The Magic Sex Shop Chapter 2 Demonstrations

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This is the first choose your own adventure from Magical Sex Shop. Read that story as the first chapter and this will make more sense.

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This chapter was requested by FrenchKiss. I hope that you enjoy it.

I was already hard and ready to go try out my newly acquired condom, but before I could leave I heard the door bell of someone else entirety the shop. I broke the first rule of sex shop shopping. I glanced over not wanting to make eye contact with the other patron of the shop but couldn’t resist it.

A sexy red head with shoulder length hair, pouty red lips, and a body to kill complete with DD breasts, a narrow waist, and amazing ass had just walked in. What were the chances of seeing my girlfriend Ashley enter the same sex shop at the same time as me without us coordinating? She saw me too, but true to her nature instead of blushing she just smiled and made her way over to me and the counter lady.

“Hmm, getting groceries huh?” She smiles ass she says it.

“Only the necessaries, I promise.” I joke with her. We lean in for a quick kiss. “I guess that you were out looking for a new pair of shoes then?” We both chuckle.

“Hi, I’m Linda,” the counter lady introduced herself. “I run the establishment that the both of you have found your way into obviously by pure accident.” She smiles as well and extends a hand out to Ashley.

“Nice to meet you Linda, I’m Ashley.” Ashley looks around taking in the sights. “You have an amazing ***********ion here.”

“Well, I was just explaining to your boy friend that while we do have a huge ***********ion, what’s most amazing here is the functionality of all of our products. He’s already heard the schpeal, so why don’t we leave him to look around and I’ll explain our product lines to you?”

I could tell that Ashley was a bit taken back. I mean, we like sex and toys for sure so it’s not like we haven’t been in shops before. The weird part is that every other store you’d walk around find your toy, go up front, pay, get it in a bag and walk out. Maybe if the clerk was gun ho, then they’d test your toy with new batteries or let you feel a little sample of their latest lube, but that’s it. And here Linda is explaining everything and even giving demos. She was very..uh.. hands on.

“Uh, sure.” Ashley walks down the isles with Linda as they talk and eventually end up in the demonstration area behind the curtain. I couldn’t see what they were doing, but they were gone for quite a while. I was looking at items without really looking until Ashley walked back out kind of flushed.

I walked over to her and Linda to see if Ashley was believing any of this. “So what do you think?” I ask.

“Umm, yeah. This is a lot to take in. Linda has explained everything to me and has kind of propositioned me,” she explains. “You got to see the molds right?” I nodded. “Well, if we had a couple of molds made of us, then she’d give us a store credit. Actually a very large store credit. And an even bigger credit if we were to demo a few of the products to other customers.”

Rock hard! Ashley and I are both kind of exhibitionist. We’ve gone to several parking lots to get it on with the hopes that someone would catch an eye full. We’ve never had sex for an audience, but we’ve talked about it. “I think we should do it,” she continues. “And Linda has assured me that nobody who sees us will be anyone that we know, so there’s no way that it will come back to bite us.”

I could tell by the pitch of Ashley’s voice that she was aroused just talking about it. “How would this work?” I ask Linda.

“Well, the molds are actually very simple, it’s not even as hard as a Clone-Ur-Willy kit. You saw that all of our molds actually respond to stimulation?” I nodded. “Well that’s what sets them apart from any others so we’d need that same response in all of our molds. We do that in a two step process. One is 3D scanning the subject, the second is via observation during arousal to determine the subject’s true reaction to various stimulation.”

“So we get naked in front of a camera and then have sex in front of a camera?” And I’m losing how, I ask myself. “How do we make sure that you aren’t making a full porn and are going to sell our video where people that do know us can get a hold of it?”

“The cameras are all zoomed in on only the parts to be replicated. You could even review the material to make sure that your faces are never shown.”

Ashley speaks up, “I want to do it. Think about all of the people that would be fucking our body molds from here on out. It would be so hot. And look at everything here.” She gestured around. “We could make almost every fantasy happen in our own home with the store credit. Come on baby, we’ve talked about a lot of this and I know that it has to excite you at least some.”

Oh more than some. I was pitching more wood in my pants than there were trees left in the rainforest. But I couldn’t wrap my head around the catch. It was to good to be true. “Ok,” I tell Linda, “but if at any point we don’t want to go through with it, then we’re done.”

“Oh, of course.” Linda walks us through the demo room to another room behind that. Inside are so many cameras. “Strip,” she instructs us. I’m surprised by how quickly Ashley is out of her clothes. Good God, she is really into this. It takes me a few more hesitant minutes to get fully naked, but the smile and excitement Ashley displays is totally worth it.

“This is contouring liquid that will help the cameras detect all of the contours of your body. It’s going to feel like warm baby oil as you put it on. You’ll spread it from collar bone to knees just like a lotion not missing any spots. It will work just a bit like an aphrodisiac when put on erogenous zones. You will most likely feel hardening in this areas.”

Both of us take the bottle offered and begin lathering ourselves. I started at the top working down. The thin clear gel was very warm. As soon as it was applied the coolness of the room was eliminated and there was no chance of catching a chill. As I smeared it across my chest my nipples became erect and felt almost like someone was tracing them with their tongue. Ashley looked up with a smile as a small moan escaped me.

