Sexual adventures with Emily and her family

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This is the first story of a series.

This happened many years ago, but I felt like sharing it with you guys. I was a single girl who was very comfortable with my sexuality. I was invited to stay with a college friend of mine (Emily) who lived in Los Angeles for a week during a summer. I had never been before, so it sounded like fun… plus, Emily was my main girl to call on when a guy wanted a threesome, or I just wanted a friend to join me on a slutty adventure… so I thought she might have invited me for a little threesome fun with her husband Bruce, who I hadn’t met, but based on his pictures I’d have no problem letting him fuck me.

Emily did let me know in advance that Bruce didn’t know about all of her sexual history, so I let her know I wouldn’t talk about anything unless she brought it up first… the last thing I was going to do was get her in trouble, but I was curious how much he did know… after all, Emily and I were quite the little sluts back in school, lol. She moved to California shortly after college and met Bruce soon after… and now almost 16 years later I’m about reunite and meet her family for the first time.

Emily met me at the airport with a smile and a big hug, and then took me out to lunch where we caught up with each other’s lives. She told me about Bruce and her two sons (Connor and Craig), her job as a real estate agent, and planned future vacations. I finally decided to break the ice and ask her “So what motivated you to invite me over after so long?”. She smiled at me and responded “of course I missed you, but I did have alternative motives…”. “Go on” I said in a playful tone. Emily, still smiling, shyly said “our sex life is… tame… and I was hoping you might be able to help me out”. I smiled back and said “you know I have your back… so what did you have in mind?”. Emily replied “I want an open relationship, but he is totally against it… I thought maybe with some baby steps he’d slowly get on board”. “So you miss getting fucked by new dicks?” I said jokingly, and she answered “yeah, I kind of do!… I love Bruce, but I miss the sexual excitement we used to have back in college… and I’d love to share sexual adventures with him”.

“I think I understand” I said “you want me to have a threesome with you guys and hope it might spark an interest in him too do more, right?”. Emily smiled and said “I would, but I don’t think he’d do it based on his hesitancy to explore the idea… so I told him that you and I had messed around before, and asked if he’d like to watch that… which he agreed he would”. “Of course he would” I said teasingly. “Bruce doesn’t know about all the guys we have fucked together… I mean he knows I wasn’t a virgin, but he has no ideas how many guys I have fucked…. anyway, would you be interested in letting him watch us play together?”. To be honest, I was flattered and turned on by the idea… but I was also hoping he would fuck me. My sex drive is extremely high, and I get overly horny if I go awhile without getting fucked.

I said “of course I would, you know me… but would you want me to try to fuck him, or are you not ready for that?” She laughed and said “if you could, that would be great… but I don’t see that happening… but it would be a great stepping stone toward us having the open relationship I want”. “I’ll see what I can do” I said with a smirk. Emily said “Bruce won’t be around a lot during the day due to work, but we have the nights to have some drinks and play around… thanks for helping me out”. I quickly replied “no need to thank me, it sounds fun!… I miss having sexual adventures with you!… does Bruce now about this?” Emily smiled at me and said “yeah… I told him that I would talk to you, and if you were interested, he could watch us fuck each other… he seemed excited by the idea”. I replied “I’m excited about it too” with a wink.

Emily took me to her home, and showed me around. It was a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house. The master bedroom had its own bathroom, and the other bathroom was for the boys and guests. She showed me where I’d be staying (the youngest sons room, while he stayed with his brother during my visit), and then took me to be introduced to her boys in Craig’s room. Emily walked in without knocking, which I thought was odd… but the boys didn’t seem to think anything about it, and introduced me to them. “Boys, this is Diana, the girl I was telling you about who is staying with us this week. Diana, this is my youngest Connor, and this is his brother Craig”. We exchanged pleasantries and Emily added “you probably won’t see much of these two. They stay in their rooms all the time on their computers, so outside of dinner we rarely see them… there’s just to much porn to watch and video games to play”. Craig looked at Emily with a shocked face and said “Mom! You’re embarrassing us”. Emily giggled and said “I’m only teasing… it’s no big deal, you’re at that age…”. Connor quickly cut her off saying “mom, please stop!”. We both chuckled as we left the room, letting them get back to their games.

