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This is the saga of Korvald, a viking scribe, and his alliance with a parasitic entity that answers to the name “Qhroth’un”.
History does not tell us that viking clans had scribes of their own. Their folklore is said to have been preserved through oral traditions exclusively, but this is not the truth. Many written sagas of the vikings were damaging to the reputation of royal families and expository to the church so these writings, along with their authors, were aggressively purged from existence.
Korvald’s is not a tale of heroism and justice, but of deceit and suffering provoked by powerful religious empires. His story begins as so many are ended. Family slain and taken from his now destroyed village, Korvald is branded as a heretic and condemned to death. Moments before the arrival of his executioner, Korvald is approached by Qhroth’un and an agreement is made that will change everything…​

Thread Updated: 2021-12-29
Release Date: 2022-7-4
Developer: Punching Donut Patreonitch.ioTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.0
OS: Windows
Language: English

2DCG, 2D Game, Side-scroller, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Adventure, Combat, Animated, Horror


1. Extract and run.












Major Changes:
– Artifacts are no longer usable but rather now have passive effects.
– Weapons (main hand and off hand) now require varying amounts of stamina/power per use.
– Combo points are now referred to as aggression and can be spent to deploy throws, slams, and ultimates (more on that below)
– Bows are no longer off hand items but are two handed weapons and don’t require collecting arrows to use.
– Overload transformations are temporarily absent from the game. They will return in a later update for specific events.
– Removed the artifacts “Stone of Delocation” and “Stone of Relocation”.
– Unlocking of waypoints (previously via the Stone of Relocation) will now occur automatically when walking over rift cracks.
– Korvalds private dimension (safe house) can now be accessed directly via the basement of Noraitha’s tavern.

New Stuff:
– Each boss in the game now has a small chance to drop powerful off hand items and some even rarer weapons.
– Most off hand weapons have hidden ultimate abilities. To use, have 5 aggression points saved and hold up + attack (previously used for artifacts).
– Swords, lances, spears, daggers and other thrustable weapons can now be used underwater.
– Several water based enemies added to the various bodies of water in the game.
– 1 new major arcana boss added below the cathedral
– 1 new ally/boss battle added near the roads outside of the Iron Abbey
– Mother Superior story events added
– Drinking contest added to tavern (requires having unlocked certain named allies)
– Tavern sex scenes added for Ingrid, Ester, Astrid, Jette, Qveen, Hrotsvitha, Zhedha and Nansi
– Extended intro sequence
– New title screen
– Many new easter eggs


– Added a new warning sign at the top of the troll area in the cliffs. Heed that warning you perverts!
– The “Seduce” option when talking to allies, will now trigger a brief dialog before taking them upstairs.
– The Beacon of Perversion artifact, when equipped, will allow you to seduce most allies in the tavern (provided they have a seduction scene available. I am working really hard to get the rest of them finished, please be patient!)
– Added new “x-ray” popup at the end of Haniel and Magda’s sex scenes.
– Revised the world map to include the actual location of the Dark Forest and also show Haniel’s sanctum when it becomes active.
– Updated Patron Saints listing inside of the safehouse.

– The ally option to “Spend the evening with me” (rogue-like “date” dungeon), has been temporarily removed. This feature will return in a big way in version 0.4.0.

– The objective “Find the Archbishop” will now go away when it is supposed to.
– Statues of Saint LeMond will now react properly with the artifact “Blessed Foot of Saint LeMond”.
– Switched door entry positions for the Prison->Cathedral Catacombs corridor.
– Fixed some glitching sprites around the troll caves.
– Fixed a crash that was occurring during the overload form.
– Fixed a bad texture in the tentacled spawnlings that are created from the Berkano rune.
– Crafting will now properly remove equipment items when they are used as ingredients.
– Breath is no longer reset when going through doors in underwater areas.
– Defense stat coefficient from armor has been reduced slightly.
– Noraitha’s dialog that sends you to locate Qveen has been updated to properly hint at the Dark Woods location.
– The event triggers in front of Qveen will no longer fire before you have defeated the archbishop.
– Amber Waves (Noraitha’s quest to locate Chel) will now only be available after you have located and defeated Magda in the cathedral.


