[Unity] Heat [v0.3.9.0] [Edef]



Welcome to Heat! An immersive adult video game featuring anthro characters. We focus on having detailed character interactions in a variety of fun scenarios, supporting both VR (through SteamVR) and traditional (2D) screens! (Although 2D mode is still experimental currently)​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-22
Release Date: 2022-06-18
Developer: EdefPatreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English

Furry, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Handjob, 3D Game, Virtual Reality, Spanking, Sex Toys, Anal Sex


1. Extract
2. Install the crack
3. Run




  • watersports with it’s various options added to kinks menu
  • fix cum appearance that got broken ages ago
  • tails will stiffen at the base now when grabbed and let go
  • radial menu should scale with player now
  • makers will only paint when held now
  • change default hand pose a bit
  • fix marina dick colliders
  • fix penetrable on glory hole dicks
  • add keep erect button to radial. Don’t leave it on for more than 4 hours or they’ll have to call their doctor
  • optimize Emmy, Atlas, Hera, and Riley colliders
  • Atlas’ keep floppy will still allow him to cum now
  • fix issue where character physics wouldn’t generate properly
  • add climax button to radial
  • add mouth open toggle to radial
  • add colliders to toilet lid in glory holes
  • improve radial spacing menu with many items


  • Entirely new hand engine that has left us husks of our former selves
  • Fixed Atlas jog pose monstrosity

  • Marina boop!
  • Spank tools and redness
  • Character thrusting in radial menu! (this breaks previously saved poses)
  • Marina jog and BJ poses
  • Added locations to main menu cause too many people miss the door handle
  • Pose numbers should be more consistent across characters, like pose 3 will always be the animated pose
  • Refactored some auth code to not use ancient tech (lemme know if there’s any auth trouble)
  • Add 10hz limit to irl toy updates
  • Duo poses should no longer have synced breathing
  • Fix character’s elbows and knees moving funny when posing in pose 2
  • Increased max speed for animated poses
  • Removed unused code
  • Updated Marina’s collision to respect her chub slider
  • Blocked loading of poses immediately after entering a scene whilst things are still loading
  • Fixed marina againstwall pose jitter
  • Refactor character mouths
  • Fix gloryhole character thrusts
  • Fixed bottom UI hint text loop properly
  • Made boobies teleportable
  • Adjust Marina and Gym UI colours
  • Fixed open mouth radial option

  • Add IRL toys submenu that lists connected toys and has some options
  • Add pose saving functionality and it’s respective menu
  • Added ability to move knees and elbows and upper back
  • Added a laser to show where the player can grab and move the character when their hand is near a grab point
  • Add Atlas/Emmy duo climax
  • Add gape kink feature. Spread em wide!
  • Greatly improve how character sucking looks on Riley
  • Partially improve character sucking for all other chars. They will receive Riley’s new system in the near future.
  • Add submenus for kinks
  • Add Atlas leather harness accessory, still needs some work in some poses
  • Greatly improve the sucking animation in Riley/Atlas duo pose, for splitroasting the fox, as well as a few other poses.
  • Reorganize Menu
  • Add ‘open mouth’ option to characters in the radial menu
  • Internal refactor of the way character holes are handled
  • Possibly fix infinite arousal bug
  • Fix sock options missing in gym
  • Fix characters teleporting to look at a dildo you’re holding behind them
  • Fix Riley’s dick clipping through his cage in duo poses but then break it again
  • Added a pause after duo character climaxes so it looks a lot more natural
  • Refactor the way characters and animations are referenced
  • Move Riley’s hip grip points to a better spot
  • Refactor Main menu to be easier to work with across locations
  • Refactor Riley’s boop
  • Refactor the way accessories are handled and toggling on/off
  • Fix Emmy’s eye anims in Atlas/Emmy duo pose

Changelog Milestone

  • Add penetrable to radial menu auto-thrust where applicable
  • Penetrable toy can now handle Atlas
  • Make hand grip open large enough when penetrable on Atlas
  • Add shlick audio to penetrable
  • Add option to disable collision for characters with smooth locomotion, to help position yourselves under them
  • Make penetrable respond a bit nicer to things stuffed in it
  • Add mouth to radial menu for jogging poses
  • Change the way the physics sounds in the gym are played
  • Add physics sounds to dumbells in the gym


  • Significantly improve the way the penetrable feels, but there’s still more to do, especially on Atlas.
  • Add climax audio to all jog poses
  • Add radial menu entries to jog poses
  • Penetrables can now be attached to waist
  • Add an Atlas-sized penetrable to use on Atlas
  • Fix penetrable not pleasuring characters sometimes
  • Other end of penetrable will now work the same as the front
  • Penetrable won’t break their dicks off anymore when you crank it too far past them
  • Change the angles at which you hold the penetrable
  • Penetrables now float when “enable floating toys” is on
  • Fluids will now collide with penetrables
  • Large internal refactor to the toys, to include the penetrables
  • Add some more physics sounds to the Gym, like on the yoga balls
  • Fix penetrables sticking to your hand sometimes
  • Add textures to penetrables
  • Fix audio in many cases not properly being placed in 3d space
  • Make Emmy not float in the gym anymore. He can’t help himself sometimes


