Daddy Issues Memoirs, Chapter Five: The Bodybuilder Cum Dump Part Two

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After my experience with a bodybuilder, I was left craving for more muscle action. So when my friend had arranged an escort job for me with five meatheads, I couldn’t resist. Although part of me was afraid that I might get in over my head, having to please that many cocks at once.

The apartment was located in one of the better areas of the city. You know you’ve made it when you can afford a place fancy enough to include a doorman. Although a perk like that comes with a downside. Namely the lack of privacy.

As Gauge had discussed upfront, the men wanted me to pose as a whiz kid that came to solve a computer problem. Which I thought was not a role that suited my appearance very well. And the frown on the doorman’s face made me suspect he thought the same.

Soon as I got into the elevator my nerves started to play up. Just like the day before, I didn’t know anything about the group of men I was about to entertain. What if this time around I wouldn’t get off so unscathed? But then again, the doorman had seen me come into the building. So I guessed he would notice if I never made it back out again.

A spacious corridor with beige carpeting led me to the directed door number and I rang the bell.

For a little while it seemed as if nobody was coming. But before I could ring again, the door swung open, and a broad figure appeared in front of me.

At first glance I was taken aback by his intimidating size. But as I looked into his face, I saw that his brown eyes were gentle, perhaps even shy. He was still young and somewhere in his thirties. His head was shaved, and his features carried traces of black ancestry, though the brown of his skin was moderate.

He gave me a little smile. ‘‘Hey, come in,’’ he said. ‘‘You must be the guy who’s here to… well, you know. I’m Justin by the way.’’ Then he reached out his hand.

His grip was firm and it was pleasant to feel the warmth of his skin, which was contrary to my own after having to defy the midnight’s cold.

‘‘He’s here boys,’’ he shouted over his shoulder, whereafter he gestured me to follow him.

As soon as he turned around, his backside caught my eyes like a magnet. His lats were way too wide for his shirt, and I swear that I could even see some stretch in the fabric. On top of his relatively small waist, they were piling out like big lumps of flesh, and I felt my hands itching with desire. If he wasn’t moving, I might’ve climbed him then and there. Judging by the look of it, my full weight wouldn’t even have made him twitch. His traps were shaped like a mountain and led up to a neck that was solid enough to snap a leather belt.

The hallway led us around a left corner, where he stepped aside to let me pass into a spacious room. I could already see two other men sitting on a long sofa that stood in front of a home cinema set.

As soon as one of them caught me entering the living, he tapped his friend. They both came my way and looked me up in an appraising manner. As the men approached me, I began to feel nervous again. Equally to Justin, they were both built like a brick house – while they were chubbier around the waist – and before I knew it, I got placed in the middle of the trio.

‘‘So, you’re the one who’s gonna see to it that we won’t be in need of anything tonight?’’ remarked the tallest. He carried a roguish twinkle in his eyes, of which the blue got emphasized by his partially dark hair. His temples had fully turned grey. The bristly moustache that covered his upper lip gave him the look of a 70’s porn star, which suited his randy manner. He was definitely in his forties.

And so was the other more stern looking one. Though his black roots hadn’t lost an inch of colour yet. Or maybe you just couldn’t tell because of his buzz cut, which was trimmed just as shortly on the sides as the younger Justin was overall.

Without any words he stroked my left arm, after which he made an approving nod. Yet his touch felt less domineering than the predatory expression of his friend.

Now Justin stepped very close behind me and lay his hands on my hips. That’s when the moustache went for it and shoved his tongue into my mouth. It completely caught me off guard, but I just went with it and kissed him back. His lips were greedy but his tongue, firm and wet, moved with subtle strokes. It felt surprisingly good.

Next up was the other one, who’s kisses were contradictory wild.

At the same time, Justin’s lips were caressing my neck and together, the men enclosed me. Their big hands grabbing me and feeling me up under my shirt. I gave in to them without any hesitation and decided that it would be easiest to just let them have their way, without thinking too much about whether this was really what I wanted. The moment for reservations had passed.

‘‘Already ganging up on him, huh?’’

Someone had spoken from the top of the stairs.

Down came a tall man who was even broader than the other three. His dark blonde hair was exceptionally long and bound in a ponytail. A style which could’ve made the wrong guy look like a sissy. In his case however, the long manes provided him with a warrior like manliness.

‘‘You picked a good one, Raymond,’’ said the moustache.

‘‘Always the greedy one, aren’t you Marcel? Why don’t you and Vladimir give our guest a little room to breathe?’’

He didn’t have to ask twice, as the men followed his command. It was quite obvious who the alpha was around here.

He stepped in front of me and stroked his large hand through my hair. ‘‘He’s gonna need his energy for the night, don’t you?’’ he said with a heartfelt smile.

Big and impressive as he was, he carried an energy that somehow immediately made me feel at ease. Like a giant lion whose fur was so fuzzy that it made you forget it had teeth.

‘‘Come, let’s get you into something more suitable for the occasion.’’ He opened a door next to the stairs and looked back at me. ‘‘This way.’’

I followed him into a spare bedroom. Or so I presumed. On the sheets I spotted what was supposed to be my outfit for the evening. Which was nothing more than a jockstrap to go under a white collar and a pair of cuffs. And to top it all off, a black bowtie for that ultimate stripper look.