I settled down in Connors room, where is be sleeping, while Emily started preparations for dinner. I started to unpack my clothes, but noticed that the drawers were all full with Connors clothes… but I did stumble upon what appeared to be a journal. I knew I should respect his privacy, but I’ve always been overly nosey and just couldn’t help myself. I skimmed through it, and it was actually really cute. He talked about discovering masturbation, and girls he had crushes on… a few tales of being mad at his parents or his brother… but what caught me off guard were the most recent posts. In those posts he discussed how he and his brother heard about my visit, checked me out online, and wanted to see me naked… and even how they planned on doing it. Apparently Craig’s closet was adjacent to the bathroom, and they hid peep holes so they could peer in. I had mixed reactions to finding out their plan… part of me was upset they would do that… but I couldn’t help but feel flattered and aroused that they wanted to see me naked, and even made plans to do it.

According to the notes there were three peepholes. One slightly above the sink, one in the shower, and one in the caulk around the tub. I decided to check it out myself, as I put the journal back and went to the restroom… and to their credit, they did a good job of not making it noticeable. I probably wouldn’t have saw them if I wasn’t looking for them, but sure enough there they were… and I wasn’t sure how to handle it. Should I say something to Emily, or to the boys? Should I just use the bathroom in Emily’s room to shower? Should I just ignore it and let them get their thrills? I understood they were just curious and running on raging hormones. I figured I’d wait, and decide how to handle it later, when I heard a voice…

“I can see her, she’s in front of the mirror” I heard a voice softly say on the other side of the wall. “Let me see” said the other voice, clearly not realizing I could hear them. I didn’t know what to do, so I freshened up my make up while I heard them say things like “I can’t wait to see those tits”, and “I bet she has a nice pussy”. Just hearing them made me horny, and knowing I was in control made it fun… but I snapped out of it, and walked out to see Emily, and try to get the little perverts out of my mind… but I knew I could always have fun teasing my body any time I wanted, and I’d have a captive audience.

Eventually Bruce came home and Emily introduced us to each other. He was taller than I expected, and quite the charmer…I knew he was looking forward to seeing Emily and I playing later, but I was still hoping to seduce him as well. I was already aroused knowing the boys wanted desperately to see me naked, and knowing I would soon be teasing Bruce with Emily. Bruce went to get the boys for dinner as I helped Emily set out the food and pour wine. We made small talk during dinner as I noticed both Bruce and the boys constantly checking me out. I acted like I didn’t notice, but I’m sure Emily noticed as well. The boys quickly ate and ran off to their room, and the three of us went to the living room with a bottle of tequila.

Emily broke the ice and said “So Bruce, I talked to Diana earlier… about our discussion we had about being a little more adventurous in the bedroom… and she said she would be happy to help us out.”. Bruce looked at me with a smile and asked “oh yeah?” To which Emily replied “isn’t that great?… you’ll get to watch us fuck each other” she said as she rubbed his upper thigh. I smiled at him and said “I hope you’re excited about it… I know I am”. Bruce smiled back at me and said “I’m extremely excited! To have two beautiful women playing in front of me… I feel like I won the lottery!”. Emily poured us all shots and did a toast “to pushing boundaries and to be experiences”. As soon as we finished the shot, she turned my head toward her and kissed me, slowly and sensually. She turned to Bruce and asked “did you like seeing that?”. Bruce nodded as she in turn kissed him the same way. I decided to pour more shots as they kissed and then handed them the shot glasses. They thanked me before I toasted “to naked fun with old friends and new friends” which got a laugh out of everyone before swallowing it down.

I suggested they went to their room and got started without me while I get cleaned up, and I’d join them once I was out of the shower. They smiled as they took the tequila to their room, and I went to my room to find some shorts and a shirt to change into after the shower. I was a little tipsy and extremely horny, and I knew that Connor and Craig would be watching me in the shower… and that was turning me on as well. I knocked on the boys door and Craig opened it slowly with a confused look? I asked him if either of them needed the bathroom before I showered, and he smiled and said “no, we’re ok”, to which i replied “ok, I just wanted to make sure. Sorry if I bothered you”. Craig was quick to say “no bother at all, I appreciate you asking”. I knew by asking, I’d be letting them know I was about to get naked… and they would be ready to watch, and I wanted them to see.

