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Banner New Style.png

Banner New Style.png

A run down House i put up for auction and a mysterious person buys it. From the outside it looks like just a normal run down place but once you get inside you get hooked into the world of the HoleHouse. Take charge as a manager type person as you go on your journey to recruit new girls to do your bidding, but be warned some of these girls might take a bit of convincing if you know what i mean

Build relationship’s withe the girls as you go and get rewarded in ways you can only dream of. The world may be your oyster but why would you want to leave when you have all these things, and people, to do.​

Thread Updated: 2022-08-04
Release Date: 2022-08-07
Developer: DotArt PatreonNewgroundsDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.18
Language: English
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

2dcg, 2d game, Glory hole, Onahole, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Customise, Outfits, Anal, Anal Creampie, Squirting, Pregnancy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Animated, Fantasy, Parody, Mobile Game, Milf, Masturbation, HandJob


1. Extract and run.



  • New Features
    • New Scene (Rev Cowgirl Follow On From Blowjob
      • New Quest Added To Unlock
      • Anal & Vag
      • Skirt & Bra Clothes
      • Just Raven Added For Now As I Need To Add The HJ and BJ Scene Before Hand For Other Characters
      • New Voice For Raven
    • New Character Rias Gremory
      • Added New To Hole 1
        • New Audio
        • Rias Quest and Location added
        • Rias Character Image Nude + 2 Outfits
        • Unique Outfit added the the Hole Scene
      • Added New Scene 4 D*ggy
        • New Audio
    • New Character Lola Bunny
      • More of story line added to unlocking her (Short but Sweet)
      • Added To Hole 1
        • New Audio
      • Added to Doggy Scene
        • Scene used as place holder for Unique Scene When Unlocking
        • New Audio
        • Unique Outfit
    • Raven Doggy From Below ReDo
      • Raven Cape Added
      • Raven Belt Added
      • X – Ray Added
    • Samus Added To Doggy Scene
      • New Audio
      • Samus Personal Outfit
    • Samsung Sam Added To Doggy Scene
      • New Audio
    • Unique Clothes Added
      • Android 18 Skirt Hole 1
      • Gwen Stacy Spider Outfit Hole 1
      • Kim Possible Flairs Hole 1
      • Samsung Sam Tight Skirt Hole 1
      • Harley Quinn Shorts Hole 1
      • Peach Dress Hole 1
    • Mirko Hole 1 Added
      • New Moans Audio
      • Persoanl Outfit Added
    • Android 18 Hole 1 Added
    • New Island Design
      • Removed Island’s as didn’t like the look, will replace with moving portal soon just need to reduce space
  • QOL
    • Hole 1 Cum Bar Doesn’t Slow Down After A While
    • Reception and Hole 1 Arrow Hint To Get Past Tutorial
    • RAM Usage Reduced
    • Character Sheets Changed To Fonts to look better and reduce size
    • Gloria Introduces herself with her name and tool time for calling Gloria when hover over Bell
    • Audio Clips Only Load In Scene They Are Used in this will save RAM (Adding this as I go through changing the audio’s so a lot still need to be done
    • All Scene Select Scrollable
    • Scene 4 Creampie ReDone (Mainly To Save RAM)
    • Added more Cursor Changes to clickable things
    • Office Scene select made easier to close and added scrollable window
  • Bug Fixes
    • Scene 2 Crash when exiting scene during Squirt Sequence
    • Better Quest Description For Easier Completion
    • Quest Images More HD
    • Reception UI Scale Fix
    • Cum Bar UI Fix Hole 1
    • Scene 2 Squirt Clipping With Dick
  • Im aware of a bug when you close the phone while your in the Dragon Ball Z Location you can’t leave, this will be fixed next patch


