest if they focused on Elly’s questline too much. No lasting consequences, you will be able to complete both without restarting the game.

Fixed a rare bug that prevented Robert from appearing in Thula’s inn in specific circumstances.

Fixed a problem with two puzzles, including one in the Ancient tower. Now, it properly saves the state even if player loads up the game menu. Both puzzles were solvable as-is previously, this fix just addresses the issue with changing puzzle pieces after calling the on-map menu.

Fixed some of Rena’s pictures for your home cave.

Fixed Mona’s problem with her 3rd heart. Now she properly gets it after you will ask her for a titfuck and have 15 affection. No lasting consequences for saves.


H content

v0.36 brings 2 new H scenes with Naka and Mona. Here’s the preview for Naka’s event. And Mona’s preview is here.

The main quest will take you to the ancient tower that will lead players to our adventurous kitty, Naka. Helping her to get a relic from her tribe will net you her new H event. This scene is using a new, arranged custom voice track. It’s like Mariam’s and doesn’t use generic sounds like, for example, Mona’s H scenes do.

Speaking about Mona, our big girl is almost always up for some fun. To get her new H event, you will need to get her trust and invite her to the hot springs zone around Thula. Then, visit Mona in her shop and ask for a titfuck.

New features and activities

Mariam’s new look poll is over, and players picked a reverse bunny suit for our horny girl. Here’s the preview. You can get it the usual way – collect some dream shards and talk with Maggie about illusions to buy it. Rena also got an update on her tribal hunter look. The artist didn’t have the time to put all the details in. Here’s an updated preview.

Adapted the joystick controls for the new combat system. Starting with 0.36 Mongirl Sexpedition will use a custom config that supports all combat functions with the joystick. You can see them here. Making these buttons remappable will require more time. You are welcome to share any thoughts or feedback on these.

Added alchemy system to the game. After advancing the plot far enough, Mona will offer to sell you alchemy tools along with a basic recipe book. This will allow you to brew potions from your home cave. Also, I added new upgrades for your garden to make it bigger and provide more stuff for your needs. As always, you can get these from Mudbrick. You will be able to find an optional advanced alchemy book to brew stronger potions in the ancient tower.

Added a new, powerful spell for Jack. You can find it in the ancient tower zone, and it will require the wisdom of level 3 to learn. It acts as a flamethrower, spraying all enemies caught in the path for high damage if they won’t dodge out of the way.

Small fixes and improvements

Naka’s and Rena’s first H scenes can be replayed by inviting them to the hot springs zone from inns. Just don’t forget to locate this zone in Thula’s outskirts first.

Changed Bella’s moonshine quest. Now you can properly trigger it without finding the hot spring zone in Thula’s outskirts.

Adjusted maximum unlocked hearts in the girl journal with up-to-date information. No lasting consequences and these values will update the next time you interact with them.

Added a merchant to Ar’Abad town. Among other stuff, he sells iron that you will need for alchemy and other upgrades. Since it’s a rather rare resource, I added another way to get it with jink.

Fixed the issue with custom configs for the keyboard. Now, remapped functions should stay the way you changed them even if the same buttons are used in the default configurations. Previously, some of these could reset to the default config after exiting the game.

Added the maximum amount of potions Jack can carry in their description to make the number obvious.

Fixed the problem with pictures in players’ home cave. I had to sidestep the issue of events with graphics having too many event pages in them, up to the limit RPG Maker allows using. Made a solution that allows not to worry about this for quite a while. There are no changes in how players interact with the pictures and, of course, all your active pictures are still usable as before. Included Belle’s last H scene, both to the artist’s shop and home list. No lasting consequences from previous saves and you don’t need anything special to unlock the pictures after getting Belle’s last H scene.

Increased zone exits in some of Ucca’s forest maps since some players had a problem finding them and considered this as a bug.

As always, if you don’t like something about the game – tell me, and if you like MonGirl Sexpedition – tell your friends ^^


H content

v0.30 brings 2 new H scenes with Mariam and Mona. Here’s the preview for Mona’s event. Players will be able to trigger the new H scene at will after inviting Mona to the hot springs. This option will open up after visiting the hot springs in v0.3. After this, just visit Mona’s shop and invite her to hot springs.