As soon as I entered the bathroom and closed the door, I could hear them talking to each other. “This is it, she’s about to take off her clothes!” “Let me see” “just wait your turn, we’ll both get to see her”. It was thrilling knowing they were watching, and they had no idea I knew. I started by taking off my pants, but I knew the sink counter in front of me was blocking most of the view below my waist… I’m sure if I’d back up away from the counter they’d be able to see, but I wanted to tease the little peeping Tom’s first. “She took off her pants… that’s it, keep going” “let me get a real quick look, just for a second!” “Fine, but just for a second!”… “I can’t wait to see those tits” “after me, now give it back…. here we go baby, take off that shirt”… knowing I was less than 3 feet in front of them, and hearing them tell me what to do… I could feel my pussy heat up. I took off my shirt as directed, and took some time looking at myself in the mirror.

“She’s just in her underwear now… come on baby, show me your titties”… I knew I was about to expose myself to Emily’s horny sons, and I started to hesitate knowing I should probably stop… but it was them peeking on me… I couldn’t help that it turned me on. Besides, what’s the harm in letting them have a little peek? It’s not like I’m going to fuck them… So I slowly reached behind my back and undid the clasp on my bra, and looked at myself in the mirror as I dropped the bra to the floor, allowing me the view of what they could see as my naked tits were exposed to them. “Yes! She has nice big nipples, damn she’s hot!” “Let me see, let me see…. wow, I’d love to suck those titties” “let me see again… I think she’s about to remove her panties, but I can’t see below her waist”. Hearing that reminded me I was to close, so I took a few steps back and dropped my panties as I looked at myself in the mirror to allow them time to take it all in.

“I can see her pussy, it’s shaved!” “Let me see!… my God, I’d do anything to fuck her!”. I turned to look at my ass in the mirror before turning on the shower and stepping in. As soon as I was in the shower I could hear them shuffling on the other side of the wall to look at me head on. I knew from the journal that there were at least two peepholes. One at the top of the tub, where it meet the wall… I could see the hole where the dug out the caulk to make it look like innocent tear and wear… But I wasn’t sure where the other hole was, but I knew I was being watched. I tried to act casual, looking around for the peepholes without making it obvious. “I can see her pussy from down here, but I can’t see higher. We should switch for a bit” “I would love to see more of her pussy!”. Hearing them talk about taking turns to crouch down to stare up between my legs… I had to have myself against the wall because I was getting overly aroused.

I looked at the shower caddy hanging from the shower head, and noticed a hole under the pipe for the shower head… and I saw an eye looking down at my body… I quickly looked away, wanted to avoid making eye contact. If they realized they had been caught, it would have been awkward for all of us, lol. “Let’s switch again!” “I wish I could see between her legs better” “maybe next time she’ll take a bath…” I knew what they wanted to see, but I couldn’t show anything without it being obvious. Maybe next time I would take a bath… but for now, I feel like they got enough of a look today… and I had a date with their parents, lol.

I made sure they got a good look as I dried myself off… even hanging my tits close to their peephole, which didn’t go unnoticed based on their comments. I slowly got dressed in shorts and a t-shirt (no need for a bra or panties) and I heard them give a disappointed moan as I walked out, and walked to Emily’s room. I gave a light knock, and then opened the door to find Bruce wearing shorts and going down on a nude Emily. He never looked up, Emily held his head while smiling at me, and I walked over and laid down next to her. It had been over a decade since I’d last seen her naked, and she still looking sexy as hell. We both have very similar body types, although her breasts are bigger, my nipples are wider and longer. I leaned in to kiss her as I rubbed her chest, and she passionately kissed me back in between deep breaths. I rubbed my leg up against Bruce as I lowered to suck and lick her nipples, trying to invite him to touch me… but it seemed he was too nervous just yet.

I said “Bruce, would you mind switching places with me? I’d love to taste your sexy wife… if that’s OK”. Bruce smiled at me and said “I think Emily would like that… be my guest”. I stood up and locked eyes with him as I removed my shirt so he could see my tits… the same tits his son’s were admiring not long before. Emily said “doesn’t she have great tits Bruce?”… I added “do you like them Bruce?… feel free to touch them, I don’t mind”. Bruce gave a smile as he looked me over, and I got between her legs. He laid next to her as they both looked down to watch me start licking Emily’s pussy. As I ran my tongue up her slit, I found it oddly comforting… like being reunited with an old friend. She still had the same landing strip that went down her whole pussy, just as I remembered. I pulled her slit apart and started slowly licking her clit. Emily moaned as I saw her start to tug his shorts down to pull out his cock, but he seemed hesitant to let her.