– Added objective markers to the world map. These will point players towards the correct areas needed to advance the main storyline.
– Added ally context menus. Clicking on ally unit frames will open options to dismiss an ally if need be. Named allies will have added options to make them either aggressive in combat or passive and refrain from attacking enemies.

– Fixed an issue causing the player to continue to climb beyond the length of climbable ropes/chains.
– Fixed boss drops and world pickup items that continuously appear after you have already received them.
– Fixed an impassable area in the “date” dungeon.
– Fixed the boss battle in the “date” dungeon.
– Fixed a long running script that was causing game crashes when running in the background for too long.
– Fixed malfunctioning save slot buttons.
– Reduced the AoE damage from the Blessed Foot artifact.
– Reduced strength modifiers for allies, bringing their damage output down to reasonable levels.
– Fixed several incorrect lines of dialog.
– Fixed an issue causing item context menus to continuously expand.
– Added Brother Lyustus’ shop inventory to Hrotsvitha in the tavern, so that players do not lose access to his items even after recruiting him.


– Main menu and has been redesigned and is now also used on the title screen.
– New settings added for UI scaling and game difficulty.
– Crawl spaces will no longer prevent passage.
– Equipment pages are visible past page 1, also expanded max equipment capacity from 120 items to 240.
– Crafting weirdness (tooltips etc…) has been fixed.
– Enemy/Ally AI has been adjusted to prevent mindless jumping towards targets when it isn’t necessary.
– Flying enemies will now lose altitude when hit, making it easier to pursue them when they are trying to escape.
– Chel will now properly offer trade in the tavern (selling herbs and grains for ale mixing).

– Added one new story event.
– Mother Superior has entered the crucible!
– Chel Helbun has an updated monster form!
– Improved the combat damage texts.
– Improved the damage from thrown offhands.
– Fixed an issue preventing damage and urge buildup.
– Fixed the remaining Chel Helbun story scenes.


