[Unity] IslanDeity [v0.05a] [Forlorn Faun]


You find yourself on a flight, before you reach your destination the plane crashes.
You end up on a tropical island, where plants, creatures and people are all alien & very hostile to you.
This is a sandbox trainer game, with visual novel story telling and top down exploration.
The game is very early stages, so a lot of stuff will have an major overhaul in future updates.

Thread Updated: 2022-05-01
Release Date: 2022-04-30
Developer: Forlorn Faun PatreonItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.05a
OS: Windows
Language: English

Ahegao, Male Protagonist, 3D game, Adventure, Creampie, Corruption, Fantasy, Male Domination, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Rape, Animated, Harem, Sandbox, Random Character Generation, bdsm, Big Tits, Small tits, Combat, Big Ass, Trainer, Humor, Corruption, Pregnancy

Known Bugs:

If it’s something obvious and easy to replicate, I probably already know about it.

  • I know the GPU usage is insane right, trying to figure it out.
  • The face grope animation results back to the tied version.



New features.

Animations and training.

  • Mind breaking is Much more simplified. Easier to control the outcome of the girl.
    • Mix and Match to get the right outcome, leaves room open to newer outcome
  • Changed the tied missionary animation.
  • New reverse cowgirl animation. (Unlocked on 50% pregnancy)
  • Masterbation is now activated in the standing position.
  • The Tied up button has been switched around for future reasons.

Pregnancy system.

A lot of animations will slightly clip now with pregnancy until I can edit them for pregnancy and heavier weight types, the belly needs to balanced for it.

  • All clothes, matched to work with pregnancy system.
  • 1% chance, but increased further with devotion and multiple climaxes.
  • Changes occur to character overtime.

Bug fixes.

  • Deleting girls shouldn’t be an issue now.
  • Other smaller bug fixes.
  • Engine upgraded to allow fur for future stuff.


  • Menu updated.
  • Resting system, doesn’t do much but speed up pregnancy.
  • Llama looks a little more creepier now, I just threw fur at it, so don’t be alarmed.


New features.
Story – Not much to do in the village as of this build, its only art set up and assets.

  • Player can now enter the village, once a corrupted girl is handed to the goddess.
  • 1 Character overhaul.
  • 1 new character introduction.
  • 1 new character reintroduction.


  • Graphics can be changed in settings
    • The whole issue with GPU should.. hopefully be solved and players can disable all the post processing effects on lower end PCs. It will look horrid though.

Animations and training.

  • Updated all the animation slightly and animation systems.

– Animations can likely fall out of sync in rare cases.

  • New blowjob system – still needs some tweaking but early system for future development.
  • New Paired Animation.
  • Doggy Animation changed – Anal stuff will added in future.

Bug fixes.

  • Smaller bug fixes.


New features.

  • Updated two old animations with new system. (Standing, Cowgirl)

– This is still rough, but with this new system. Animations should start flowing better.

  • High heel system – incorporated. (Still rough, but should work fine)
  • Whole new outfit and make up, customization, all set up, however the acquiring outfits will be changed in the future.
  • Female characters now have body markings.
  • 2x Leggings and 1x Arm wear.
  • Face and body cosmetics.
  • Facial and Body clothing.
  • I added a mat.

Bug fixes.

  • Smaller bug fixes.
  • Fixed the travel issue, getting to the goddess (Although its still pointless!)


What’s new?

  • New normal map over female character to bring out detail
  • Training room.
  • New outfit.

Bug Fixes

  • Major change to the way the bars increase, if anyone had bugs with devotion and stat’s resetting, they should be gone now.
  • GUI fixes to opening of the game for anyone who struggled to get past the phone screen.
  • Other smaller bug fixes.


0.03a Opening Build
Bug fixes.

A lot of bug fixes.
Entire overhaul of stress system, so it works correctly for the select few of people who get the game breaking stress bug, as this was the biggest major overhaul, I’ve had spend the majority of time, reconnecting everything to the core of this system.
UI fixes and tweaks.
Post processing tweaks.
Changed anti-aliasing.

New things.

Entire new opening scene with two new characters.
Modifications to base camp. (Currently still being overhauled)
New paired animation (Unlockable on acquiring new personality)
New Personality break type (Lover)
Main Character, skin and hair can be changed at the opening of the game.

Bruising and tearing system added to training phrase.
New facial progression for Timid personality type, (something all personalities will eventually have)
New types of camera effects transitions for local exploration.
Brightness setting in main gameplay loop.
Base look’s less ugly.

Lover = 40 comfort, 40 willpower


0.02a Training build

New features:

  • New work in progress training system overhaul.
3 x New personality archetypes.

– Mind Broken

– Masochist.

– The system works around the comfort and willpower. You can build up those stats to break the character in to different personalities, if you want spoilers on how to get them, check below.

  • Several new animations and updated older animations.
  • 3 x new paired unlockable animations. (Not clear in the test build, but to unlock these new positions, you must Mind Break the new personality Archetypes
  • Masterbation Mechanic.
  • Slapping Mechanic.
  • 1 x New hairstyle.
  • Option to toggle player on and off (Work in progress as the male character will get updated in the future)

I’ve also done a lot of bug fixes and implemented feedback from players.
New (Hopefully) easier to understand GUI system.

IMPORTANT: Please message me or comment on here, if you’re encountering the stress bar bug, I’ve been trying to find it but I’m having a lot of trouble replicating it, so hopefully, with the bug fixes I’ve done, its just gone away.

Husk = -75 comfort, -75 willpower

Mind Broken = 75 comfort, -75 willpower

Masochist = –75 comfort, 75 willpower

Fanatic = Defaulted


First alpha release of IslanDeity. I have spent a lot of time crushing bugs, but the games is set on an island.

Developer Notes:

Hi, I have been currently working on IslanDeity in my spare time in the past year, I have huge overly ambitious plan’s for this game and have finally made it ready for a test build, I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from a lot of other great games on this website.
Later the game will have more complex updates, such as…

  • Island overhaul.
  • Fleshed out combat system.
  • Dungeons.
  • Alchemy.
  • Modification of Characters through Alchemy.
  • Modification: Make Up, Clothing, Piercings, Tattoos.
  • The option enable disable certain features, Ahegao, Pregnancy, Tears, Bruising.
  • Oh and Monster Girls.

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