I flushed, but wasn’t embarrassed. Ashley has been the one to suck and lick on my nipples before, so that wasn’t weird and I’m quite sure that in Linda’s line of work she’s seen it all. I’ve never been a hairy guy, so I didn’t have to worry about the liquid matting any hair down. I even keep my pubes down to a simple happy trail. I figure if I don’t want a mouth full of hair while down on her, then she deserves the same effort from me so I keep my balls well shaved.

I’ve worked down to my hips and begin to stroke myself. My cock is almost immediately harder than it’s ever been before. The ridge of the head of my cock flares wide and I can feel each vein flex strongly against my hand. If I would have had this gel in high school then I never would have left my room. It’s simply amazing.

The weight of my heavy sack thumps forward and back as I catch a rhythm. I look over at Ashley who is deep inside of herself with two fingers and using two from her other hand on her clit. She’s moaning and building to a climax. Her eyes are rolled up tightly. I glance at Linda who has taken a seat watching both of us closely. A look of extreme satisfaction is plastered across her face.

Ashley cums in a waive crying out with moans. “Oh, very nice.” Linda says watching her private show. “You’re turn.” She looks at me expectingly. After watching Ashley and having Linda watch the both of us I’m already so close, but I don’t want to be done. “Don’t worry, the gel will keep you at height of pleasure until we finish. You’d be able to go several times with no break. But we do need to experience your reactions.”

I don’t even give a damn about the whole cloning thing at this point. I am needing to finish, and it only takes an extra second of work to get me there. I’m shooting cum a couple of feet in front of me, but Ashley closes the distance open mouthed catching it. I try to aim, but it’s a lost cause. I just keep on stroking knowingly coating her mouth and down her tits.

I open my eyes to see Ashley smearing a mix of my cum and the gel over her tits moaning as she plays with the lube pinching and teasing her nipples in circles. She’s breathing hard again as she has a smaller orgasm just from nipple play with the lube. As she comes down from her micro-orgasm Ashley stands up running her slick hand under her breasts and staring me in the eyes like she wants to eat me.

“You two are going to make amazing products.” Linda says. She sounds so far away as I can’t help but focus on Ashley and how badly I want to fuck her right now. I’m about to bend her over the table and fuck her when Linda voice reaches me again.

“Your back and back sides are the only parts left for this portion.” Ashley turns around offering her back to me and I begin to rub her down. My cock is so hard sliding against the small of her back due to our height differences. I cup her ass and grab. Then I run a couple of fingers between her cheeks splitting them apart for me. I go forward and dip them into her pussy before bringing them back to rim her ass hole.

Her breathing is very deep and I can hear the small moans escaping. I press a finger in with pressure slowly allowing her body to take me inside at her own rate. Soon she is fucking her ass by moving her hips forward and back riding my middle finger. I use my other hand to rub her clit and the two forms of simulation bring on one of her stronger orgasms. Her ass hole clamps down tightly on my finger locking it into place even as she continues thrusting her hips.

After a minute or two she loosens and I’m able to retrieve my finger. “And now your back and we’ll be set sir.” I look up at Linda, I’d forgotten she was even there. Her smile is held tightly but unmistakably coy.

Ashley turns into me kissing me deeply and then turns me around so that she can rub down my back. The warmth spreads beneath her hands across my shoulders and my lower back. Then Ashley begins rubbing my ass and massaging my balls from behind. With a gentle push on my shoulders she lowers my chest down into a padded leather table.

“It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to do this.” Ashley seductively whispers into my ear. I’m so caught up in her rubbing and playing with my balls that it takes me a second to realize that she’s also spread my cheeks and is massaging her way into my ass hole. We’ve experimented with this before, but it’s not even a semi-regular thing for us. But as she releases my balls and starts stroking my shaft she pushes forward embedding her finger inside of me.

The gel makes it an amazing experience and Ashley has her hand turned so that she can massage my prostate. Oh fuck. Her finger feels huge inside of me filling me all of the way beyond full, but in a wonderful way. I hear Linda say something, but her words don’t reach me. Ashley continues and picks up the pace slightly then begins pinching one of my nipples. My hips convulse as I begin cuming. My ejaculations are so strong that my hips are involuntarily thrusting back and forth impaling my ass on Ashley’s finger effectively fucking myself.

As Ashley pulls free of me I hear Linda chucking. “Oh fuck, that was great. Most women are incapable of an anal orgasm and most men won’t even try it. But both of you had an anal orgasm without a dick in your pussy and him without even a handjob. Both of you are going to be amazing products for the shop.”

Her words sink in slowly, but I also her previous statement starts to register. “Let go of his dick and see if you can make him cum just by finger fucking him.” And oh God, had she ever been able to. I can feel the cum all underneath me and on the table top. I’m actually laying in it now smearing it from my hips to my chest. There’s so much cum that I could have stared in my own one man bukkake show.

