[RPGM] The Exhibitionist [v0.4.4] [exciting_epiphany]



The basic plot is that Emma, our main character, slowly discovers her exhibitionist side through a series of adventures.
Navigate her adventures, avoid discovery, keep track of her fear and her excitement and ensure she has a successful… mission.​

Thread Updated: 2022-08-02
Release Date: 2022-08-02
Developer: exciting_epiphany PatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.4
OS: Windows
Language: English

3dcg, Female protagonist, Exhibitonism, Rpg


1. Extract and run.



  • Fixed the bug where you can get stuck in a car on the shops event.
  • Added fog to maps
  • Split the city in two
  • Added hints to where to go once in city initially
  • Fixed longstanding chapter 1 text cutoffs

PLEASE NOTE: Backup your latest position by saving IN EMMA’S HOUSE before installing.
The city map has been changed and you might get unpredictable results loading in city map.


  1. New visual effects, water, reflections
  2. Fixes to some places not blocking when they should
  3. Improvements to wording in places
  4. Rebuild of many shadow and light maps to improve visual look
  5. Shrinkage of file size of some images
  6. Fix of range error from 0.4.1 (I hope)


  1. Name changes color
  2. Massive revamp of text. I didn’t like some of my lazy writing so I improved it.
  3. A couple of new sub quests.
  4. Some general QOL fixes


Bug Fixes:

  1. Gauges now mostly disappear when you are in a scene.
  2. People stop moving when you’re in a scene or menu.
  3. Some holes in scenary patched.
  4. Some improvements on logic and balancing.
  5. Fixed Range Error bug

New features:

  1. New scenes. Lots of new scenes (about 15 total), taking place in new city area.
  2. Sister plot started.
  3. New hub area to explore, and go beyond.
  4. New patron menu options
  5. New graphics and renders and such.

Version 0.2: Bug fixes for 0.1. Fixed issue with fail screen not appearing. Made it a little more forgiving in terms of fail conditions. Fixed weirdness around detection. Fixed some message cutoffs, added windows for Emma text. Made it a smaller download.

Version 0.1: A basic introductory level to test the concepts and make sure everything works, but it should give you some idea of the basic premise.

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