[RPGM] The Shimmering Horizon and Cursed Blacksmith [v0.63] [Ason]




The Player plays as a blacksmith who lost his memory, and fight through the dungeon by forging weapons with the materials he collected. All of the female enemies are usually very strong, you would be “defeated” quite easily if not careful. The H-scenes are animated, and fully vocalized by Japanese voice actress.​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-09[*]
Release Date: 2022-05-15[*]
Developer: Ason PatreonTwitterYouTubeFantia[*]
Censored: No[*]
Version: 0.63[*]
OS: Windows[*]
Language: English, Japanese, Mandarin[*]
Voices: Japanese[*]

2DCG, 2D game, Animated, Big tits, Creampie, Handjob, Japanese game, Male protagonist, Monster girl, Oral sex, Rape, RPG, Titfuck, Turn-based combat, Vaginal sex, Voiced, Female Domination[*]


1. Extract and run.


Added new main character for Chapter 4[*]
Shanoa (CV: Raimu Midorino )[*]
[*]Doroel adds H event to Shanoa[*]
[*]Added CG to the skewer event in Chapter 3[*]
[*]Added UI and voice to the dedicated functions of each main character[*]
[*]Added 5 enemy characters to the dungeon[*]
Alchemist (CV : Megum Morino )[*]
Sorceress ( CV: Satsuki Akujo ) Hell (CV: SA.O.RI ) Fox Miko (CV : Raim Midorino ) Arlaune (CV: Morino ) Megumi )[*]
[*]Added 2 enemy characters to endless mode[*]
Alchemist (CV: Megumi Morino )[*]
Sorceress (CV: Satsuki Akujo )[*]
[*]Added 5 memories of enemy characters. Memories of[*]
Alchemist Memories of[*]
Sorceress Memories of[*]
Hell Memories of[*]
Fox Priestess Memories of[*]
[*]Added 6 types of soul implant effects, 2 of which will be new magic sword skills[*]
[*]Added Chapter 3 Boss Battle[*]
[*]Added Chapter 4 Dungeon[*]
[*]Added 16 types of weapons / skills[*]
[*]Added 5 types of special materials and special weapons / skills obtained from enemy characters[*]
(Alchemist / Sorceress / Hell / Fox Priestess / Arlaune)[*]
[*]Added 11 types of accessories[*]
[*]Added 12 types of items[*]
[*]Added 4 types of materials[*]
[*]Added 13 types of memory[*]
We have received several reports for the game softlocking, which may be caused by our previous decision to update the engine.[*]
If you have encountered such issues as well, please try downloading the older engine files from the above page, and overwrite the files under your game directory.[*]
Fixed the bug where the game will crash under certain conditions.[*]
Announcement Regarding the Changing of Voice Actress[*]
We regret to inform you that the following character’s voice actress is changed due to certain situations. We apologize for the inconveniences.[*]
Hello everyone.[*]
On this new build, we added some new items that can boost up your abilities. Please have fun finding them on your exploration.[*]
We have also made the Human and Monsters fighting each other in order to further bring out the story elements. This system is still in development, so as always please feel free to give us feedbacks or bugs.[*]
Balance adjustments this time nerf the Haste status some more, while buffing other Skills. This is to try to achieve balanced impressions between different battle styles without changing the difficulty itself.[*]
Of course, with the new items on your hand, defeating the boss should be a bit more manageable.[*]
Please bear in mind that all the new systems above are subject to change. We will strive to provide more choices and entertainment while not sacrificing the difficulty we have been wanting the game to be.[*]
New Content:[*]
・New Monster Girl added to Endless Mode:[*]
Hel (VA: SA.O.RI https://twitter.com/SAORI_R18voice)[*]
・Amazon Warrior and Demoness over Lv4 can now perform new skills.[*]
・New Key Item added:[*]
The Perseverence Soul, The Perfection Soul, The Indomitable Soul, The Healthy Soul, The Pure White Soul (TBD)[*]
You will acquire these items in certain places or under certain conditions, automatically granting you parameter boosts.[*]
(If you inherit your old save files, you will automaticaly be rewarded the items you should have.)[*]
・New events added for the storage box.[*]
The storage space will increase as the story progresses.[*]
Balance Adjustments:[*]
・Adjustments on Skills:[*]
> Buff duration decreased for the following Skills. SP cost when leveling up for them are also tweaked.[*]
Windrush Armor, Max Potential[*]
> Damage and SP cost when leveling up tweaked for the following Skills.[*]
Jump Strike, Wildrush, All-in Dig[*]
> Damage increased for the following Skills.[*]
Leap Slash, Dash Strike, Flame Strike, Vulnerable Strike, Whirlwind Thrust[*]
Wide Swipe, Heavy Strike, Water Blade, Galaxy Slash, Darkness Blast, All-Out Slash[*]
Burst Strike, Cyclone, Burn Strike, Strike Of Fury, Shadowdash[*]
・Buff duration as well as buff effect when selected as enhancing material decreased for Haste Potion.[*]
・Identification system implemented, currently for stages for Chapter 3 only.[*]
Now enemies from different armies will battle against each other.[*]
Other Changes:[*]
・Images changed for the following items.[*]
Fire Stone, Water Stone, Wind Stone, Light Stone, Dark Stone[*]
・UI for the shops revised.[*]
・UI for the weight window revised.[*]
Bug Fix:[*]
・Fixed the bug that falling into pits under certain circumstances will cause the game to softlock.[*]

