[RPGM] Omnilord [v0.109c] [TheOtherYuggoth]



Explore the world conquer everything! Make new slaves friends! Build a harem loving family! Become Omnilord Slime!
Your journey begins as you awaken in the primordial sludge of new world, your responsibilities are great, and your ambition fathomless, conquer and unite the disparate peoples of the world of Arcassa. Bring order to this chaotic realm through guile and power, create clones of yourself, breed minions, and investigate the mysteries of the Neath, Nether, and Surface of this wayward land.​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-08
Release Date: 2022-06-07
Developer: TheOtherYuggoth – SubscribestarBlog
Censored: No
Version: 0.109c
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

2d Game, 2dcg, Corruption, Creampie, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Fantasy, Pregnancy, Vaginal Sex, Turn Based Combat, Rape, Harem, RPG, Muscle Girl, Slave, Oral Sex, Text Based, Mind Control, Male Domination, MILF, Management (Of Realm), Super Powers, Virgin


1. Extract and run.



-Fixed zinc mine nodes (should now produce zinc instead of tin)
-Fixed smelter foreman providing wrong information (should now display correct graphite and carbon steel stocks)
-Increased maximum item carrying capacity to 9999 (Unlimited Power!)
-Increased mineral node drops from +1 to +5 (much less tedious to mine materials)
-Broke Quartermasters kneecaps (He’ll never offer such good deals in the sell menu for such low low prices ever again) moved potions to the buy menu instead.
-Moved JSON files out of main file folder (no more clutter of files when looking for the launch executable).


-Added the first investigation quest, activate it by interacting with the inquisition book in the staff room of the Palace of Themis.
-Added several quests to unlock the spell trapping the Djinn Niza inside of her magic lamp. These quests include a series of puzzles.
-Worm battles in mines should not be repeatable by bumping into secondary trigger events.
-Game now starts with quests directing player to each objective one after the other (no more bumbling around unsure of where to go next).
-Entrance points from ruins to omni sanctum readjusted.
-Golem creation quest made less tedious, golems will always succeed to being created (The success rate buff wasn’t working, and it’s an expensive thing to make, so for fairness and balance they cannot fail to be created on a fresh new save).
-Fixed broken Tinkerer crafting (In workshop where stainless steel tools are made).
-Various miscellaneous bugfixes.

Developer Notes:

Planned Content not yet included: Incest with adult daughters, Furry sex with demonic Anthros, and Exploration with Combat, Artwork and CG.

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