[RPGM] Wayfared [v0.33] [LostWisdom]



The start of a new adventure.
Where a young man eager for adventure will see just what the world has in store for him.
From lost treasures to buxom women, guide him and reap the benefits.

On an island secluded a joyful youth was spent playing and learning. As fate would have it however misfortune fell upon our hero as bad storm sunk his father’s ship. Some few years later a rumour that someone may have survived that sinking has spurned our hero from his comfy home to search for the truth. Will he find this lost person, or will he get caught up in the vast world. Find out as this wayfarer meets his destiny.

Thread Updated: 2022-06-07
Release Date: 2022-06-07
Developer: LostWisdom PatreonDiscordTwitterItchio
Censored: No
Version: 0.33
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Handjob, Oral sex, Teasing, Trap, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Humor, Monster, Monster girl, Anal sex, Gay (optional), Combat, Turn based combat, Titfuck, MILF, Spider girl, Nun, Lizard, Dwarf, Drow, Witch, Time travel, Brothel, Whore, Prostitution, Orc, Bat, Femboy, Slime, Vampire, Incest, Muscle girl, Tiefling, Breastfeeding, Milk, Cowgirl, Bee, Ghost


1. Extract and run.


Version 0.33

-Added a few maps, including a bath to the house.
-Added a few more updated masculine player avatar outfits.
-Updated the npcs and interiors in fort soak to have a bit more going on.
-Finished some more bathing art.
-New scene (straight) and quest related to uncursing Fort Soak. (Speak to the commander if you’ve done the escapee quest and obtained the player house.)
-Bunch of minor changes and additions.
-Bit late due to irl business.

Version 0.32

-Added a few npcs
-Testing a new player bodytype (masculine varient)
-Added a rename feature for all party members into the game. (Use the cheatfireplaces)
-Renamed the orc party member, name still variable to change.
-Added her first date, so now all party members have one date atleast. More to come in future.
-A new party outfit added. (Bought in Vasso Village.)
-Bunch of minor changes.
-Made some art assets for future content.

Version 0.31

-Redid Fort Soaks exterior map.
-Added a date for Missus.
-Added one secret enemy to fight, if you’re heartless enough(Hint: frosty)
-Added some unique tokens for bathing npcs. (More to come.)
-Fixed some minor things.
-Smaller update, been processing grief.

Version 0.30

-Bunch of new npcs added
-Older cow woman in Vasso Village hirable as maid (Speak to her in the mayors home)
-You can catch certain npcs bathing in the lake. (After Dara is recruited)
-Fixed bugs.
-Started the dating system, currently only one date is available, and it’s for Dara.

Old ChangeLogs (0.21 – 0.29)

Version 0.29

-New Town
-Updated many maps.
-Many new npcs.
-New scene/quest. (Visit the lilth faern flower shop)
-New servant option for the manor.
-Built some framework for future content.
-Fixed bunch of bugs.
-Paused content to deal with some personal affairs.

Version 0.28

-New player armour
-Few new npcs, and some updated npc tokens.
-One new enemy type.
-Updated Drumeer questline to actually have a quest now.
-One new scene available for those who’ve obtained the player house. (visit the braitfare well.)
-Added a switch that will allow players to adjust what content they see. (At the moment it only adjusts a minor thing.)
-Updated the game icon to be cleaner.
-Added a gardener option, who can be found in the well in the house garden.

Version 0.27

-Implemented the complete version of the player home and finished the questline. (90% done, needs some polish)
-Added two vaginal varients to existing scenes. (Bee Queen, Sand Witch)
-Added ghosts around the map post house quest completion.
-Cleared way too many bugs out.
-Added 3 new ghost enemies.
-Added one way teleportation from the house once unlocked.
-Some new npcs.
-Many minor additions and changes.

Version 0.26

-Added a few npcs
-Added a fishing system
-Added a new town
-Added one new scene (Varients will be added next update to this and another unfinished scene; Sandwitch)
-Added the start of a player home questline
-Added a new party outfit (Craftable once the new town unlocks a specific ingredient.)
-Many minor fixes.
-Apologies for the delay, think I was a bit too ambitious with this update.

Version 0.25

-Added a few npcs
-Added new brothel scene.
-Added a basic weather system.
-Updated some old code and started building systems for future content.
-Added a new outfit for the party (Craftable if you have Marsha in the party, go to the woods where you meet Dara and fight the dryads there. They only spawn after you’ve played enough of the content though.)
-Many small fixes.

Version 0.24_Bugfix

-Fixed a bunch of minor but annoying bugs.

Version 0.24

-Added a new area (Wayspring Farmstead)
-Added a few npcs
-Added a new outfit for the party (Aqquired if you’ve finished the quest with the mimics.)
-One new scene, straight.
-Minor fixes.

Version 0.23

-Added a few npcs
-Added new outfit for the party. (Purchased from vendor in Myonila)
-Added/updated a few tokens
-Added a temporarily secret room on the map for a future quest.
-New quest to recruit talent to the brothel. (Only one girl available currently)
-One nex scene, straight.
-Many minor fixes.