Producer Corner:[*]
Hello everyone. This month we have the just-announced Alraune come out and play. She’ll currently be exclusively in Endless Mode.[*]
The whole saving feature has been fully revamped, including a normal saving screen, removing auto-saving in the dungeon, the Emergency Save and so on.[*]
All these changes had a considerable impact on the game’s database, which will also affect your old save files. If anything goes wrong, please give us a heads-up.[*]
More features will be added during the prepartion period for the next major update.[*]
Now for something kind of irrelevant. Recently we bumped into some comments suggesting that what we’re working right now isn’t good enough both lewd-wise and gameplay-wise, and there are better games on either spectrum.[*]
I’m sure this wasn’t the first time I heard this kind of comment, and this might not be the first time I explain it, but here it is:[*]
Originally the plan was to release the game on Steam, so we wish to up the game on gameplay to make it on par with the majority of indie games.[*]
However, after our project underway for quite some time, Steam announced that creators can release adult games directly. At that point, if we want to change our direction to cling to Steam’s new policy, the whole project might have to start all over again, and we won’t have what we have accumulated so far.[*]
Even with the new policy, we’re confident that with the underlined restrictions it’s not that easy to just release the full adult content on Steam. Some sort of patch is definitely needed.[*]
The Live2D animations and the voice acting are both a constant challenge to both me and my fellow members while trying to make Cursed Blacksmith a better experience.[*]
I feel like I need to point out that this title has already been a great leap since my last game, The Succubus’ Cage, whether it’s on gameplay or art/animations.[*]
Sure, if I want to make this game more lewd, all I need to do is make the enemies have some kind of sexual attacks during the battle, not just when you’re defeated, right? But we simply just don’t have that much resources to make this reality.[*]
Sprites for 20+ enemies’ H-attacks aren’t easy.[*]
Some might say that we made the game not arousing enough because we want to have it on Steam, but the truth is more like the opposite. It’s because we don’t have much manpower to do what we want to do for now.[*]
I hope this explanation could answer some of the doubts towards us. And if someday we have enough… anything we need, and fans still like us, I believe we can do something even greater, more fun, and maybe hornier.[*]
As long as this work supports our living, we will keep on bettering ourselves “Ason style.”[*]
Now that’s out of the way, I shall announce that I am officially vaccinated. The fever was devestating. Not to mention my lingering back pain.[*]
I need to exercise a bit more if I want to make it go away. Let’s just hope I’ll have enough time even to get up.[*]
FULL UPDATE LOG / 更新內容一覽[*]
New Content:
・New Monster Girl added to Endless Mode:[*]
Alraune (VA: Megumu Morino https://twitter.com/mmegumu)[*]
・New object added in Safehouse: Dummy[*]
Attacking the Dummy with weapons, Skills and throwing weapons at it won’t affect its durability.[*]
Please note, however, that throwing and using items and materials at it will still cause them to disappear.[*]
・Functional save feature added.[*]
・Emergency Save feature added for temporary suspending the game. Can be accessed through the Settings menu.[*]
Please check the in-game text for more info.[*]
Balance Adjustments / Changes:[*]
・Adjustments on forging and Skills:[*]
> Thunderbolt: Damage increased. SP cost decreased.[*]
> Raging Impact: Minimum duration of flames decreased.[*]
・The game will no longer auto save your progress between floors. Auto save will now ONLY proceed whenever you return to the Safehouse.[*]
・Various system optimization.[*]
Bug Fix:[*]
・Fixed the bug that falling into pits under certain circumstances will cause the game to softlock.


