[Unity] Delivery Pilot Dreams and Debts [v0.5] [Acac]



She’s a private pilot for hire. But she also has a massive debt. Help her clear her debt and become a free woman.

Delivery Pilot is a reverse dating-sim, where the protagonist must offer lewd favours to build relationships and thus make money. Each week, she has to repay part of her loan, and amount grows each time. Can she make money fast enough to clear her debt?

Thread Updated: 2022-07-29
Release Date: 2022-07-29
Developer: AcacGames – NewGroundsItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.5
OS: Windows
Language: English

2D game, 2DCG, Science Fiction, Female protagonist, Sexual harassment, Groping, Reverse Dating-Sim


1. Extract and run.


Version 0.5:

  1. Added a new Doll. Currently, it only has 1 view, but we will add 2 more over time. Also, the “Flip” button is now relabeled as “Switch”. In addition to changing between different views, it will also show the main character with and without her outer layer of clothing.
  2. Rewrote the Cargo bay scenes and included 2 new silhouettes. Please let me know what you think of this writing style!
  3. Added a confirmation check, when ending the early by having enough credits to pay off the debt. Now if you click on the button by accident, you can still go back by saying ‘no’.
  4. Added text to the ‘self’ section in the main menu, which shows your total incomes for the last few weeks, and your best week. This can help you judge if you are keeping up with debt payments.
  5. Rebalanced the harassment chance, such that officer personalities don’t impact it as much (down from 3% base to 2% base).
  6. Updated some obligation text, to reflect the new doll art.
  7. Updated some morning scene text too, to generally make them less dark.
  8. Added extra weight to makeup obligations, so they are a bit more likely to occur.
  9. Nerfed base pay for missions from 1,000 to 800, to see if it’s more fun or not. I played up to day 100 on medium, and it felt challenging but exciting. I’m willing to update this again if it is too hard, though.

Version 0.4:

  1. Added a morning scene, where the main character feels ogled by the people around her. This event will get worse as the main character picks up more obligations on a station. This acts as an extra sink for morale, making it harder to balance income against keeping morale up.
  2. Added the ability to finish the game early, if you have enough credits to pay off the remaining debt.
  3. Added a new mechanism to calculate if a scene will occur. The chance of harassment occurring will depend on the personalities of the officers on that station, and also what obligations are on that station. A panel will explain on each station how this chance is calculated. The result is that some stations is more harassment prone than others, and a station becomes more harassment prone as new obligations are picked up there.
  4. Added extra weight to late game obligations, so that they are more likely to appear (if requirements are met).
  5. Tidied up how the station page shows you what obligations are on that station.

Version 0.3:

  1. Bug Fix: If 2 obligations apply to the same slot, then the lesser obligation was applied, instead of the greater one.
  2. Game Balance: The subordinate bonus only looks 1 rank down, instead of all the way down. This makes the colonel and general rank payout to be smaller.
  3. Game Balance: Relationship levels 3 and above only take 3 relationship points to level up. This will let the main character build a relationship with an officer faster.
  4. UI: When an officer offers an obligation, the player will be notified if the obligation can be re-rolled, or not.
  5. UI: Added a skip button for the story segments. This should make the game flow much faster.
  6. UI: The officer and station information panels will now give the player more information about officers. In particular, the panels will now state an officer or subordinate’s personality, and also state if the officer can offer jobs or not.

Version 0.2:

  1. Added morning scenes in the first few days, to help explain the gameplay.
  2. Added a new bonus system, which add more strategy and thought to the game.
  3. Added difficulty levels, which impact how often officers have missions and how much time you have to repay the debt.
  4. Displayed morale cost for missions.
  5. Displayed officer personalities, which impact missions, obligations and events.
  6. Unlocked almost all obligations for the main character’s outfit. The new obligations require a relationship level of 3 or 5 (or above).
  7. Added a new sci-fi themed UI and some sound effects.
  8. Added an option and panel to break down how a mission’s pay is calculated.
  9. Added some shortcuts, such as when you enter the plane with a mission, the game will take you straight to the cargo bay.

Note: There is a bug in 0.2, where if you have two obligations for the same slot, the game displays the lesser obligation, not the greater one. It’s not game breaking, but definitely un-fun. I plan to fix it for 0.3.

Version 0.1

  1. Basic gameplay complete.
  2. Roughly 9 short scenes (3 cargo room, 5 officer, 1 date).

Developer’s Notes:

Check out more of MutantPrawn‘s artwork here! (NSFW)

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