  • Custom music by Anthemics!
  • Aurora has sockies now!
  • Autothrust and the accompanying radial menu
  • Riley and Emmy dual pose owo
  • Added a white marker, by popular demand. Now you can make Atlas into a Zebra!
  • Add an “effects” volume slider, for spanks and shlicks
  • Update Unity
  • Fix seams on toys when painting them
  • Fix some weirdness in a few of Rileys poses, like his head going through the cupboard
  • Make it less likely cum goes through characters
  • ‘C’ on the keyboard now makes the girls goo as well (this is a debug key)
  • Make the inside of Riley’s butt not super shiny
  • Add collision to the player’s wrists so you can fist a bit better
  • Fix the awful hand poses when grabbing Riley’s or Emmy’s pp
  • Fix markers not painting the base of character’s tail
  • Fix a weird fold in Aurora’s butt texture
  • Make character’s eyes not close in on themselves when climaxing and cummed on
  • Improve some bad animation transitions for Emmy and Riley after climaxing
  • Optimize their eyes closing when cummed on
  • Make UI laser go through furniture and walls
  • New controllers configs to accommodate the radial menu


  • Fixed a small error when trying to change Riley’s socks when he’s not spawned in


  • Make it less likely Riley’s mouth will clip when toys are inserted
  • Adjust and lengthen Riley pose 2 climax
  • Fix floating toys breaking things when being attached to waist
  • Fix fluid colours when the lights are off
  • Fix toy fluids shooting too far in high fluid amounts


  • Riley sockies!
  • Added Riley pose 2 and his animated pose 5!
  • Update tooltips on UI
  • Make Atlas’ goo THICCER
  • Toys now only spoo once per trigger pull
  • Toys now spoo with trigger as well as thumbstick down
  • Only held toys will now spoo
  • Add scrollbar and names to credits
  • Fix Riley’s collar clipping and other minor fixes
  • Attempt to improve Riley’s balls physics
  • Update Riley’s icon
  • Improve system by which characters close their eyes when they get cummed at
  • Internal clean ups
  • Fix Riley jitter from way too much coffee in his ‘side’ pose
  • Implement a different slap system, hopefully this will work for those for whom it doesn’t work
  • Fix Riley spank noises


  • Forgot an internal component the the glory hole area
  • fixed fluidamount 0 errors
  • fixed fluids looking differently in glory hole area
  • fixed phantom fluid dick on the boys
  • hopefully fix fluids on AMD cards


  • Added Riley! :O
  • New fluid engine! :O
  • Toys can now shoot cum, press the thumbstick in while holding one (or down on the pad on the vive)
  • Hopefully fixed some users unable to get slaps to occur on characters
  • Fixed characters looking at unused toys
  • Make it less likely the boy’s dicks will fly off into the stratosphere when spawning for the first time


  • Updated for milestone release


  • Orifices will now make sounds for any insertion, not just dildos
  • Tongue now makes wet noises when licking
  • Add Pose 2 climaxes to Hera and Aurora
  • Fix spanking the boy’s flaccid dicks
  • Add gasp sounds for Emmy
  • Optimize some animation trees
  • Fix potential race conditions
  • Update Unity


  • Added wet noises when thrusting dildos in and out of characters
  • Added spanking to all character’s jiggly bits, to which they will react
  • Improve spanking noises based on spank velocity
  • Added gasp noises to most character when spanked hard (not including Emmy, need some soundproof foam before I can record his)
  • Fixed breakage when moving to glory holes with controller set as waist
  • Fixed some error spam with Hera’s vag
  • Internal refactors!!!
  • Fixed smooth turning not rotating around the correct point
  • Fixed waist stuff when possessing characters
  • Fixed bad things happening if you stuck a dildo all the way into a character’s mouth with floating dildos enabled
  • Fixed a case where dildos might not spawn
  • Renamed some saved values. Some option sliders you had saved will be reset to default


  • Add new Hera/Aurora duo pose owo
  • Implement spanking noises when slapping their butts fast. This is an initial proof-of-concept for this feature and will be improved and expanded upon
  • Add toggle to suspend toys in the air, so characters can use them without your help~
  • Adjust eyelids when giving BJs to stay open, so they can look at you with those beautiful peepers <3
  • UI now shows in front of geometry and is no longer affected by bloom and post processing
  • Add toy position reset button
  • Add smooth turning options
  • Add scrollbar to options menu. You can click and drag anywhere in this page in VR
  • Adjust character view limits so they can find you when giving a BJ
  • Add slider to adjust marker brush size to make painting them all one colour easier, like you guys love to do for some reason :T
  • Rename dildos to toys in the menu cause it sounds more sophisticated
  • Fix credits screen in the glory hole bathroom
  • Fix 2d mode UI issue

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