[Unity] Pandemonium Classic: Unity Edition [Beta 7 patch 5] [Throwawaylady]



A group of girls wake up in a mysterious mansion. The mansion is full of monstergirls seeking to transform them.
Will they escape or will they fall prey to the House of Pandemonium?

The game is a sandbox/arcade game revolving mostly around transformation into and by monster girls. A set of human characters try fighting back long enough to escape through one of several win conditions. When a human is captured (this includes you!) or the player willfully succumbs to their favorite monster, they are converted to the side of the monsters and will try to introduce their once-fellow humans to the wonders of being a monstergirl. The game ends when the humans escape, or all of then have been converted…

Though there is very little direct sex, a lot of forms and transformations are certainly sexy. All of the different monster types have a different gimmick and gameplay carries the fantastic amount of TF and corruption content well.

Thread Updated: 2022-06-20
Release Date: 2022-04-21
Developer: Throwawaylady
Censored: No
Version: Beta 7 patch 5
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Similar Game: House of Pandemonium ~Remastered~

RPG, Lesbian, Monster girl, Transformation, Corruption, Eldritch Abominations, Slimes, Bees, Ghosts, Possession, Plant Girls, Mind Control, Robotization, Latex, 3D game, 3DCG, 3D game, Female protagonist, Multiple protagonist


1. Extract and run.


Beta 7 patch 5
+ Fixed entoloma and their sprouts getting grabbed by the tractor beam
+ Prevented ais from occasionally turning themselves into witches
+ Follow states should now be interrupted when the followed character becomes hostile (eg. crazed inma)
+ When inma promotion is disabled, crazed inma no longer become ‘uncrazed’ on knockout (knockout will reset crazed value on non-crazed inma still)
+ Fixed moving portals with the observer commands
+ Prevented two shrines from spawning in the same room unless there is no other option
+ Fixed bug causing jelly sprite to be wrongly applied
+ Added a ‘cannot lay due to monster maximum’ when queen bee/ant laying is prevented by monster maximum settings

Beta 7 patch 4



+ Increased the odds of bimbos offering trades
+ Frog placement of transformed characters is now an untargeted action
+ When inma -> succubus promotion is disabled, a succubus having sex with an inma will make them go crazed
+ Adjusted liliraune synced positions
+ Added a small hover to yuan-ti tf stages 1/2 to keep them above the yuan-ti shrine’s step border


+ Added an option for the dark elf tf to always result in serfs


+ The diaries can now be given to Satin/Silk using secondary action


+ Humans seeking a weapon should now always remember to try to pickup the weapon in the crate they opened
+ Human escape intelligence now affects the odds the ai will try to clear out the grotto, lake, warren (a base chance remains)
+ Humans should now seek weapons less often when escape intelligence is low


+ Possibly fixed rare statue pedestal ownership issue
+ Fixed jelly glob aoe affecting characters it shouldn’t
+ Fixed cherub conversion swapping characters to a random human image set
+ Fixed oni club display
+ Hopefully fixed enemies sliding on death without breaking ufo deaths
+ Fixed possible cause of movement noises coming from immobile characters after the first game round
+ Fixed issue with body swapped statues and using pedestals
+ Hopefully fixed bug with hypnotised/body swapped statues that hop off pedestals ending up on the team
+ Fixed jelly and oni tf stage reversion
+ Fixed Nanako fallen seraph crash
+ Hopefully fixed jellies trying to tf characters they can’t tf
+ Hopefully fixed issues that could occur when the player is hypnotised and their master is transformed/changes side

Beta 7

+ Added Cherubs and Fallen Cherubs
+ Added seraphs and fallen seraphs
+ Added Silk
+ Added lilies (images by Forest)
+ Added gravemarkers and fallen gravemarkers
+ Added frogs (images by Antay, design from Dolly Fail Fail)
+ Added jiangshi (images and text by Trinity)
+ Added mercuria
+ Added statues
+ Added clowns
+ Added masked
+ Added skunks (images by Forest)
+ Added bimbos (images by Antay)


+ Nyx, merregon and succubus now have corruption capabilities
+ Added mid-generification images (by Antay0) and text by yoshielder
+ Generified inma are now swapped to the monster side if they were calm at the time of generification
+ Allowed using reversion potion on friendly cheerleaders
+ Prevented hamatula greed tf triggering on picking up important (escape related mostly) items
+ Made dryads sometimes drag lightly infected characters off to become treemothers; should increase chance of treemother tf significantly
+ Incapacitating Pygmalie should now rescue blank dolls (if they have time to recover)
+ Pygmalie is now neutral when no blank dolls are present
+ Dark elf promotion can no longer be interrupted by cleansing potions