I finally raised myself up to look at the two women. Both of them had victorious looks on their faces for completely different reasons. Ashley had finally made me cum just from anal. Linda had gotten the show that she wanted. And for me, my cock was still hard thanks to that gel and I was ready to take Ashley to pound town.

“Alright, you two. Your exhibition is going to start soon. One of our biggest VIPs has made a request of which products they want reviewed, so you won’t get to pick tonight. The VIP is remote though and I know that you said you wanted discretion, so I’ll have you both wear masks so that even if our encryption was broken and someone else saw the video they wouldn’t know it was you two. And for our live audience that will be here to see, they’ll get to check out how well our masks work.”

Linda strutted out with Ashley and I following her. We went down one of the isles. Linda started handing things to us a we walked. “Don’t put anything on until I’ve had a chance to explain.” After all three of us were loaded down with stuff we made our way back to the room with our cloths and set the items down. There were wigs, bras, strapons, fishnets, and stuff that I didn’t recognize.

“Ashley, I’m guessing that you can fit a wig and do makeup right?”

“Of course,” Ashley said.

“Good. When your guests arrive I’ll have both of you out in front of them and then you’ll basically make a disguise for each of you. Now, just like the strapons will become a part of you until removed, the items that we picked up will do the same. Once on, you’re the only one that can take them off. The wig will become your hair, the face masks will be your face, a mustache becomes real. The fishnets will attach you to them. The idea with everything here is to make you and your partner become your fantasy.

“There is no halfway here. Whatever you put on becomes a part of the body until you remove it the same way you put it on. You don’t have to worry about accidently knocking it off though, intent to remove an article is something that goes a long way. Any questions so far?”

We both shook our heads. “So, the VIP requested that both of you give a demo with two of our items each. They’ll be laid out for you in the exercise room on one of these carts.” She gestured to a cart with a cloth covering like you’d expect to see in a movies hotel room service scene. She started putting the wigs and such on the cart.

“Head on in through that door and get comfortable. Our guests should be here any minute.”

We head out into a room with a bed in the middle and a row of chairs lining both sides of the bed. The mattress on the bed was a black leather the was soft to the touch, slick, and had a firm base to it. “Are you sure about this Ash?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah. How many videos have we made that we had to edit to hide who we are and then the only ones that we can share them with are strangers on the internet. And both of us have gotten off how many times just reading comments about people watching us, jerking off to us, and asking if they can join us? Linda already said that there won’t be anybody here that knows us. And she told me earlier, that anything that we demo is ours since they can’t reuse it and on top of that the store credit. I mean there is shit in this store that even we haven’t thought to try or to fantasize about yet.

“Besides, with the lube that she gave us both of us can get off dozens of times tonight and still keep on going. You and your amazing cock can already go three or four times in a night without this stuff, but even you need a break in between. Earlier I watched you cum, stay hard, and cum again right after. You’re still fucking hard. I’m still dripping wet horney. And we are going to fuck each other senseless with strangers watching us. Most likely a big group of pervs as pervy as we are.” She looked me in the eyes. “Are you up to it?”

“I’ll admit I’m a little weirded out by this entire night. I mean everything that Linda has said that her “products” can do is pretty out there. But I’m horney as fuck and I’m game if you are.”

“Oh, I’m game. And we are going to.” She came over and started kissing me as people started filling into the room. They were all dressed to the nines. I mean like black tie for the guys and evening dresses and diamonds for the ladies. Everything on them was custom cut and custom made. There were eight people that came in with four sitting in chairs on the left of the bed and four sitting in chairs to the right.

“Alright, it seems like everyone has arrived,” Linda said bringing the cart with the items she’d pulled from the shelves earlier to the end of the bed. “Tonight’s demonstration will cover a few things. The first being our line of makeup. Our female actress will be applying items for us to watch. Now it’s worth noting that she isn’t familiar at all with these products, so you’ll be able to see how easily they work.”

I sat on the edge of the bed as Ashley went to the cart to choose items. I couldn’t help but stare at her ass and think about how great it was going to be to start fucking her soon. As she bent over slightly I could see the glisten of her wet slit and my cock throbbed of its own accord.

“Also of notice, both of our actors have our patented sensory overload lube already applied. It was applied half an hour ago and as our male actor is able to demonstrate, the effects are still in full force. A single application can work for up to 5 hours or until both partners are fully satisfied.”

Everyone was now looking at my cock. The ladies and one male were all licking their lips ready to try me out for themselves. I looked back toward Ashley and a lady with bright green hair cut to a bob with overly fully dark green lips was walking to me. If I hadn’t seen the wig in the cart before then I would have been so lost. It wasn’t a wig anymore though. It was now Ashley’s hair. The lips though. Fuck, they looked perfect for wrapping around my cock. Even her eyebrows had been reshaped thinner and with a green hue to them.

“You like?” Ashley asked as she stopped in front of me. I nodded. She put a dark black wig over my blonde spiked hair. It itched instantly like something was crawling through my hair and then the sensation was gone. Next it felt like she put seran wrap over my face and the sticky weird feeling passed just as fast.

