[RPGM] Saria Reclaimed [v0.3.1] [Velminth]



A lewd Sidescrolling/RPG.
In Saria Reclaimed you play as Saria, a wandering samurai of Cardinal’s Heart, an oasis town in the vast desert filled with bandits and abominations.
Will she give in to her desires and corruption or continue on the bloody path of a Pure Maiden ?​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-29
Release Date: 2022-06-29
Developer: Velminth PatreonItch.io TwitterPixivNewgroundsDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.1
OS: Windows
Language: English

2D Game, 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Teasing, Corruption ,Creampie, Adventure, Combat, RPG


1. Extract ZIP and run.


v 0.3.1

-BJ Expressions no longer override default ones if Saria has *particular* passives.
-Interiors now properly positioned.
-Can no longer move during Defeat.
-Oskar The Drunk & Celestian Hound Ausfa no longer cum until Saria’s Willpower is 0.
-Fixed Tit Poke not being tracked properly.
-Halved the time it takes for mooks to cum.
-Halved Willpower damage for hardcore activities beside penetration.
(Until there’s a way to mitigate for them, do note that you will still get nuked if you get in a gangbang.)

v 0.3

– Cut-In : Finger Sucking
– Cut-In : Tits Squeeze
– Cut-In : Ass Squeeze
– Cut-In : Feet Lick
– Pose : Blowjob (Human)
Cock number variation (6) and expression variations (3)
– Cut-In : Blowjob
– Cut-In : Facial
– Defeat Scenario : Troglodyte Duo
– 4 new expressions for Arousal states
– 4 breathing loops dependant on Arousal states for encounters.
– 4 new songs (Main Menu, Raising Ribs Valley region, General Encounter, Celestial Hound Ausfa)
– Sounds for menus and some skills
– 14 Traits for mooks, ranging from resistances to starting the Encounter horny.
– Cum Gauge for enemies integrated into the on-hover Sensitivity Overlay.
– Moved Sensitivity Overlay button during Encounters near the command window.
– Lowered Emotion gain from winning/losing/fleeing an encounter.
– Lowered passive Emotion regeneration during encounters.
– Lowered passive corruption gain from all arousal states by about half.
– Backgrounds are no longer zoomed in.
– Can use mouse navigation again.
– Some more stats display in the Equipment Menu.
– Moved enemies slightly covered by the command screen further left.
– Fixed Corruptions not reseting to baselines after being defeated by Celestian Hound Ausfa
– Fixed Oskar’s cock being a bit…skewed.
– Fixed random floating sign before the Troll in Raising Ribs Valley.
– Fixed mook background stuff running twice back to back.
– Fixed cum taken while in the defeat scenario not being added to the Cum Milked tracker.
– Fixed Pale Guppi not cumming as they should.
– Fixed Corruption caps across all bodyparts not increasing.

– Corruption baseline from passives now stored and loaded properly.
– Fixed problem where Saria was undefeatable and mopping the floor with 0 WP.
– Lowered jerk off Corruption gain during Defeat scenario.

– Corruption gain from arousal states during Defeat scenario lowered from max 10 to max 3.
– Fixed enemies only jerking off to Saria’s face during the defeat scenario.
– Enemies in defeat scenario cum a bit faster now.
– Can now pass even beyond “Aroused” and unlock Calming Thoughts & Masturbating at camps.
– Stonescale Lizard no longer gets horny.
– Fixed corruption gained by passives resetting after one battle.

Sensitivity, Desires and Defeat Core
– Corruption Round 1
– 243 Unlockable Passives spread across 9 bodyparts
– Corruption Menu
– Erotic skills that mook enemies can use have a threshold on Saria’s part that needs to be passed, for example :
Mouth Corruption
0%+ – Dirty Talking regarding Saria’s lips/mouth.
30%+ – Finger Sucking
50%+ – Licking Enemy’s Body
70%+ – Kissing
100%+ – Blowjob

– Sensitivities
– As Saria progresses through the world and is accosted by sexual temptations she’ll become more
and more sensitive from exposure (via passives), making her Willpower drain way faster from that which she is sensitive to

– Defeat
– With the new system in place Defeat is possible if Saria’s Willpower reaches zero
– Upon defeat she will be transported back in the map for a particular scenario, after which she’s free to re-try the encounter
– Defeat scenario/CG for Raising Ribs Valley region.
– The Sexual Exploits List has been completly revamped
– Added a Corruption Bar to Encounters that displays different bodypart’s corruption at a glance, without having to go into the passives menu
Can be opened and closed
– Cumming Location for mook encounters is now based on the Corruption level of that certain bodypart
– Lewd Text for mook encounters is now based on the Corruption level of that certain bodypart

Default Minimum (suggested) resolution is now 1920×1080
– Game is now zoomed in 2x
– To make up for it all pixel art has been remade
– Resized Map HUD
– Resized Battle HUD
– Removed above head dialogue bubbles
– Font changes
– Illustrations now displayed in their full glory
– Side Portrait now collapses when near the map edge
It can also be collapsed at will

– Furuogi Servitor skilltree removed
CQC Skills moved to Cardinal Samurai skilltree
– Saria’s four arousal states now temporary increases one random bodypart’s corruption level per turn (during Encounters).
– Upon reaching “Aroused” state for the first time Saria learns some useful skills
– Encounters can now be escaped (100% Chance) unless Saria is “Busy” or “Knocked Down”
– Saria’s Looks stat now influences how fast enemies cum, like a true slutty warlord
Currently applies to Hardcore Lewd : Blowjobs, Titjobs, etc
– Dealing Damage now has a 60% chance to make enemies lose the hornies, however, if Saria continues to be naked or such other conditions she is not safe for long
– Enemies now attempt to tear apart Saria’s clothing if she has zero stamina.
– Can now Load a save from anywhere
– Map objects that can be interacted with get a pop-up symbol when in their proximity
– New combat & background for Raising Ribs Valley and it’s caves
– Some Enemy rebalancing
– Other small QOL things and bugfixes not worth mentioning

– Empyrean Fang’s Description is out of bounds in Equip Menu.
-Smoldering Men Battle Loop (I swear I’ll stop using the wrong fucking function)
-Cannot go back from Scorched Hill.
-Sneaking past the Tent and triggering it from the back locks the game due to collision
-Vivieri’s Hole item easier to pick up
-Resting recovers 40 Willpower (drain also still happens, just a temporary fix to avoid chain sex until 0.2.)

Hotfix :
– Celestial Hound Ausfa’s Battle Loop
-Oskar The Drunk respawn / loop
-“Billy” of Gore Peak is now immortal. You did this.

Initial release

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