+ Added an option to disable the ai humans taming werewolves
+ Added an option to use the old cupid images
+ Added a recipe list to the manual
+ Added an option to disable inma promotions
+ Added an enable controller axes setting to general settings – defaults to off to avoid the ‘game just started and I am spinning’ issue
+ Added generify over incapitations (ie. after beating a number of opponents) options (toggle and number required slider)
+ Added an option to allow the human ais to use body swappers
+ Added options for customising the size of the yard area
+ Added manual input for sliders (text input if label is pressed)
+ Added borders to most sliders, fixed some positioning issues with monster/trap spawn sliders
+ Added an option to disable ai dashing (in general settings)


+ Player swapping to observer mode on death now happens after ‘dying’ (fade out)
+ Unchanging potion now prevents overheal tfs (angels)
+ Allowed self use of the knockout drug
+ Added an extra ending
+ Sealing stones can now be equipped/used on portals, similar to key usage on doors
+ Observer actions relating to characters can now be used on ‘self’
+ Allowed spawning of djinn lamps in observer mode (as orbs only)
+ Added editing of character names in observer mode
+ Added setting name of spawned character in observer mode
+ Added setting used image set of spawned characters in observer mode
+ Added editing of used image set in observer mode
+ Added a movement speed potion
+ Added an ‘Angels vs. Demons’ spawn set
+ Music player options are now alphabetically sorted
+ Characters spawned en masse with observer commands should now randomise their image set per character if the option is chosen
+ Healing shrine now does all the things


+ Pygmalie should now prioritise the player for doll conversion
+ Those infected by entoloma should no longer head to the ant grotto or ufo
+ Added a short cooldown to ais taking items and opening boxes
+ AIs should now equip a weapon if they are carrying one and don’t have one equipped
+ NPCs should no longer use the holy shrine when afflicted by a non dangerous infection


+ Fixed rabbit wife tf flickering
+ Camera turning should no longer be locked during incapacitation
+ Fixed issues with generic hands on a few forms (was noticed causing generification breaks, but also broke starting as generic)
+ Fixed merregons attacking incapacitated fairies
+ Hopefully prevented incapacitated enemies from stopping use of beds
+ Fixed alien gun flipping
+ Hopefully prevented ais from dropping important items while on a bed
+ Hopefully fixed interrupted succubus tf of inma resulting in a no madness timer inma
+ Hopefully fixed lingering ‘dying state’ when possessing characters
+ Fixed rabbit prince via observer action not applying tomboy setting
+ Increased the minimum inset from the yard edge for rooms placed within the yard
+ Fixed self removal breaking escape
+ Fixed being unable to spawn characters with observer actions in ant grotto
+ Marzanna and fire elemental timers are no longer added to non-humans
+ Satin should no longer try to transform cultists when all demons are disabled
+ Hopefully fixed hypnotists getting stuck attacking fairies and other human side characters when the target is incapacitated
+ Fixed thrall sprite being lost in some cases
+ Prevented entoloma spread to ufo and ant grotto
+ Hopefully fixed aliens getting stuck attacking fairies
+ Fixed an issue that would make some locations behave weirdly if associated characters were possessed (eg. a leshy with buds)
+ Hopefully fixed rare overlap issue with external mansion walls and the yard
+ Stopped ant grotto always being added
+ Fixed a few issues with the song the music player would play
+ Fixed dining room painting flickering from some angles
+ Fixed escape -> main menu breaking if you remove yourself using observer commands
+ Fixed some weirdness when causing a game end via observer mode
+ Hopefully fixed occasional moving item boxes/orbs
+ Hopefully fixed human side fairy volunteer to enslaved fairy/pixie
+ Fixed some of the ordinary bedroom paintings having no background
+ Hopefully fixed an occasional bit of pathing weirdness that may have caused some yard area pathing issues
+ Followers should no longer clear when the player changes form without changing side
+ Fixed undines in the rabbit warren

Beta 6

+ Replaced cupid/fallen cupid images with proper ones
+ Added succubi and inma (images by Forest)
+ Added pinkies
+ Added merregons
+ Added jellies
+ Added dullahan and pumpkinheads (and headless state)
+ Added intemperi (images by Forest)
+ Added entoloma
+ Added a tutorial mansion mode

