Bi in the Woods


When you are in the woods, alone and naked on a mountain top and a pair of hot nudists happen across you, go with the flow.

As a lonely widower in my early fifties, I decided to become more active and seek out the pleasures in life that I had denied myself as a younger man. I’d always been opened minded to enjoying everything and anything that happened my way as I cruised through the daily grinds, and I wanted more than anything to feel that exhilaration again.

It took a while to get back into shape through swimming, cycling and hiking, but soon the old body was fit again and I felt that I needed to get away for a week of solitude in the mountains one summer, so after consulting some younger outdoor enthusiasts I knew, I packed up my jeep and headed off.

As I drove towards a recommended camping area my friends had suggested for my outing, I reminisced about some of the adventures I had had in my twenties and thirties, hiking through the mountains and viewing nature in all its glory, while allowing my inner peace to flow easily through my mind and soul. Soon, I kept telling myself. Soon.

It didn’t take long to reach the camping area up in the low hills and after setting up the basics for my campsite, I packed a small backpack and headed off up a beautiful tree lined trail that promised to answer the question formost in my mind. Am I ready for this?

Although the hike was a little strenuous for me, once I reached the top of the climb, the panoramic view across the valley more than made up for how tired I was, warranting a much earned rest on a large rock nearby, partially hidden from the trail and offering me a bit of privacy to enjoy nature at it’s finest.

Lying there in the warming sunshine, listening the the birds chirping happily around me, I got a sudden impulse to get back to nature the way I used to when I was way younger and full of spunk.

Making sure that I was completely alone, I removed my tank top and shorts and lay back naked on the smooth, warm stone surface, allowing the sun to bake my naked body. Damn it felt good and a guilty pleasurable feeling of naughtiness overwhelmed my mind, as I also thought about, just barely, what happens if I get caught bare ass out here? Oh well, I chuckled out loud, who would care about a naked old guy out in the woods, by himself, enjoying a peaceful day in the sun.

I guess I must have fallen asleep when I heard a male voice clear their throat, then laughing and saying “Spot taken?”

Of course I quickly got to my feet, forgetting I was naked, and was confronted by the appearance of a young couple, both of which were also naked. What?

Even though they both were standing there casually nearby, neither in the least embarrassed bare like I was, as I tried to hide my junk with my hands, saying “Damn I’m sorry! Thought I was alone up here,” as I scrambled to pull my shorts back on.

“Wait,” said the young lady. “No need to worry. We come here all the time to do just what you are doing, so relax.”

“Yea man, chill and enjoy the scenery”, the young man said, sticking his hand out to shake mine and I obliged.

“My name is Cris and my husband’s name is Dan,” the girl said smiling. “May we sit down?”

Shaking both their hands, I said, “I’m Dave. Please, make yourselves comfortable.”

As the two naked hikers took a seat next to me on the big flat rock, with him next to me, Dan says, “We been nudists since we got married 5 years ago after college and this place has been special to us for a long time.”

Dan was a handsome man, standing about 6′ and shoulder length wavy brown hair with hazel eyes and a body that showed he worked out a lot. Not to say his dangling cut appendage wasn’t interesting too at I guess a little bigger than my own.

Cris though was a sight to behold. At about 5’6″, her body was one that should be displayed in every men’s magazine, with a small waist and a tight firm ass. Guessing at a 34C cup, her nipples stood erect, long, and high on her breasts, begging to be suckled. Most of all, her pussy was void of hair as if she were newly born. Her long blonde hair was tied up into a pony tail just added to her beauty.

Although it was an unusual situation, I figured to just go with the flow, as the two leaned back on their elbows and stared out at the valley before us.

“Been here before?” Cris asked, batting her sky blue eyes and smiling, as I noticed her brief glance down at my semi-hardness, which I was no longer hiding.

“Naw, first time up this way” I volunteered. “Had to get away from work for a while and get my mojo back. I’m camping down there”, pointing downhill in the direction I’d come from.

“We down there too,” Dan said, running his hand gently over his wife’s hip. “Hey, you smoke?” he asked, reaching over into the small backpack he had laid nearby.

“Man, its been ages since I took a toke, so fire that up!” I chuckled as a flame lit up the doobie.

As we shared the joint between the three of us, our conversation became even more casual and in no time, I was pretty much caught up in their lives, as they were mine. Both worked for an accounting firm in a town near where I lived and spent most of their free time wandering around in mother nature to find those ideal spots to bare it all and enjoy a clothes free life.