Emily looked at him and said “I want your cock in my mouth as she licks my pussy”. Bruce looked down at me as she fished his cock out and asked me “is that ok with you”. I smiled at him and said “I don’t have any limits tonight… I’m open to anything you guys want to do”. I wanted him to know he could do anything he wanted to me, and I wanted him to think about what he wanted to do to me. Emily looked at Bruce and said “See, I told you it’s OK… both of us are comfortable with this, so relax and have fun… no rules tonight”. With that I started eating her out again and saw Bruce cock spring out as Emily pulled his shorts down. It was obvious he was enjoying this, because he cock looked so hard that I thought I could see it throb.

“Mmmm, nice cock Bruce” I said as Emily leaned in to take him in her mouth. Emily always got a lot of praise for her dick sucking skills back in the day, and it didn’t look like she had lost that edge at all, as she worked her face up and down his dick. I shifted up between her legs so I could suck on her titties again and be closer to her face. Emily pulled his cock out of her mouth and started stroking him, and said “It’s your turn to suck him”. Bruce looked a bit shocked and asked her “I don’t know about this”. Emily nodded her head and said “I want to see your dick in her mouth… please?”. I knew Bruce was hesitant of going to far, as he has been hesitant about an open relationship with her… but I could see him looking at me while thinking about it, so I took a hold of his cock and said “we’re just having fun, it’s no big deal”… and with no further notice I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking his dick within inches of Emily’s face.

Bruce let out a moan and his knees buckled a little. Emily said “she went down on me, so it’s only fair she goes down on you too” as she ran her hands up his body, and then started licking around the base of his dick while it was in my mouth. I pulled it out and put it in her mouth, and then pulled it out and started sucking it again. We did that a few times and watched as Bruce would look down at us looking like he might cum any second. Emily slid down under me and started licking my nipples as I sucked him, and I felt her hand go down my shorts and start rubbing my pussy, as Bruce became more comfortable and guided my head up and down his cock with his hands. Emily said “Bruce, can you help me remove her shorts so I can play with her pussy?”. Without him saying anything he pulled his cock out of my mouth and walked up behind me, as Emily slid back up and started kissing me again.

As I felt his hands pull down on my shorts, Emily stopped kissing me and looked me in the eyes and said “thank you”. I smiled and said “my pleasure” as I felt my ass being exposed as my shorts were pulled down my legs, and I lifted each leg to allow access to take them off. As I put each leg down, I made sure they were spread so that he’d have a good look at my pussy. I left myself like that, wondering if he was going to play with my pussy… or lick it… or possible even just climb up and start fucking me.. I couldn’t wait to find out. I felt him lay down, and Emily started moaning. I looked back and he was eating her out again while looking up at my pussy. Maybe he just wanted to get a good look at it… probably a voyeur like his sons, lol. I reached down between my legs and started to spread my pussy open as I kissed Emily and then looked back as I rubbed my clit to see his eyes were still locked between my legs, which was just slightly out of touch of his face. I decided to push back toward his face a little bit, just to see how he’d react… I felt his nose touch my gaping hole as I started to speed up my fingers against my clit. He didn’t move, so I lowered my pussy down against Emily’s pussy, and I could barely feel a little bit of his tongue hit my pussy as it came off her clit. Emily looked at me and whispered “he’s staring daggers into your pussy while eating me out”. I smiled at her and whispered back “I know… I think he’s to nervous to touch me”.

Bruce noticed the whispering and playfully asked “what are you guys talking about?”. Emily without missing a beat said “Diana wants you to eat her pussy too… will you help her out?”. Bruce responded with “if that’s what you want” and then buried his tongue deep inside of me. I moaned “oh yes” as I started humping against his face, and he lashed his tongue all over my open cunt. I could feel Emily rubbing her clit as she kissed on my neck, and her husband explored my pussy while I was bent over in front of him… his hands spreading me open. I felt a finger slip in when Emily slid out from under me and told me to lay down on my back as she laid next to her husband between my legs. I spread my legs wide again, offering him his first frontal view of my pussy, and Emily started licking me as Bruce kissed my inner thigh and watched and then she moved allowing him to resume tongue fucking me while Emily smiled and remarked on how sexy it was to watch.