New Content:[*]
・New Memories for Monster Girls: Memories of Succubus[*]
・1 new random Memory.[*]
・2 new entries in the Forging Journal, both can be read in the Forging Journal B.[*]
・Temporary save feature implemented. You can now save at the church by “talking” to the diary.[*]
Balance Adjustments:[*]
・Adjustments on the 2nd boss:[*]
> Weakness added for feet, with visual aid which elements are their weaknesses.[*]
> Frequency of using the beam attack decreased.[*]
> Frequency of all other attacks except for summoning increased.[*]
> When its beam attack hits OTHER ENEMIES, the damage now doubles.[*]
> Enemies summoned will have more variety, with weaker enemies possibly appearing.[*]
> Broken Metal Scrap and Magic Stone will no longer be thrown by the boss. Additionaly, the chance of potions thrown to break is decreased.[*]
・Adjustments on forging and Skills:[*]
> Black Veil: Chance to cause Blind increased. SP and Durability cost decreased. Damage decreased.[*]
> Cyclone: Damage increased.[*]
> Valiant Slash: Damage and stat increment when leveling up increased.[*]
> Wildrush: Durability cost decreased.[*]
> Water Blade: SP cost increment when leveling up decreased.[*]
> Instant Strike: SP cost increased.[*]
> Shadowkill: Damage and Critical chance decreased.[*]
> Charging Slash: Damage decreased.[*]
> Transpierce: Stat increment when leveling up decreased.[*]
> Cutthroat: Stat increment when leveling up decreased.[*]
> Forging Poison Fang will now grant the weapon Jump Strike.[*]
> Forging Flame Rapier or Noble Rapier will now grant the weapon Dash Strike.[*]
> Forging Pickaxe will now grant the weapon Hit And Run.[*]
> When forging or enhancing weapons with element damage, the Magic in selected materials will now only affect the elements ALREADY in the weapons, and won’t create new elements.[*]
(Added effect will still work)[*]
> Forging, enhancing or enchanting using items with the added effect “???????” will now have a chance to grant items with rare added effects.[*]
> Normal enchant stations will now grant “Max HP,” “Max SP” and “Base Block Rate” instead of “HP Recover Amount,” “SP Recover Amount” and “Block Rate Accumulation.” Effect increased.[*]
・Now after defeating bosses, all weapons, accessories and scraps on the map will automatically go to your inventory.[*]
・??? will now appear only after 22F of Endless Mode.[*]
・Damage from thrown materials increased.[*]
・Damage from thrown wepaons increased. Critical Rate will now also affect their throwing damage.[*]
・Element Defense adjusted for various enemies.[*]
・HP decreased for various ranged enemies.[*]
・HP and attack decreased for Cap-type enemies.[*]
・Range for Exp. Weapon Type-S decreased by 1.[*]
・Formula for extra materials provided by the scrapper revised.[*]
Other Changes:[*]
・During boss battles, the camera will now pan towards the Horizon Light when it first appears on the map.[*]
・Accessible maps in the Safehouse will now have arrows for indication.[*]
・When using target-locking Skills, you can now change between your target diagonally.[*]
・Rules for acquiring random Memories revised.[*]
・Defeating objects that can’t move like treasure chests or barrels will now not grant you Memories.[*]
・Various visual improvements.[*]
Bug Fix:[*]
・Fixed the bug that after entering the Journal menu during boss battles, moving will cause the game to crash.[*]
・Fixed the bug that after reading the Forging Journal in the church and triggering the H-Scene, progress in the Safehouse will temporary rewind back to Chapter 2.[*]
(We have received reports that triggering Skewer’s H-Scene will also spawn this issue, but the cause is unknown.[*]
If you encounter this issue, please go into the Dungeon and come back once.)[*]
・Fixed the bug that enemies dying of poison after attacking will cause the game to softlock.[*]
・Fixed the bug that Ore Pile will disappear when sent flying.[*]
・Fixed the bug that enemies will sometimes mysteriously die after using Soul Drop.[*]
・Fixed the bug that entering Endless Mode with items which increase Max Carrying Weight equipped will cause your original Max Carrying Weight to decrease.[*]
・Fixed the bug that dying when using Skills will cause the game to softlock.[*]
・Other miscellaneous fixes.