He closed the door. ‘‘Go ahead, try it on.’’

Without further questioning I changed into the ridiculous costume. While guessing by the lecherous look in his eyes, it didn’t seem so ridiculous to him. He was leaning against the door with his arms crossed, making the muscles bulge. Then he scratched his beard while pulling up the corner of his mouth in a sly manner.

‘‘The instructions are as followed,’’ he said. ‘‘I’m a dedicated man who, on top of running a successful business, puts his body through a trial of pain and suffering six times a week. In order to manage all that, I live according to structure. Eat, sleep, repeat – you get the drill. Oh boy, and do I eat a lot. But none of it is for pleasure. Except on an off day like this one, then we feast.

‘‘Within a few minutes, a friend of mine will arrive with a stash of food. Since everything is already prepared, the only thing you must do is put the stuff on plates and serve it to us. Also, I have a fridge full of beers and I expect you to make sure our hand contains a full bottle all night. When you see any empty plates, clean them up. Which all the more easy for you, can be done by placing them in the dishwasher. All clear so far?’’

‘‘Yes,’’ I said.

He kept watching me attentively, which made me unsure if he was satisfied by my short reply. So I rephrased myself. ‘‘Yes sir, I mean.’’

Raymond laughed. ‘‘No need for that kinda crap. You’re not in a dungeon and I’m not your master. Just make sure you keep me and my boys happy – let us blow off some steam. By which of course I mean, suck our dicks while we enjoy the game.’’

That part of the job de***********ion sounded a lot more interesting to me than carrying around plates.

‘‘During halftime is when the real fun begins. Soon as that Perry bitch starts roaring like a tiger, I want you to take it like a pussy. There are no little guys here, and we don’t have time for foreplay, so I’m expecting you to be ready to receive quite a few inches as if they were pinpricks. So if you need to loosen up, you must do it now.’’

Being the expert that he was, Gauge had warned me to wear a butt plug for preparation. Since I didn’t have any in my possession, he even lend me one of his own. Made from silver steel with a blue crystal stamp.

‘‘I’ve been stretching all night,’’ I said, ‘’so that won’t be a problem.’’

‘‘Quite sure of yourself huh? Why not put it to the test, shall we?’’

He took off his shirt and revealed a magnificent torso. Once I only could’ve dreamed of a body like this, where now it was the second night in a row that a man of this stature presented himself to me. He was about the same size as the stranger who had picked me up the night before – and whom I held in memory as ‘‘The Blond Stallion’’ – both in height and extent. Though Raymond was bulkier and a bit less defined. Which was actually more to my liking.


The word was out before I could stop myself.

He smiled. ‘‘I may be past my high days but for a man who turned fifty this year, I’m not doing too bad.’’

Past his high days? I wasn’t sure if he was being serious. The man had more muscle on him than an average horse.

He stepped up to me and grabbed me by my waist. Standing so close to me I could feel his warm manly breath gasp in my face. Which he then took in his hands, stroking my cheeks with his big, calloused thumbs. I gazed into his grey eyes and for a moment, felt a little flickering in my heart. Almost forgetting what this was really about.

He bowed his head towards his pants and looked up again while keeping his chin down. The twinkle in his expression gestured me to pay attention to the rising bulge that was pressing against the cotton. Which I then took into the palm of my hand.

The package was unmistakably firm and twitching under my strokes. He grabbed on to me as well and now my own boner began to extend. I pushed up against him and next thing I know, our bodies were heavily rubbing against each other. With impatient fingers that trembled of excitement, I grasped for his belt. Whereafter his pants finally came off.

He was very thick. The kind of thick that made a grown man’s jaws ache. With a heavy pink head that just screamed for my lips.

But before I got a chance, he grabbed my buttocks and squeezed them with his thick fingers. ‘‘Why don’t you turn around and give me a preview of those cheeks?’’ he said.

As tempting as it looked to put that pink jawbreaker into my mouth, receiving it up my hole without much preparation, was a little frightening. Sure, I’d been carrying a butt plug inside me for the past couple hours, but the toy was hardly a match for the circumference of this rod.

Raymond was not about to wait for an answer. He forced my hips to turn around and bent me over the bed.

‘‘Look at that, he likes sparkly things,’’ he remarked as he discovered the crystal stamped plug. ‘‘I can assure you that by the end of the night, your pucker is gonna shine like a glistening stream. Me and my boys have been straining almost all of our muscles, but we’ve been neglecting an important one. We’re running on a peak of testosterone, and our balls have started to turn blue. But that’s where you come in. You and this perky little hole.’’

He took hold of the pestle and jerked it out of me, making me gasp.

‘‘In fact,’’ he continued, ‘‘we’ll fill you up with so much sperm, that by tomorrow, you’ll still be shitting white.’’

He put his fingers inside me and twirled them around my inner walls. When he took them out, he brought them right under my nose, and I could smell my own wetness. ‘‘Go on, taste yourself,’’ he said.

I took his calloused digits into my mouth and sucked off the moisture that was my own sweat.

‘‘That’s right, all that talk about cum has made you water, hasn’t it? Like a bitch in heat, craving for a breeding.’’

I knew what was coming the moment I felt his hands grabbing on to my shoulders.

