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You’re playing as a girl living in a women-only village who’ll get to learn how to become a “Hunter”. Basically, she’ll hunt male creatures for women requesting it. The goal is to find them, fight them with a sex-based combat system, train them and deliver them to the requester.​

Thread Updated: 2022-07-20
Release Date: 2022-06-26
Developer: Ark Thomson PatreonPixiv Fanboxsubscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.21.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Prequel: The Hunter 1

3DCG, 2D game, Female protagonist, Adventure, Bestiality, Oral sex, Handjob, Zombie, Monster, Combat, Turn based combat, Lesbian, Sex toys


1. Extract and run.


The Hunter 2 v0.21.1 |
| |


– Corrected the fact that running shoes didn’t work anymore.
– Corrected the fact Catherine could disappear during her first quest.
– Corrected the fact that you could get hard lock during Jeanette’s quest.
– Corrected an infinite loop occuring during Caitlyn’s quest.
– Corrected images crash happening during battles with the new Kaya outfit.
– Corrected a visual bug on the money in Neves shop.
– Corrected the fact that Caitlyn’s quest wouldn’t disappear from the quest log even after being finished
– Corrected the fact that the screen would stay black after Kaya & Sasha’s conversation in Sasha’s room.
– Corrected the fact that the quest “Back to basics” would stay visible even if finished.
– Corrected the fact that the step “Talk to Biserka” was already noted as done before doing it in the “Kaya’s Secret Plan” quest.
– Corrected a bug that was locking the player inside Catherine’s bedroom.
– Corrected a bug that was preventing the player to open the creature side of the brothel.
– Corrected a possible softlock with money if the first $50 were spent at a precise moment. Now Zoey will give Kaya $50 no matter what during the restoration of the brothel façade.
– Corrected the text jumbling in the quest log when there’s a lot of text.
– Corrected the fact that Aren could appear twice after bringing Jimmy to Catherine.

Gameplay Modifications:

– The mini-map is now set at 50% opacity when launching a brand new game (without any config file.) This will allow to see stuff that can be hidden behind (notably Frank’s bar). The opacity won’t change in a game folder were the game has already been launched. The config.rpgsave can also be erased but might as well change the opacity directly in the options of the game.

| |
| The Hunter 2 v0.21 |
| |


– The mini-map now fades in/out like the screen when you’re changing map.
– Corrected a bug that could lead to a crash if a certan combination of factors was met during the selection of the girl in the brothel.
– Corrected the fact that if you already had a piece of wood without buying one to Zoey, the Quest Journal wouldn’t update properly after Tambara finished crafting you the dildo.
– Corrected the fact that the first time you could see a pixel animation of Kaya the first frame would make her invisible.
– Corrected the fact that Kaya’s sprite appeared under Ominira when entering the town through the world map.
– Corrected text repetition during the introduction.
– Slowed down all the characters that were on crack and walking too fast (especially animals.)
– Corrected the double jingle on the first quest of the game.
– Corrected the volume of some sound effects that were too big.
– Corrected typos, as always…
– Corrected the fact that the windows in the brothel bedroom disappeared between the dirty and clean state.
– Corrected a false “end quest” trigger after the scene with the frog
– Corrected the fact you could trigger the frog scene endlessly by leaving the village again right after it first occured.
– Corrected path problems in the house in the Oblivion Forest (some tiles were crossable while they shouldn’t as well the opposite)
– Corrected some occurences where the sound was louder than it should’ve been.
– Toned down a bit the dusk effect during the Edelbert cutscene to ease people’s eyes.
– Corrected the fact the in-map doors (doors leading to another part of the same map) were making the mini-map and the quest icons disappear during the transition.
– Tambara doesn’t sell the Pickaxe anymore (it’s not implemented yet.)
– Spread the top and bottom opening of the entrance of the Oblivion forest for more comfort of use.
– Corrected the fact that the right guard of Ambriosa’s entrance’s dialogue didn’t change her dialogue even after Kaya’s first meeting with Tambara.
– During battles, the “Defense” skill now works properly instead of triggering the kiss skill.

Art Additions:

– 87 new H pics have been added to the game.
– 9 new non-H pic have been added to the game.
– 7 new H scene has been added to the game.
– 2 H scenes offer a variation route depending on the fetish selector’s position (I might develop this idea in the future.)
– 1 new title screen variation has been added to the game.
– 11 Quickies have been added to the game.
– 7 Battle pics have an alternate outfit version + Kaya’s 4 battle sprites.
– 49 new facesets have been added to the game (13 new characters + Sophie who now has 4 expressions instead of 3 previously.)
– 19 new pixel characters have been added to the game + 4 new outfits for 4 already existing characters + 3 naked versions.
– 4 pixel characters have a new outfit.
– 1 H pixel animation has been added to the game.
– 3 new tileset packs have been added to the game to design the poor district.
– Items finally have icons! To differentiate them from the scavenging collectible and sexual experience, they have a green border and their own color.
– To make the game more lively and coherent with materials/sex stats, the icon along a color code are now showing up when you get an item.
– 14 icons have been added to the game.
– Some elements in the homeless part of the poor district were manually created by PeakJump.