It’s been 84 years… But we’re finally releasing the new major update of the game![*]
Featuring Chapter 3! Tons of new things![*]
Scroll down to see detailed update log![*]
First, a quick note.[*]
When we develop this battle system, our intent has been (and probably will always be) to encourage players to try different weapons, combination etc., and learn from every failure.[*]
For the uninitiated or the ones still struggling to storm through the stages, we will gradually provide methods and/or systems, such as the tutorial section in the last update.[*]
Please look forward to these changes, and always feel free to ask for advices with each other![*]
On the other hand, we have received several words from players saying that the whole game can be beaten with a big weapon with big numbers on it, and just hitting with normal attacks.[*]
Well I’ll just say this… Be adaptable to new tactics, or you might suffer more than the others…[*]
With that out of the way, I’ll introduce to the new map objects just a little bit, and leave the exploring to you![*]
So we heard you like gachas.[*]
Need some new accessories? Find this mysterious statue and give in your soul (Literally) to find some useful items![*]
Legend says that with great luck you might even receive something you couldn’t even get yet…![*]
Come on! Spin that wheel and… wait, you’re broke already?[*]
Well don’t you worry! The melting station can turn your items back into souls for you![*]
Please make sure to spend your souls responsibly, okay?[*]
Think, player, think! You’re a blacksmith, remember?[*]
By throwing your current weapon and some souls into the scrapper, you might be able to get a better scrap than usual depending on the weapon’s elements and durability.[*]
Having a claymore on the brink of breaking? Why not “lose some weight” and carry the better side of it to your next creation?[*]
Of course, there is a ton more of new contents in your adventure. We hope you enjoy in whatever way you can, if you know what I mean…[*]
Finally, here’s our usual program of Leader Speaking![*]
Sorry for the wait, but we have finally readied all we need for this major update.[*]
There is too much coding to do this time, including the addition of the event maps, both visually and gameplay-wise.[*]
We spent the last few days on testing and pinched out as many bugs as we can, so hopefully there isn’t some game-breaking stuffs now.[*]
That being said, there are still some things we left out in this update, and will come out in subsequent small updates:[*]
1. Succubus’ memory[*]
2. New abilities from Doroelle’s Soul Imprint[*]
3. Changes on status ailments[*]
4. Improving battle messages[*]
5. Improving saving feature[*]
6. New forging manual[*]
7. Unique interactions in event maps[*]
As always, thank you all so much for your patience.[*]
For now, I need one or two days to fix my broken back while writing another dev diary regarding this update, which should be out in a few days.[*]
Feel free to discuss with us any detail with the title! We hope you enjoy![*]
FULL UPDATE LOG / 更新內容一覽[*]
New Content:
・New main character for Chapter 3: Skewer. (VA: Rio Fujimura)[*]
・New H-Event for Rezia and Skewer.[*]
・New time-exclusive dialogues for all main characters when you first triggered their H-Event.[*]
・New Monster Girls added to the Labyrinth:[*]
Lady Fencer (VA: Rikka Mizutani)[*]
Priestess (VA: Akisora)[*]
Angel (VA: Akisora)[*]
Succubus (VA: Rikka Mizutani)[*]
・New Monster Girls added to both the Labyrinth and Endless Mode:[*]
Thief (VA: Yui Otokura)[*]
??? (TBA)[*]
・New memories for Monster Girls:[*]
Memories of Thief[*]
Memories of Lady Fencer[*]
Memories of Priestess[*]
Memories of Angel[*]
・New Boss in Chapter 2.[*]
・New stages in Chapter 3.[*]
(From this point forward, “Event Maps” may appear during labyrinths)[*]
・16 new weapons and Skills.[*]
・5 new weapons, Skills and materials from Monster Girls.[*]
(Thief, Lady Fencer, Priestess, Angel, Succubus)[*]
・10 new accessories.[*]
・7 new items.[*]
・5 new materials.[*]
・3 new map objects: Melting station, scrapper, mysterious statue.[*]
・23 new memories. (Some of which can be obtained through chapters 1 and 2)[*]
Balance Adjustments:[*]
・Scraps from broken weapons will now have Tenacity, Magic and Skills based on the original weapon.[*]
A weapon with a Tenacity of 12 and a Magic of 8 can have a scrap with a maximum Tenacity of 4 and a maximum Magic of 3.[*]
A weapon with its own Skill on Lv3 can have a scrap with its own Skill on Lv2 max.[*]
Additional Skills may inherit onto scraps as well.[*]
・Adjustments on Cursed Armor:[*]
> HP slightly decreased.[*]
> Threshold to go into Break mode slightly lowered.[*]
> Damage taken from player’s Cursed Sword attack increased.[*]
> Damage dealt for charged attacks in 1st phase increased.[*]
・Accessories might now have additional attributes when first shown on map.[*]
・When afflicted with Blind, characters will now have a 30% increase in taking critical damage.[*]
・Turns duration for player when afflicted with debuffs adjusted, mostly based on enemy levels.[*]
・Monster Girls summoned through Rock of Chaos etc. will now not duplicate, except when the ones summonable are all on map.[*]
・Mechanics for Rock of Chaos adjusted so you won’t have to face waves of enemies when the previous ones are not cleaned out yet.[*]
・Entering Endless Mode will now temporarily deactivate all your upgrades from Doroelle’s Soul Imprint, reactivating upon leaving.[*]
・New Soul Imprint added exclusively for Endless Mode.[*]
Other Changes:[*]
・Title screen BGM changed to something ORIGINAL for our game.[*]
・Title call now randomly features the main characters you’ve unlocked in the base.[*]
・Floor indications are now available for Labyrinths as well, showing you where and how deep you are.[*]
・Enemies will now show expression bubbles and alerts when they found you.[*]
・When afflicted with buffs and debuffs, you can now see how many more turns will each condition last.[*]
・Endless Mode will now be unlocked after entering Chapter 3.[*]
・Improve some enemy sprites.[*]
・Visual improvements to the CRAP that we can’t remember what we have done.[*]
Bug Fix:[*]
・Fixed the bug that being afflicted with Blind outside the Labyrinth won’t have any effect.[*]
・Fixed the bug that probability of inflicting debuffs will ignore Boss resistance.[*]
・Fixed the environment logic for Cursed Armor’s wall-breaking attacks.[*]
・Fixed the bug that specific actions (like creating weapons) could ignore the debuffs you are afflicted with. (like Slow)[*]
・Fixed the bug that under specific conditions, leaving Journal menu will cause the game to crash.[*]
・Fixed the bug that being afflicted with Drain might cause the game to crash.[*]
・Fixed several English translations. (You get the point by now)[*]
・Other miscellaneous fixes.