Mariam’s H scene is focused on her great oral skills and an interesting potion… Here’s a preview. You’ll be able to get it after finishing her mini-quest in v0.30. Just help her out with gathering some herbs and see what her special potion can do.

New features and activities

Ayane, the ultimate tease, makes a new appearance in the new update along with kitsune quest progression. Here’s her preview for MonsterGirl Sexpedition if you missed it. Visit furball shrine in the Niko forest after completing all existing quest steps and Hanako will task Jack with helping Ayane.

Aside from this, there’s a new desert zone with lamias as enemies, treasures, a puzzle, and other adventurous stuff.

Belle receives a new look. Neko maid won the poll and it’s in v0. I guess we have a lot of kitty fans


:) As always, her new “skin” is available for purchase for dream shards – Maggie will help you out.

I added a limit to how many potions Jack can carry around to make boss fights feel like perhaps a small but a challenge. Since players were able to buy and carry unlimited (up to 999) healing and potions this wasn’t true. Now, most potions are capped at 5. Maggie’s flask is not affected. It uses its own progression system with trophy upgrades.

Implemented a way to skip Mariam x Mudbrick scene or refuse to complete this part of the quest at the last step (dialogue with Mudbrick). If the player decides to do so, the quest will progress naturally to Mariam’s alchemy experiment step. You will still be able to see the H scene in the gallery later if you want and it will count towards the game/gallery clear score.

Small fixes and improvements

Adjusted map geometry for better navigation and updated the global map with more details in the active regions.

Fixed an animation bug with one of the tiger girls in Mona’s rescue mini-quest. Now Jack won’t be stuck in the sex animation if she catches him.

Fixed Rena’s maximum affection. Now it will use the usual limits and won’t be able to reach the maximum. No lasting consequences for your saves. The fix will apply automatically the next time you’ll get Rena’s affection point.

Fixed the default configuration for the keyboard remap plugin. Now skill use will properly rollback to S as intended. Of course, this will affect only the default/rollback config. You can remap this function as you wish.


H content
v0.27 brings 2 new H scenes with Mariam and Rena. You can check out the preview for Mariam’s event here. After she settles in Jack’s home cave, Mudbrick will have a wild idea. He’ll share it with you, and after a small quest, Mariam will have a new H option available at any time. As always, Mariam’s H scenes have special voice acting. If you are a fan of some juicy oral action, this will be right up your valley.

Rena received her first H event. Meet her in Thula’s inn and after a cute cutscene, you’ll get to know her closer. Plus, the fluffy tail, of course. You can see the preview here. As you may guess already, she’s not a kitty…

New features and activities

There’s a new hot springs zone around Thula’s outskirts and it’s a good way to relax. I’ll add an option to invite girls there for dates and other fun in the future, but there’s someone who will keep you company for the time ;)

I finished working with the control remap plugin and it covers most players wished about being able to customize the combat layout. You’ll find the new button in the global options. The mouse is a no-go since it uses a different handler. Plus, you can reload the default config if something goes wrong. I’ve done a lot of testing, so let’s see your feedback. Just in case, I made a FAQ entry about this.

The difficulty system is done. We’ll start with reducing incoming damage and I guess later bosses won’t use some of their special attacks. Either way, the option will be available in the global options menu and the change is effective immediately. No need to restart the game or load up a previous save.

Players decided on special Elly’s look via the poll – it’s the provocative enchantress! She’s a bit shy to try something like this, but she’ll manage! You can change how characters look during the dialogues by making illusions with Maggie’s help. Just talk to her after improving your home and she will be able to help you. Each illusion costs 2 dream shards aside from the classic one. Once bought, you can swap between the illusions without any additional costs.

Implemented a new feature – floating names of active zones on the global maps. These will appear as you’ll get closer to active zones and disappear once you move past them. So, you won’t see them all over the place. Hopefully, this will help with locating active zones on the global map.