When his rod entered me, it was like I was being impaled by a trunk. I couldn’t help but scream and I clenched the sheets as if in search for something to hold on to. A lifeline to keep my head above the waters. But it was no use. I had already drowned under the weight of Raymond and his big dick. He wrapped his arms around my body as his shaft slid further inside. His pace was gentle, but the damage was not. I could feel myself being stretched up to a max. At the first blow to my prostrate I made a desperate move to get up, but there was no use trying to escape from under his heavy body. So I held on to his bulging biceps instead.

He stayed there for a while, then slid back until he was almost out. Only to push forward with accelerated force, until he poked my sensitive spot for the second time.

Painful as it was, it was the kind of pain I longed for. That which I wanted to take a hold of me. Because by now I’d learned, there was a fine line between that pain and the sensation that opened the path to pleasure. All I had to do now was endure it. Just a few more strokes to reach that special place of extasy.

Raymond pulled back again whereafter he gave me another firm poke. Going deeper still. He grunted as he bit his teeth into my skull, which oddly felt as a massage to my scalpel. Stimulating my nerve ends until the pulses flowed all the way down to my spine. I moaned as I tightened my grip on the massive arms that surrounded me. Opening up for the thick cock that was grinding me into the matrass. And there it was, the beginning of that tingle I’d been waiting for. That itch of which I wanted more.

His prick slid backwards once more, going all the way out this time. And then…

He plugged me up. Putting the pestle back in place.

‘‘My ears tell me that the final guest has arrived. Time for you to head to the kitchen and get everything ready.’’

Left unsatisfied I watched him getting dressed.

‘‘Don’t look so disappointed now. The best has yet to come.’’

When he stepped out of the room, I could already hear the other men shouting from the other side of the door. The opening to the XLIX Super Bowl had begun, and so had my duty to keep the fellows happy.

As soon as I entered the kitchen, I bumped into one of the bodybuilders. It was the one who had only just arrived.

‘‘Well well, ain’t you something,’’ he said with a sinister voice.

He had the most handsome face, with striking hazel green eyes, that were emphasized by thick dark brows, of which the left one was marked by a scar. His skin was light brown, a shade darker than that of Justin. But unlike the other guy his ancestry was not black. More like a mixture of Hispanic and Caucasian, if I had to make an uneducated guess.

‘‘I’m sorry,’’ I excused myself.

‘‘No need for that. But you can make up for it anyways,’’ he said, while he grabbed the bulge in his pants, which sat loosely on his waist. My eyes glid from his package to his uncovered abs, which led a trail to a tattoo on his sternum that had the shape of the sun and formed the building block for a set of magnificent pecs. There was more ink on the top of his chest, which spelled out ‘‘FLO – RI – DA’’.

Apparently, he’d caught on to my wandering eyes, when he said, ‘‘My parents are quite the jokers. They named me after their beloved state, you see.’’

‘‘You’re actually named Florida?’’

‘‘Crazy enough, yes. But my friends call me Flo.’’ He gave me a naughty smile while he locked me into his bedroom eyes. ‘‘How about it, you wanna be my friend?’’

While his features were gorgeous, his untamed brown hair in combination with a moustache goatee gave him a rough look. His half long strands were bound in a tail, but higher up than that of Raymond. Granting him with that same alpha male quality. Though he was much younger, probably somewhere halfway thirty.

He grabbed himself a bottle of beer out of the fridge and opened the lid with his teeth. ‘‘You can find everything in those bags over there. It’s still warm, but there’s a microwave for when it turns cold later on. It’s fine by me if you grab a bite for yourself, but stay off the chicken wings. Those are mine.’’

Clearly this guy never had prepped himself for an incoming. As if I really was going to have a meal right before playing boytoy. Soon as he left, I got to work and put everything out on plates.


Raymond sure hadn’t been exaggerating when he said off days were feast days. When these men decided it was time for a tasty meal they went all out.

There was lots of meat, such as ribs; pulled pork; pigs in blankets; ham and cheese sliders; even candied bacon. Plus of course, Flo’s beloved chicken wings.

As if that was not enough, there were sweet potato skins; egg rolls; fried pickles; and greasy stuff such as calzone; fries and pizza. But also bites in the form of nachos and other chips, all loaded with lots of sauce. Not just ketchup and mayonnaise, but fancy dips such as guacamole; jalapeño; cooker queso and caramelized onion.

And what is a Superbowl party without a few pretzels; some football cookies and a tray of similarly decorated cupcakes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

They made me clean up after them and fetch them cold beers from the fridge whenever one of their bottles was empty, and in the meantime, they just had me standing around like some piece of furniture. I’d thought the butler thing was just something to add to the fantasy, but now I really began to feel like just that. The butler.

There were worse things one could do for a thousand bucks, but still, the reason I’d taken on this gig was to fulfil my own forbidden fantasies, not so much theirs. Which seemed more about bulking and legitimately being caught up in a game where a bunch of Neanderthals were fighting over a ball. I would never understand the entertainment value of that. The players showed hardly any skin, where at least in rugby, the men would wear tiny shorts that emphasized their glutes.

‘‘Hey you,’’ said Marcel, ‘‘get us another round will ya.’’

