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The natural flow of events in a small town school starts to derail when a new student wakes up,
in a classroom not knowing exactly how he ended up there.
While exploring the place, he discovers this strange incident seems to be affecting everyone around,
and now it’s up to him to decide how he will tackle (or take advantage of) the situation.​

Thread Updated: 2022-07-15
Release Date: 2022-07-15
Developer: The Architect PatreonBuy me a coffee
Censored: No
Version: 0.71
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other Games: Hack’n StalkHack’n Stalk 2.0 Hack’n Stalk 3 Goons Raid Her

3d game, animated, male protagonist, school setting, simulator, teasing, pov


1. Extract and run.


– Added “Sell her services” path to the Two Whales restroom scene (and corresponding trophies)
– Added new setting allowing to disable dialogue text rolling
– Added option to press H key to hide/show the dialogue UI anytime

– Revamped save files workflow (fixed autosave slot with save copy function)
– Completed Everyday Heroes quest with one new hot scene
– Added two new trophies

v0.4 2D
– Added base settings menu
– Added new environments and characters
– Added first special event the diner
– Added new hot scenes
– Added 2 new trophies
v0.3 2D

v0.2.1 2D
Quick status update here. I already ported all the basic systems to the new remake project (save system, trophies, basic UI and objectives). The idea is to have all the groundwork ready for next version.

If you tried the demo version you noticed I’m keeping the core plot line, but also expanding the original scene’s content with ideas I wasn’t secure enough to implement in prior version. I keep following this line, with an expansion of the first hallway quest and I already added a couple of new environments.

A lot of things have to be redone but I’m quite happy to create again without having to restrain ideas due to the performance concerns of the real time 3D renderer (I’ll try it again at some point, but certainly in a smaller scope project).

– Added a bonus animation to Juliet scene triggered after a mood check
– Fixed a bug that caused a spam of exception messages during the keyhole peep scene

– Added a new quest (Juliet) including one new hot scene
– Bug and text fixes

v0.3.2.3 Beta
– Added end of “Max Project” scene
– Added initial version of “Intimacy Animation Viewer” in the Studio Bunker
– Added initial interactive content and new characters to the Campus and Boys Dormitory area
– Added “Treasure Detector” to Justin’s store, used to easily locate ‘lost’ valuable items spread around some locations
– Added Player Room stub (use consumables, start post-class events)
– Added first post-class event at the Two Whales Diner
– Fixed bugs (and probably added others)

– Added SETTINGS menu (model shape, breast physiscs, mouse sensitivity)
– Added BUNKER STUDIO stub (3 first tokens can be collected in game)
– Added minor interaction elements in Art Classroom and Hallway scenery
– Added preview of the Campus scenery
– Randomized location of some quest items
– Fixed bugs (and probably added others)

Ported all animations to use Unity’s real time rigging constraints
– Added new quests/characters/location content
– Added 2 new trophies
– Added simple hair and breast physics
– “Enhanced” character models (Original/Enhanced user configuration not ready yet)
– Bug fixes


Preview Build v0.1
Initial Release

As I said in the last post, I’ll start posting preview builds before the first “official” release. I’ve been working on character control and environments these last weeks and, if you wish, you can now check how these new systems work in this preview build.

This preview adds the standard WSAD first person control and 4 new environments that will be populated with characters and interactivity later. I also changed the choice UI mechanic to make use of the keyboard instead of the mouse, allowing you to control the camera and take actions independently. There’s no new character story content added in this build, but you have to play the intro quest again to before checking what’s new (sorry about that).

The Last Tech Demo

Hi folks!
Yes, another tech demo! As I posted before, I’m still struggling to decide to what kind of project to commit next and this one I’m posting today is another one that I’d like to do. I have this idea of making another direct sequel for the HnS universe, using the mechanics of HnS2 (D.I.C.K system / semi-linear progression / mini-games). In this demo you can have an idea of the setting and the planned main characters. I already integrated the new UI/scripting systems from the prior demos. I also used the new version of Unity sprite mesh animation, that is amazing and much easier to handle!
So… What’s the final decision?
I have two projects that I already decided to make: the 3D parody I’ve been posting here and this new HnS project. I’ll definitely work on both of these projects at some point (if life allows me, of course) and what I need now is to decide which one go first.
I’m very interested in the challenge of the 3D game. But its core system is totally new to me and still needs work (like the movement system). If commit to it, I probably wont be able to publish releases with the usual frequency.
The HnS project would be more chill and I like the story I (kinda) planned, but it wont give that “novelty kick” that is always cool to have.
As I am sick of this doubt, I’ll post a pool soon to let the patrons have the final choice.

