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In “Virility Adventure” you’ll be playing as the young Protagonist Jaime (You can change that if you don’t like it.) Who’s life takes tragic turn. Now adjusting to his new life living with close friend of the family. Jaime must cut his way into the world while learning about love, passion and relationships along the way. All while something sinister is brewing behind the scene of the town of West Amorville.​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-06
Release Date: 2022-06-05
Developer: The Spruce Moose Pilot PatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.008A
OS: Windows
Language: English

2d game, 2dcg, adventure, big ass, big tits, male protagonist, milf, school setting, teasing


1. Extract and run.


4. Added a questlog for the newest linda event.
5. Fixed an issue with one of the new linda artwork.
6. fixed some minor things here, and there.

Hey everyone. Virility Adventure 0.008 is here. Just in time for the holiday weekend. So let’s get to it. Version 0.008 will focus on Linda with 12 new drawings with plenty of lewd.
1. The new events happen after the Stacey intro. Just talk to Linda in
the Colossal save. And do a couple of shifts for her.
2. I recommend going into your room at night after the new event for
something extra.
3. Your old saves may not work. However I left a save file that will get
you back to speed. It will have everything done except the Linda events.
The Linda story will be just before you meet Stacey. Just as a reminder.
There’s a penguin outside Ines house that will allow you to change your name.
Just have a talk with him.

1.Fixed a bug that locked you in Abner’s class after doing the repeatable version of her new scene.
2.Nerfed Pyxis HP during her fight.

Hey everyone. Sorry for being late on this one. So let’s get to it. This update focus on Mrs. Abner with 9 new drawings with a good amount of lewd.

  1. To set off the new event. Take a few of her classes. Specifically, after you turn in her homework assignment.
  2. I recommend heading to your room at night for something extra after the new event.
  3. Your old saves may not work. However I left a save file that will get you back to speed. You’re just have to redo Mrs. Abner route. Just as a reminder. There’s a penguin outside Ines house that will allow you to change your name. Just have a talk with him.
  4. the new Mrs. Abner event is repeatable. Just have a talk to her before class start in the morning.


There’s 29 new artwork, and Good amount of lewd.
I ran into a bug that required me to change some things around. So there’s a chance the previous saves won’t work. There’s a saved file ready to go that leads into the new content. That way you don’t have to restart everything.
There’s also a penguin outside Inesa that allows the player to rename the MC anytime you want.

*You don’t have too, but I recommend starting from the beginning again.
*I added a brand new cut scene that introduce 6 new characters at the school. Just step inside to trigger it.


(most of my time and effort went into this. Last time I do a cut scene that has 45 Drawing.)
*One new quest for Rebecca. Just head down the stairs to the MC place on Thursday to start it.
*One new side quest that involves helping inesa around the house by doing the dishes. I recommend revisiting her again at night when you finish the dishes a certain amount of time.
*Class is in session for Mrs. Abner. Attend a couple of her classes to get the wheels moving. Things wrapped up after you finish her homework, but be sure to talk to her, and attend her class for some goody’s.
*You can now earn money by working for Linda. Just that for now.
*Cut down the wait time between the cutscene changes by half.
*Added penguins in fromt of places that is inexcessible at the moment.

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Hey everyone. Spruce Moose pilot here. Welcome to my Patreon, and thank you for stopping by. Anywho, let’s get to it. This is the first build to Virility Adventure. I’ve been working on this for 2 years with things really ramping up for the last few months. It’s a bit rough around the edges but that will change over time. the link is below, and I hope everyone enjoys it.

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