Art Update:

– All the recent scenes have been passed through a PNG compressor to save space on the game. The gallery size has been almost halved from 300Mb to 180Mb
– Changed Sophie’s model. She now looks much better than the previous version. Her pixel version has been changed accordingly.
– Made major modifications to Ominira’s tileset: Vegetation is using a different set of texture that has been tweaked to be more comfortable to the eye. Lani & Wiola’s shop have been tweaked too because of mistakenly placed tiles.
– Corrected the lack of glow around Sophie and Svetlana’s faceset
– Corrected a couple of facesets which had a pixel offset between the different expression (especially Catherine who had more)
– Tweaked the namebox so that it looks a bit more rusty like the textbox.
– Also tweaked the textbox and the namebox size/positionning.
– Added the missing accent on Léonie’s name during her presentation.
– Kaya’s damage sprite during battles has been changed into something a bit better visually.
– A new script has been integrated to manually color spots in the mini-map so it can be faithful in terms of crossing/blocking tiles.
– Updated the BA Logo to the new one.
– The Gallery UI has been tweaked with new background/foreground images as well as new images for locked scenes. Those are not definitive.

Gameplay Additions:

– 2 new main quests have been added to the game.
– 5 new side quests have been added to the game.
– A whole new district is now available: The Poor District. It’s the second of Ambriosa’s 6 districts.
– With the new district available, there is now a possibility to teleport between specific spots in Ambriosa to move more quickly.
– Two new spots are available on the world map.
– 14 new maps have been added to the game.
– The Outfit crafting mechanic has been added to the game! You can now gather elements to craft outfits for either NPCs or Kaya!
– A slut outfit has been added for Biserka and for Sasha.
– Quickies have been added to the game! Quickies are very short H scenes you can witness while walking around or triggering specific events.
– Kaya can now equip new outfits! When Kaya gets her hand on a custom outfit she can equip it anytime. In order to prevent my own sanity, custom outfits don’t work in friendly areas. They work in dungeons. As such, Kaya’s outfit will change her sprite, her animations, her look in the menu and her battle animations. In the future, Kaya will aslo be able to get “specific” outfits which will be outfits that work only in a certain area or in a certain situation. Those outfits will NOT be wearable throught the menu.
– About outfits for Kaya #2: Kaya’s wearable outfit only work in dungeons BUT, having them in the inventory can create specific scenes in friendly areas. In those cases, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing it or not (the base outfit will always be displayed anyway), as long as you have the right outfit in your inventory, the scene can be triggered.
– A new outfit has been added for Kaya.
– When unlocking an outfit in the game, the title screen becomes available with said outfit.
– It’s now possible to make NPCs wear situational outfits. Unlike slut outfits which are meant to be worn anytime an NPC has sex outside, those outfits are situational and will be necessited to trigger very specific scenes.
– A new outfit has also been added for Halcyon.
– The inventory has been completely reworked to fit the needs of the game.
– 8 scripts have been added to the game to deal respectively with day changing, outfit equipement, the outfit shop, maps exits, the mini-map manual coloring, keeping datas stored outside a loaded game, text parsing and inventory.

Gameplay Modifications:

– Increased the number of save slot from 20 to 50.
– Nathalie won’t be in her house after Tambara has been met as both the conversation and the settings need Nathalie to leave after that moment.
– The text for the remaining elements to clear in the brothel is now color coded.
– The camera now moves towards the newly found places on the world map so they can be easier to see.
– The “Cleaning Step” text is now on the bottom left of the screen to avoid overlapping with the mini-map.
– The “Cleaning Step” now features green/red coloring for a better contrast.
– A couple of changes have been made to the quest log: some textual rewards are now visible (brothel recruitement and slutiffication completed), difficulty is now color coded and there are only three difficulties remainig (easy, normal, hard).
– Removed the text forbidding Kaya to go on Biserka’s house 1st floor.
– The text in the textbox is now working like in Slice of School: it’s a text parser automatically going to the next line when needed. It allows a much more coherent alignment. The text that was written BEFORE this update will be updated to this new layout in the next update (Too many possible bugs to do it for that one.)

| |
| The Hunter 2 v0.2 |
| |


– Elements that involve fabric ripping/tearing now have the proper sound effects.
– Corrected the fact that one of the side of the bed in the left bedroom of the brothel wasn’t interactive.
– Corrected the fact that you could still see the map during Vincent scene in the brothel.
– Corrected the fact that the wardrobe in Kaya’s house had no doors.
– Corrected the fact that the quest icon in Kaya’s kitchen was still showing up during the evening cutscene.
– Corrected the fact that the BGM didn’t launch properly after the evening conversation between Kaya and Akane.
– Corrected the fact that if you hadn’t met Latifah on the first day, it was impossible to trigger her presentation during the following days.
– Corrected the fact that Tambara didn’t mention lending Kaya a shovel while she uses one when clearing the brothel.
– Corrected the fact that you could still get sedated food even AFTER the quest to hire Halcyon was finished.
– Corrected the fact that the mini-map was still visible during the mutant toad scene.
– Corrected the face and name of Catherine when checking her drawer.