Emily suddenly got up and said “I’ll be right back… don’t stop! ” and went to the bathroom. Neither Bruce or I was prepared for us being alone, and I think it caught us both of guard. He looked up at me with a nervous look, so I pulled on him to guide him to lay next to me and asked him “are you having fun?”. It was obvious the answer before he said anything, as his dick was standing straight up. “This has been incredible” he muttered as I grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it. I leaned in and kissed him and he kissed me back… and it grew more and more passionate. Despite everything we’d done that night, I somehow felt that make out session to be the most intimate. Our hands were exploring each other’s bodies as our tongues dance with each other… we pressed hard against each other, and I could feel his cock pressing against my lower abdomen as he turned on top of me. We were still lost in our kiss as I felt his cock rubbing up between my legs, and then he slowly started thrusting toward my pussy. We weren’t lined up for penetration, but I could feel his cock slowly slide back and forth against my slit and clit. I knew he wasn’t trying to fuck me, he was just enjoying rubbing his cock up against my pussy and teasing me… but I was so fucking horny at that moment that I timed his next thrust forward, and moved so that my gaping entrance was in front of his cock… and before he realized what happened, he had penetrated me.

He froze once he realized he entered me, and looked down at me with a shocked look on his face… he looked toward the bathroom door, and then slowly pushed further inside me until he was fully in. I gave a little grunt and bit my lip as he froze again while looking again toward the bathroom. “Your cock feels good inside of my pussy, Bruce” I whispered as he slowly pulled back out and pushed back in again. He whispered to me “I know Emily is OK with this… but I think she might be upset that we went this far without her… maybe we should wait until she comes back”. And to be honest, he had a point. She probably would be fine with it, it’s what she wanted… but I’m sure she would rather be there to see it when it first happens. But I noticed he was still slowly fucking me, and even picking up the pace a little. He asked me “can we keep this part between us? I just don’t want to upset her unnecessarily”. Even as he was saying that, he was still fucking me. I said “Do you want me to suck your dick clean instead until she gets back?”. He picked up his pace more and said “wait until you hear the faucet in the bathroom… she always washes her hands for a couple minutes before leaving the bathroom”. I remembered that about her, she never left a bathroom without thourally washing her hands… and I guess Bruce decided to take advantage of that safety time. I just looked into his eyes and said “ok… fuck me then… fuck my slutty pussy until she gets back”.

He immediately grabbed my legs pining them up while he sat up and looked down on my tits bouncing as he thrust hard into me. I watched his gaze as it alternated between my face, my tits, and my pussy as he started fucking me like a piston. He looked at the bathroom door again and then pulled out and flipped me over so he could fuck me doggystyle, but as soon as he pushed back inside of me, we heard the faucet turn on. He froze for a second, stroked a couple more times and then pulled out. It all happened so quickly, in such a short window of time. He laid down next to me, and I climbed over his face and proceeded to 69 with him when Emily walked back in the room. She smiled as she walked in and said “I’m sorry, I had something in my eye and I didn’t want to spoil the mood… glad to see you’re still having fun!”. I smiled at her and said “your husband has a great cock and licks my pussy so good”. She laid her head next to me and grabbed his dick and started stroking it as she said “he’s a good fuck too… I’m sure you’ll find out soon. Right Bruce?”. Bruce hesitated for a second as we both looked at him, so I shook my pussy in his face and asked “would you like to fuck me Bruce?”. Bruce kind of hesitated and finally said “do you want me to fuck her?” to which Emily replied “yes, I want you to fuck both of us”. Shortly after that statement she got up and started climbing up over his cock. I still had my pussy in his face, so I just hovered over his mouth while she sat down on his dick and started riding him.

I watched as Bruce fucked his second pussy within 5 minutes, and started rubbing my clit as he spread me open to lick my hole. She grinded him and then laid back so that I could see his cock sliding in and out of her. Emily smiled as I watched and asked me “do you want to feel his cock thrusting inside your pussy?”. She started fucking him faster and rubbed her clit as I told her “yes, I want your husband to fuck me”. As soon as the words left my mouth I felt his grip tighten I saw his crotch lifting up, and I knew what was about to happen. Bruce grunted “I’m going to cum, I can’t stop” as Emily picked up the pace. I knew nothing was going to stop him from cuming now as reached back between my legs and inserted two fingers into my pussy in front of his face as he shot his load deep inside his wife. Emily smiled and said “that was an intense orgasm… it looked like you came really hard”. Bruce, through heavy breaths said “I couldn’t hold out any longer… this was so incredible!”.