“You can tell how easily each piece is placed, the immediate effect, and how it becomes the new real,” Linda commented. “There is no wear off period, no worry of the item falling off. It is the real thing until removed.”

I reached up to feel my face and was shocked. My strong jaw line was more tapered now and less pronounced. The noise was straighter like before I had broken it in high school, and I suddenly had a slight 5 o’clock shadow.

“Can anyone recognize our actors as the people that were here when you walked in?” There were murmurs of no. “Alright, we will now begin the online portion and the main demonstration that everyone came to see.” Linda pulled another cart next to the first. “Can both of you place your respective strapons on?” She asked. We walked to the cart and both of us were excited.

Laying there was a huge 12 inch dick and a pocket pussy. The big dick had clear straps that would buckle around the waist and thighs. The pocket pussy looked kind of like a dildo on one end and a pussy on the other end where you’d typically insert batteries.

“Now our male model is going to put the strapon on over his dick. If you’ll notice the base looks like a pocket pussy and will slide over his cock with the buckles securing it into place.” I picked it up and slid it over my cock. The still slippery lube allowing me ready access. As I buckled it into place I could feel my cock grow. A felt a loud moan shudder through my body that kicked my head up to the sky. As I looked back down, the slightly darker cock was a part of me. There were no straps holding it on. There was no gap or ridge showing where I ended and it began. It was me.

“Now, if the lady is capable of wants to feel whichever cock her partner is wearing then she is able to do so in her normal form. However, if she is unable to our unwilling to accept the new cock, then she has the option of donning a pocket pussy. If you will,” she says turning her attention to Ashley, “please insert the pocket pussy.”

Ashley went to the edge of the bed and lifting her legs up began feeding the pocket pussy into herself. My new gigantic dick got even harder and thicker watching her stuff herself. “Now for tonight I’ve chosen the complementary pussy to go with this larger cock. She could have also gotten a tight virgin pussy that would have been a mix of a little pain with the pleasure. An even smaller one that would have made penatration almost impossible and quite painful, or an even bigger pussy. Some couples prefer a bit of humiliation in their sex lives and letting your partner know that even with the biggest of cocks they’ll never be able to satisfy you can be quite erotic.”

Ashley had just finished filling herself with her new pussy and the same as with my cock, her pussy was now a part of her. And it was finally time to fuck. I walked forward watching her experiment with fingering her new pussy and I began stroking my cock. It was at least twice as heavy as my cock and even walking was an adjustment with the larger balls hanging down. The extra girth made me feel even more powerful and made me want to fuck her that much more.

“Now ladies and gentleman, the real demonstration.” Linda announced in a sultry tone. Honestly everyone else was beginning to seem like a background fog. I had my prey in front of me and I was ready to take her. As I stepped between her spread and ready thighs I could see a slight worry about the size of my new cock on her face. I tapped it a couple of times on her pelvic bone showing off the weight of what she would soon be taking.

I slide the wide head between her lips coating myself in some of her juices. And then I began to slowly rock myself back and forth on her running from tip to base across her clit. Ashley lifted her hips exposing a very solid and erect clit out from under her hood to make direct contact with my shaft. Her eyes were beginning to gloss over wanting me and needing me inside of her.

I applied more of the sensitivity lube to my shaft and head making sure that the excess made its way down onto her clit and running into her slit. I applied more to her breasts making sure that they would be at the height of pleasure as I rolled a nipple between thumb and fore finger.

Then I backed up my hips and aligned the head of my cock with her entrance and slowly eased my way in. My cock glided inside, but I could tell that even with the pussy she had now that I was filling her. I pushed half of my cock in with one solid push.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed out in ecstasy. “That’s the biggest fucking cock I’ve ever had. Ahhhh,” I was pushing deeper, “oh God I don’t know if I can take it all.” I brought my chest down to hers slid my hands under her to cradle her while gripping her shoulders. This way I could thrust as fast and deep as I wanted and all that she’d be able to control was the angle of her hips.

I leaned down to her ear, “Are you ready to get pounded?” A simple mmmhhmm was all that she could muster. I slid back so that about half of my cock was out of her and drove deep inside of her bottoming out. I didn’t give her time to enjoy it adjust to my new size and instead set a steady rhythm of pulling out slowly and driving hard into her. “Do you like that big dick in you?” She whimpered something incoherent back, but it was a happy sound so I kept going.

“Do you like having everyone watch you get plowed?” I could feel her head shift as she looked toward the people watching on her side of the bed.

“Oh fuck. This is amazing.” I couldn’t tell who she said it to, me or one of the people watching us, but the next remark was for me. In a whispered voice right in my ear, “Give them a real show. Fuck me like the night in Vegas.” That’s all the inspiration I needed. I started fucking her hard and fast. I was slamming into her a hard as I could. My abs were going to hate me tomorrow, but tonight my cock and my girl’s pussy were loving my abs.

I was rabbit speed fucking her for her first orgasm. She cried out as I kept pounding her pussy. Each thrust was with all of the power that I could manage. She bit my neck at some point and I had claw marks going down my back, but I didn’t slow until I felt her waives of pleasure subside. I loosened my hold on her taking a nipple in my mouth and playing with her silver nipple ring while continuing to suck.