+ Images loading was changed to prevent corruption issues
+ Added berserk bars
+ It should now be possible to swap to observer mode during pause and when the player isn’t in control of their character
+ Hopefully fixed a case that was allowing the ai to cure player transformations when undesired
+ Characters heading to take weapons in other rooms should now opportunistically open chests they encounter on the way there
+ Cleaned up ‘enemies spawn on progress’ to make more sense
+ NPCs will now sometimes wish djinni into being their friends
+ Only intense infection timers now stop volunteering
+ Lithosites should now be able to attach through non-intense infections
+ AIs will now clear out the lake (but not if it’s crowded)
+ Imposters will now replace the character that volunteers to them
+ Potential fix for rare missing star gem issue
+ Stopped the player from tfing themselves into a cow when not a human by drinking from a cow
+ Hopefully fixed an issue that would cause characters to attack friendlies with the hypnotist coin
+ Fixed dark cloud instantly tfing characters
+ Neutral side characters (such as disguised succubi) can now get other neutral side characters to follow them
+ Fixed a weird bug that probably caused some occasional diplomacy issues
+ Cheerleaders should now swap to the side-appropriate generic image
+ Evil doubles no longer generify
+ Hopefully stopped keys spawning in treasure rooms
+ Chill timer will no longer tick down when marzanna are present
+ Prevented treasure chambers from attaching to treasure chambers
+ Fixed weremouse sprite disappearing after bodyswap
+ Prevented ais from infinitely completing weremouse jobs
+ Added generify as monster option (if on and generification is on, if you start as a monster with a non-generic image set you will have a generify timer)
+ Applied monster spawn limit in various places it was ignored (particularly monsters that spawn other monsters and on-progress spawns other than inside door rooms)
+ Observer commands can be opened during normal gameplay with ‘]’
+ Allow spawning of multiple holy shrines
+ Fixed a nasty bug breaking some special player incapacitation states
+ Prevented some weird cases where immobile states could continue dashes
+ Stopped weremice from choosing the yard as their lurking room
+ Fixed cheerleaders losing their generification timer when they change sides
+ Ghoul tf should no longer be stopped by weak infections
+ Added several extra volunteer locations (bookshelves, bloodstain, hive floor)
+ Hopefully fixed neutral djinn bodyswap issues

Beta 4 Patch 5

+ Added alternate maid images (no anonymization) (Made by Trinity)
+ Added magical girls (Made by Trinity)
+ Added imposters, half-clones and progenitors (Antay0 images/text)
+ Added rabbit prince and wives (prince has a tomboy alternative)
+ Added ghouls
+ Added weremice
+ Added werecats
+ Added dreamers

+ Adjusted harpy egg transparency
+ Lotus craving overwhelm should no longer fire when a character is experiencing an intense infection or transforming
+ Added some alternate dog names
+ Harpies should sing to the egg from further away to prevent clipping into the egg
+ Stopped the mermaid box going through intense infections (eg. lamia)
+ Undine stealth should no longer affect the entire yard area
+ Added an option to, as a player dark cloud, take control of the body of a character you transform into a darkslave
+ Bunnygirl heal action now has a chance to entice a character to go to the gaming room (this is for the player to use)

+ Added a ‘make passive’ button to the observer mode ui
+ Added options to show/hide hostiles and non-hostiles on the minimap and compass
+ Made several changes to compass icons, primarily v/^ style arrows to indicate characters on lower/higher floors
+ Added current floor number to the minimap
+ NPCs now display active timers

+ Allowed generation of additional above ground and below ground floors
+ Mascots and lithosites can no longer be possessed from observer mode
+ Added progenitor trap
+ Trust is now gained when giving characters items (depending on category)
+ Cleansing potions now remove all active infections
+ Added revival bomb item
+ Added generify over time option (no art) (but possibly in the future)
+ Added hidden treasure rooms
+ Allowed use of hypnogun on incapacitated characters
+ Added breed rate multiplier that affects the frequency of lithosite hosts, queen bees, ant queens and treemothers spawning characters
+ Added option for ai characters to avoid reverting or cancelling player tfs

+ Humans with spare reversion potions should now revert neutral/friendly characters (eg. bunnies, cheerleaders)
+ Characters should now release all characters they are dragging when hypnotised
+ Humans and similar ais should no longer forget enemies the moment they are out of sight
+ Hopefully fixed weird npc behaviour involving trying to cure the doll maker
+ Improved ai detection of nearby locations to destroy
+ Stopped standard human ais from being too greedy with items
+ Stopped ais from fleeing up the UFO’s tractor beam
+ Enthralled and similar states where the victim is passive now end if their enthraller is hypnotised
+ AIs will now decide to head to the gaming room to gamble when they have chips
+ Hopefully fixed various cases where characters using coins would get stuck attacking characters
+ The player will now, while on autopilot, have the same chance as npcs to dispose of their pom-poms