I got five more bottles out of the fridge – cramping them into my hands with two on each side and one in the middle – while thinking these men sure must be awfully rich too waste money on letting someone else do such simplistic chores. After heading back into the room, I bent over the coffee table to place the bottles in an empty spot between the food plates, somehow putting too little pressure on the middle one and causing it to slip out between the others.

Beer spilled over the table, meandering between the dishes.

‘‘Now look what you’ve done,’’ cursed Raymond. ‘‘Better dry that up before it drips onto the carpet.’’

I was starting to see what this was. Did they get off on bossing around the schoolboy?

I came back with a dishcloth and a new bottle and went down on my knees to swipe the table. Ducking my head of course, cause God forbid I would get in front of their precious little game.

That’s when I felt a hand on my back.

‘‘Now that’s a view I like,’’ I heard a dark voice speak. When I peeked around, I saw Flo was already undoing his pants.

It didn’t take long, or the other men followed his example. For the first time taking their eyes off the screen and on to me.

The sudden line-up of cocks overwhelmed me.

‘‘That table is clean enough by now,’’ said Raymond. ‘‘But there is more for you to polish. Why don’t you start at the beginning and work your way up.’’ He pointed to the other end of the couch, where Vladimir was the first in the queue. Widespread with his dick pointing upward. Hard and solid.

I crawled up to him and stroked his inner thighs. His cock reacted with a twitch. It was built straight and firm with a proper girth. The balls and stem had a darker shade to them, turning lighter towards the end. His glans popped out of the skin like a hard pink strawberry, which made my mouth water on sight. It was perfectly shaped and pumped up fully.

His crotch was quite hairy and when I slid my hands down his shirt, I discovered an ongoing rug of fur.

‘‘Don’t be tardy and suck my cock.’’ Was the first thing I heard him say that night. He spoke with an accent. Russian maybe, or otherwise Eastern European. Which considering his name was not so surprising.

He brought his mighty hands to the back of my head and forced me down his crotch. I obeyed and opened my mouth widely. Taking in the thick cockhead and tightly enclosing it with my lips. Its curves were so hard that they wouldn’t budge an inch under the pressure, even though I sucked on it vehemently. Driven by my eager desire for the taste of his flesh. Letting my tongue twirl around the crease that divided the backside into two bulging halves and continuing to follow the edge all the way around the globe.

Vladimir grunted satisfactory and buried his fingers deeper into my skull. Forcing my head further over his rod.

I accelerated my pace and increased the sucking power, while fastening my grip on his muscular legs. His glans was so delicious that it slowly drove me into a frenzy. Working up my heart rate and filling me with insatiable hunger. I wanted more and lucky enough for me, there was plenty.

Justin was already tapping his dick impatiently.

I moved over and got to work on the second one. His dick was pigmented way darker than his overall skin and contained a solid brown head. The shaft was long and slightly bend in a downward curve. Which made it all the more easy sliding it down my throat.

He moaned as I went down, in an extasy that expressed long awaited desire. For someone who would handle him with care. Someone who knew how to bring pleasure to a hard-working man and release him of his burdens. I took him deeply into my mouth and stroked his dark balls at the same time. I could feel they were tense, not being emptied for way too long. But I was going to make sure that tonight they would be milked until the very last drop was out.

I worked my lips around the shaft some more, but careful enough not to make him ejaculate prematurely. I was more than willing to receive his deposit, but now was not yet the time.

Next up was Marcel, the foulest of the bunch. With a strong upward bend and a stem that was thickest at the bottom. As if it rewarded you by going deeper. I pulled back the tight skin and sucked on the elongated glans. Pink of color like the other two Caucasians in the queue.

‘‘Yeah, that’s the way,’’ he hissed. ‘‘Suck a man you little punk.’’ Then he pulled off his shirt. Revealing he had some hair on him as well, though not as much as the bush my hands had found on the Russian.

He pinched his own nipples and I loved seeing his big pectorals from this angle. I gazed into his eyes as I sucked with surrender. Intending to convey the message that I was willing to be his bitch. Which I saw worked perfectly, as that madness in his face increased. I could already tell that when the time would come, he’d be so worked up, he was going to give it to me hard. Making me endure a deep digging with his pointing rod.

Before I let go of his cock I gave it one last good suck, putting every effort into the strength of my lips.

Now it was Flo’s turn. The second brown cock in the line-up. Not curved, but straight, and the very longest one of the bunch. On top of that, he was awfully thick as well. This was a man who had it all. The looks and the body were just a part of a bigger whole.

I took the shaft in my hand and slapped it on my tongue. He grinned with an alluring darkness in his bedroom eyes. The devil himself could not be this seductive.

I played my tongue teasingly around his pecker before taking it in deeper. All the while looking up to him and drowning further away into his hazel green gaze. Whereupon I let my hands run over his abs and further to his bulky pecs. Massaging their round surface and squeezing into the muscles.

Blowing him was a gift that kept on giving, filling me with a high not a single pill could provide. The shaft was strong and firm, and I tried to relax my throat in an effort to take it in deeper. An ambitious task on a pole of a solid ten inch.

He laughed when I started choking. ‘‘Oh well, at least you tried,’’ he said in that malicious tone of his.

I brought back my mouth closer to the tip and enjoyed as much of him as I could possibly take in. Letting my hand work the bottom and making an effort to satisfy him as best I could. His grunts suggested that it was working very well. I spit on his dick and smeared my saliva over the whole length. Alternately jerking and sucking him till he jizzed just a little bit of precum. I had to stop now before the full load was coming.