Lis Parody Project

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt
Hi folks!
I’ve been squeezing work hours these latest days, but I managed to complete an environment and a template introduction objective for the 3D project idea. I’m annexing a quick build with the added content in this post if you want to check it out.
I know I’ve been taking a lot of time to start up a new project for real, but the truth is that I’m still very uncertain about which direction to go. I’m not sure if this realtime 3D model framework will be feasible, especially when the project become bigger and more complex to manage (and also if I can make hot scenes at least as hot as the ones in GRH). The parody idea is tied to this 3D framework, so I have to make sure it wont stab me in the back after it officially started.
Obviously the waiting sucks, but I don’t want to make the same mistake made with HnS3, when an idea that seemed cool at first became very hard to implement because I didn’t thought through it as a bigger project.

Tech Demo 3

Here is yet another tech demo (getting near to a game demo status now).
These last days I completely rewrote the dialog system I used in all my previous game to a new kind of “cutscene” system. With real time 3D models I can finally integrate things like camera angles, animation blended head track/ eye track and even a rudimentary dynamic “lip-sync” so the characters can stop talking telepathically and actually move their lips and jaw during dialog.

The cutscene scripts are now written in plain xml files, allowing now not only to translate lines, but modding of the scene flow.
In the tech demo you can check the new dialog system and an exploration environment that can be traversed using a third or a first person view (including a test “objective”). Notice that despite being a fully 3D environment, the player will always walk it in a pre-determined path. This allowed me to cut a huge complexity in the scene set up, to use simple scripted cameras and still feature a simple but immersive first person walk mode (an early work that still feels janky). I hope it can be improved later.

Tech Demo 2

-I’ve been diving a lot into Unity real time 3D tools these last days. The lightning baking tools for ambient occlusion / indirect lightning is really cool. -Also, the Cinemachine camera framework is amazing!!
-So… I tried to put some baked lighted environments together with real time lightning on characters to check if I could make it look fairly good.
-This new tech demo is the result, where you can move around a 3D environment using the same 2D “feel” of Goons Raid Her.
-There a lot of controls to test, so make sure to check the command list and try to find every interaction while exploring the 2 simple environments.
-Again, share your thoughts here. I’ve been learning a lot these day and I hope I can decide what project to work on soon.

Tech Demo 1

I always been curious about working with a real time 3D system and this tech demo is the result of a couple o weeks messing with the third dimension Unity offers. Main main goal was to make a proof of concept of a very basic character clothing system and learning a bit about Unity’s real time illumination system. I don’t plan to use player controlled character movement in a 3D game yet (it’s a huge pain to make it right), but to build scenes with characters than can be much more dynamic than those in a 2D game.
But… Is real time 3D really better than 2D ? Of course, there are pros and cons.

The Good
It’s MUCH easier to implements concepts of character/environment customization in a realtime 3D game, and it’s my main interest on trying it. On a 2D game, each combination of customization/pose/animation needs to be pre-rendered or combined in some paper doll system that most of the time and have a lot of limits in terms if animation.

Setting up characters and simple environments in a 3D game takes a more of work on the beginning, but once the foundation is done it’s a lot easier to expand animation, illumination and camera angles without having to render countless images again and again (and waiting a lot for these renders). Animations can be combined in real time and produce some nice results.

The Bad
One more dimension adds a plethora of possible new problems. It demands better system specs, it can generate more different results in different hardware / drivers, it asks for a lot of work in optimization of models, textures and low level stuff I not much into, like real time shaders. Stuff like hair and “fluids” are also very hard to make right in real time 3D.

The Ugly, I mean… the Art
Which one looks better? Well… This is a mostly based on personal opinion. 3D can have great visuals (if you have a big team on a studio), but making a 2D scene “beautiful” is much easier in a one man army. It’s hard to tell if I could make something not much visually below the previous games. Also, there are “license complications” when using some third party assets in a real time 3D system.

So… What’s you opinion? Run the tech demo, move the camera around, try different clothes and “shapes”. Then post what do you think of it.. It would be cool to hear your thoughts.

Developer Notes:

Hi folks.
Here’s the build of version 0.3.1. I’m changing the version pattern (again) to use “release.major.minor.patch” numbers as it’s more well known by most people than simply adding the labels PREVIEW/RELEASE.
By increasing a minor number, it means this version has not a lot of new content compared to the last one. I just added the last batch of stuff I had planned when reaching this point.
There’s a new “Settings” screen in the main menu, where you can configure some stuff used during game-play like mouse sensitivity, the model’s base shape (ORIGINAL – ENHANCED) and configure (play with) breasts physics parameters.
I also added another item in the main menu: the “Bunker Studio”. It’s just a simple stub for now, but the idea is to use it as the game gallery. I’ll be adding stuff there during the project (including the original bunker scenery) and fill with options to play with the models, lightning, positioning, etc… (ILLUSION style). While playing the game now, you can find items called “Studio Tokens” that will unlock content in this new mode. It’s VERY simple at this point, but I think you can get the idea.
You can now also leave the main building to check a new Campus area, but it’s also a preview with no interactive content.
There’s no new quest/storyline content (except few events when you can earn the first studio tokens). So… Download it only if you’re interested in checking out these new features.







(Tech Demos)

Last Tech Demo


Lis Parody Project

Tech Demo 3

Tech Demo 2

Tech Demo 1

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