– The Overpower button is now the Flask button. Overpower button functionality (throwing) has been merged into the Interact button.
– The Artifact icon located on the player HUD has been replaced with the active drink contained in your flask.
– The Urge bar/ring has been repurposed to show artifact usage cooldown. Urge is now represented as a vertical vein growing through the health orb.
– Maximum urge is denoted by the health orb turning blue (get it? blue ball?)
– The Equipment tab has been moved into a sub category of the Inventory tab, more on this below.
– The Lore tab has been renamed to Journal, and now features several sub categories discussed below.
– The effects of the rune Thurisaz, have been moved to the rune Hagalaz. Thurisaz now has a completely new effect, more on this below.
NEW CHARACTER: CHEL HELBUN! (aka: Chel Hellbunny)
– The legendary adult cosplayer, Chel Hellbunny, has entered our universe as the new character Chel Helbun!
– After defeating the Archbishop, talking to Noraitha will reveal a new endeavor she is undertaking that requires you to search the deepest parts of the woods.
– During your search you will encounter this new potential ally.
– Changed the drinking horn artifact into it’s own equipment class, Flask.
– Added a new panel to the inventory tab showing flask slots.
– Flask slots can be loaded with multiple stacks of ale/elixir.
– Drinks can be taken from your flask by hitting the Flask button (previously overpower/throw), healing Korvald.
– Each different ale/elixir has it’s own alcohol strength which will affect the new Ale meter, reflecting how drunk Korvald currently is.
– When the ale meter is filled, Korvald’s tolerance will increase allowing a higher degree of drunkeness (up to 4 times the normal amount).
– The more drunk that Korvald becomes, the less pain he will feel (drastically increasing defenses). Drunk level will negatively affect his intelligence (elemental/rune/artifact damage) and slow his ability to regenerate focus (slide/dash/crash).
– Being drunk also reduces the amount of Urge that he will build up from damage. This will make it more difficult to have enough for corruptions, but will also allow his eldritch health regeneration to sustain more incoming damage.
– Lore has been changed to Journal, which has three subcategories.
— Insights: Korvalds observations on the enemies and NPC’s he kills/meets along the way.
— Recordings: Conversations/dialogs between Korvald and others.
— Discoveries: Crafting recipes that Korvald has stumbled upon.
– Inventory now has three subcategories
— Items: Anything that Korvald cannot wear, swing or throw.
— Equipment: Everything Korvald can wear, swing or throw.
— Keys: Do I need to explain this one?
– New inventory tool: Sorting. Items can now be sorted by specific criteria, ascending or descending.
– New inventory tool: Select/Destroy. You can now multi-select items for removal to make organisation a little bit simpler.
– East of the Iron Abbey you will find the perillous Cliffs. Lined with unstable rope bridges and crawling with horrible trolls.
– Just East the cliffs, lies a massive fortress. The Order of the Holy Crucible, home to the Sisters of Steel.
– In the deepest reaches of the Hjortvad forest, werewolves have taken up residency. Their dens lie just beneath the surface and are filled with danger.
– The tavern and the blacksmith have been redesigned, and are now explorable.
– Major Arcana: The Moon.
– Sisters of Steel Captain: Jette Damsgaard.
– Thurisaz: “Raise Your Horns”
— Major Effect: “Call upon the gods to fill me with mead. Immediately becoming as drunk as possible.”
— Minor Effect: “My flask will never run dry. When I have depleted my ale supply, my flask will always have little borrowed ale at the bottom.”
– Berkano: “Living Nightmare”
— Major Effect: “Channel essences of fertility into my polluted seed, immediately raising my urges to their maximum.”
— Minor Effect: “Active corrupted allies will randomly give birth to lesser void horrors.”
– Raidho: “Black Sunshine”
— Major Effect: “Summon the eldritch horse Svadilfari from the void, to carry me into battle.”
— Minor Effect: “Damage that I inflict while riding any horse is increased.”
– New main hand weapons, unique armor pieces, and armor sets.
– The Overload effect (maxed combo points) now causes Korvald to become invincible for the duration but be unable to attack on his own. Instead the overloaded void energy explodes from his body in a volley of heat seeking projectiles.
– New affliction type: Fear (Zhedha special only right now)


Redesigned the talents/skills section of the character menu. Talents now have a proper talent tree design.

Added 3 new talents to choose from.

Updated the intro sequence with some visual improvements and dialog changes.

All thrown off-hand weapons have improved trajectory/speed/effects.

While Kara is following you, she now has a super attack you can use when her power meter is full (hold up and press the off-hand attack).

If for any reason you finished Nerthus quest to the ocean bottom, returned to complete the dialog about Groth and ultimately did not recruit Ingrid Bjerg, she will now appear next to Nerthus where you can talk to and have her join you.

Added more visual improvements to boss fights.


– Fixed an issue causing items to vanish when unequipping them.

– Fixed issue preventing use of urge power while having an active corrupted ally.

– Fixed an issue preventing some artifacts from working properly.

– Fixed an issue preventing Kara from following you while rescuing her or walking her to the campsite.

– Fixed issues causing enemies and allies to walk in place for a few seconds when being attacked.


Expanded Story:

  • Archbishop Reignvoldt, Archangel Haniel and a few other new bosses are now available to battle.

New Features:

  • Quests. Visit Noraitha in her tavern to inquire about jobs you can take on for gold.
  • Companions. Combat friendlies have been overhauled! There are now three types…

1: Minions – These are weak and very temporary (an example is the zombies that you can raise when using the Lantern of Creation).