Added a shop function for Agatha. You can use it after completing her quest for learning magic. Aside from several potions and talismans, she will offer wisp guides. Like mail pigeons, wisps are bound for certain locations and can guide Jack there. I made two options for now. One is for kitsune shrine in the deep Niko forest and the second one leads to hot springs zone in Thula’s outskirts. The first one is free!

Small fixes and improvements

Fixed a rare bug caused by unequipping Jack’s weapons and armor. Also, I changed the logic to forbid leaving slots “naked”.

Fixed a rare bug that deactivated Jack’s fighting skill during the return from deep Niko forest.

Agatha’s shop is now properly marked as hers, not Elly’s.

Changed colors for HP, MP, and stamina bars in the upper right corner for combat zones. Now, HP has a red tint, MP is blue, and stamina is green. Hopefully, this change will help players to get Jack’s status at a glance.

Fixed a bug where MGS froze if the player teleported back to their home by getting caught by a monster girl while their friends were waiting there to discuss the ogres.

Made an upgrade for Maggie’s flask. It’s a new type of trophy that increases the maximum charges held in the flask. Of course, these will automatically refill during the day change. This should help players to explore more without potion buying/farming. You can find it after the new boss fight along with other stuff.

Low stamina will kick in around 0 for running instead of using the same logic as swinging the weapon (around 20). This should help with last second dodges after attacking a dangerous enemy.

Fixed a cancel sound triggering if the player has low MP while entering a new zone or loading up a saved game with a low MP count. The sound now properly fires if the player tries to use a skill with insufficient MP.

Fixed some map geometry/graphical glitches with tiles. Like the mountain patch close to Mino cave.


Let’s start with a bit of bad news. The mobile version went kaput. Since it will take a lot of time to fix the mobile controls, and I can’t even guarantee success, I decided to take the apk down for some time. This way, players who start playing MonGirl Sexpedition from this update won’t suffer any problems with their progress and non-perfect controls.

I wish there would be an easy and safe method to transfer your saves from mobile devices to the desktop. Yet RPG Maker uses browser cache to keep your save files on mobile devices. Tempering with it requires root access and can be a quick way to screw your device, nulling the warranty in the process. Sorry, guys, but I believe this is the best way to make sure the game is up to high-quality standards.

And before I start with the usual stuff – don’t forget to participate in the combat feedback poll. I want to use it as a core mechanic for most of the future action-based levels. So, it’s important to see if players like it.

It’s the second update with a boss and I will make a new poll about the difficulty around May 16th. There you can share your thoughts about the general difficulty of combat and bosses. Based on the feedback, I will think about making a difficulty setting as I did with story puzzles and minigames.
Also, I would like to mention an upcoming poll about the control scheme for the new combat system. I want to hear your thoughts about how comfortable it is. If players will be interested in a custom input, I’ll work on a new feature that will allow players to freely remap the combat controls. More on this in the upcoming dev plans for the next month.

H content
v0.25 brings 1 new H scene with Mariam and a new mechanic. You can check out the preview for the H event here. After learning to fight, Maggie will contact you about Mariam’s visit. She has a task for you with a very special reward in the end. It can be challenging, yet in the end, Mariam will move over to your home cave for… Reasons. And fun, of course. This is the first time a girl settles down with Jack and you can expect more in the upcoming releases.

New features and activities
Magic quest is finished, and Jack can learn the basics! This will be a “peaceful” questline where Jack will learn a thing or two about magic and the world around him. Still, is it wise to try learning magic from a midwife on the outskirts? Check out Thula’s in and hear some gossip to start the quest. In the future, you will get more spells with different effects.

I couldn’t make the “sex after combat” feature because the new combat system is pretty complex. So, I decided to add super horny monster girls to dangerous zones. They will ask Jack for sex if you’ll poke them and you’ll decide how they will get it. Don’t know if I will be able to make the full feature with defeated monster girls, but this will do for now.