  • New Features
    • Scene 7 (Deep Throat Scene Added
      • New Audio For Raven Scene 7
      • Change Boob Size
      • Change Boob Position for Big and Medium Boob (Press The Button Again To Change)
      • Bra And Jeans Clothes From HandJob Scene Added
      • Scene 7 Quest (To Access BlowJob Scene You Have To Go Through The HandJob)
    • Zelda Scene 4 ReDo
      • New Audio
      • Zelda Clothes (Top, and Satchel)
    • Scene 4 Xray Added
      • Velma
      • Zelda
      • Mirko
      • Android 18
    • Scene 1 X-Ray Added
      • Velma
      • Gwen Stacy
      • Harley Quinn
      • Princess Peach
      • Jinx
      • Zelda
      • Marge
      • Kim Possible
      • Raven
      • Samsung Sam
      • Samus
    • Scene 1 Added Outfit
      • Raven Belt
      • Raven Body Suit
      • x2 Raven Cape’s
    • New Audio
      • Samus Scene 3
      • Harley Quinn Scene 3
      • Raven Scene 2
      • Samsung Sam Scene 2
    • Scene 2 Slight ReDo
      • Body ReDrawn
      • Boob Size Added
      • Velma Done
      • Zelda Done
      • Raven Done
      • Samsung Sam Done
      • Jinx Done
    • Head Redesign
      • Harley Quinn Scene 3
    • Shego Standing Added + Dialogue
  • QOL
    • FPS Frame Rate Changer (Will Start In 60 FPS)
    • ToolTip Will Appear when you try to do things you haven’t done the quest for yet. (Testing on X-Ray Quest)
    • Options are scrollable in Scene 1
    • Tool Tip for Accessing Desk Scene
    • Scrollable Side Buttons Scene 2
    • Pregnancy greyed Out Scene 2 Instead of not being there
    • Wipe Save Button (Helps Fix Game If Save Breaks) *See Final Step Tutorial
  • Bug Fixes
    • Scene 4 Background Scales To Screen
    • Scene 4 Guy Screen Scale
    • File Size Reduction
    • Game Crash When Opening Phone In Mirko and Android 18 Location
    • Zelda Arm Band Dildo Ride
    • Bottle Disappear When Clicked Now
  • Bug Im Aware Of
    • The New Version Of The Desk Scene Making Them Squirt There Won’t Comp The Quest (Only Affects Android)


  • New Features
    • Change Boob Size (Scene 4 For Now)
    • Scene 4 ReDo
      • Added Vag Fluid
      • Velma
    • New Characters
      • Android 18
      • Mirko
    • New Clothes
      • Scene 4 Nipple Piercing
      • Nipple Covers
      • New Pants
      • New Leggings
      • Scene 4 Velma Jumper Pulled Up
      • Velma Jumper Down
      • Velma Skirt
      • Android 18 Jacket Scene 4
      • Android 18 Arm Straps Scene 4
      • Android 18 Skirt Scene 4
      • Mirko Outfit Scene 4
    • New Audio
      • Velma Scene 4 (Head Redesigned)
      • Android 18 Scene 4
      • Mirko Scene 4
    • Still Drawings
      • Android 18 Paper Picture (Face)
      • Android 18 Standing Character
      • Mirko Paper Picture (Face)
      • Kim Possible Location Background Added
      • Teen Titans Location Background
  • Smaller Changes
    • Scene 4 Options Changed to scrollable window
    • Quest Button Image Changes
    • New Scene 4 If You Click Off The Options It Will Close The Tab
  • Bug Fixes
    • Gwen Scene 2 Hair Glitchy
    • Scene 5 Velma Cum Loop
    • Marge Crampe Hole 1 Wrong
    • Make Milf Pregnant Marge Glitch
    • Cant keep buying house upgrades with no effect


  • New Features
    • Scene 1 24FPS ReDesigned
      • Velma
      • Jinx
      • Raven
      • Princess Peach
      • Harley Quinn
      • Gwen Stacy
      • Kim Possible
      • Samsung Sam
      • Zelda
      • Marge
      • Samus
    • New Quest’s
      • Quests now Unlock Every Girl Per Scene
      • Less Grindy
      • Quests have more of a flow so you get used to all the feature’s
      • I Still need to remove the things you could do with the old quest’s like talking to the girls etc
    • Scene 6 Leg ReDone
    • Clock System
      • Set Open Hours Of The House
      • Can Only Fuck Girls On Desk While House Is Closed
      • Time Changes when you view scenes (Ill make it change time more or less depending on what people want)
      • Skip Time by 6 hours (Costs 1/4th of Daily Income)
      • Earn Money per hour
      • Money Depends on House Score
    • ToolTip
      • When Hovering Over Buttons
    • New Desk (Zelda’s Desk)
  • New Audio
    • Scene 1
      • Princess Peach
      • Harley Quinn
      • Gwen Stacy
    • Scene 3
      • Velma
      • Zelda
      • Raven
      • Samsung Sam
      • Kim Possible
  • New Design
    • Phone Redesign
    • Desk Upgrade Screen Redesign
    • Samus Image Hole 1
    • Zelda Image Hole 1
    • Velma Image Hole 1
    • Marge Image Hole 1
    • Raven Image Hole 1
    • Samsung Sam Image Hole 1
    • New Hole 1 BG
    • Kim Possible Head Scene 3
  • Bug Fixes
    • Phone Page Next Button Not Working After Closing Phone
    • Audio Stops When Switching Between Characters In A Scene
    • Velma Scene 4 Bush Colour Fixed
    • Opacity Peep Hole Got Rid OF All Options
    • Squirting Scene 5 animation Lock
    • Squirting Scene 5 Samus View
    • Scene 5 Preg 2 and 3 Animation Sync
    • Jinx Hole 1 Anal Creampie Animation Bug
    • Peach Squirt Button On Desk
    • Samus Scene 3 Hair and Head Sync
    • Princess Peach Scene 3 Hair and Head Sync
    • But Plugs Don’t Overlap Cum Drip
    • Zelda Anal Dildo Animation Fixed
    • Raven Anal Dildo Animation Fixed
  • Removed Feature For Now
    • While I’m working on adding in a character manager system I have removed the clothes for the characters you can speak too, you can still change them but they will only change when you reload the scene. The new version of this will work a lot smoother when I get it done