+ Stopped cultist from trying to drag characters to locked dead ends
+ Fixed characters being transformed into darkmatter girls falling due to gravity
+ Prevented lithosites from turning into boxes when hostile characters are in their room
+ Hopefully reduced frequency with which lithosites turn into boxes inside walls
+ Made a pathing change to fix some weirdness, may have side effects
+ Hopefully fixed cases where undine would wander off after confusing humans

+ Possible fix for occasional weird dash on incapacitation end
+ Adjusted gravity to fix some floating issues
+ Fixed oni club sprites not showing
+ Hopefully fixed ai getting stuck picking up weapons and items
+ Fixed an uncommon case causing characters to get stuck in the corners of the dryad tree area
+ Hopefully fixed several other common pathing misbehaviours involving the dryad tree area
+ Reduced chance of anthill overlapping another interactable
+ Fixed ending the game with an observer mode action causing the main menu to be unaccessible
+ Fixed galley image names
+ Fixed spawning as a non-generic enemy
+ Fixed triggering of goblin tf
+ Fixed cupids repeatedly shifting to linger state (endlessly if killed via hp damage)
+ Stopped movement/running noises from continuing on game pause/menu opening/etc.
+ Fixed issue with compass being visible when disabled after tf-cam
+ Fixed some sprite changing issues
+ Characters that start the game as Satin can no longer revert to human (it was causing a crash)
+ Fixed tractor beam dragging characters along the ground
+ Fixed issues with sprites when swapping to/from observer mode
+ Fixed issues with infections having priority over tf images during tfs
+ Fixed lithosite removal and claygirl wash off not updating sprites
+ Fixed cheering affecting all characters in the current room, instead of just friendly ones
+ Fixed issue with infection sprites sticking around after a transformation is interrupted

Beta 4 Patch 3

+ Prevented rusalka allied with the human side from attacking characters on their side
+ Allowed rusalka allied with the human side to attack enemies of the human side
+ Cheerleaders should now cheer for all characters they are friendly to, not just those on their exact side
+ Fixed issues with queen bee body swap
+ Aliens will no longer capture non-humans
+ Hopefully fixed the body swap issue
+ Put in some guards against generating rooms over the crypt

Beta 4 Patch 1


+ Added mermaids
+ Added undines. It fills you with DETERMINATION.
+ Added nixies
+ Added Oni


+ Added fade-between-sprites to the rilmani tf
+ Lithosites can now pretend to be item boxes
+ Made queen bees taller
+ Lotus eater craving should now be treated as an intense infection (preventing tfs) when a lotus eater is present
+ Reduced chance of hypnotist coin enthrallment


+ Added player death setting – when active, circumstances npcs would die in will bump you to observer mode and remove your character
+ Added an option to disable the rusalka promotion
+ Combat difficulty 0 now massively increases the player hit chance
+ Minimap should now update while the game is paused
+ Changed additional name loss to always change name on tf
+ Allowed 100% trap chance
+ Made all UIs scale
+ Added an option to disable the automatic facing during autopilot (allows free look)


+ Added joystick look and movement
+ Added infighting/side customisation
+ Added temporary and permanent body swap items
+ Surrendering is no longer possible when no enemies are in the same room
+ Added ‘possess’ option to observer mode
+ Added swap to observer mode key
+ Prevented trades where you could give or receive an item/weapon when you or your target was unable to use the item/weapon
+ Added some missing bane damage effects
+ Pocket watch is now craftable
+ Added party porter item (to teleport your whole party at once)


+ NPCs will no longer drop important items for the player if the player is unable to use them
+ Adjusted escape ai to deliberately seek out a weapon
+ Follower AI should favour using weapons given to them by the player


+ Satin should no longer transform characters into disabled monster types
+ Hypnotised cupids will no longer transform their allies
+ Dark clouds will now attack their enemies, rather than everyone on the human side (which included themselves when hypnotised)


