[RPGM] Trampling Town [v0.11] [Aery]



You live on a small town with your two sisters and the maid of the house, needless to say you are not the favorite family member…​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-13
Release Date: 2022-06-13
Developer: Aery PatreonPixivDeviantArt
Censored: No
Version: 0.11
OS: Windows
Language: English

3DCG, 2D Game, Big Ass, Big Tits, Adventure, Fantasy, Male Protagonist, Female domination, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Facesitting, Footjob, Handjob, Blowjob, Thighjob, Trampling, Incest, BDSM, Giantess, Shrink.


1. Extract and run.


-5 New scenes
-Added a new cheat to increase dominance variables
-Minor map changes
-Fixed a bug related with doors being 50% size
-Check patreon patch notes of this update if you need help to find the new content

-4 new scenes/small events
-New day period “Evening”
-Bug fixes
-Check patreon patch notes of this update if you need help to find the new content

-4 New scenes: 1 with Mia (by visiting her house at night), 2 with Eve (1 shrink related) and 1 with Freya (shrink related)
-1 Mini scene (shrink related)
-New map area and map changes
-Bug fixes

-Two of the last three Eve scenes have been remade, added two more scenes to Eve (one shrink related).
-New area, the “dev room”. Here you can watch all the deleted/reworked content.
-Added simple cheats. You can use them in the MC bedroom computer.
-You can now buy crystal shards on the store.
-Bug fixes.
-Some bugs were found on this update. Check patreon patch notes for bug related info.

-First shrink related content
-4 new scenes (Mia, Liberty, Sasha and Abby).
-New map areas and map changes.
-Now crystal shards have an use in the game.
-Check patch notes on patreon for more bug-related info.

-5 new scenes (three Eve related (one with each Eve subvariable), one Sasha related and one Abby related).
-Minor map changes.

-4 new scenes (one Eve related, one Mia related, one Freya related and one related with losing against orcs too many times) .
-Added the first animations i ever made on the game, they are quite simple and will improve as i get practice with them.
-2 new playable areas.
-1 new fight with a generic preset npc (orcs). Defeating them will allow you to collect quest related items.
-You can now buy a pickaxe in the store.
-You can now mine crystal shards (no use for them now, coming on future updates).
-Now you can ask eve to take you as her pet.
-Credits added to the game.

-Now you can check variables such as “Eve’s dominance” in the dorm’s computer.
-1 new character: Freya.
-1 new playable area.
-4 new scenes (three related with Freya and one with Mia).
-2 new fights. One with a generic npc and one with Freya (Freya’s fight will most likely receive changes in future updates as i’m learing the basics of coding fights).
-You can now buy mana potions on the store.
-Added background music to the main map.

-1 new character: Mia.
-4 new scenes (two related with Mia, one with Eve and one with Sasha.
-You can now buy health potions on the store.
-New building: Mia’s house (nothing to do there at the moment).

-4 new scenes (one related to working in the inn, two related with Liberty and one related with Eve).
-You can now work in the inn to earn money.
-You can unlock acces to Eve’s house during night (raising Eve’s dominance).
-New building: dojo (nothing to do there at the moment but if you want you can take a look).

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Hello everyone! I just started making this game, had to learn everything from 0. I’ve been working on it for almost 2 weeks on my free time. I will take it as a hobby for now so i will work on it as much as my free time lets me, this means that maybe one month has 3 updates and another only 1 . I will try to make sure that at least gets one update each month.
Also english is not my first language so if you find any grammar error (or any kind of bug) make sure to report it!
Any possitive feedback is very wellcome.
Have fun and hope you enjoy the game.

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