Art Additions:

– 36 new H pics have been added to the game.
– 14 new non-H pics have been added to the game.
– 4 new H scenes have been added to the game.
– 1 new non-H scene has been added to the game.
– 4 new pixel characters have been added to the game.
– A new battle music and a new victory music have been added to the game.
– 3 custom-made elements have been done for Ominira, Ambriosa and the Oblivion Forest on the world map.
– 4 custom battle sprites have been done for Kaya.
– 2 zombie dog sprites have been created for sex battles.
– 1 custom 3D background has been created for the battles inside the Oblivion Forest.
– 8 battle animations have been created for sex battles (4 Kaya skills and 4 zombie dog skills)

Art Corrections:

– The forest of the introduction has been totally remade with the new tileset used for the new zone of the Oblivion Forest.

Gameplay Additions:

– Sex battles are back! No more complicated stuff like in the first game. Now, you just choose the skills you want and let the battle flow.
– Kaya can gain levels through sex battles. That leveling is proper to sex battles. Increasing it will improve her damage output, defense and speed.
– Win fight against monsters to gather tokens of said monsters. You’ll used them in the brothel.
– The brothel gets bigger! You can tame a creature to put it in the brothel for female custommers. Train the creature thanks to the tokens you’ll get from fighting its kin and get money from females willing to experience exotic sex.
– There’s now a world map! It’s empty for now but there will be many locations in the future!
– 1 new area has been added to the game.
– 7 new maps have been added to the game.
– There’s now a proper prompt when you start or finish a side quest. Considering how smooth main quests flow into each other, the prompt won’t appear for those, though.
– John & Dexter (Carmen’s Dog) as well as Hati and Sköll (Linh’s wolves) have been added to Ominira.
– You can start scavenging elements in new places. Due to time constraints, there is no new element to build for the brothel, but there will be in the next update.

Gameplay Modifications:

– The “Diamond” material has been replaced by a “Rare Minerals” one to cover much more possibilities of crafting in the future.
– The dildo quest has now been adapted to the brothel quest. If you start that quest AFTER opening the brothel and have wood in your inventory, you’ll automatically bypass the whole Zoey detour and Tambara will craft the dildo right away.
– The consequence of the dildo quest being adapted means that Zoey’s extra $50 can be skipped. If you built a dildo with your own wood (and didn’t spend $50 to buy one to Zoey) then Zoey won’t give you $50 during the brothel renovation (This is due to the fact that it’s necessary for Kaya to have less than $50 during the brothel tutorial)
– Tambara’s front desk has been slightly modified to fit one of the new scene.
– Removing curtains now give fabric.
– Kaya & Tambara’s first conversation now has an extra part at the beginning with two new pics.



– Corrected a LOT of typos and wrong wordings.
– The tablet in Aren’s bedroom now has the interaction icon.
– Kaya’s kitchen chair doesn’t appear over Kaya’s head anymore.
– Corrected the fact that Ylva’s drawer was litterally floating in the air.
– Also corrected the fact that it wasn’t animated when being checked while it should’ve been.
– Removed an extra line when checking Wiola’s fabric in her house.
– Corrected the fact that Ishtar’s drawer didn’t trigger its text.
– Corrected the fact that clicking on the flowers inside Anna’s house granted stuff you didn’t get anyway. You’re not meant to earn something.
– Corrected the fact that Zoey woodpile in the market didn’t trigger its text.
– Corrected the whole mess with drying clothes next to Jade’s house (uncrossable tiles should’ve been crossable and some crossable ones should’ve been uncrossable.)
– Corrected the unreasonnable amount of out-of-the-box text inside Beatriz’ house.
– Corrected the fact that the chair in Caitlyn’s bedroom was uncrossable (making the PC unreachable.)
– Corrected the fact that a part of the wooden plank on the brothel building was appearing behind the window.
– Also corrected different crossability problems inside Beatriz’ Mansion.
– Corrected the fact you couldn’t enter Beatriz’s bathroom (!!).
– Corrected Kaya’s faceset when checking furniture in Giselle’s house.
– Corrected some maps so that the border of the “roof” could be drawn.
– Corrected the fact that the piece of wood used to craft the wooden dildo wasn’t removed from the inventory.
– Corrected the fact that quest icons were appearing over the map if it was displayed fullscreen.
– Removed the sedated food from the inventory after giving it to Halcyon.
– Corrected the fact that Kaya still acted as if Halcyon was in the cell even when she wasn’t inside anymore.
– Corrected the fact that trying to accomplish the wooden dildo quest after unlocking the brothel would lead to a game block as Zoey wouldn’t allow the quest to keep on.