+ Fixed bug preventing toggling of ‘djinni wishes work for disabled’ setting
+ Possible fix for hypnotist assistant incapacitation loop when hypnotist hypnotised while assistant incapacitated
+ Fixed autopilot as human requiring autopilot as monster to be on
+ Fixed human ai not destroying leshy buds
+ Warp globe should no longer teleport characters to rooms they can’t access
+ Fixed cowgirl rancher feeding as player
+ Minimap should now update while the game is paused
+ Prevented trades where you could give or receive an item/weapon when you or your target was unable to use the item/weapon
+ Fixed ai not completing gate escape
+ Fixed human ai not destroying leshy buds
+ Warp globe should no longer teleport characters to rooms they can’t access
+ Fixed cowgirl rancher feeding as player
+ Fixed ai not completing gate escape
+ Fixed cured infections not removing infection sprites
+ Fixed teachers mass promoting students after reaching five
+ Hopefully fixed a rare bug causing the sarcophagus (and possibly father tree) to grab characters on game restart
+ Made a couple performance changes
+ Thralls should now update the name colour of other characters when becoming a thrall
+ Fixed a bug in the ‘return to hold position room’ code

Beta 3 Patch 1


+ Added Darkmatter girls
+ Added Fire elementals
+ Added Goblins
+ Added Cheerleaders
+ Added Hypnotists and Assistants (images and tf text by Trinity)
+ Added Sheepgirls
+ Added Yuan-ti and Yuan-ti acolytes
+ Added Lotus eaters
+ Added Draugr
+ Added Aliens and Xell (images and tf text by Trinity)
+ Added Teacher and Students
+ Added Mantises


+ Allowed regular spawning of lithosite hosts
+ Allowed cow tf triggering through over drinking
+ Added a spawn cap for cows
+ Changed arachne web texture to be less dense
+ Added a timer that locks out cupid heal/revive speed up briefly after being affected once (experimental nerf)
+ Buffed fairies a little
+ Pixies can now transform incapacitated humans into fairies with their tertiary (they will not be enslaved, but will be weak)
+ Gave pixies a damage bonus vs. fairies
+ Gave marzanna an aura effect
+ Player thrall can now use lamps to wish for ‘evil’ (as per npc thralls)
+ Added dollification wish
+ Defeated djinni are now 50/50 for dropping lamp vs. disappearing (characters that started human always drop a lamp)
+ Added a ‘force hostile’ action to the bunnygirl tertiary, to allow the player to trigger a fight
+ Dark clouds (the trap) will now despawn after ninety seconds
+ Added a male cultist variant. Defaults to disabled to avoid sudden penis


+ Added an observer mode action UI with various actions to play around with
+ Added an option for additional name loss on tf
+ It is now possible to disable the cauldron and holy shrine (the holy shrine will still appear if kitsunes are enabled, but won’t be usable)
+ Willpower damage is now scaled by the power sliders
+ Added tooltips to the general and gameplay settings screens
+ Added a setting to toggle whether cows can promote to ranchers
+ Added a setting to toggle whether blank dolls can recover
+ Added settings to toggle character names and status bars (hp/will/stamina)
+ Added an option to disable the hypnotist promotion
+ Added an option to not have djinni wishes overcome spawn settings (ie. can’t wish for disabled items/monster types (with exceptions for things you can’t set the spawn settings for directly))
+ Experimental ‘see through wall’ vision during tfcam
+ Split human (side) and monster speed settings
+ Added a few ‘timers’ to show how long before certain states naturally end
+ Portal count can now be manually set
+ Added item despawn time and disable item spawning settings
+ Updated some default spawn sets
+ Trying out having a single light on the player rather than lights all over the place (performance/avoid some visual glitches)
+ Locked rooms in the yard (ie. sheds) are now drawn on the minimap
+ During tfs that float sprites a little bit (eg. golem) the tf camera should now also float appropriately
+ Added option of including ‘generic monster’ as a possibility when spawning as a random character (if you spawn as a monster)