I climbed off and watched as she lifted off of him and his cum ran down… he clearly shot a massive load. He was still laying back panting when Emily said “you didn’t even get to fuck Diana… I’m sorry Diana, we’ll have to do this again when he gets back from work in a couple days”. I looked at Bruce and said “do you promise to fuck me good when you get back?”.. Emily smiled as he said “I promise”. I said “good” and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. I then asked “do you guys have any attractive friends who will fuck me in the meantime… I’m really fucking horny” with a chuckle. Emily asked Bruce “which one of your friends would you pick, I’m sure a lot of them would be happy to”… Bruce said “take your pick, any of my single friends would jump at the chance, lol.”

Emily spoke up and said “how about Scott?”. Bruce thought about it for a second and said “of course he would… do you want his number? He works nights, so he’ll still be awake”. I said sure, sounds good. Bruce said “I’ll send it to Emily who can send it to you. I’m going to take a shower” as he walked to the bathroom naked with his phone. Once he was gone Emily told me “Scott is a ladies man. Not boyfriend material but I’ve heard he’s great in bed…”. “Oh really” I added, “sounds like someone you would have loved to fuck back in the day”. Emily smiled and said “I would jump at the chance if I was single. I always see him checking me out, and he flirts a lot, but I always blow him off… because of Bruce”. I said “well maybe if you have an open relationship like you aim for, he can Fuck you someday”. Emily rubbed her crotch and said “maybe… I am curious”. I heard her phone alert and she said “that’s Bruce, he must have sent Scott’s number… I’ll send it to your phone now”. I said “I guess I’ll go send him a message and crash out for the night”. Emily said “ok. I’ll be off tomorrow, so I can take you around and even to meet Scott if you work anything out”. I replied “thank you for everything Emily, it’s been really great to see you again!” “Thank you for everything Diana… this has been awesome”.

I went to bed and checked my phone, and Diana had sent me the number with a link to his Facebook so I could check him out. I did a quick look over his profile, and he was a good looking guy, I’d definitely fuck him. I sent him a message explaining I was friends with Bruce and Emily, and in from out of town, and that they told me they thought we should meet. I added my profile link so he could check me out. A few minutes later I received a message from him saying he thought I was “cute and sexy”, and he’d be happy to meet up with me. That was simple, I thought to myself… I told him I could ride over there with Emily sometime tomorrow, and he told me he looked forward to it. I put my phone away, put my shorts and shirt on, and fell asleep.

I was in deep sleep when I heard a light tapping sound. I was confused, trying to remember where I was, and It took me a minute to realize that someone was lightly knocking on the door. I said “come in?”, and the door slowly opened and Bruce came in. He quietly closed the door behind him and walked over to me saying he needed to talk to me. I rubbed my eyes and asked “what’s going on, what time is it?”. Bruce said “I’m sorry, I woke up an hour early so I could talk to you before I got ready for work… it’s almost 5 a.m… I just need to ask you something”. I sat up and said “ok… so what do you need to know?”… he looked upset and said “I couldn’t sleep because I was worried… did I cheat on my wife last night? Am I a bad husband?… I can’t stop thinking about everything that happened, and as much as I enjoyed it… I can’t help but shake the feeling I did something wrong”.

I patted my hand on the bed next to me, suggesting he should sit down next to me. “Bruce, I understand why you feel that way… but you didn’t do anything wrong. She wanted it to happen, we just decided to not say anything until she was there… but you didn’t cheat on her.” Bruce asked “then why do I feel like I have to keep it a secret?”. I answered “you don’t… you can tell her if you want, and she wouldn’t be mad… but like you said before, it would be more comfortable for her if she felt like she was there to witness us our first time”. Bruce said “I know you’re right, I guess I just couldn’t help but feel guilty”. I rubbed his arm and said “Do you want me to tell her tomorrow? Would that make you feel better?”. Bruce looked a little worried and said “no… I think I’ll just feel better after we fuck in front of her and it won’t feel like anything is hidden from her… we’ll just keep this between us”.