Added a way to increase Maggie’s flask’s healing efficiency. You will get a trophy item from the second boss. It will double the flask’s healing. Please note, to recharge the flask or upgrade it, you’ll need to switch to the new day via sleeping. Flask recharge works the same way as the resources respawning, once a day.
Added several upgrades for Jack’s home cave. Happy catgirls want to thank Jack for clearing out the ogres and send seeds to minos. So, aside from a nice room for Mariam, you will be able to plant a garden close to the cave. This will make herb gathering a lot easier. At first, you will get only green herbs, but Mudrock can help you with planting both red and blue ones. Just see him in the mino cave after you kick ogres from their camp.
The new character, snow leopard Rena, makes her debut in v0.25. You can see her preview here. She’ll pop up in Thula after you learn to fight and finish with the slime boss. She’s roaming thee new maze-like area, dangerous Thula’s outskirts, with determination. Is she looking for something? Well, don’t be shy and ask her directly.

Players decided on extra Mariam’s look via the poll – it’s the lewd priestess! She looks hot! You can change how characters look during the dialogues by making illusions with Maggie’s help. Just talk to her after improving your home and she will be able to help you. Each illusion costs 2 dream shards aside from the classic one. Once bought, you can swap between the illusions without any additional costs.
Small fixes and improvements

Added a new tutorial about swapping active items for combat both into the game and the features/FAQ section.
Thanks to player feedback, I found and fixed a pair of problems with the slime boss from v0.23. The slime no longer is invulnerable and uses the correct attack patterns. Still, if you’ll see anything strange – contact me in any way comfortable to you.
Fixed a bug with Mona’s “Light and sexy” skin. Now Maggie properly asks for dream shards only once. Then, you can switch freely between different looks.
Thanks to player feedback, I found and fixed a rare bug that prevented players from proceeding with the main “With friends like these” quest. This fix covers all the situations I could think of and doesn’t require you to start the game over. Just visit your home cave after fulfilling all the steps and it will proceed as planned.

Added a more visible marker to the quest box in the slime’s boss area. Some players missed it and were confused about what to do in the quest. Hopefully, this will help.

Decreased slime boss’s HP since Jack didn’t have good weapons yet and the fight took longer than intended.
Added a proper animation to weak mana potions.

As always, if you don’t like something about the game – tell me, and if you like MonGirl Sexpedition – tell your friends ^^


A fair warning – your mobile devices may have problems with the new Android version due to an increased amount of calculations from the combat system. Plus, RPG Maker doesn’t support the full multi-touch feature. This may affect the combat dynamic. I made all the adjustments I could in the short term, sorry. Full rewrite will require something like 2+ months.

Let’s agree on this. Try the mobile version out and contact me with your feedback. If it will be bad, I’ll just hide the apk until it will be perfected. Yet, to be honest, this will most likely take more than a full month. Probably even more.

H content

v0.23 brings 1 new H scene for Belle is also ready, you can check out the preview here. I made a little experiment with this one and added a bit more dialogue than usual. While generally, I don’t like the idea of putting too much talking into the H event, but I tried to make the phrases as steamy as possible + aim to complement the action to the maximum. As always, I’m open to your feedback :>

New features and activities

Let’s start with the big thing – the new combat system. It will allow players to fight on the map, just like in classic Zelda games. No turn-by-turn drudgery, everything is happening in real time. The first boss encounter is in this update! Do you have what it takes to beat it?

About 90% of what I want to have in the combat system is in the game at the moment, and it will probably take another month or two to get it to 100%. Still, the new combat is here, and you can share your thoughts after the release. Guess I’ll make a poll on Patreon so players could share their opinions with convenience.

The mobile version of the game received a new set of controls for combat. After learning how to fight and entering a dangerous zone, you will see joystick-like buttons on the display. These will allow you precise control over Jack! You can hide them via the bottom on the bottom of the screen to return to touch control as before. Safe zones still use the old logic.

Of course, I will tune the control scheme after the release based on my thoughts and your feedback. Also, I made a new tutorial pack for all combat features and the control scheme in the game itself. Plus, it’s in the FAQ on Patreon and readme/features files inside MonGirl Sexpedition’s client.

Players wanted to see the H scene length option back, and it makes the full comeback in this release. I’m done with text for all H scenes. They support both long and short options. I think Mona’s ride shaped out to be the best among the old H events. The extra text bits help drawing out her blunt yet honest nature. Try it out and don’t forget to share your thoughts!