+ Outside area generation now generates a larger, open area
+ Changed yard area positioning to occupy one side of the mansion
+ Added item trading
+ When trading, npc buffs/debuffs are displayed
+ Added UFO (location related to aliens)
+ Allowed carrying extra weapons
+ Items that can’t be used no longer show up when cycling items in game (most ingredients)
+ Transformed humans will now briefly linger if npc death is on (granting an opportunity to rescue them before they die)
+ Split elixir into revival potion and reversion potion, renamed remedy to cleansing potion
+ Added regeneration, recuperation and unchanging potions
+ Added marigold (used in a couple of the newer recipes which have been changed slightly). Adjusted some potion recipes.
+ Added the ability to play as the generic monster npcs (you will be uncurable, and where there are multiple options you will be one at random)
+ Items now have cooldowns/obey cooldown times
+ Added quick keys – on inventory screen, press a number to set key to an item type. Pressing the key on the game screen will now swap to the first instance you have of that item, if any. This is saved between sessions, and can be set on the general settings screen
+ Added shield/pom-poms/faceless mask recipes (3x fur recipe is now pom-poms, helmets swapped to fur/bone/marigold)
+ Health/willpower regeneration no longer occurs while incapacitated
+ Adjusted aura effects to have a limited radius outside
+ Dark cloud room effect can no longer occur in the yard (or other outside areas)
+ Rooms overhanging the yard should no longer occur (will cause the generated map to be rejected)
+ Alien hypnoguns (sometimes dropped by aliens, includeable as a normal item) can be used to hypnotise enemies into fighting alongside the player. Some monsters are immune to this effect (Pygmalie and Satin)
+ Added human autopilot
+ Filled out bestiary
+ Added grave name/quote randomisation


+ Wandering AIs will now wander within a room a few times before moving on
+ Made npcs more likely to release non-human djinni, and they will sometimes restore the player to human form
+ NPC humans will now wait 5s between rolling to see if they want to escape (should make low escape values result in fewer escape steps being attempted)
+ AI humans should now wish to clear dark clouds if they encounter them
+ Follower humans should no longer get stuck in doorways trying to fight enemies in other rooms
+ Human npcs will now use remedies on blank dolls
+ Pathing has been changed significantly and may have weird issues
+ Fixed an issue with ai picking up/dropping star gems repeatedly
+ Adjusted follow states to stick closer when outside
+ AIs will now cancel their ‘hold still temporarily’ state (player command) if enemies come into view
+ Characters moving to cure claygirl infection should now be less easily distracted
+ Changed weighting of rooms wandered into by the ai


+ Cows transformed by a rancher will now follow the rancher that transformed them
+ Ant queens, soldiers and handmaids should now sprint while returning to the grotto
+ Rusalka now target downed characters only if there are no other options
+ Befriended djinn now change side when their friend does
+ Bunnygirls holding position in a room other than the gaming room now wait around correctly
+ NPCs that are the master of the player will no longer follow orders
+ Fixed rancher/alien follows not making attacks
+ Bunnygirl hostility will now end if all bunnygirls are defeated

+ Fixed a bug causing the wrong sprite to be set if a character leaves the cupid enthralled state
+ Fixed a bug causing the player to be given djinni lamps while a dog
+ Fixed a bug breaking the UI display when attempting to observe a game that ended with a character becoming a lithosite host
+ Fixed nymph conversion attack not having first person versions
+ Fixed many cases of the ‘hand/weapon/item’ gets stuck in up position bug
+ Fixed custom name field on main menu not being set on game open
+ Fixed wished-for Pygmalie being killable
+ Sealing stones are now consumed when closing portals
+ Fixed gallery image breaking if you gallery -> new game -> gallery
+ Fixed a bug causing ‘step tf’ to stack (ie. pressing the key twice caused two timers to run)
+ Fixed elixir curing djinni (wasn’t removing lamps which allowed a lot of weird behaviour)
+ Djinni dying while already neutral (eg. via coin or explosions) no longer spawn a second lamp
+ Fixed wrong sprite being set when guard tf is knocked down a phase
+ Fixed (hopefully) a bug allowing attacking through floors
+ Heal flashes should no longer show when no damage is healed
+ Fixed mismatch between compass/minimap while in observer mode
+ Prevented pressing enter on disclaimer screen from causing weird behaviour
+ Fixed (possibly just some) cases where enemy characters remain a warning colour (eg. red flashing stuck) when incapacitated
+ Hopefully fixed weirdness/exploits with line of sight
+ Fixed ai sprites not rotating to face the camera when the game is paused
+ Fixed inventory screen select button bug
+ Fixed a bug with follow mode causing worker bee eggs to follow the player (and several similar follow bugs with states that should be motionless)
+ Incapicitation should no longer be fixed by reverting from fairy/doomgirl to human form
+ Possibly fixed some occasional weird behaviour with item dropping
+ Fixed several bugs with the Leshy AI
+ Fixed bug that would occasionally generate a larger than expected map
+ Possible fix for dropped items/various others that shouldn’t have traps being trapped (was probably a trap on the game-visible item object not being reset between uses)
+ Fixed a bug that may have been causing guards following the player to fling themselves into the air
+ AI should behave better around the dryad tree ramp
+ Fixed AI sticking too closely to player in rooms other than the yard
+ Fixed a bug causing occasional breaks during map setup, especially with few rooms
+ Fixed weird behaviour when the player creates two new bee queens at once
+ Prevented rooms with two connections to another room being chosen as locked rooms
+ Prevented the portal sealing alchemy recipe from colliding with other recipes
+ Hopefully fixed cultists rushing in on table when performing demon lord tf
+ Prevented player from equipping weapons when unable to use them
+ Fixed explosion volume not being affected by sound effect volume setting
+ Fixed star gem escape not working with a star gem count < 5
+ Made changes to how sprites are chosen to hopefully reduce display issues with stacked infections/etc.
+ Fixed a couple of sfx slider not affecting sfx volume issues
+ Bunny ears recipe should now work if the trap or bunnygirl spawning are enabled
+ Fixed a bug that prevented traps from randomly occurring on gun items
+ Fixed issue preventing dark elf/dog death in cases where they are supposed to die

