[Unity] Afflicted Demon Slayer [v0.1.17 Prototype] [Afflicted Mind]


Captured by one of the higher demons, you’re cursed to be demon’s plaything.
The life of the afflicted awaits you.

Thread Updated: 2022-05-03
Release Date: 2022-05-02
Developer: Afflicted Mind DiscordKo-fi
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.17 Prototype
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

2D Game, Animated, Combat, Female Protagonist, Rape, Fantasy, Monster, Side-scroller


1. Extract and run.


Pause Menu: Esc
Player Menu: Tab
Interact: E
Continue Dialogue: Z
Move: Arrow Key/WASD
Attack: C
Slide: L.Shift
Slide Attack: C while sliding
Map: M

Inventory is drag and drop operation. Drag item, spell, skill into its shortcut to use, drag the same item to each other to stack it.


v0.1.17 Changes:

– Add sounds, almost all of the game actions now have sound. There’re some left over but it will be added in later build.
– Change from move left only to able to move back and forth between zones.
– Add mini map system, opened zones will show up on the map. Will add more details later, only white boxes with names for now.
– Event change from trigger load into scene to flag system, you advance the story and NPC will move position or can open additional location, like Souls games, or like another RPGs in general.
– Add another questline to test looping flag, came with one small sexual content.
– Add bladder gage, there’re also some mechanics attach to it, you can find out what they are in the game.
– Some dialogue UI changes to support longer multiple choices.
– Add game over screen. And when it is game over, it will automatically manually load to the latest save spot.
– Add stains, animation that leave stains now actually leave stains.
– Add one type of trap.
– Add credit page.
– Add Linux build. There’s one person that can play it, so I added it back.

Known (and very annoying) bug
– Sex attack and stun attack can trigger at the same time, spawning two instances of players, if can’t wait it out need to reload.

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