Version 0.22

-Added a new town.
-2 new scenes, one straight one gay.
-Added a new kind of ice slime enemy.
-Added an outfit for the party.
-Added more unique npcs and dialogue into game.
-Fixed some minor things.

Version 0.21

-Updated tokens for sandwolves.
-Started nude player npc responses. This will take a while to fully implement.
-A small collection quest added with a buff demon lady sex scene as a reward.
-Added a library to Lilth Faern. This may hold info about supporters and patrons in the future.
-Made some custom border skins, will likely be updated based on feedback.
-Added a crab.
-Updated the teleporter system slightly, likely will change more when guild content is added. You’ll need to activate each crystal, but once you have it will be an open location to travel to.
-Added more unique npcs and dialogue into game.
-Added a new armour for players. (Fortsoak chainmail, temporarily available by searching crate outside in the upper left storage area.)
-Attempted a fix for the android port, if it works as of next update android will be available again.
-Fixed a bunch of bugs.

Old ChangeLogs (0.1 Demo – 0.2_Bugfix)

Version 0.2_Bugfix

-Fixed a bug keeping returning players from viewing the new scene in the prologue.
-Added a changelog to the game upload, which is well overdue.
-A dev tool was left inside the Brothel making it break when players enter, this has been fixed.
-A few tokens don’t leave the screen after talking to npcs, this has been fixed.
-Many dialogue errors fixed.
-Removed xray eyepatches effect on the player and party for the time being, still affects npcs.
-Many minor bugs rectified.

Version 0.2

-Added a cheat to toggle future content relating to specific characters.
-Added tokens for the dark elf guards in Lilth Faern.
-Added a token for the teleporter in Braithfare. They will be expanded upon when I work on the adventurers guild more.
-Added a reward scene for those who play the prologue. Since thats not fair to players with returning saves if you go into your journal, a new orange fire should let you see the scene still. Scene is m/f with oral then vag or anal.
-Asked online for any way to fix the mod that breaks the android port. Mod seems abandoned. I may remove it if I can find a better solution.
-Added link to patreon in the main menu.
-Added Wardrobe preview for party in the form of a mirror item. If you click it, you’ll see what your parties current outfit equip looks like.
-Added a new armour for the party to equip, available in the dark elf city from a shady merchant.
-Remade the prologue area to smaller, Not implemented yet. Going to test it out with a few players first to see which they prefer.
-Fixed a bunch of small bugs. Many minor changes put in.
-Apologies for delay, been working on other ways to earn money for the time being which has made me pretty busy.
-And as always if you’ve support or enjoy the game thank you for giving it a shot!
Bugs:I’ve fixed these, I’m just giving it a day to see what other bugs there are before I reupload the 9 hosting files.
-You can’t view the prologue scene without playing a new file atm, this has been fixed.
-A dev tool was left inside the Brothel making it break when players enter, this has been fixed.
-A few tokens don’t leave the screen after talking to npcs, this has been fixed.
These will be fixed upon the bugfix upload.

Version 0.195

-A few new character tokens
-New slime and Ghoul enemy
-1 new quest.
-1 new scene with the Braithfare barmaid.
-Redid boobjob scene with alchemist in Braithfare
-Updated female guards in Fortsoak to have naked art varient
-Added in guild teleportation. for now theres not much involved but this will change.
-Messed around with changing maps around, compressing possibly for the future.
-Apologies for the slight delay, was unable to work on game much during the new year.

Version 0.19

-A ton of new character tokens.
-Redid slime tokens.
-Added Vampire Thrall encounter, added Glow Slimes
-Added new map, new quest
-Sex scene with female or male varient. (Testing to see what preferred method for handling gay content is moving forward.)
-New outfit for the party.
known bugs:
-Some npcs are being duplicated, I’ll either find the work around or change my method.
-Dialogue name box spawning in the top left corner occasionally.

Version 0.18

-Updated many tokens
-Started updating combat due to help from a friend. (Won’t be put in till it can be tested and balanced.)
-Added some rng variability to npcs. (Only two maps currently. It means when you enter that map sometimes different npcs will be there.)
-Added a new outfit for the drow town, temporarily purchasable in the brothel from the bartender. (The sprite art for player and dara unfinished, marsha and missus done though)
-Added a gay scene with a femboy batfolk prostitute in the brothel.
-Known bug; The name box for dialogue sometimes appears at random points. Unsure what’s causing this but I’m aware it might happen.
-Sadly I didn’t get as much done as I hoped. I had less time to work on it due to actually trying to earn money elsewhere. I don’t want to be annoying but if you enjoy the game and want to see it improve. Consider supporting it or recommending it around. Once it’s earning enough money I’ll be able to commit to it full time and pump content out. Also if you like the game and want your character in, consider supporting the patron at the higher tier and getting them in as an npc with some custom dialogue.

