[RPGM] The Legend Of Yashi [v0.6] [One Heroic Man Studio]



At night, the main character is having sex with his wife in the open! But after they finished, he was stabbed in the back by his wife for unknown reasons…….
This was not the end for the main character! He had reincarnated into a woman’s body! Along with this new body he had also received a big surprise. Escape the cell and build your harem along your quest for world domination!​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-08
Release Date: 2022-06-04
Developer: One Heroic Man Studio PatreonItch.ioTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.6
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English

2D Game, 3DCG, Adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Fantasy, Futa/Trans, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Group Sex, Handjob, Incest, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Monster, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Rape, Romance, Sex Toys, Titfuck, Transformation, Turn based combat, Vaginal Sex, Virgin


1. Extract and run.


– Completed chapter 6
– Fixed bugs in chapter 2 and 5!

Developer Notes:

The Game is a lewd adventure of a reincarnated man who is now a female!
Linear Story, Not RPG, Just striaght foward linear story which to follow for many scenes.

This one heroic man is creating adult games through the mighty power of rpg maker.
This man does not ask for much as the game will be released for free, but patreons will get 1 week early release for this mans games.
The game is not a top tier game and is made in the free time of this heroic man, so do not complain when no updates are there, only complain if there’s no update in 1 month.
So join this mans journey to create some lewd games!

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