I shortened my strokes and increased the speed even more. Her wet pussy was gushing her cum out of her with every one of my thrusts inward. I felt her begin squeezing one of my nipples. The pain shot through me bringing out a moan from deep within. I unleashed a tide of cum inside of her pussy. It was such a powerful orgasm that it set her off again and I slid my cock free of her to let the last few shots coat our stomachs.

She slipped some onto a finger and began sucking on it as I rolled her to her knees and began fucking her from behind. Our cum mixed with the lube was so slick and warm that I was back inside of her in one deep thrust. I grasped her hips and began pulling her back to meet each one of my thrusts.

Every inch of cock that I had was being used to pound in and out of her. She was incredible taking every single bit. She was rocking her hips taking me even deeper wanting every inch of cock that I had. I reached one hand forward to grab her shoulder, but I ended up grabbing the back of her neck. I grasped tight to get more leverage and be able to pull her onto my cock each time that I thrust my hips forward. I noticed that some of her shorter green hair had gotten caught in my hand and was forcing her to stare toward the ceiling to prevent it pulling to hard.

“Ah, fuck yeah. Be rough! Use me. Use me to milk that big fucking cock of every bit of cum. Fill my pussy to the top.” Ah fuck. Ashley would sometimes talk dirty, but this was the most that I’d heard from her. And I never pulled her hair, but fuck she seemed to love it. I grabbed a handful of hair and kept on thrusting harder and harder. It was almost painful with how hard my balls were battering her clit with each forward thrust.

“I’m about to drop a huge load in that pussy. Are you ready for it?” I grunted squeezing my balls to give myself a few extra seconds before cuming.

“Ahhhh…. Ahhh, God!” She was cuming again. Her pussy tightening was too much. I couldn’t hold off anymore. I felt the head of my cock explode into her. I could feel my cum filling her more with each spurt from my balls. I pulled hard on her shoulders bringing her hand off the bed so that we were both upright and she was sitting down on my thighs and I impaled her even deeper.

I feverishly stroked her clit extending the height of her orgasm. I pinched her nipple hard bringing about another shout of ecstacy. As both of us began to come down from our high I ran my hand from nipple to hip and as it crossed her belly button I could feel my cock pressing outward. I put her hand in mine and guided it to that same place.

“Holy fuck. Nobody has ever been this deep inside of me. I can actually feel your cock in my belly button. ” She ran her hand along the bump for a few moments. I wished that I could feel her hand stroking me through her pussy, but honestly I was so spent that there was no reason for me to even be hard anymore let alone wanting to keep on fucking. But then again, her sexy body was wet, willing, and ready. What more did I need out of this woman to want to continue fucking her?

She leaned forward out of my arms and slid herself off of my cock and it came free with a wet sucking sound as my cum ran out of her. She turned on the bed and began licking me clean. She was sucking both of our cum off of my balls, then gliding her tongue up and down my shaft, and then her large soft lips wrapped around the head and she began taking my deep into her mouth.

“Ahhh fuck baby. That feels so damned good.” She’d done this to me before too keep me hard for another round, but that’s not what her intent here was. She was trying to finish me again. She wanted to see how many times she could get me off. And with her using that talented mouth I wasn’t going to last long.

I was seated on my own heels, so I was able to move my hips slightly to fuck her mouth, but I quickly found out that sitting like this I was also somewhat exposed. Two fingers pushed against my ass hole as she sucked me. And I didn’t slow the movement of my hips in time so that as I drew further out of her mouth and lowered myself I took her fingers inside of me.

The next time that I pushed into her mouth she moved her hand along with so that I she didn’t withdraw from me and the next stroke out of her mouth I took her fingers even deeper. The cunning woman was making me choose. Get deep throated while she fingers my ass or no head at all.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot.” I looked to my left and one of the women that had come to watch had a man’s hand down the front of her skirt, but that’s not what had caused her outburst. She was locked into what Ashley was doing to me. I sank further onto Ashley’s fingers. “Mmmmm.” The blonde and I made the noise at the same time, and the vibrations from Ashley’s throat that shot through my cock told me that she was making the same sound.

Ashley began to curl her fingers rubbing straight into my prostate. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum again.” I said.

“Oh God, do it. Fill her belly like you did her pussy.” The blonde next to me demanded. I couldn’t help but comply. I shot stream after stream of cum down Ashley’s throat. She deep throated me all the way to my stomach. I could feel her throat tense and relax as she swollowed every bit.

Ashley lifted her face from my cock and pulled her fingers free of my ass. An involuntary and unexpected shot of cum rocketed out a she withdrew hitting her on the chin. She rose up to face me scooping it in her two fingers and placing it in her mouth just seconds before kissing me. I could taste the salty of my cum still along with the sweetness of her own cum. I didn’t even mind. I wanted her however I could get her right now.

Linda’s voice broke through the sex fog before I could lay Ashley back and take her again, “You’ve all seen now how well this combination of cock, pussy, and lube work. You can tell that both of our demonstrators are very willing and capable of continuing, but I’m going to have them pause for just a few moments.”