The poll decided on extra Naka’s look – it’s the maid dress! You can change how characters look during the dialogues by making illusions with Maggie’s help. Just talk to her after improving your home and she will be able to help you. Each illusion costs 2 dream shards aside from the classic one. Once bought, you can swap between the illusions without any additional costs.

Also, made some adjustments to the wrestling mini-game. I added a small pause after all the pictures show up, but before the game starts to make it more convenient for players. Plus, I made the game field a bit bigger to help with stronger opponents like Mudbrick the minotaur.

Small fixes and improvements

Fixed a bug that allowed monster girls to send Jack home during Mona’s mini-quest instead of getting him back to the safe zone with Mona.

Added a simple weather system to add some atmosphere to outdoor zones.

Fixed a bug that allowed getting Mona’s skin even if the player didn’t have the shards for it. Also, added a description about buying new skin illusions from Maggie. Now she properly explains that after the first “buy” the skin you chose won’t require more dream shards if you decide to swap it out.

Made some touch-ups for Elly’s H scene, both for the animation and usual options.

Fixed the lighting switch while traveling between zones. Now it properly transitions during the screen fade out.

Fixed a bug that, after defeat, teleported Jack into a basic variation of the home cave, even if the player made an upgrade already.

Sadly, I didn’t have the time to make the Android quality of life improvements that I mentioned in the dev plans for the current month. Sorry about this! I still plan to do these changes and they simply shift to the next development month (April -> May).


H content

v0.2 brings 3 new H scenes for different girls. One for Naka, another one for Elly, and the last one for Mona. Elly and Naka will present their scenes at the end of their mini-quests. Mona’s new scene is a bit trickier to get. You’ll need to catch her in special circumstances and be ready for it.

You may have encountered her before at the right moment, but lacked the tools to get the H scene. In this release, you can buy a spyglass from the traveling merchant to get the full H scene.

New features and activities

Treasure hunting is back! You can receive the first map from Elly after you help her with a small problem. The logic is the same as it was in Yorna. Use the map from your items menu and find the correct spot. Stand on it and use a shovel from your items menu. If you are in the right place, you’ll see a hole in the ground and get the hidden goodies.

Belle received a new teaser during working hours. As always, you can get it with high enough affection by spending time with her.

The poll about Mona’s new look ended, and the players decided to go with the “light & lewd” option. From this update, you can change how characters look during the dialogues by making illusions with Maggie’s help. Just talk to her after improving your home and she will be able to help you. Each illusion costs 2 dream shards aside from the classic one.

Players wanted to see the H scene length option back, and it returns in the release. I’m done with text for all new H scenes and these support both long and short options. Old scenes with Mariam and Mona’s riding still only have the short one. If you’ll try to run them with the full length option, you’ll receive a warning and these will switch to the short version. I’ll finish these in v0.2.5.

Mad difficulty setting for plot minigames aside from puzzles, since some players found these too difficult. Namely, Mudbrick’s arm wrestling and Naka’s rabbit hunting. Mudbrick’s difficulty selection will pop up after the player fails an attempt to beat him. In Naka’s case, the setting is available from the start.

Small fixes and improvements

Adjusted Android buttons positioning for arm wrestling and made them x2.5 bigger. Now, these should be more convenient to press. Also, fixed a bug that prevented using Jack’s full strength in the mini-game.

Turned off the ability to call on-map menu during the arm wrestling mini-game.

Added a 3-second timer before the arm wrestling round starts so players could prepare.

Fixed a rare bug that allowed players to visit the same location twice in the deep forest.

Added spyglass to traveling merchant’s store. This item will allow Jack to unlock Mona’s solo scene in the forest. The item will show up in the store, both in Bright Meadows and the deeper part of the forest.

Changed the gold from shops to jink to avoid possible confusion about money.

Fixed stuck Jack’s emotion after getting a level up in any stat.

Artemis the painter made a new pack of pictures for your home. As always, these will be available after you’ll get the associated H scenes.

Reworked tutorial’s text if it was displayed over something big like a girls’ diary. Now the text is high-contrast yellow, so it won’t blend in with tutorial screenshots.

