[Unity] HoleHouse [v0.1.12] [DotArt]


A run down House i put up for auction and a mysterious person buys it. From the outside it looks like just a normal run down place but once you get inside you get hooked into the world of the HoleHouse. Take charge as a manager type person as you go on your journey to recruit new girls to do your bidding, but be warned some of these girls might take a bit of convincing if you know what i mean

Build relationship’s withe the girls as you go and get rewarded in ways you can only dream of. The world may be your oyster but why would you want to leave when you have all these things, and people, to do.

Thread Updated: 2022-05-03
Release Date: 2022-05-03
Developer: DotArt PatreonNewgroundsDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.2
Language: English
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

2d game, Glory hole, Onahole, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Customise, Outfits, Anal, Anal Creampie, Squirting, Pregnancy, Oral Sex


1. Extract and run.



– Velma Pregnacy For Everyone
-New UI Office and Reception
-Cum Drip Hole 1
-Squirting Option Scene 2 (5 Variants)
-Gwen Scene 3, 4 and 5
-New Audio System
-Resolution Size Picker
-Voice Pitch Changer
-Custom Cursor
-New UI On Desk
-New House Outside Background
-Gwen Location Fixed
-Harley Quinn Scene 1
-Batman Location (To ReDo In Future)
-Harley Quests Added (First Quests Future Rework)
-Lots of Small Bug Fixes and QOL Improvements
-Harley Quinn Scene 2
-Harley Quinn Scene 3
-Harley Quinn Scene 4
-Harley Quinn Story Quests
-Harley Quinn Polaroids (Make sure you look at them)
-Fix Samsung sam Quest
-Fix Zelda Quest

Developer Notes:

For this update if you are on android you save may be lost due to the Keystore being change but i now have a custom one for this game. You will have to delete and reinstall the app but from now on always update it instead of deleting this will keep your save. As a sorry i have give you some quest skips to get you back to where you were. They are a new feature so please dont use them on the Harley Quest as it will break that quest line Thank You

All Scenes

  • Velma Hole 1
  • Samus Hole 1
  • Marge Hole 1
  • Zelda Hole 1
  • Kim Possible Hole 1
  • Raven Hole 1
  • Samsung Sam Hole 1
  • Gwen Stacy Hole 1
  • Harley Quinn Hole 1
  • Velma On Desk
  • Zelda On Desk
  • Samus On Desk
  • Samsung Sam On Desk
  • Raven On Desk
  • Receptionist On Desk
  • Marge On Desk
  • Gwen Stacy On Desk
  • Harley Quinn On Desk
  • Zelda Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Velma Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Marge Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Samsung Sam Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Kim Possible Doggy From Below (In Office)
  • Raven Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Gwen Stacy Reverse Cowgirl (Office)
  • Velma Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Jinx Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Zelda Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Samus Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Raven Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Kim Possible Doggy (Office)
  • Gwen Stacy Doggy (Office)
  • Harley Quinn Doggy (Office)

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