I wanted to keep on fucking, but for whatever reason I also wanted to do a Linda instructed. I could tell Ashley was in the same boat, because where as a moment ago she was ready to jump me now she was holding still as well. “Now, as great as it would be to keep watching these two go at it like they have been until the end of time, we are here for product demonstrations. I think that the current products have been very well demonstrated, wouldn’t you all say?”

There were a chorus of agreements from all around us. Shit, I had all but forgotten everyone was there short of the blonde that had spoken up. Ashley pulled in closer to me as the same realization hit her. She moaned as she moved in closer. “Oh fuck, everyone just watched what we’ve done. And look at all of the disheveled cloths. I think that we must have given one hell of a show.” I couldn’t help but agree.

Skirts were hiked up, shirts were pulled free from pants, lipstick was smudged, one guys cock was still hanging out soft from were he’d obviously been finished, one woman was leaning toward us hands on knees with her dress pulled down baring her breasts for us to take in.

“They way that they look I think we were moments away from an all out orgy breaking out,” I whispered into Ashley’s ear.

“Oh fuck, don’t tease me with a good time,” was her reply.

“Before we move into another product demonstration, I want to point out that not each combination will work the same,” Linda continued over us. “This dick and vagina will continue having orgasms until each wearer is spent. Each one of these products also orgasms very quickly and very intensely, as you’ve seen.” She looked at us and winked as she spoke. “Other dicks here will only cum once and be done. Others will not cum so easily and will make both partners work very hard for an orgasm. And we also have a denial product line.”

Linda looked at us again. “If both of you will be so kind as to remove your current product at this time, we’ll make a quick demonstration before moving back to more fun items.” Ashley laid back on the bed and began looking at her pussy. I looked down at my cock. There were no straps, lines ect to remove my cock. I mean, it’s my cock. As I continued to look though, I saw the thin strap of the belt appear again. I pulled it free and my real cock slipped free of the larger strapon.

I felt tiny after having that huge beast on and I immediately wanted to put it back on, but I set it down on the cart and returned to the bed excited to try the next set of items out.

“For this part, I’d like two volunteers.” The blonde and her male companion were the first to raise their hands. They were rewarded with being beckoned forward. “Now go ahead and lay back on the bed,” Linda told me. With a bit of reluctance I did so. Linda spoke briefly with the blonde and her man and then with Ashley.

As Ashley went to the cart to put her pussy back the two volunteers grabbed hold of my hands and held me down to the bed. “What the fuck are you doing?” Both of them had placed all of their body weight on my wrists to keep me in place and I struggled against them as hard as I could.

“Oh, damn,” I heard Ashley say next to the cart. She picked up a small dildo like either a virgin or a first time anal user would buy. She brought it back to the bed.

I could feel my eyes going wide and my breath almost stopping. Ashley began forcing the tiny little 3 inch dick onto my cock. It was never going to fit. She kept pressing harder and harder. Fuck it felt like I was going into Ashley’s ass hole the first time. Then it was even tighter crushing my dick, but it was so warm and felt so good even though it hurt so fucking bad. I had to close my eyes as the pressure was so insanely intense.

“Oh God, it’s so cute,” the most terrifying words to ever leave Ashley’s mouth. I looked down. I had been wrong. There was no way that thing was 3 inches. It was maybe as long and wide as my pinky finger and it was standing so erect and hard that it looked like it would crack and break apart. The squeezing pain was all gone and all that remained was the slick lubed feeling of my erection. But it was so tiny.

“What the fuck is that?” I reached down as the two others released me. It really was tiny, but as soon as my fingers touched it my body lit off. I was already at almost full orgasm. My back arched of the bed and I expected a couple of drops to sprinkle out as I came.

“As he’ll quickly realize, this strapon is one of our more unique ones. While tiny so that the spouse can provide plenty of verbal humiliation about his inability to measure up, it also will not provide an orgasm for him. And he’s so very close to one as you can tell. This dick is one of our favorites in the denial product line. And as with any of our products whoever placed it on has to be the one to remove it.”

The world stopped! I looked down and began pulling, peeling back a corner, anything to get this thing off. No matter what I did, it was firmly in place. “Oh God, no. Please no, Ashley take it off. Please baby, please fucking take it off. I’ll do anything.”

“Oh yes, the denial toys also easily double into other fetishes as well. The wearer can easily be made to and will willingly barter into almost any other fetish to get out of this one. Some of our customers have used this to get agreement for pegging, first time horse play, and a number of other taboo things. Some customers have even just left a cheating spouse in this state long term.”

I felt like I was having a panic attack. My chest was tight. I couldn’t get enough breath. The world was seemingly distant.

“Promise me that for the rest of the night you’ll agree to anything I want to do and I’ll remove it.” Ashley’s voice was clear and demanding.

“Ok,” I said in a rush.

“Say it. Say that you’ll do anything that I want for the rest of the night.”

“I’ll do anything you want for the rest of the night as long a you take it off.”