New Content:[*]
New monster girls exclusive to endless mode (with no memories and special drop available yet):[*]
Lady Fencer (VA: Rikka Mizutani)[*]
New feature: Skill Level system[*]
Every skill will have a maximum level of 10, with each level increases its damage, SP cost and more.[*]
Enhance/enchant weapon scraps with the same skills to weapons/accessories to level up the skill.[*]
eg. Jump Strike + Dagger’s Scrap = Jump Strike Lv.2[*]
Spin Strike Lv.3 + Bastard Sword’s Scrap *2 = Spin Strike Lv.5[*]
If a weapon and an accessory both contain the same skill, the level for that skill will add up.[*]
eg. Double Strike Lv.2 on weapon + Double Strike Lv.3 on acc. = Double Strike Lv.5[*]
System Adjustment:[*]
Endless Mode will now have a floor indication, showing players how many floors they have explored currently.[*]
(Temporary UI due to players’ request. Will improve UI in future builds)[*]
Every skill gets balance overhaul with the Skill Level system.[*]
Leap Slash area adjusted to improve usability.[*]
When using/changing skills, skill info will show up on screen.[*]
When changing weapons by holding Z key, weapon info will show up on screen.[*]
Other Changes:[*]
You can now diagonally move your cursor when deciding the area for skills such as Thunderbolt, Black Veil etc.[*]
Adjust the effect for Water Blade to make it more believable.[*]
Minor adjustments to visual effects.[*]
English translation overhaul for items. (Yes this is still going)[*]
Bug Fix:[*]
Fixed the bug that Flame Arrow can target fire on the field, causing the game to crash.[*]
Other miscellaneous fixes.