Finally it was time for my favorite one. Alpha daddy Raymond with his pink jawbreaker.

‘‘Ready to give daddy some lip, are you boy?’’

I started off by softly licking the tip. ‘‘Aaaaah,’’ he groaned in satisfaction. The deepness of his voice got me worked all up. At last, I went for it and took the whole thing into my mouth. Sucking on the big pink head with my jaws extended wide and my lips stretched to the max in order to enclose the entire glans. But my eagerness made me bear it all. Saliva spilled all over as I worked my way down the hefty pole. It was still a long way to go, but this one I could take till the end. I closed my eyes as I was stuffed with Raymond’s big dick, savoring the moment I’d been looking forward to all night.

He put his large palm over my head and stroked his fingers through my hair. It send a comforting feeling through my body, as if a warm blanket fell over me. I went on blowing the trunk of the dick whereafter I moved back up to the head, sucking it some more. Then I licked his big saggy balls and took them in my mouth one after the other. He caressed my cheek approvingly with his thumb. Encouraging me to gulp them in further and pull on the skin. I already craved desperately for the cum that they contained.

I took a hold of his cock and jerked him with a firm grip, pulling the skin over his glans. The view attracted my mouth right back and again my lips were around the jawbreaker, while my tongue worked its curves like a propeller. I couldn’t get enough of the taste, but there was more where that came from.

Four others who were all in need of my mouth.

I went back to the front of the line, blowing Vladimir once more. After that I randomly switched from one to the other. Taking their big dicks into my mouth while simultaneously jerking their neighboring friends. One cock in each hand. Who needed a table full of junk food when you could feast on dick buffet?

‘‘Oooh, grab that dick – grab that dick with your mouth!’’ screamed Marcel. ‘‘Or even better, come sit on it.’’

‘‘Halftime’s about to start,’’ said Raymond. ‘‘What do we say boys, are we ready to unplug him?’’

The men mutually agreed that it was finally time to get some ass. The alpha daddy bent me over the table and removed my butt plug once again. After which he directed me back to the front of the line.

Now everybody took their shirts off. Getting ready for a sweat.

Vladimir tapped his lap, gesturing me to come sit on him. Next moment, I climbed the muscle bear and pushed his big dick deeply into my hole.

It was a tight fit, but I could take it easily. Which would’ve been a different story if not for Raymond loosening me up earlier that night. I’d already gone through the hardships, so now all I had to do was enjoy the ride.

I moaned in extasy as the first poke hit my spot. I held on to his broad shoulders for support and worked my butt along the shaft. Looking down on his furry body. He grabbed me by the waist, pulling my body in so that he could go even deeper. His stern brown eyes watched me as I was grinding on his dick.

Meanwhile the other men encouraged him. ‘‘Yeah, take him,’’ said Marcel while he was heavily jerking. They all were. Eager to be the next one to go in.

Suddenly, I got hit by a feeling of discomfort. As if an epiphany struck me and told me I was wrong. Letting myself be used like this by multiple men. What had I turned into? A whore, that’s what. An object that merely existed for the pleasuring of cocks.

Flashes of my recent history flew before my eyes.

The old neighbor who had blackmailed me into popping my cherry. The teacher whom I had seduced to screw me on his desk. The uncle who had fucked me in front of his very own nephew. The stranger by whom I had let myself get paid to breed me in a secluded parking lot.

And now there were five.

Gradually I had drifted away from any sense of moral. Slowly turning into what I had become today. An insatiable little cunt, craving for more and more. The only real question was, more of what?

Then the image of my father popped up. Together with the feeling of being abandoned.

I internally shook my head, and I told my inner voice to fuck off. So what if I enjoyed the attention of these men, and the way their bodies reacted to mine. That it made me feel good to be wanted – desired. I wanted to tease them, please them – let myself be used to fulfil their every need. So what if I was a whore. As long as I made sure I was a great one!

I felt the blood gushing through my veins as I let go of all my scruples. Hanging my head back while I worked up the pace, fucking a guy’s brains out. ‘‘Yes daddy, screw me like the filth I am,’’ I screamed out.

‘‘You hear that guys, the dirty little bitch wants it.’’ Marcel again. ‘‘Come on, fuck him good Vlad.’’

‘‘It’s Justin’s turn,’’ then said Raymond.

The Russian pounded me a few last times whereafter, reluctantly so it seemed, passed me over to his friend.

I took hold of the big brown cock and shoved it into my pucker. Immediately going down with full force and smacking my ass onto his lap. Justin gasped for breath, as I squeezed my sphincter tightly around the shaft. Kneading it for milk with my inner walls.

He stroked his hands over my chest, letting them discover every inch of my skin. I could see the pleasure in his face as he was feeling me up. Running his fingers down to my abs and going around to the back where he grasped my lats, just as I had been willing to do to him at the beginning of the evening. So I went for it and took one in each hand. They were shaped like wide bulky wings and felt like two massive pieces of chunky beef.

He pulled my body toward his and put his arms around me, while our skins tightly pressed on to each other. At the same time, he pushed his hips up faster, fucking me so hard that I couldn’t help but scream out. In that moment I wanted nothing more than to be filled with as much of him as possible.