I felt a small tug and then my cock felt like it had been released from a cage. I could feel it extending and growing back out. I reached down to feel it and was finally able to breathe fully again as I stroked my full length. I looked up and locked eyes with Ashley. Fuck, she looked so hot with that knowing look. She knew that she’d just broken me. She knew that for the rest of the night I would hold up my end and do anything that she wanted.

“Of course, with all things here, there is a balance. We also have similar denial options for the female wearer as well,” I heard Linda telling our audience. “Now, as promised we will get back to a bit more fun that I think everyone can enjoy. Ma’am,” Linda said directing her speech to Ashley, “I believe that there was a matching set of products that you’d inquired about earlier tonight in the store. How would you like to demonstrate that set for the audience?”

Ashley’s smile almost split her face in two. “Oh Linda, I would love to.” Ashley actually went over and hugged Linda before heading off into the store. I was still reeling from my very short denial experience and was only capable of feeling my balls, then cock, then balls again assuring myself that I was back. I couldn’t imagine not being able to cum again.

Ashley leapt back on the bed and leaned in for a deep passionate kiss. “Hands back above your head my love. You promised remember.” I took in a deep breath and let go of my balls trusting that I’d get them back soon enough. The blonde took hold of my wrists again.

I looked down my body as Ashley slid another cock sleeve over me. This one wasn’t quite a big as the first one that we’d tried out, but in no way as tiny as the Denier had been either. “Oh fuck,” it felt so good sliding on me. It was just a wet and tight as Ashley’s pussy ever was. I laid my head back down as I felt her begin to fuck me with it until it was all of the way on like the other two dicks had done.

The sensations continued though. Sliding up and down my cock. It was like she was using one of the pocket pussies to jerk me off. It felt so good. I finally looked down and was so confused. The girth of the cock sleeve was still there, but it was only about 4 inches long. And it was getting shorter. She was stroking the sleeve up and down me, but each down strike was longer than the up stroke so more of the sleeve was disapearing into my pelvis each time.

As the sleeve was to short now for her to palm Ashley turned her hand and began massaging her finger across and against the blunt end. “Oh my fucking God, that feels amazing.” I couldn’t explain the feeling. It was like after I’d cum and Ashley was stroking the head of my cock with my own cum except it was like she was playing with my warm cum on my cock before I’d even cum.

She kept on massaging and playing as the sleeve got shorter and shorter. I had a half second thought that I was becoming a eunuch with this cock sleeve, but the feeling was so amazing that I didn’t even fucking care. Oh God, I was going to cum again. Almost as soon as Ashley massaged the cock sleeve flush with my body I did cum.

My back arched again and I felt a wave of cum erupt free of me. “Of fuck I’m cuming again!” I didn’t even start to come down from the orgasm as I felt Ashley’s arms encircle my thighs from the back, then I felt her tongue as she lowered her head for more oral satisfaction! Oh fuck. She ran her tongue along the length of me. When she got to the top I felt her tongue flick across a white hot spot of nerves.

My body reacted. Since blondie was still holding my arms I wrapped my legs around Ashley’s back forcing her mouth back to my pleasure spot. I may have a little eunuch dick or whatever, but this one was going to let me cum. And cum I did. I could feel my cum running out of me and down the crack of my ass. It wasn’t goey thick cum like I normally produced though. It was almost water with how easily it was flowing.

And then I felt Ashley’s magical fingers. She pushed inside of my again. Fuck it felt amazing as she entered me for like the tenth time tonight. It was different though. My ass wasn’t nearly as tight. She didn’t have to go nearly as slow to allow me to adjust to her. She was actually hammering away at me already. Her fingers were flying in and out of me. Her mouth was still wrapped around my pleasure spot.

“Ahhh fuck. I can’t take it any longer! Ashley…. Fuck… Oh God!” I erupted again. This time it was like the plug on a tub had been pulled. A huge gush of cum shot out of me and soaked Ashley and the bed. “Oh my fucking God!” I’ve never came this hard. The entire world was exploding in front of me.

I could feel Ashley licking some of the cum off of me as I came back down to Earth. “Oh fuck baby. I really like this one,” Ashley announced as she slid up my body to kiss me. She had a clear cum all over her face as we began to kiss again. The salty was gone. I was expecting her to snow ball me with a ton of salty cum, but instead what I got was like watered down honey. It was still slick and sticky, but not nearly as thick as the cum she’d kissed me with earlier.

“Oh fuck, this is going to be fun. She moved off of my body and a soon as she was up blondie was leaning over me kissing me and licking some of the cum of my face that Ashley had transferred.

“You two are fucking amazing. God, I want the both of you,” the blonde told me. She went back to holding my arms as I looked up at Ashley. She had one hand pinching her nipple and the other was stroking her fat cock. Ahhhh… my mind stumbled for a second. Her cock… Her cock. Her cock!

Blondie released me and I sat up. Ashley and I had been talking about trying pegging, I mean that’s what had actually brought me to the store was shopping for a strap on that I thought I could take. But now I was going to get ass fucked for the first time in front of like 10 strangers? And this cock was way too big. It was at least 8 inches and thick a fuck? My ass was going to be bleeding really fucking quick.