Fixed the following bugs:[*]
The map revealed will be reset after entering the Journal screen.[*]
Horizon light will appear inside the pillars in the church.[*]
Pressing S while preparing the special attack (D) with no weapons on hand can cause the game to crash.[*]
You might get knocked across the invisible walls when fighting Oni in the tutorial stage.[*]
Miscellaneous change in English translation.[*]

• New voice and h-scene dubs for Amazon, Demoness, and Oni[*]
• Gallery Mode revamped.[*]
You can now enter Gallery Mode through the blue portal in the church.[*]
Talk to the characters in this mode to revisit their respective H-scenes.[*]
For main characters, see the H-scene once to have them unlocked here.[*]
For monster girls, defeat them once to have their H-scenes unlocked here.[*]
(We spent a huge amount of effort for this, hope you like it!)[*]
• Bump the resolution to 1280×720 (16:9), Screen space and UI layout is changed.[*]
• Due to resolution change, the H-scenes screen has some adjustment as well.[*]
• Adjustments to the Live2D of Elven Fighter’s main h-scene[*]
• From now on, when HP gets to 0 and in the “struggling state,” your SP will decrease gradually as you are being attacked. And regain a small amount of SP when you get out of struggle state.[*]
• Temporarily disable the red haze effect when Erosion got to 60%. (We will make better ones in future)[*]
• Change the text in Stats screen. BlackRate > Base Block Rate and Block Efficiency > Block Rate Boost[*]
• Voice actress changes:[*]
Amazon (VA: Ao Kuranami)[*]
Demoness (VA: Ao Kuranami)[*]
Oni (VA: Rio Fujimura)[*]
Bug Fix:[*]
• Attempted to fix the error “knockback random jump of null”, “setBlendColor of undefined”[*]
(We hope we truly fixed it this time, and if it still happens, please report to us with details and specifics)[*]
• Fix the bug where skill is missing / unusable when equipping accessories and weapons with same skill[*]
• Fix Priest summoning spree. If Priest had summoned an Angel before she is being stunned or put to sleep, she could summon another Angel as she got out of the debuff state. Now she won’t be able to summon another Angel[*]
• Fix the bug: When hit by “send you flying into the air” type of skill and your HP got to 0, you would trigger traps if you land on one. No trap should be triggered if HP is at 0, but you will still get the “horizon light ball” on the ground. (The ones that have items or materials inside)[*]
• Fix the bug where pressing Esc would exit fullscreen. You would be able to switch in and out of fullscreen by pressing F4[*]
Words from the dev team:[*]
We’ve spent quite a bit of time to create the Gallery Mode and change the resolution to 16:9.[*]
There would be more interface changes and system changes in the future.[*]
By the way, and many of you might know this already, The Shimmering Horizon and Cursed Blacksmith now has a Steam Store Page![*]
Please help us by adding it to your wishlist and spread the words! Here is a link:[*]
We are quite busy this month, and still going to be a lot of stuff to work on next week.[*]
We are also working on stories. Due to funding issue, our productivity has been quite limited all along.[*]
Anyways, We hope we could live till the game is officially released.