Version 0.17_Bugfix

-Adjusted missing files where it’s been reported and found.
-Added a plugin that will let you hide the Message box by right clicking or pressing ctrl.
-Added some redundant files to keep old saves from breaking hopefully.
-Some players had issues I couldn’t duplicate so if any problems remain after this update I’m sorry.
-I don’t check this site that often. so if you’re having an issue or just want to give some feedback consider joining the discord, I check it fairly often.

Version 0.17

-Updated some old token art.
-Lots of small bug fixes
-Added naked variants for 99% of characters with tokens. (These are accessible using a cheat item you can acquire from interacting with certain fireplaces.)
-Added new town, Lilth Faern, home of the drow. It’s got a brothel also.
-Added a new outfit into the game code, though it won’t be available until a quest gives you it in a future update.
-1 new scene with the brothel matron.
-The plan for next update is to flesh out the game with more sex scenes. So if you enjoy the game, consider supporting it. I’m planning to add a patron tier to
put your characters in the game once I’m earning enough to do this full time. So yeah, if you like the game please consider supporting it or sharing it with those who might.
-Hope you enjoy this update!

Version 0.16_Bugfix

-Added missing scene to Journal.
-Loads of tiny bugs fixed.
-Added a temporary cheat item called ‘Eraser’. If you have an unwanted image that won’t leave the screen, using the eraser should fix it for now.
-Bunch of small changes.
-Sorry it’s so buggy, my friend helped me find a bunch . I may need to bring on testers.
-Added an armour set to the Drumeer Smithy.
-Added a new quest with multiple new characters with a sex scene at the end of it.
-Added a beta Journal/Scene replay system in.
-Added a Journal pickup for players who are returning. (In Drumeer)
-A butt ton of small bug fixes. One I cannot fix but can bandage up remains. (I repeat I’m not a code guy, So apologies if the game breaks.)
-A few new enemies, a few new ingame character tokens.
-I’ve started work on a toggle that I think many players will enjoy. Hint: X-ray
-A few cheat game options are being planned.
-Now that the journal system is in, praying it’s not super buggy, development should be easier atleast in that aspect.
-Hope you enjoy this update!

Version 0.15

-6 new character tokens.
-Tons of ingame custom sprites added.
-Town of Drumeer added.
-2 new sex scenes. (1 is straight, the other is straight with a gay threesome type option)
-Quest system added. (Might be buggy, and theres about 2 quests I still need to add, but its in and will make a scene replay feature much easier to add next update. Also it won’t retroactively add completed quests yet. So if you want them marked down you’ll need to start a new save or wait till I figure how to add them retroactively.)
-Some minor bug fixes.
-Party tokens and sprites should now match whatever outfit you equip them with.
-Many small detail updates.
-Fireplace Rename feature. (If your save breaks. active fireplaces in taverns will allow you to rename your player. It’s not a perfect fix, but it’s something.)
-This update was more about setting things up to make future content easier to add.
-Once again, I apologise for all these bugs and issues. I’m not a coder and I make errors most wouldn’t. I hope you still can enjoy what’s there.

Version 0.14

-Over 10 new character tokens.
-2 new lewd scenes. (Both hetero)
-Experimenting with giving player and party different visuals based on their attire.
-Player has sprites to match, party still has lots of work left. I don’t know how to make it read when the player is naked during dialogue. Yet
-QuestLog system started. (This is more work than I realized. Don’t click on the one quest inside as it will crash your game.)
-Combat Update started. Doing it in a way that won’t require players to start a new save. (I’ll decide what direction to take combat based on feedback.)
-1 of the Nueve merchants can now sell an outfit for the party.
-1 new mob to grind.
-1 semi boss mob.
-Small main plot continuation.
-Tons of bug fixes.
-Some new areas. (Underground)
-1 new party member available.
Added an android port. The android deployment option in rgpmaker is a lie. I’ve used a guide to manually make a port, if it doesn’t work apologies in

-Taking on all this by myself has been more work than I anticipated. There are bound to be bugs or weird game moments so please forgive that. There are so many plans I have for this game and I’m really doing my best to make them happen. I hope you enjoy what content there is. And if you do maybe share it, it really helps. Thank you for playing.

Version 0.13

-Updated prologue Island with a few minor changes.
-1 new quest with elf companion.
-1 minor surprise encounter.
-More minor bug fixes.
-Smaller update this time around. Mostly making content for the next update, since I have a few bigger things planned. If you’d like a sneak preview of what’s in store, consider joining the discord or patreon.

Version 0.12

-Many new character tokens.
-New town added.
-Tiny main plot continuation.
-1 new sex scene, gay content so some of you might want to skip this update. Don’t worry the next one will have more for everyone.
-Some minor bug fixes.
-Again, didn’t get as much done as I hoped. I’ll work harder.

Version 0.11

-15 new character tokens.
-Some new areas opened.
-2 new sex scenes. I’d recommend checking out that cabin where the orcs letter was again.
-Some minor bug fixes.
-Due to this virus and the lock down, I wasn’t able to get as much done as planned.

Version 0.1 Demo

-Initial Demo Pitch

0.33 Patch:
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.




















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