  • Upgrade System added
    • Upgrade Desk
      • 3 Upgrades to OG Desk + 2 New desks
    • Upgrades give benefits and are part of Quest lines
    • Ability to Access all scenes from your phone in the reception
    • Ability to switch between characters in the same scene
    • Save what your desk looks like
    • Added House score(It doesn’t do anything yet but will be a future update)
    • Ability to change what your desk looks like while keeping its level (Changing what it looks like will effect your house score though)
    • Desk will be changed in Scene 2 to whatever is equipped
  • New Scenes
    • Raven Scene 6 HandJob Office (BRAND NEW SCENE)** (Slightly Laggy)
    • Zelda Scene 4 Doggy
    • Jinx Scene 2 On Desk
  • Scene 1 ReDone
    • Velma (In Beta 12FPS Test might switch to 24FPS if people want)
  • New Quests
    • Zelda Quest 4
  • New Sounds
    • Scene 1
      • Samus
      • Zelda
      • Velma
      • Samsung Sam
      • Raven
      • Kim Possible
    • Scene 2
      • Jinx
    • Scene 3
      • Samus
    • Scene 4
      • Zelda
    • Scene 5
      • To Be Added
  • New Clothes
    • Samus
      • Scene 2 Trousers (2 Versions)
      • Scene 2 Top
    • Kim Possible
      • Green Shirt
      • Cheer Leader Outfit (Skirt & Top)
    • Samsung Sam
      • Jeans Pulled Up Legs
  • Kim Possible Scene 2 Head ReDrawn
  • Samus Scene 3 Head ReDrawn
  • New Font & UI Peep Hole Select and All Scenes Select
  • More Force Added to Desk Scene 2
  • QOL
    • Save Scene You Are In
    • Loading Screen Between Every Scene Now
  • Credits Added (Slightly Glitchy On First Load It Won’t Scroll)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Kim Possible Squirt Animation Scene 2
    • Fix Raven Dialogue While Unlocking
    • Squirt Animation Peep Hole (Re Do Animation Look Next Patch)
    • Peep Hole Stuck In Loop
    • Raven Peep Hole won’t Load
    • Scene 2 Harley’s Hair Glitching
    • Characters Button Spelling
    • Scene 2 Anal Creampie Does Vag Creampie If Done Multiple Times
    • Kim Possible Scene 2 Back Button Not Working (Still Need To Fix For Android)
    • Other small things


  • Pregnancy Scene 4 (4 Options)
    • Gwen
    • Harley
    • Peach
    • Raven
    • Velma
  • Scene 4 (Doggy) Characters added
    • Raven
    • Velma
  • Scene 4 Added Options
    • Vag 1,2 and 3
    • Bush 1,2,3 and 4
  • Hole 1 Start and Anal Button Press Area Bigger
  • Pregnancy Holder
    • If you cream pie someone in a scene they can be pregnant in they can now also be pregnant while riding the dildo
  • Pregnancy Scene 5 (Dildo)
    • Gwen Stacy
    • Velma
    • Jinx
    • Samus
    • Zelda
    • Raven
  • Princess Peach Hole 1
  • Jinx Hole 1 ( No Quests for now but they will come)
  • Princess Peach Scene 2 (With Squirt)
  • Princess Peach Scene 3
  • Princess Peach Scene 4
  • Peach Island With Background
  • Princess Peach Quests Added
    • Quest 1 (Unlock Hole 1)
    • Quest 2
    • Quest 3
    • Quest 4
  • Marge RC Office Quest Fixed
  • Loading Screen Added
  • On Desk Fuck Only During Day Fix
  • Tutorial Add (Dev Notes)
  • Hole 1 Gwen Harley Vag Colour Fix
  • Harley Better Colour
  • Jinx Hole 1 New Voice Actress
  • High Compression Build (Half the size but might have longer Scene loading times, I can change back if people would rather shorter Load times
  • Android Version is out of Beta and should be working just as well as desktop Versions


