My Life: Part 13: Early Morning Wakeup

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This is part 13 of a multi-part series. Each part varies in length, theme, and level of eroticism.

While each part can be consumed individually, I would suggest reading them in order as the characters are introduced.

I woke up to the sound of soft moaning. I opened my eyes to see Reagan nestled between my loving Katie’s legs. I sat up sleepily to observe. I looked at the clock, it was only 5:00am.

“Good morning love!”, Katie said breathlessly.

I got out of bed and went to brush my teeth and get a drink of water.

I stepped out of the bathroom and just watched my wives together. I loved being part of this throuple. Katie’s perfect body writhed with pleasure. She held her large breasts in her hands. Reagan knew exactly how to please her.

I walked over behind Reagan. I leaned over her and kissed her neck. She shivered but didn’t stop from her cunnilingus. I positioned my shaft at her wet lips. Grasping her round ass in my hands I slid inside her pussy slowly. It’s hot wetness gripped me. She moaned into Katie. I slowly slid an out, ensuring my full shaft was well lubricated with her juices.

I then slid out and positioned it at her tight ass. Shhhh moaned loudly as she knew what was about to happen. Katie smiled.. “mmmm yes, you know she loves that!”

I pushed my head in and then grasped Reagan’s hips. I pulled her slowly against me. “Ohhhh god!, Bury it!” she groaned. I was deep inside her. I took my time letting her enjoy every slow stroke. She attempted to keep pleasuring Katie but found it hard to keep giving attention.

Reagan was a curvy girl. Her 38DDs were an addiction of both Katie and I. But her round ass was also a source of my pleasure. Much like her pussy, Reagan’s ass fit me a glove.

I pushed just a little bit faster. Reagan began to orgasm, as she did her whole body shook. Her tight hole contracted on me and milked my cum from my dick. She moaned as she felt me spurt into her. “Yes love, fill me!”

I leaned in, kissed her neck again. “I love you!”

I stayed in her for a bit and then pulled out. My cum leaked from her ass. I laid back on the bed next to Katie.

Immediately Reagan took me in her mouth sucking the last drops of cum from my dick. Katie soon joined her in attempting to get me hard again.

I watched as they both worked their tongues and mouths on me. I watched Katie suddenly slide off the bed. Reagan eagerly took over sucking me on her own. Then suddenly she let out “oooooooh”. I realized Katie had went behind Reagan and was tonguing her ass to taste my cum.

While much of our love making was very slow and romantic, occasionally things got a little wild like this.

“Baby, he is hard again” Reagan said breathlessly.

“Thank you love!” Katie said as she scrambled on the bed. She climbed on me and Reagan guided my cock into Katie’s tight pussy.

Katie leaned forward and pressed her boobs in my face letting me suck on them. I tasted her motherly milk. Her breasts still were perfectly shaped even after pregnancy and months of milk production. Reagan crawled up and laid on the bed next to me. She leaned forward and sucked on Katie’s free nipple.

Katie held us against her as she made quiet expressions of pleasure. She slowly gyrated her hips on me.

I was in heaven. Katie and Reagan let me have a relationship with Rachel, Kristina, and Amy. They also let me have my weekly Tuesday playtime with whomever I wanted. But these two were absolute perfection.

Katie pulled back from us. She pulled her long hair back. She began to slide her tight Korean pussy on me.

She slowly rode me. Over and over her young body slid up and down.

Reagan was masturbating as she watched Katie expertly bring us over the edge.

Katie reached that edge first. Her wetness coated my shaft as she contracted tightly on me.

Reagan and I reached it about the same time. I came hard into my wife while Reagan thrashed with pleasure next to me.

Katie collapsed onto the bed.

“I love you so much!” she said as kissed me. We kissed for a couple of minutes before she broke away and kissed Reagan. “I love you to baby!”

We laid in bed until the alarm went off. I hated to wake up to alarms, but it was a weekday. Katie had class, the older kids had school, Reagan had work, and I had baby watching duties today.

Katie whispered “That was extremely naughty! I love our romantic love making, but this was a fun little diversion. I love you, forever!”

She got up from the bed and I watched her perfect little butt walk into the bathroom.

After we showered, we made small talk as we got ready for the day.

“Hey, any update on that girl that Mounika rescued?” Katie asked. “Is she still hiding out at motel?”

“Not sure, I had been staying away until Mounika says its all clear. I didn’t want to get anyone else into any more drama.”

“That’s too bad!” Reagan said. “I’m anxious to hear about sex with her is!”

“Me too!” Katie said excitedly. They both loved hearing about my Tuesday escapades. We would lay together and I would give them as much detail as possible. This would make them hornier and hornier until they couldn’t take it anymore. At that point we would make love and they would easily prove to me that there was nobody better than them.

We went down for breakfast and began our day.

I spent most of the day playing with the baby. That night we all watched the latest Disney+ movie as a family. Afterwards, we got all the kids ready for bed and then retired to our room.

We turned down the lights and enjoyed a night of passionate love making.

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