“Its funny when I think about it,” Dan said, “But both of us came to the same conclusion back when we first started hanging out that being out here, enjoying all of this naked, is the way everybody ought to be and act like there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“I so totally agree,” Cris smiled, leaning over to give Dan a shotgun from the 2nd joint they fired up.

All this time we were chatting, I couldn’t help but notice that the two nudists were getting friendlier as time progressed, with their hands occasionally rubbing softly here and there.

About the time I noticed that Cris was slowly stroking Dan’s nicely hardened boner, she says “Don’t take offense Dave, but we tend to be exhibitionists on occasion and I got this urge to blow my husband,” and with that, she leans over and starts licking the head of Dan’s bloated cock before going down with her mouth until she reached his closely cropped groin.

All the while, she had her eyes on me, slightly smiling around the cock she was slowly going up and down on. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her, as this was beginning to become one of the most erotic adventures I’d ever been on.

All the while, Dan had been inching his way close to me until his thigh was against mine, and he says quietly in a husky voice, “God she’s good at this! Wanna see?” and with that, Cris raises up off of Dan’s lap, leans over and grabs my hardness, and just plunges me down into her throat in one swoop, much to my surprise and delight! Who am I to deny this beautiful woman if she wants to swing in front of her husband? If he doesn’t mind, I’m not complaining.

“Told ya,” Dan laughs, when he sees the startled look on my face. “Its not a problem for me bro, just let her do her thing.”

All the while Cris is alternating between sucking me, then switching off to her husband, then back to me, Dan had slowly wrapped one arm around my back, and he was gently rubbing my shoulders and running his strong fingers up and down my spine.

I could feel the spunk slowly stirring around in my balls, when Dan says, “Man, I am so high right now. You seem pretty open minded about this Dave, so lets see just how far you’re into it!” and with that, while Cris had him in her throat, Dan suddenly leans down and begins swirling his tongue around the head of my fat cock.

Now I had only had limited encounters with other guys in the past, mostly circle jerks in college and a blowjob once from a drunken coworker, so its not like I was a virgin to guys, but there was just something about the situation, location, and intensity of us all being together, naked in the outdoors, that made me place my hand on the back of his head, gently massaging his hair, as he began to suck me deeper into his mouth.

“Oh my God that feels good,” I moaned, watching his head move up and down as Cris did the same to him, while she still maintained eye contact with me.

As I began to feel the pressure build in my loins, I said, “You guys are just crazy. I love it!”, feeling her hand reach under Dan’s body so she could caress my bloated balls and surprisingly, I felt her easing a finger into the crack of my ass and slowly easing it around my puckered hole.

“Oh fuck man, gonna blow soon!” I groaned out from all the stimulation, as Dan raised up off of me to give Cris room and she resumed throating me.

“She’s a spunk lover Dave! Fill her mouth up!” Dan said, his hand around the base of my cock, jerking in opposition to his wife’s mouth.

That all it took and as I raised my hips up off the rock, I blasted rope after rope into her throat as she greedily suck it all out of my balls!

After the pulses ceased, Cris raised up, showing me a mouth full of my cum, and she leans up to Dan and begins tongue swapping my cum between them. Surprisingly, she then leans over to me and does the same thing. I had tasted my own cum before, but this time it tasted exceptionally good.

When she was done teasing and swallowed the remains, Cris leaned back and said “Hey Dave, want to help me finish off Dan?”

Well now, I had never really been in a threesome like this before, but given the fact that both of them had just sucked my dick, I surely felt it was mu duty to return the favor, so as Dan leaned back on the rock, I leaned over and began to suck the first cock of my life.

I found the silky softness of his manhood a bit of a treat, as I slowly stroked him and slowly slipped as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. In the mean time, I reached across him and began massaging Cris’ hot puss, which was oozing out moisture from her own excitement, while Dan alternated pinching both of her engorged nipples.

In no time, Dan began to thrust his hips upwards, saying, “Man, its my turn!” and with that his began blasting his load into my mouth. I was completely surprised at the sheer volume of spunk that filled my mouth, as some began dribbling out the corners of my lips.

“Let me have the rest Dave,” Cris grinned, as her face close to mine and I surrendered his junk over to him to finish him off.

“Let me have a taste Dave,” Dan moaned, so being the gentleman that I am, I put my mouth around him and let some of his load drip down onto his tongue, before I swallowed the remains of his delicious load.

As we all caught our breaths and licked our lips clean, Cris says “Ok boys, you’ve had your fun. Y’all gonna leave a lady high and dry?”

—To be Continued?—

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