Art Additions:

– 3 H scene have been added to the game (including a dual-path scene).
– 1 scene has been added to the game.
– 41 H pics have been added to the game.
– 2 Non-H pics have been added to the game.
– New title screen (4 pics). Randomly alternates between day/night and clothed/naked versions.
– 14 Tutorial pics have been added to the game.
– 4 new pixel NPCs and 1 new pixel monster have been created.
– 6 new pixel interactions have been created for Kaya.
– 4 sets of 3 faces have been created for Ambriosa’s inhabitants.
– 4 pixel animations have been created for the brothel mini-game (2 for Halcyon and 2 for Kaya)
– A whole UI was designed for the new brothel mini-game (including a lot of small new drawn elements)

Art Corrections:

– The text box and the nameplates have been revamped into something more classical for the shape (everything’s properly square) and the nameplates design have been improved too.
– The facesets of Ambriosa’s inhabitants now have the same light border than Ominira’s inhabitants.
– Same thing for Sophie and Svetlana who didn’t have the light border around their head.
– Corrected a visual bug on Gisele’s and Aren’s faceset.
– The face icon of Kaya on the mini-map of Ominira was corrected into the right version (she had her pre-release look)

Gameplay Additions:

– The Brothel has been implemented! You can clear room, craft items, place them on the map and more importantly, open the night to have sex with customers to earn money! (it’s barebone for the moment, the rest will come in the next update.)
– 15 new maps have been created.
– There’s finally a real “Quit” button on the title screen and it doesn’t open the option menu 😡
– The maps of Ominira, Ambriosa, Hector’s house and Giselle’s house have been completed with interactive elements for lore purpose.

Gameplay Modifications:

– Kaya’s personal rank isn’t unlocked based on her sexual experience anymore but on precise scenes to unlock (those will be, however, locked behind sexual experience requirements.)
– As a consequence, the quest to have fun with Tambara’s dog has different requirements (you can’t unlock it unless you’ve been far enough in the scenario.)
– The mini-map now pictures things much more accurately. Almost 100% of uncrossable elements are shown. Only a couple of elements are left. This will be fixed later.
– The gallery now shows the name of the scene. Names aren’t centered due to a conflict problem with the fact that we need to make the zombie and dog name appear in those (they’re chosen by the player so it’s trickier). It will be corrected in the next version.
– Lowered a bit Akane’s walking speed during Halcyon quest.
– Kaya now automatically go and meet Catherine when she arrives in Ambriosa for the first time to avoid a potential game block later in the game if the player unlocks the brothel without having talked to her at all.


Art Addition:
– 5 H scenes have been created.
– 40 H pics have been created.
– 5 non H scene has been created.
– 12 non H pics have been created.
– 1 Title screen pic has been created.
– 34 sprites/quotes have been created for character presentations (+1 sprite for Kaya for the main menu).
– 33 sets of 3 faces have been created for the inhabitants of the village + Kaya who has 8 expressions + 5 sets of three faces for 5 different Ambriosa inhabitants (Making it 122 renders.)
– 58 custom pixel characters have been created.
– 38 custom icons have been created.
– 2 action animations have been created for Kaya.
– Brand new tileset elements have been added to the game to make things more varied!
– A whole custom UI has been created specially for the game! Menus, text box, everything has a custom version so that the game looks less RPG Maker-ish.

Gameplay Addition:
– 37 maps have been created.
– A custom menu has been created specially for the game. It contains all the necessary informations as well as a picture of Kaya in her current outfit!
– The Fetish Selector is back! You can play the game the way you want without bothering about falling on a scene you don’t like. Activate the fetishes you like and deactivate those you don’t like!
– A brand new gallery system has been implemented right from the start. You can easily replay all the scenes you’ve seen directly through the menu.
– A whole mini-map system has been implemented. You can change its opacity in the menu and toggle between three sizes: small, big and no map!
– Kaya’s sexual experience system has been implemented. Gain stats in particular categories to make Kaya more skilled and naughtier to be able to unlock new scenes!
– A brand-new Quest Journal has been implemented. Follow precisely the steps of each of your current quests so you’re never lost in the game.
– Tutorial pics (6) have been created to explain the game’s mechanics.

You’ll need to start a new game if you already hired Tambara as hiring her triggers the new events.



Thelonely6 thanks for the link
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.


Screenshot (171).png

Screenshot (173).png

Screenshot (174).png

Screenshot (175).png

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