[Unity] Alice in Cradle [v0.20a] [Hinayua]



Alchemist lady Noel runs around the 2D field
Fight monsters and get Ryona while making full use of magic​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-05
Release Date: 2020-10-10
Developer: Hinayua – FantiaTwitter
Censored: Yes
Version: 0.20a
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

2dcg, 2d game, animated, female protagonist, rape, platformer, monster, combat, fantasy, censored, japanese game


1. Extract and run.


20/11/09 (ver 0.09m-0.09n)
Fixed resolution bug. Fixed an issue with window resolution.
Was the item name or description in English? It’s a problem, but I couldn’t reproduce it, so I only adjusted it …

20/11/07 (ver 0.09l)
Fixed a fatal bug in healthy mode

20/11/06 (ver 0.09k)
including Chinese fansub. Really thanks to @rolling_badger, @Kirby_szsr
Fixed an issue where bursts couldn’t be shot when asked to enter an attack or magic button for rebagacha input.
Improved visibility of input display. Fixed a problem that the display tended to shift especially during rebagacha.
Other minor bug fixes.

20/10/25 JST21:00 (ver 0.09ij)
English version is released. Really thanks to @rn_dtm and Flanticia.
Fixed a questionable landing decision.
The drawing process has been reviewed to reduce the load relatively.
Fixed a problem that sometimes it didn’t fall when it was caught in the ceiling by a lift.
Fixed an issue where enemies wouldn’t walk to the left.
Minor bug fixes related to in-game file loading.
Fixed a problem that the treasure chest will not come out for the rest of your life if you go outside without taking the treasure chest after winning the battle in the battle area where the magic treasure chest appears.
Fixed an issue where items would disappear if the inventory was maxed out when opening the treasure chest.
Fixed an issue that tended to make landing on slopes strange.
Fixed an issue that was swaying while manipulating the fireball aim.
Fixed an issue where MP etc. did not recover when sitting on the bench with Bench Auto Save turned off. Also, fixed the problem that MP could not be recovered without cracks. (* MP recovery recovers to a value that does not cause depletion)
Fixed an issue where you would start from the beginning and return in the air if you couldn’t fight without saving.
Fixed a problem that magical power was bad even if it approached when this was low magical power.
Improved the flicker of some drawings when the FPS is lowered.
Improved the display of other unintended drawing effects.

20/10/18 20:00 (ver 0.09f-0.09h)
Fixed the problem that it doesn’t work well depending on the type of controller.
Various other minor bug fixes
Especially the UI side

20/10/18 (ver 0.09e)
Changed the position of the bookshelf so that it does not interfere with the wall that can break it
Fixed an issue where the recovery amount disappears when sitting on the bench after recovering cracks with ankh.
Fixed an issue where the gauge did not make a crisp sound when the gauge was damaged with cracks repaired by ankh or climax. (In this case, no hit stop will occur)
Fixed an issue where holding a spell once and then briefly pressing the spell key to fire it would turn all spells into energy balls.
Slime will now attack even when you are in Mushinuma, and if a slime attack hits, it will be discharged to the outside with a certain probability.
Added various differences such as a standing picture of Noel in a dirty state (you can optionally keep it clean)
Fixed an issue where BGM tended to stop during a fierce attack
Set a grace period of about 1.5 seconds after the egg discharge is decided. In addition, an abnormal state of “Incubation Lv2” that is automatically ejected when eggs are laid to the extent that depletion occurs has been added. This makes it easier to culminate in spawning.
Fixed so that the rebagacha becomes heavy when ovulating.
Corrected because I was urinating too much when I could not fight. If you want to see Noel-chan, who has a good reputation for urine pressure, please drink water.
Fixed so that Noel does not stand up until it reaches, spawns, or presses a key. I also tried to sigh
Fixed the maximum experience value calculation for climax from 100% to 200%.
Since it was difficult to understand the name of sensitive mode, we unified it with “healthy mode”.
Fixed the problem that when Noel reached even in the healthy mode, it turned into a female pig that exposed her boobs and lay down.
Fixed an issue where the aim would deviate if evaded while firing magic.
Fixed an issue where repaired cracks would not crack if Noel’s gauge was cracked to the maximum. Also, the cracks that have been repaired even in the climax are adjusted so that they crack slightly.
Fixed some issues with enemies being too close to the player.
Fixed a problem that the flight distance could be extended by hitting magic repeatedly during a dash jump.
The fonts aren’t embedded, and it’s really crap in every sense … It makes me feel like it’s a vulgar indie game just by looking at it … I’ve shown a UI made up of MS Gothic that really doesn’t allow existence at all. Fixed the problem that was …
Fixed an issue where a message such as “I was struck by an insect …” appears even though I was hit by slime. * It was a specification that the element that most pleased Noel-chan since I got it before was announced, but I limited this to the target who is currently committing
Weakened the vocalization limiter when fast-forwarding in the game
Other minor bug fixes

20/10/12 (ver 0.09d)

Fixed a bug where item screens are duplicated
Fixed the problem that the jump input changed to the direction ↑
Fixed a problem that you can go off the screen (I am trying to recover even if it falls)
Added tutorials on running, bursting, and shotguns.
Changed the running process when switching maps (when switching maps while running, running is stopped unless the direction input is entered all the time)
Fixed an issue where you couldn’t recover when jumping into a bug from a slope
Fixed an issue where the lock-on would shift in the bird cage
Fixed an issue where upward insect capture (currently only in the “Yutachi” area) is smooth
Fixed so that MP can be recovered to the extent that MP is not exhausted when sitting on the bench (* If the MP gauge is filled with eggs, it is currently clogged. Please jump into the insect and eject the egg.)
Fixed to increase HP damage when MP is exhausted and taken into insects
Fixed so that you can cancel the magic that you cast by pressing Z + X at the same time (* Noel will always inflict magical power due to damage if you are casting. If you dislike it, etc.) (* Burst When fired, the chanting is automatically interrupted.)
Changed the effect when holding (interrupted by punch, shield, avoidance) magic that is not fully charged.
I made a shotgun (weak attack with magical power) that is not fully charged.
Fixed an issue where coin relationships weren’t saved at all
Fixed an issue where the accumulated sound would shift to the left or right when running left or right while holding the magic.
Fixed an issue where you could slide when you were absent-minded
Fixed an issue where the bill was checked in the middle of the insect
Fixed to reverse day and night when the game is over
Added a bookshelf to the temporary general store. Enabled to reset sexual experience points

Points not to fix yet
If you are caught in a moving object on the map at the bottom right of the mushroom, you will continue to be caught and die (* Noel who is caught is bad.)
If you run and jump into an insect when you are not in battle in the Yudachi area, you will not be able to get out (* I think that only the insects at the bottom are an elite group)
In the current version, Noel-chan’s final form is blank only at the top of the magic tab.

Developer Notes:

Below are some tips on how to get around the battle.
If you run out of MPs during the battle and the plants aren’t resurrected, just hit the enemy with a light attack. You can take magical power from the enemy. (A lot of magical power can be obtained from the pollutant)
Since the power of a shotgun (holding a chant and hitting a wand) depends on the magic you are chanting, it is justice to hit each individual with an energy ball shotgun. Bomb shotguns will increase the chance of giving abnormal conditions.
When you are blown away, you can be passive by entering avoidance + move at the moment of landing
A few frames with evasion have invincible time
If you start chanting in the air, it will stay in the air (Forsamori Spect System) It may be good to use it to adjust the distance with the enemy

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