2: Corrupted – Any (non-boss) enemy that you “recruit” using your urges will fall into this category. These allies will stay with you until they die or are replaced.

3: Ally – These are unique, named characters that will stay by your side until dismissed. On death they will resurrect when you enter a different area. They will also increase in level with you. The more you use a particular ally the stronger they will become. There is also a new tab that will appear in your book, giving you access to their stats and the ability to equip them with special ally gear that can be found throughout the game world.

  • Missions. These are essentially quests that your allies can embark on while you are not actively utilizing them. Missions are a great way to find ally specific gear.

Newly Added:

  • UI sounds (button click, hover …etc).
  • Vertical scroll bars added to the settings and controller menus so that players can access the full list of options in each.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that was allowing players to fight the archbishop outside of the story progression.
  • Fixed a major bug in the dialog system that was impacting game saves as well as causing boss dialogs to become frozen.
  • Adjusted enemy blocking. When and how quickly they will block attacks is more randomized.
  • Corrupted allies will now show up properly in the new summoning shop at the tavern
  • Named allies will now be seated and accessible in the tavern
  • Fixed several areas around the Iron Abbey that were allowing players to fall through the world
  • Fixed the basement door in the Iron Abbey, you can no longer get soft locked into the room when the boss battle is inactive.
  • Fixed several dialogs that were finishing and exiting too quickly
  • You can now re-enter the Iron Abbey after defeating the Iron Mother, restoring access to dialogs with Sister Agatha. Olivina, Therese and Kara’s rooms will be locked however.
  • Fixed the dialog with Nerthus (Caverns) to properly offer a new dialog option after having visited the event on the ocean floor. NOTE: This final segment of conversation with Nerthus will lead to a new named ally joining your ranks.
  • Made some adjustments to rune ability damage. Big rune attacks will no longer rapidly destroy bosses but will do the damage they were intended to do.
  • Adjusted overpower attacks from Qhroth’un to now hit multiple enemies at once. It was feeling a little lackluster.
  • The new item comparison tooltip will now properly display equipped item stats.
  • Adjusted Hrotsvitha’s ranged attacks (flying books) to no longer push enemies off into the sunset.
  • Adjusted the global lighting in many stages. Allies and NPC’s were not being properly illuminated.
  • Fixed issue where dashing or jumping underwater would cause loss of control of the player.
  • Fixed issue with mounted horses causing loss of control of the player
  • Fixed issue with camera freezing in the prison reservoir
  • Fixed issue causing certain enemies to spam their death animations when executed
  • Fixed the levers in the cathedral library, they were not moving bookcases like they are supposed to.
  • Adjusted ally AI slightly to improve their ability to catch up to you when separated.
  • Fixed layering issues with tooltips
  • Added screen clamping to tooltips
  • Added comparison tooltip when looking at a piece of equipment that can replace something that you already have equipped.


New Stuff:
– Added Game controller support! The game should be able to detect and use nearly any controller that you have connected. NOTE: You will still need a mouse to click UI buttons or navigate the character menu. I will be adding full interface support in a later patch.
– Redesigned Maps! Now you have your world map like before but with new graphics and when you are in a dungeon (Prison, Cathedral …etc) a second draggable map will appear showing you the dungeon layout.
– Fast travel! Visit Noraitha at the Ribe tavern if you haven’t yet. Speaking to her for the first time will unlock a fast travel option that you can use from your world map to be instantly transported back to the tavern. Other locations will become available in future patches. NOTE: If you had already visited the tavern before this patch, you should already have the fast travel link activated. Just run your mouse over the Ribe icon on the world map.
– Fixed sound effect issues preventing weapon swing/hit sounds from playing their full duration or sometimes at all.
– More fixes for misc freezing during combat.
– Mounts now have sound effects
– Offhand items can now be found randomized like other gear.
– Added “Equip” and “Unequip” context options when clicking items in your inventory or equipped slots.
– NPC Dialog. Now the townsfolk you find walking around Ribe, the nuns wandering the halls of the Iron Abbey and the scribes in the cathedral library, can be interacted with for hints or idle chit-chat.