We both moaned in extasy and when I looked into his eyes, he grabbed my face and kissed me. Caught in passion, I briefly forgot my surroundings, and I could no longer hear the jeering of the other men.

It was as if I woke up from an episode when he pushed me over to the side, where Marcel took a hold of me.

‘‘I got the eye of the tiger,’’ I heard Katy Perry scream in the background, and I remembered what Raymond had said about wanting me to take it like a pussy. I’d say I was doing a pretty good job so far. Though I wasn’t sure if I was going to survive ten inches of Flo. But that was a concern for later. First I had to deal with the madman.

Marcel stretched my cheeks open wide and inserted himself all the way up.

‘‘How you holdin’ up boy?’’ he said menacingly. ‘‘You’re in for a real ride now.’’

Just as I had expected this guy was all about relentless pounding. Luckily for me I already had received three dicks that night, or I might’ve passed out right there.

His pecker dug into me like a drilling device, hitting my prostate with so much punch that stars flickered in front of my eyes. He did all the work himself, firmly gripping me by the waist and tossing me onto his dick by force. ‘‘Yeah, come one, take it – that’s right, deep deep deep,’’ he grunted.

He forced his stick all the way up, till my sphincter touched his sack. Whereafter he slid my hole back to the top of his tip to make me drop down again. My buttocks made smacking sounds as they bounced on his legs as if he were a hippity hop, making me feel like my prostate could explode at any given moment. The mad grin on his face made his moustache curl, and he clenched his teeth while he kept screwing me as if I were a blow-up doll. Solely made to fit his cock.

The fucker had quite some stamina, tiring me until I was panting out of breath. But he was not about to let me have a single break in between poundings, he just went on and on. Wrecking my hole till the sweat poured all over my body.

I fell almost off the couch when he tossed me over to the following member of the queue. The long brown horse. This was not going to be easy.

I took hold of Flo’s monstrous rod as if defying a basilisk and put it into my crevice with as much care as possible. The problem was not to stick it in, but to watch myself from getting impaled when coming down too fast.

‘‘That’s it, you can do it,’’ he encouraged me. ‘‘Just a little bit more.’’

It was not a little bit. I moved upward again before daring to go any further. Taking in a fraction more each time I slid down the pole. Taking deep breaths in between to try to make myself relax. Step by step I was getting there. Working up the rhythm as I started to enjoy myself again. Admiring his body while doing so definitely helped me in the process.

His chest was a piece of art, made up out of pecs that were round and full, pushed tight together and divided by a chiseled lining down the middle. On top of that the structure of his skin was precious like silk, and his brown nipples spoke to my tongue. If only I could reach them.

That’s when Marcel gave me something else to suck on. He had gotten up and was now standing behind the couch, pushing his wiener down my throat. After destroying my hole, he was not about to let himself be driven to the side-line. He wanted part of the action.

Vladimir and Justin were following his example, and while I was working the queue on the front of the couch, it was now stagging up at the back again. Where the men were feeding me their dicks in turn.

Meanwhile, I was grinding Flo just like I had the others, losing myself in the pleasure of getting dug out by his manhood. Moving my hips back and forth as the whole length disappeared deep inside me. Multitasking it all by orally receiving the cocks of the others.

Now Flo took a hold of my buttocks and began digging my canal, shoving his stick higher up than I’d ever thought I could bear. But I defied the horse with pleasure while I got driven by inner madness. I wanted to scream it out, but I was stuffed with cock in both of my holes. Only when the other guys rotated, I managed to hiss: ‘‘Fuck me, yes!’’ And so he did. He fucked me long and hard.

At last, I’d arrived at the end of the line again. Where daddy Raymond welcomed me back for another round of his fat prick. Even after all the action I’d had, it still hurt when he went in. But the pain quickly subsided, and I happily continued fucking myself with his well-endowed piece of equipment.

Marcel was already moving up at the back of the sofa to make me suck his dick some more. But then Flo stood up on his seat and pushed him away. Bringing his own meat to my face instead. And so I was blowing Flo’s long pecker while Raymond’s fucked me hard up the ass.

Up until the moment the alpha daddy picked me up and lay me down on the armrest, which was wide enough to fit me. Once he had me on my back, he took hold of my ankles and spread me wide, whereafter he bent his knees and slid back in.

I got fucked hard while the other men fed me some more dick from the side of the couch.

After Raymond had plowed me for a good while, he made way for Flo again, who could now insert himself all the way up without giving me a cramp. He was followed up by Vladimir, and when the eager Marcel made move to take his place, he got pushed to the side for the second time around. This time by Justin, who suddenly seemed a lot less shy. Turning into the kind of breeding beast that much resembled the one he’d just driven back to the queue.

After that I lost track of who was fucking me. Cocks flashed before my eyes, and I just took one after the other into my mouth while another dick burned through my canal.

Finally, I got dragged off the armrest and pushed to the ground. The men enclosed me in a circle and shoved their schlongs into my face. I was sucking them in turn, sometimes filling my mouth with two at ones and using both my hands to jerk two others.

Raymond was the first to come, depositing his seeds into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but it was so much that it simply spilled over my lips. After that, Marcel shot his spunk all over my face, forcing me to shut my eyes. Then I just heard grunting, and when I carefully opened my eyes again, I saw the loads coming at me from all angles.