Beta Patch 16

Fixes a gamebreaking bug causing the General Options to crash the game due to a loading error.

Beta Patch 15

+ Fixed djinni lamp being usable as a crafting ingredient
+ Fixed manual/music player buttons turning into a white square
+ Fixed a bug where npc humans would try to use an elixir on Pygmalie
+ Fixed game crash when attempting to hide lots of star gems in few rooms
+ Fixed a bug causing lithosites to try to attack from outside their range, will have side effects
+ Hopefully fixed go-to-lamp ai for moth tf (made several changes)
+ Several cases where npcs heading to a location ignored enemies have been changed so that they will sprint and dash instead
+ Adjusted worker bee ai to attempt to flee with a queen candidate instead of finishing off opponents (they should now only fight nearby enemies when trying to create a new queen if they are in the hive with a tf-able target, or if a mid-queen-tf target is present (can happen elsewhere if the player starts the tf))
+ Bee queen ai will no longer chase targets out of the bee hive
+ Made a change to movement sound playing that should reduce the number of noisy cases where the start of the movement sound is rapidly played
+ Added an effect to the vampire crypt that prevents characters recovering from incapacitation while a lord is present
+ Fixed an issue with characters attacking endlessly while dragging
+ Fixed reversed second/third person text in rusalka head-to-lake
+ Fixed master death causing incapacitated enslaved humans to start wandering around with 0 hp or will
+ Lithosites should now target incapacitated characters that have high hp (eg. were ko’d via will loss)
+ Added ingredient wishes
+ Fixed guards progressing to their next tf stage right after recovering from incapacitation
+ Fixed typo preventing evil wish from activating
+ Fixed Pygmalie being spawned when twisting a healing wish (summons a cupid properly now)
+ Added lithosite host enemy image (for wishes, this is NOT a new human)
+ Fixed npc djinni lamps never disappearing
+ Cleaned up inventory screen ui a little
+ Fixed a bug that stopped item interaction after clicking a blank inventory button

Beta Patch 13

+ Added Djinni (images and tf text by Trinity). Defeated Djinni will become neutral monsters, and drop their lamp as an equipable item. You can use it to wish for many things, but do so at your peril…
+ Added an in-game manual to hopefully clear up a lot of things. Let us know suggestions for topics if you think we missed any!
+ Added a scrambler mask trap
+ Added music player
+ Added volunteering to the cultist ritual table and ant mushrooms
+ Added a ‘spawn grotto without ants’ option
+ If the player starts as a monster, they’re given a random monster name (or their custom name) and use the chosen image set, but that character isn’t removed from the spawn pool (ie. player monster + 7 humans => all seven humans spawn w/ correct names, no clones)
+ Allowed enabling/disabling of character image sets (allowing you to customize which of the 7 human characters can spawn)
+ Pressing the ‘order ai’ button without a target will cause AIs inclined to listen (friendly and neutral characters in the same room not busy with other tasks such as combat) to pause for 2 seconds, to allow you to more easily use items on them/etc.
+ Characters briefly sit still when their orders are changed
+ Separated human spawn count/rate options from monster spawn count/rate options
+ Added first person text to various tfs missing it (including ‘player is transformer’ variants). Feel free to report cases we’ve missed!