Some quick fixes:
– Fixed issue with equipped items disappearing.
– Fixed issue with enemy freezing during finishing moves, throws or combos.
– Boss re-summoning statues no longer require the artifact to engage.
– Thrown off-hand weapons will now work properly when crouching or jumping.
– Part 1 of 2: added full controller support. Next patch will include the UI to remap buttons.

Added the following graphics options:
– Full screen toggle
– Screen resolution selector
– Quality presets selector
– Texture quality selector
– VSync type selector


– New areas have been added even though their respective content will be coming in a later update. They are the Dark Woods, Gypsy Caravan (only one screen but will be an entire zone later on), and the Mountain Cliffs. These names are placeholders until I think of something better
– Many current zones have added mechanics. For example, the cathedral library has sliding bookcases that have to be moved to open the next screen, and the second bell tower now has ropes to allow climbing to it’s top (where you can find another new artifact)
– Most Rune skills have been revamped. Now they have a main use (ie casting with full runic energy) and a passive ability tied to each one.
– Rune stones can be found throughout the game world that can be read to learn new runes. Unless of course you already have them from previous versions of the game. Check your rune tab to see what you already have.
– Item drops are now randomized with quality and enchantment variations.
– All boss fights have been massively revised, and are now repeatable (with the exception of Magda for now) by using the new “Stone of Relocation” artifact. Each boss has an updated loot table with rare drops that can be farmed if you so choose.
– Virtually ALL dialogs have been updated and a shit load more have been added. This also includes cut scenes at certain points in the game. I am still trying to figure out ways to tell various parts of this story that will not break pace or add confusion.
– The ability to throw enemies is now tied to a combo/aggression meter. Successful blows will fill the meter. At 3/4 of a bar you can perform a throw, attempting a throw with a full bar will perform the choke slam (insta-kill). These do not work on most bosses however.
– All Iron Abbey quest lines can be completed now, up to and including the boss battle with Agatha and Iron Mother. Winning this fight rewards a brand new sex scene.
– After the Iron Abbey conclusion there are a few new story events that will set up the next content update (0.2.0) which I am hard at work on.


not available


– Destructible junk in various rooms. Pots, boxes and even coffins for your wrecking pleasure. These will drop little health/power/sanity refills and sometimes consumables.
– Storage rooms are working now, check each one out to find items or keys (note that most doors that require keys are unlocked by default for now.)
– Weapons can now be equipped in either (and both) hands. Attacking will alternate between each hand making each weapon combination unique.
– 2 new sets of armor added to the game, 5 new weapons. Next update I will have an armory room added so you can try out everything available while the game is still in alpha.
– Many bug fixes for enemies, particularly the horrors. NO MORE REPLICATION!
– Several new rooms added. Flooded Passage (will be important soon), and the forest road to the cathedral.
– Level 1-0 “The Beginning” now has a small tutorial of sorts to highlight combat techniques that may not be obvious.
– Some new music added for certain rooms. Also added some sound effects to the Kara Aven prison sex scenario. The other sex scenes will get sounds in the next update.
– Various visual effects added to liven up the action a bit.


– For now I have filled the player inventory with a selection of weapons and armor for you to try out.
– City of Ribe added just after the sewers.
– Kara Aven’s blacksmith shop added to Ribe. (Sex only for now, buying and selling items are coming soon)
– Sister of Iron guarding the Ribe exit will not let you pass (but has a nice consolation prize)
– Storage rooms added to secret path in the sewers (empty rooms for now but will contain loot and plot items soon)
– Reworked 2 enemies into new “infected” enemy types. These enemies will transform after being killed once. Killing them again will put an end to the nightmare.



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