– Velma Pregnacy For Everyone
-New UI Office and Reception
-Cum Drip Hole 1
-Squirting Option Scene 2 (5 Variants)
-Gwen Scene 3, 4 and 5
-New Audio System
-Resolution Size Picker
-Voice Pitch Changer
-Custom Cursor
-New UI On Desk
-New House Outside Background
-Gwen Location Fixed
-Harley Quinn Scene 1
-Batman Location (To ReDo In Future)
-Harley Quests Added (First Quests Future Rework)
-Lots of Small Bug Fixes and QOL Improvements
-Harley Quinn Scene 2
-Harley Quinn Scene 3
-Harley Quinn Scene 4
-Harley Quinn Story Quests
-Harley Quinn Polaroids (Make sure you look at them)
-Fix Samsung sam Quest
-Fix Zelda Quest

Developer Notes:


Step 1. Open up the house by finding the Key and the Door Knob they should be lying around somewhere after you flip the sign

Step 2. On the desk there is a sheet of paper that will allow you to access the first four girls that are already there

Step 3. For one of those girls let the Cum Bar on the Left fill up (This can be sped up by switching between Anal and Vag every so often)

Step 4. You will now have received your phone. Each app has a different purpose. The main apps being the Quests (Bottom Right and will tell you how to unlock the other girls and Scenes) and the Locality/Call app (Right Middle, will allow you to call the girls you want and shows loyalty)

Step 4.1 THE QUEST TAB IS SCROLLABLE so there are more quests below the original 3, if you can’t access a scene it might be because you haven’t don’t one of the quests further down

Step 4.5. To fuck any girl you need to press the Loy button on the phone which is the middle right one and then you will have the option to call any of the girls you want

Step 5. When you want to fuck a girl on the Desk you will need to make it Day time as this is when Gloria goes home and the Reception is free (During the night you can fuck Gloria on the Desk)

Step 6. If you want to call gloria use the Bell On the Desk

Step 7. On the second page of your phone there is an app for Upgrading your office where you can drill a hole in it

Step 8. Upgrading your desk gives you access to the scenes folder and access girls while in a scene

Whats To Come

All of these will be optional and you don’t have to view them i’m thinking of adding something at the start where you can pick what kind of stuff you like show you only get shown what you want

  • Character Traits System where they have like hornyness, hunger tiredness etc and depending on that it changes how they fuck you
  • You can send the girls that work for you to work to earn money
  • Consentacle
  • Monster girls
  • Alive clothes
  • Corruption
  • Internal View
  • Sleep Sex
  • Sperm Going Into Egg
  • Pregnancy, some sort of thing where girls can only get pregnant at certain times and they only stay pregnant for a certain amount of time

Im also working on getting a better voice actor for the girls but i think for now i might actually change it to some basic ones i can find as a lot of people have said thats where its lacking

All Scenes

  • Velma Hole 1
  • Samus Hole 1
  • Marge Hole 1
  • Zelda Hole 1
  • Kim Possible Hole 1
  • Raven Hole 1
  • Samsung Sam Hole 1
  • Gwen Stacy Hole 1
  • Harley Quinn Hole 1
  • Peach Hole 1
  • Jinx Hole 1
  • Velma On Desk
  • Zelda On Desk
  • Samus On Desk
  • Samsung Sam On Desk
  • Raven On Desk
  • Receptionist On Desk
  • Marge On Desk
  • Gwen Stacy On Desk
  • Harley Quinn On Desk
  • Peach On Desk
  • Zelda Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Velma Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Marge Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Samsung Sam Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Kim Possible Doggy From Below (In Office)
  • Raven Reverse Cowgirl (In Office)
  • Gwen Stacy Reverse Cowgirl (Office)
  • Velma Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Jinx Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Zelda Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Samus Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Raven Anal Dildo Ride (Hole In Office)
  • Kim Possible Doggy (Office)
  • Gwen Stacy Doggy (Office)
  • Harley Quinn Doggy (Office)
  • Raven Doggy (Office)
  • Peach Doggy (Office)
  • Velma Doggy (Office)
  • Peach Reverse Cowgirl (Office)
  • Raven Hand Job (Office)

Staff Info: New ratings/reviews have been disabled for this game thread, due to review manipulation from the developer (read more).


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