[Unity] Dorm Mother & Magic [v1.0.1] [MaerchenByte]




You, as an undead, have been hired as a dorm mother for these four mages! For 30 Days!
It’s time to move out of your captive dimension cell and help out around the dorm! It’s really messed up!
And while at it, you could also return to your former strength … if you ever were …
It’s been … hundreds of years and memories, changes, over time. Doesn’t it?​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-03
Release Date: 2022-05-03
Developer: Name – Patreon TwitterItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voiced: Japanese

3d game, animated, male protagonist, monster, big ass, big tits, voiced, bukkake, exhibitionism, fellatio, sex toys, vaginal sex, combat, sandbox, masturbation, voyeurism, harem, oral sex, management, rpg, creampie,


1. Extract and run.


Note: Don’t forget to drag & drop your old savefiles into the new build!
About your Savefiles.txt inside this .rar will tell you more.

1. Custom NewGame+: Now you can carry any Day 29+ savefile progress over for your new game. You can specify what you want to carry over.
2. Guide for how to progress.
3. Action Point (AP) economy: AP gets now only consumed if player had success at work. Every new time skip recovers +1AP.
4. Work rewards are changed.
5. Quick Menu accessable with Keyboard keys (ESC, Left Ctrl, Return and Num Enter) for computer mice that don’t have a MMB.
6. Yes-No question if you want to skip cutscene before one plays out.
7. Increased Player Name length from 8 up to 16.

Bugs fixed:
1. Camera problem resulting in player moving in wrong direction after spinning camera wildly around for a while or when entering a room while camera either looks up from near ground or down from above player.
2. Player auto time-skipped when doing work while having 0 action points/losing all action points.
3. Small portion of Lust never got added after each time skip.
4. Items not applying it’s effect correctly.
5. Wrong amount of Lust points are given when begging/coaxing.
6. Losing an AP when failing a coax request.
7. Opening Quick Menu while running result in player just running away out of sight
8. Can’t switch selection of what to interact between closet, mage & work if they’re close to each other.
9. Walking through fish tanks.
10. Giving gifts didn’t consume AP as it said.
11. Word Buff Item didn’t work as intended.
12. Various minor things

Early Access build v1.0.0
Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Every romantic and sexual relationship you have
with each resident is a secret!
Beware to not get caught red handed by other residents!
Or else you’ll meet an early bad end!
You want to build an harem with the mages ? You can!
Very possible. Also, do you see the affection bars ?
Each affection milestone is soft locked by a “quest”.
Complete it to raise affection beyond that and
to get to know her better!

Go around the dorm and do the work of a dorm mother!
You’ll gain essence points that can be used as mana to get
stronger and have an easier time in other aspects.
And while at it, you can have consensual sex by begging!
Ask the girl for sexual favors on the spot, ranging from
‘Kiss me’ to ‘Suck my dick’ and ‘Let’s do it doggystyle’.
Beware of bystanders! Unless … if you’ve build an harem …

If you feel strong enough, you can ask a mage for a duel.
Test your magical capabilities to your heart’s and dick’s content!
The Real-Time-Strategy rules will serve you as a way for both,
magical, challanging combat and magical, consensual sexual mischief!

By converting your essence to mana, you can unlock
a range of skills that serve in various categories.
Learn about ways to restrain your opponent in a duel for … reasons.
Learn various ways of begging for … more … reasons.
Learn how to do ‘those reasons’ while she is asleep for … even more reasons.
Learn how to lockpick the toilet door for so many, many more reasons!
… or learn skills to become a better dorm mother …

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