I stuck out my tongue, catching the fountains of jizz. Big drops of sperm gushed into my gaping mouth, and hungrily I sucked on whichever dick I got a hold on. Licking off the swollen glanses and tasting the warm seamen on my tongue. I made sure to squeeze out every single cock till the last drop, and after the men had completely emptied themselves, I was covered in cum. Dripping from my chin and onto my chest. I sighed as I wiped off some of it from my cheeks.

‘‘You’ve earned yourself a break,’’ said Raymond. ‘‘Go and get yourself freshened up. There’s a jacuzzi next to the guest room. You can take your time, as long as you make sure you’re back by the end of the game.’’


My limbs were so weary, getting into the tub was exhausting on itself. But the warm streams pressing on my worn-out body were a welcome treat. I felt myself relax and before I knew it my eyes were closing.

I woke up startled. Having no idea of how long I’d been out. Raymond wanted me to return by the end of the game. But what for? Would they really be capable of giving me seconds? More importantly, was I? Spending some time in the hot water had a healing effect, but I wasn’t sure how much action I had left in me.

Admittedly, besides being reviving, the warmth of the tub also aroused me. And while I’d put a lot of effort into milking the men for all they were worth, I hadn’t even come myself. If they were planning on ganging up on me a second time after the game, I was going to make sure to also empty myself. Thinking about it actually made me yearning again. God, I really was insatiable.

I stepped out of the jacuzzi and dried myself off, whereafter I got back into the kinky butler gear.

When I returned to the living, the men were sitting on the sofa again, but none of them had gone through the trouble of putting their briefs back on. The rest of their clothes were still scattered around the coffee table.

As soon as I entered the seating area, Raymond got a hold of me. ‘‘Look who’s back. Maybe you can do us a favour by taking away these trays to the kitchen.’’

Apparently, I was back to being a butler again. ‘‘After that, you want me to warm you some new dishes?’’ I asked.

‘‘We had enough food for the night.’’ He smiled. ‘‘That doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty for you to warm up.’’

I pulled myself together and got to cleaning off the table. ‘‘Hey boy, stoop will ya,’’ one of the men shouted. So reluctantly, I crawled around the furniture to collect the plates. By the time I put the last stuff into the dishwasher I heard cheering from the living room. I wouldn’t be able to recall the name of their team, but I got as much as that they had won the match. The victory caused loud revelry.

‘‘Get us another round!’’ Flo called out in amusement, as I was swiping off the table leaf. ‘‘It’s time for the after party!’’

I did as he asked, crossing my fingers that this was my last task as a butler boy. Because I was quite fed up with the schlepping now.

‘‘Is that all?’’ I asked after I had served them their beers.

‘‘Losing our spirits, are we?’’ said Marcel. ‘‘How about you treat us on some dessert?’’

‘‘What you say boy,’’ asked Raymond, ‘‘You got one last round in you?’’

I never got a chance to answer that question when Flo bent me over the coffee table and spread my cheeks without warning. Out of all five he would’ve been my last pick to open the final round, but he was already sliding in.

I gasped for breath as I was trying to hold my own. But after the first few pokes I got back into it. And I was not the only one. From the other side Marcel approached and shoved his prick up my throat. I puckered my lips and went right on it, pleasuring his shaft with my tongue. His firm legs offered me support and holding on to them kept me from falling over, as I received a fierce pounding from the back. I had only just left the bathtub, but it didn’t take long before I was sweating again from both sucking and fucking cock.

Flo pinched his fingers in my waist and wracked himself in me with force. The time to be gentle had passed and now he too was all about getting his dick stroked precisely the way he wanted. After he had given me a good digging he switched places with Justin, who eagerly put himself in. He panted heavily as he relentlessly used my hole. Then came Raymond, whose thick dick dug me out like a spiral in search for a treasure.

From the other side Vladimir had cut in and made me suck his solid cock. My legs trembled as I was quickly becoming exhausted. After all, I had already been given quite the workout. So when Vladimir lay himself down on the table and ordered me to get on top of him, it was a relieve that I could sit down.

But I had sorely mistaken to expect any form of recess, because the Russian made me slide up and down his pole in a fast rhythm.

On the backside Marcel decided to join the party and pushed his dick in the narrow space that was left. I screamed, afraid that I would split in half. But somehow I managed to take him together with Vladimir. I continued a grinding motion, working the two dicks at once. Taking hits to my prostate from double angles brought me to an orgasmic state and it magically swept away my former exhaustion. My inner insatiable whore had returned, and my own cock was just as hard now as the ones plowing my canal. I pulled aside the fabric of my jockstrap and jerked myself.

Meanwhile Raymond made me suck his dick, and from my left and right Flo and Justin were waiting to receive some lip as well. I got fucked hard while I sucked one dick after the other, feeling liberated by giving in to my despicable tendencies. The time when I had been an innocent boy were long gone. I was only seventeen years old and already I had degraded myself to being a worthless cum dump. But it felt good – being worthless felt good. I loved getting fucked by these men and tasting their cocks. ‘‘Hmmmmm,’’ I moaned, while my mouth and hole were stuffed, and I squeezed down on the two aligning dicks wrecking my ass.