Made the main menu bigger, with a larger interval between the buttons for Android devices.

MGS now properly describes its own features in the main menu. Added H scene length option description to the features mentioned in the text. .doc file included in all versions also received an update.

Fixed affection level tutorial. Now it properly triggers on the first affection level up with any girl.

Cleaned up the logic code a little. This should net a minor decrease in consumed RAM.

Fixed an option to sell your home upgrade after purchasing one.


H content

You can get new full H scenes with Mona, plus some lewd activities with her once you get the affection meter high enough and help her with a small task. Yes, these “activities” involve her boobs. No, Lady Dimitrescu and the new Resident Evil trailer didn’t affect this :>

Aside from this, Elly and Belle received their teasing mini-scenes. You will get these while working with them and having high enough affection.

New features and activities

There two new mini-quests along with the usual storyline update. First of all, you’ll be able to get inside minotaurs’ lair and talk with their chief. After a bit of arm wrestling, you’ll be able to recruit new allies against the ogres. The second quest features the furballs in the kitsune temple. There you’ll get the best kind of reward for helping the fluffy ones :p I wonder what plans Hanako has for Jack?

Added new monster girl for Niko forest zone. This time it’s a tigress. Like the werewolf, she will chase Jack and fuck him if he fails to avoid her.

Home upgrade and decoration feature is ready! Now players have an option to decorate their home “cave” with paintings after a small quest from the artist in Bright Meadows. He lives in the house close to Mona’s and will paint portraits of encountered characters and even some kinky moments from H scenes you get. You can also upgrade your home to be bigger with minotaurs’ help. Of course, these are just the first steps in upgrade options.

I added the “blackjack-like” card mini-game. If you played Yorna, it’s already familiar to you. You can play the cards with a trader who’s currently stuck at the inn in Bright Meadows.

The second mini-game introduced with this update is arm wrestling along with a new tutorial for it. It’s quite simple. You need to pay attention to the arrow in the middle of the screen and hold the correct direction on the keyboard to score points. The Android version has special buttons for this. I tried to make the game comfy for mobile devices too and would like to hear your feedback on this!

Added several potions to Mona’s shop as a way to increase Jack’s stats for a day. These are available once you’ll accompany her to the forest for some herb gathering. Such potions can be handy for stat checks in some actions and mini-games like wrestling. Alternatively, you can buy these from the rare trader in the deep part of Niko forest or Friday’s stall. But these will be pricier!

Small fixes and improvements

Changed the first dialogue with the ogre guard in the pass to clearly state that players don’t need to collect money for them since some players actually farmed jink for ogres.

Fixed a bug that allowed players to meet Naka in her jump training zone before getting to know her at her campsite.

Jumping skill now properly shows up in the skill menu in the passive skills list. No logical changes for its use.

Fixed night forest ambiance incorrectly playing in some indoor areas around evening and night.

Renamed slot 30 in the save menu into AutoSave to avoid possible confusion. No changes to actual working logic.

Added autosave function to the first transition into the deeper forest area in Niko forest.

Disabled and removed several testing skills from the early builds of the game. No real impact on the gameplay, just some interface clearing.

Thanks to Bauch1234 fixed the bug that allowed players to get inside the deeper part of the forest at night. Using this bug caused the game to freeze over time since the logic wasn’t expecting such behavior. Also, I added soft padding to avoid such freezes in the future.

Added another entrance to the deep forest underground in order to make it more accessible.

Added mandrake root to Ent’s special clearing in the deep forest. This makes kitsune’s quest easier. Otherwise, players would have to use the underground and its rewards.

Aggressive monster girls no longer lose moving speed if they notice Jack right after they wake up from the first sex.

Adjusted some map geometry for a more convenient movement.


Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Depending on your operation system, the game may need additional preparation to execute properly. Here are guides for MacOS and Linux. Windows doesn’t need any extras to run.

Patron rewards: ArchmageMasterMagusRelease date reminder

Public version – Release date reminder

MonGirl Sexpedition has a number of special controls and in-game features. You can see a quick summary here.

Save from v0.2 will not work.


Extra: Gallery Unlocker

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.









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