New Content:[*]
• New weapon: Water Greatsword[*]
• New Monster Memory: Vampiress’s memory, Lamia’s memory[*]
• New item: Blinding Potion[*]
• New Mode: Endless Mode[*]
• New monster girls exclusive to endless mode:[*]
Succubus ( CV: Rikka Mizutani)[*]
Priestess, Angel (CV: Akisora)[*]
About Endless Mode:[*]
1. Find Mr. Cock after Rezia has cleaned the church, and ask for permission to enter the endless mode in Arena. (Chicken is temporary he might change into something else in future.)[*]
2. System will safe keep all your items till you die in the endless mode, and they will be returned to you after. (But you can’t keep anything you got from this mode)[*]
3. Monster girls will gradually get stronger, but we haven’t find a suitable way to indicate that just yet. So be careful when you are in this mode.[*]
4. We will be putting monster girls here earlier than their supposed implementation schedule, as we release monster girls that’s best fitting for the story. They will not drop special materials, and you won’t be able to obtain their memories.[*]
5. As the development goes on, we will make this mode more complete.[*]
System Balance:[*]
• Accessories durability:[*]
Randomly reduce 1 durability to one of the equipped accessories when attacked[*]
Change to ↓[*]
All the equipped accessories has 25% chance to reduce 1 durability when attacked[*]
• Danger Sense’s sensing changes, and add 1 sensing distance[*]
• From now on, unintentional move, such as being hit back, knock into air, or being teleported, and landed on a trap, horizon light, or portal. They will still come into effect.[*]
• When using Unknown Castle Ruin teleportation portal, the map will no longer have the bell for returning to Safe House.[*]
• When players are in Confused state and trying to perform normal attack, there is 25% chance to move as commanded (Friendly reminder, confused state does not affect item using)[*]
• Enemies can still use skill when Confused, but the direction will be randomized (Skills that locks on players and buffs are not affected)[*]
• We added a teleportation trap on each corner of the map for you, when fighting the boss Cursed Armor. So for those who think the boss is too hard, you can use it to escape if being cornered.[*]
• Drowsiness and Stunned can stop monster girls’ charging time, and stops their Super Armor State. (Boss and Giant Shadow has passive Super Armor State, so they will not be affected)[*]
• All the mushroom monsters’ debuff chances is now lowered[*]
• Elven Fighters’ Fire Kick can only be activated when she is on the same line with the player[*]
• Scorpion’s venom attack and Giant Spider’s web attack are now dealing 5 actual damage to HP.[*]
• Spawning Stone’s HP recused[*]
• Lower the increased attack number to the level up enemies. (Due to monster girls in the castle and forest are all level 2, so their attacks are decreased too)[*]
• Changes to some monster girl’s debuff resistance and elemental resistance[*]
• From now on, weapon with “weapon damage” skills would have its damage rating[*]
ex: When hit “Dash Strike”, “Heavy Strike”, enemies would take 1.3x damage[*]
When hit with “Spin Strike”, enemies would take 0.7x damage (yet we had lower the SP cost for Spin Strike)[*]
We will include damage rating for every skills in the future.[*]
• Some weapon’s attribute are boosted (not for the ones that’s stored in old save file, you would need to forge new ones)[*]
• SP cost adjustment to some skills[*]
• Poison damage buffed by 4 to monsters. Furthermore, the player will now die from poison.[*]
Other Changes:[*]
• If you are downed and there is no monster girls around, a random monster girl will appear to have her fun.[*]
• When you are downed, and there are more than 3 monster girls around, they will take turn to ride you.[*]
• Adding new items to Rezia’s shop: Confusion Potion, Blinding Potion, and Slowing Potion[*]
• Change the look for Rezia’s garden (It’s not a bug if it’s empty


