[Unity] Breed Laboratory [v0.21.1] [Moeymoey]



A 3rd Person game, inspired by games like “Escape from the Giant Insect Lab” and “Silent Hill” where you have to find your way out of a laboratory filled with lewd creatures.​

Thread Updated: 2022-07-21
Release Date: 2022-09-19
Developer: Moeymoey – Itch.ioSubscribestarDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.21.1
OS: Windows
Language: English

3D Game, Female protagonist, Horror, Monster


1. Extract and run.



  • Fixed the hole in the Dark Tunnel
  • Pillar in Second Main Hall is no longer intractable
  • Huggers won’t follow you inside the Main Hall in Level 1 anymore
  • Lickers should not run through doors anymore
  • Mayu (The blue haired girl) got an extra dialogue if you did not talked to her inside the cell
  • Huggers in the right Tunnel disappear when the Lickers spawn
  • When pregnant, belly grows now when you load the game instead of restarting the growth
  • Distorted Level 1. Door to the snake room should now stay closed
  • Sane Scientist: His check on your H-Level and Progress should now work as intended
  • Sane Scientist: Sudden appearance fixed
  • Sane Scientist: Changed his appearance (Material/Shader)
  • Removed the big item chest in the storage Lurker area Level 2 (It was a Debug item)
  • Red Light disappear now correctly when the door to the Dream Area is closed


  • (Maybe) fixed Huggers x Wolf turn orders
  • (Maybe) Fixed Impregnator mount issues
  • Birth: Slug has now a 30% impregnation chance

an introduction of a new Character. Meet Mayu in the Lab :>. She only has a brief appearance in this version but will be part of the Breed Laboratory Lore in the upcoming updates. Also in addition the Impregnator has a new H-Animation.

The main updates:

  • Endless H-Scene on Game-Over
  • Birth Scene
  • Mantis Boss Battle

Other updates:

  • Shooting System improved visually
  • Brightness Option
  • Enemies with a vision range now detect you when you are close behind them
  • Pink Screen effects / Heartbeat
  • some minor bugfixes


Hey Folks,

Breed Laboratory Level 1 Update should now be in a playable state.

I’ll start counting from now on. So this version is v.0.10 The Version with Level 1 + 2 will be v.0.15 and the final State of the Game as “Learning Project” will be v.0.30


  • Animation adjustments (Idle, Run and most Sex Scenes)
  • Controls (Right Mouse Hold Shooting Mode, Left Mouse Click Shoot)
  • Camera
  • H-Balance
  • Cloth (Panties)
  • Breed Perk on Wolf (Gain Power)
  • Ambient Sound (Smooth transitions)
  • Rewrote Scientist Notes (Will probably rewrite them again)


  • Different Color Basic Panties
  • Save System
  • Hint Note for the Wolf (Necessary to acquire the Breed Perk)
  • Permanent Willpower Buff Collectables.
  • New Menu Options: Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, Continue
  • Struggle Sound


  • Yes, some…

Known Issues:

  • Shooting between doors is causing projectile collision issues
  • Animation issues might occur – Restarting the Game from Game Over or End Screen does not clean up the progress fully
  • Pausing seems not to stop everything
  • I appreciate every feedback and bugreport

Level 1
Changed Camera movement when switching into shooting-mode
Tool-tips for stats and items.
Basic Tutorial in the starting area and better explanations on what to do.
Reworked Enemy behaviour, some are slowing down for a short time after an attack.
Overall H-Scene balance. Insertion time is now based on Heroines Lust-State. Some enemies tease, until your lust reaches a certain Level, then they insert. Double Struggle Damage During the tease state on some enemies.
Willpower debuff after an orgasm is now better visible.
Less camera glitches and improved interactions.
Press “U” to undress one peace of cloth, you can do it until you are naked (Note: if inventory is full the undressed cloth will get destroyed).
ID-Cards are now better visible.

Known Issues:

Performance drops after activating the generator
Restarting the game from Game Over or Thanks You Screen does not clean up the progress fully
Shooting collision issues.

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