When suddenly Raymond said, ‘‘Come, let’s finish him.’’

The guys put me on my back, whereafter they spread my legs. Flo holding one ankle and Raymond holding the other. In the middle Marcel went in and fucked me hard, until finally his panting reached a max. ‘‘YAAAH!’’ he screamed as he became the first to drop his sperm inside of me.

‘‘Justin, you’re up!’’ said Raymond.

The brown cock slid in, and Justin gave me another vast pounding, when next, he shot the second load.

Vladimir was the third in row. Taking his time, as if he hadn’t already used me up enough that night. Meanwhile I kept a hand to myself and jerked my own cock hard as his was sliding up and down my canal. When eventually he came too under the shouting of some Russian curses.

Whereupon Flo lined up to make me endure all of his ten inches one last time. Shoving himself so deep that for a moment I was afraid he would come back out of my throat. ‘‘AAARGH!’’ he hissed, as he filled me with his cum.

Then finally, big daddy Raymond.

Where his thick prick had to be painfully wrenched in the first time, it now slid in effortlessly over the lube of cum that was already half spilling out of me. He shoved himself up and down, working my hole precisely so that it would mold him in all the right ways. Simultaneously he worked wonders on my prostate, and suddenly I couldn’t hold my own cum any longer.

I jerked heavily while the jizz spurted out of my dick.

Raymond however wasn’t done yet and continued fucking me after I had come. But now the friction was starting to become unbearable. I squeezed my sphincter with all that I had left, hoping to speed up the moment to his release.

Then he too reached his orgasm. ‘‘OOOOOH! – YES!’’ he screamed out, and he bred me with his big load.

When they were finally done, it took me a while before I could get back to my senses. I just lay there while the seed dripped out of my used-up hole, which now was nothing more than a leaking cum dumpster.

Once I was able to get back to my feet and into my clothes, Raymond escorted me to the door. He counted the papers, but before he put the wallet back into his pocket, he paused. Then he started counting again and added a bunch of bills to the ones he already had in his hand.

‘‘Here you go,’’ he said. ‘‘You were worth every penny.’’


I stepped out of the elevator with a sense of relieve. Thinking the evening had been quite an experience, being exhausting yet satisfying. Also, I still couldn’t believe I’d made the double amount of what I’d been promised. It made me sort of proud, which was kind of weird considering what I was being proud of. But hey, we all got our talents didn’t we. Maybe this was mine? The pack of money felt like a burning lantern in my pocket. I just had to look at it one more time, like a butterfly which was drawn to the light. Regardless of whether it burned.

I remembered Gauge’s words, of how he saw himself being ‘‘surrounded by opportunities’’. In two nights, I had made two thousand and two hundred and fifty dollars. Of course, I wasn’t going to get a rate like tonight on a regular basis, or could I? Escort work paid a lot more than street prostitution. I knew that much. Was it a possibility?

As I was caught up counting the papers and confirming that I really just had earned two thousand dollars, I didn’t notice the doorman standing in the lobby.

‘‘That’s a lot of money for fixing a computer,’’ said the man.

I was startled and swiftly put the dollars back into my inner jacket. How long had he been watching me? I knew it was his job to see to it nobody got in unattended, but my stay had already been confirmed. So who was this miserable old man to stick his nose further into my business anyway?

‘‘I know right, who am I to judge. Let’s just say I’ve seen where the road can lead you. Oh, and make no mistake, it can be pretty. Especially at the beginning. But once it gets dark, it gets really dark. Trust me, I’ve been there, and believe me when I say that’s not a place you want to be heading for.’’

I looked him up in astonishment. He was old and fat, not at all the type I imagined someone was willing to pay for. Could it be he had ever been a looker?

‘‘You mean, you were…?’’

‘‘In a business of entertainment, yes. If we may call it that. It was a lifetime ago, when I was still young and pretty. Like you are now. Boy I’d wish someone had warned me upfront for what was awaiting me. How I slowly lost myself by giving in to the seduction of making easy money. But you see, there’s no such thing. Everything has a price, whether it’s material or spiritual. And every now and again we must ask ourselves, are our gains still worth the price? It might seem so now, but how about in ten years.’’

Ten years?! It had just been one experience. Okay, two maybe, but still. I had enjoyed myself and it wasn’t like this was going to become a habit. Sure, the idea had popped into my head one minute ago, but that had just been a swift moment of my imagination spinning wild. Was I really going to stand here and listen to his lecture any longer?

‘‘But of course you’re getting out in time, are you not?’’ While he said it, he questionably raised his eyebrow. ‘‘Obviously you could spend that money on luxurious things. A new phone, expensive clothes… probably leaving you wanting for more. But hey, who doesn’t like nice things?’’

Now he was really starting to get on my nerves. ‘‘Listen, I think you’re mistaken. I really am just a kid who knows about computer stuff alright. And if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to go now.’’

‘‘– Or, you could save it up for something meaningful,’’ he shouted after me as I walked out of the building.

Back on the bus making my way home, I decided I was not going to let the words of this total stranger affect me. He didn’t know me at all. Tonight had been about a fun experience for me, and I could honestly say I had no regrets. Screw him I thought. Screw this man and his pathetic attempt of becoming my moral savior.

However, after that night I never got paid for sex again.

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