• Minor adjustments to cut scenes[*]
• Optimized the soul bursting visual effect when enemies are defeated[*]
• Temporarily took the treasure chest in Doroelle’s bedroom.[*]
(The accessory in this chest is already in somewhere in the dungeon. We will bring this chest back with new accessories!)[*]
Bug Fix:[*]
The following bugs have been fixed.
• Enemies walked into the wall[*]
• Enemies chasing players while being blinded in the same room. (When blinded, they should only chase you if you are within 2 tiles)[*]
• As your forging level increase, weapon you forged would also have its tenacity attribute increased. This did not come into effect.[*]
• When there is wall blocking, enemies still uses straight line directional skills.[*]
• When hiding at the end of a wall tunnel or corner, enemies still uses close distance skill to hit players diagonally (This fix dose not apply to long distance skills)[*]
• Abnormal continuous bouncing when players or enemies hit a wall after being attacked[*]
• Item shows up weird when choosing what items to keep after death[*]
• Gradually lags more and more when fighting boss[*]
• Weird bug when boss Cursed Armor got into “Break State”[*]
• Dungeon wall tunnel entrance blocked by Enchantment Table or chests[*]
• Minor bug fix[*]
Words from the dev team:[*]
We said that we wanted to take a break, but we actually didn’t…[*]
After the big update last month, we still kept working, and spent quite a bit of time writing stories for monster girls and the main storyline.[*]
Fixed some system bugs and some other stuff, but there is still quite a bit of other stuff we need to optimize on the system part. The new “Endless Mode” is still quite rough, we will find time to make it better.[*]
Sigh… There is just so much stuff to be done. When can we really have a good long sleep? Like those sleep-ins when you wake up, and it’s already in the late afternoon, you know?[*]
Anyways, Hope you guys like the new demo![*]
Words from English translator (This part only shows up in english):[*]
I saw Halo Infinite being delayed to 2021, and I think it’s a good thing.[*]
Aside from the obvious graphic issue, I see it as they actually listen to fans.[*]
It shows that they care, and wanted to make good stuff.[*]
Honestly, I see that in Ason too.[*]
We really are just trying to create good games, and we really listen to fans’ feedbacks.[*]
Some of the fans might criticize us not having new girls every month or only making minor bug fix for new demos, but that’s just what it takes.[*]
Fixing smaller bugs early would help us avoid catastrophic/unfixable bugs later.[*]
It might result in game taking a longer to finish developing, but we won’t give up.[*]
Thanks again for sticking with us all this time!


• Fixed the special effects for Vampiress.[*]
• Fixed the issue that some enemies will always drop a Soul Drop when defeated.[*]
• Added new animations for Doroelle’s conversations[*]
• Added new voiced lines for Maid and Vampiress during H Scene. (CV: 浅木式)[*]
• Game starting engine optimization[*]
• Fixed some text displaying bug[*]
• Fixed some map bugs that players were getting into tiles, which was supposed to be blocked[*]
• Fixed item throwing bugs that they might get stuck in the wall[*]
• Changed the fonts for English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.[*]
• Using skill outside of dungeon will won’t decrease SP anymore, and weapon’s durability will not decrease. MC hitting the wall outside of dungeon will not lose HP[*]
• When bag is over weight, player can now see the item at their feet by opening their inventory, and manage items[*]
• Player’s movement will be disabled when bag is over weight, but can still perform other tasks • Inventory UI adjustment[*]
• Adjusting key press. Switching facing direction button was changed from Q key to C key, and facing diagonal directing key was changed from W key to Ctrl key.[*]
• Added “wait for one turn” function. Just press Ctrl key + C key[*]
•Minor bug fix[*]
• Fix saving bugs for using old save on new demo files


• Added New Monster: Lamia[*]
• Added New Lower Tier Weapon: Uchigatana[*]
• Added New Item: Panacea[*]
• Added Rest Spots, which players can choose to teleport back to Basecamp or keep going on their expedition. (We haven’t add the Boss room yet. For now, you will be send back to the first floor if you reach the current last floor. We will adjust that in the next update.)[*]
• Implemented the weapon throwing ability. (Need to obtain it through Soul Imprint first)[*]
• Implemented the “Journal” function. By defeating monster girls certain time will obtain their “memories”. Players will be able to watch them in Journal.[*]
(Lamia’ memory is not yet implemented)[*]
• Implemented Storage function.[*]
• Forged weapon mass will be 50% of its material’s total mass.[*]
• Adjusted voice playback.[*]
• Some small big fix.


• Deployed the opening cut scene and tutorial, and implemented Doloelle’s story and voice[*]
• Deployed Doroelle’s “Soul Imprint” function (increase protagonist’s passive ability, but parts of skills are not open yet)[*]
• Deployed Doroelle’s H-scene[*]
• Adjusted protagonist’s starting stats[*]
• Adjusted Weapon skills[*]
• Adjusted Inventory UI[*]
• Adjusted Forging function[*]
• Fixed Enhance function bug[*]
• Updated game engine, and worked on optimization[*]
• Add in new function: Max carrying weight

Important Notes:[*]

– Japanese is the default language when the game starts for the first time. To change this, go into the settings and change the language to English. See below in the next post for an image of this.[*]
– In the dungeon, the untranslated line is asking you if you want to go to the next floor. The top option is yes, bottom is no.


*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.[*]












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