“That’s too big baby. I, ahh, I can’t.”

“Oh honey, I know that you think it’s too big, but I just had three fingers in that tight little twat. I think you’ll be just fucking fine.” She was smiling as she stroked herself. Fuck, I said anything… I was going to take that big dick in my… in my tiny tight twat…that…. Fuck if my brain kept on stopping and stuttering like this I was going to become a vegetable.

It was a second or two that I watched Ashley giggling as she watched her words sink in on me. I swallowed hard before looking down. Yup, I now possess a very nice, tight, and dripping wet pussy. Oh what the fuck? I was going to end up in the hospital with a stroke after tonight.

I couldn’t bring myself to touch it, but just kept on staring. Ashley pushed me onto my back again and spread my legs this time. I was further surprised when her thighs lifted mine up off the bed and she slid under them. I was still expecting her to mount me to ride my cock as I felt the head of her cock line up with my pussy and edge just inside the lips.

“I’ve wanted this for so fucking long. Thank you for making it happen,” she said with a deep kiss. With a thrust she split me open.

“Oh fuck baby, oh fuck, God damned! Oh, fuck, you have to stop. Please baby, it’s too fucking big.” She already put in at least 10 inches when she slid back giving me a slight reprieve. And then she sent another foot of cock slamming into my intestines. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” I couldn’t even say anything as she was already sliding back slightly and slamming more cock inside. “Oh fuck baby, I can’t do this.” I was full and bursting. My insides were splitting apart. I could feel everything trying to rip and tear. “Baby, you can’t do this. I can’t… I can’t take this.”

She didn’t pull out again, but instead pushed further inside me until her hip touched mine. I felt her take a deep breathe and a she did her cock flinched inside of me. She gave me time to adjust to having a big cock inside of my brand new pussy and soon the sensationswent from pain, to a fullness, to a wettening pleasure.

“What did you ask earlier?” she said into my ear. “Are you ready to get pounded?” She giggled a bit. “Well baby, are YOU ready?” She sucked on my ear for a moment as she slid a fraction of her big cock out and back into me.

My body was actually beginning to adjust to the intrusion. I’d seen the massive amount of lube that she applied to me before getting started, but it hadn’t seemed like enough. Now that she was inside me though and going easy my body had stopped fully spasming and clenching even tighter on her dick. “I’m going to fuck you until you cream on my cock and I’m going to make you ask for more dick before we’re done here.” Ashley purred into my ear. “But for now, onto your first ever pounding.”

She pulled a couple of inches out and slammed back into me. It was like being hit over the head with a shovel. Everything else in the world stopped. No sounds and no movement could penetrate my world. I had felt the explosion in my stomach and could feel inside my pussy as her cock found rock bottom that time.

She reared back and gave it to me again. This time there was no pause after though. She just started pounding away. With my feet raised off the bed and being on my back I couldn’t slow her down. I couldn’t grab a hold anywhere. I could hear myself moaning/cooing as she ramed in and out of me repeatedly, but I could only focus on two things.

The ridge around the head of her cock was gloriously gliding against the walls of my tight little cunt. Oh fuck it felt fucking amazing. The second was Ashley’s words. “Oh God, I’ve dreamed about this all of my life. I’ve always wanted to try being the one with a big cock and plow away at a tight little pussy. Oh fuck baby, I love it when you make those little sounds. Oh God, I’m going to fill you with cum.”

Her cock was still railing away at me, but just hearing that she was going to cum had me going. My legs wrapped around her ass and I pulled her balls deep inside of me. As I started to cum I could feel my pussy latch down on her cock. She could barely move inside of me my pussy was so tight on her. And then I felt it. I felt a twitch, then a warm splash and then another as she began coating the inside of my pussy with her cum.

Her cock was balls deep inside of me and she was fucking cuming inside me! “Fuck baby, cum inside me. Fucking cum deep inside. Oh fuck, your dick feels fucking amazing. Fucking keep on cuming.” I hadn’t realized it, but my ass was up off the bed and I was fucking her cock from the bottom now.

Both of our orgasms broke and we both relaxed to the bed with her cock still hard inside of me. “Oh fuck baby, you just did it.”

“Did what?” I asked.

“Tell me how much you love cock, tell me that you want more, made me fill you up, and made my biggest fantasy come true.” She kisses me deeply. “Oh, and you did it while everyone watched.” I looked where she was looking. Everyone that had been watching except Linda was missing parts of their clothing. Most looked like they’d came very hard. Blondie had just released her companion from giving her head. Yeah, all of his clothes were still in place, but she was well taken care of. I giggled just a bit knowing that the Denier was going to be her choice of a purchase to use on him.

“As everyone can clearly see, the gender bender series is another huge hit. His and hers sizes are all changeable. You can make him understand what it’s like to lose your virginity to a fourteen inch monster or he can show her what it’s like to try pleasing a girl when you’re throwing a hotdog down a hallway, and everything in between.” Linda explained. “That does unfortunately wrap up this evening’s demonstrations, but we do typically have weekly showings. If you have any purchases that you need to make this evening I’ll be at the front counter soon.”

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