I smiled at him and said “I really enjoyed you fucking me… I just wish you could have finished inside of me… my clit is throbing just thinking about it”. He asked “is it really” with a heavy breath, and I replied feel for yourself as I pulled his hand under the waist band of my shorts… he slowly rubbed up against the top of my pussy and said “wow… it really is… I probably shouldn’t be touching you like this though”, and then pulled his hand away. I giggled a little and then moaned “don’t be silly… you had your cock slamming into me just hours ago, and we already established it was OK…”. Bruce started breathing a little heavy and said “I guess that’s true…”. I smiled and pulled the blanket up “lay down with me before you have to get ready for work”. Bruce hesitated a bit, I’m sure debating if it was OK or not… and to be honest, I wasn’t sure either… but I knew i wanted to get fucked. He then slowly got in the bed, and I wasted no time by giving him another intimate kiss. Once again it grew more and more passionate while our hands explored each other’s bodies,

We were slowly dry humping each other through our shorts as his hand slid up under my shirt to rub my breasts, as our tongues massaged each other… I started to pull down on his shorts, and felt his cock smack up against my leg as it got free, and then started pulling my shorts down as well, so that we were both bottomless. I broke our kiss so that I could remove my shirt, and he did the same while staring at my tits, and I immediately started to kiss him again. I reached down to stroke his cock and he gasped, and I started kissing his neck and chest. He rolled over on top of me, teasing my pussy with his cock stroking across it. Last time he did this, I adjusted myself to be penetrated… but this time, he lifted my leg, all while still kissing me, and he slowly slid inside of me. I let out a gasp as he started to slowly stroke inside of me, exploring the inside of my pussy with his bare cock as he started kissing my ear.

I asked him “you couldn’t stop thinking about my pussy, could you?” He moaned a bit and said “I couldn’t stop” as he thrusted harder into me. I kissed him again as he continued to fuck me harder and harder… I panted “you can Fuck me as hard as you like, anyway you want… I’m yours to use… I want you to use me like a slut”. He lifted up on to his knees and grabbed me by the waist to fuck me fast like a piston while looking down at me. I was barely able to talk as I said “you like.. looking at my body… while you use my cunt?… Can you see.. your cock… going inside… of my slutty pussy? He didn’t respond, he just grunted as he pulled me harder toward his dick. I notice him started to strain and thought he might cum… I said “you can cum inside of me, it’s safe”… he grunted and came to a sudden stop… I thought maybe he had cum, but he quickly turned me over and said “I’m not going to cum yet… not until I fuck you like this”… he pulled my waist up and gave my pussy a few licks before entering me doggystyle.

He didn’t go slow, or build up… no, he was ready to fuck me hard, as he started pounding inside of me again. I immediately felt an orgasm start building, and I reached between my legs to frantically rub my clit as he continued to fuck me like a machine. I looked back and saw him staring at my ass as he fucked me and I said “please don’t stop… I’m… going to… cum!”… and as the words left my mouth I felt my pussy start gushing around his cock as I had an intense orgasm. Bruce could obviously tell I had cum, and he told me “I’m going to cum… it’s safe to cum inside you?”. I said “yes.. it’s safe… use my pussy to cum in…” as he shot his load inside me. After a minute he laid down next to me and spooned me as he fondled my nipples and caught his breath.

I asked him “how long has it been since you’ve had sex with someone other than Emily?”. Bruce, still breathing a little heavy said “It’s been many years… before Craig was born”. I giggled and said “that sounds boring… have you guys never thought about adding new people into the bedroom before?” Bruce said “we’ve discussed it recently, which is why we did that last night… but I wasn’t sure it was a good idea”. I put his hand on my pussy, which was leaking cum and said “it seems like you might see things differently now… otherwise this would probably be considered cheating… right?”. He was quite for a bit and then said “I guess so… I guess I should talk to her more about it”. I kissed his cheek and said “I think that would be great for both of you”. He smiled, but looked a little nervous. I said “I think I’m done with you for now, I’m going to go back to sleep while you get ready for work”. He chuckled and said ok as he got out of bed and started getting dressed. I smiled at him and said “we’ll have more fun with Emily when you get back”. Bruce smiled and said “it’ll give me something to look forward to” as he walked toward the door. “Bruce” I said before he closed the door behind him “I’m still going to fuck your friend tomorrow”. He smiled at me as he closed the door, and I thought about the teasing and fucking I’d be doing tomorrow as I drifted back to sleep.

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