+ Fixed slot machine sound effects not obeying the sfx volume slider
+ “Enforce Monster Max” setting now prevents Bee/Ant Queens from laying additional eggs
+ Fairies should no longer be able to tf through infections
+ Marzanna should no longer be able to tf through infections when the target has been previously chilled
+ Alchemy can no longer be used to make items that are disabled in the item/trap settings
+ Dark Whisper no longer overrides ‘intense infections’ (werewolf/lithosite added, lamia was already setup)
+ Characters recovering in the Ant Grotto should no longer have trouble fleeing after recovering (includes lithosite infinite recovery)
+ Made lithosites bolder
+ NPCs will now sometimes attack the Ant Grotto, if they are strong enough
+ Dogs getting stuck returning to werewolf form after master death should be fixed
+ Rusalka should no longer be able to use anthills
+ Thralls should no longer drag characters their masters will be unable to convert
+ Dark elf partial tf sprite should be cleared in when canceled due to master death
+ Most references to current npc type (ie. Talia (Human)) have been removed to shorten the text log
+ Fixed a flee bug causing odd behaviour in rooms with locked neighbours
+ Fixed bug causing keys to be consumed when used by a faceless mask wearing human on a door (and likely some other situations)
+ Fixed a bug causing the game to end if the last human present wears a faceless mask
+ Fixed a bug causing weird behaviour if the game ended when attempting to show a message box
+ Fixed a bug causing leshies to interact with destroyed flowers if they had already decided to perform the interaction
+ Fixed a bug causing cupids to try and convert thralls
+ Fixed a bug preventing music from looping in the menus
+ Fixed ranchers collaring thralls
+ Hopefully fixed the occasional issues with characters becoming stuck while moving to the moth lamp
+ Changed settings screens to be more precise
+ Fixed moustache trap having no first person text
+ Changed enthrall follow code (eg. vampire lords) to reduce jittering
+ Improved lithosite host ai to prevent weird confused behaviour when targets pop in and out of their current room
+ Added first person text to the rusalka going-to-lake line
+ Fixed an uncommon case that would cause cultists to abandon conversion targets
+ Shrank doll objective text to fit
+ Cupids now heal enthralled targets faster than others, allowing for quicker conversion
+ Dolls now sense blank dolls in neighbouring rooms for dragging
+ Altered rancher AI to not get stuck trying to feed cowgirls when there are more important things to do
+ Fixed rancher AI deciding to feed cowgirls on the other side of the mansion (caused weird autopilot behaviour)
+ Enslaved fairies now drop all items (as monsters, they can’t carry/use them)
+ Cultists should no longer get stuck attempting to drag characters into locked rooms (as they couldn’t access them, they’d simply stop moving)
+ Fixed a bug where npc humans would try to use an elixir on Pygmalie, causing them to be stuck in her room forever.
+ Fixed game crash when attempting to hide lots of star gems in few rooms
+ Fixed a bug causing lithosites to try to attack from outside their range, will have side effects
+ Hopefully fixed go-to-lamp ai for moth tf (made several changes)
+ Several cases where npcs heading to a location ignored enemies have been changed so that they will sprint and dash instead
+ Adjusted worker bee ai to attempt to flee with a queen candidate instead of finishing off opponents (they should now only fight nearby enemies when trying to create a new queen if they are in the hive with a tf-able target, or if a mid-queen-tf target is present (can happen elsewhere if the player starts the tf))
+ Bee queen ai will no longer chase targets out of the bee hive
+ Made a change to movement sound playing that should reduce the number of noisy cases where the start of the movement sound is rapidly played
+ Added an effect to the vampire crypt that prevents characters recovering from incapacitation while a lord is present
+ Moved Custom Name to the main menu (from general settings)
+ Fixed lots of typos
+ Fixed master death causing incapacitated enslaved humans to start wandering around with 0 hp or will

Beta 2 Patch 5

+ This is a patch for the current beta, so there are no new forms in this build. Several quality of life adjustments have been made, some balancing has occured, and a whole bunch of minor bugs have been fixed.
+ A bunch of under the hood changes have been made that should make it possible to run the game on low RAM systems, the mac version should now run properly, and there’s a first attempt at a 32bit version. This should hopefully make it possible for everyone to run the game! Please let us know if you cannot.
+ New additions/QOL changes:
+ Added invert y axis option
+ It should now be possible to volunteer to transformation locations from inside them
+ Made a change to loading that should reduce ram requirements, hopefully fix startup issues
+ Pathing has been changed to make the ant grotto no longer a special case – enemies can chase you into it, states that make characters go to locations (eg. lab, outside) now work fine when starting within, etc.
+ Adjusted portal spawn balance
+ Added a ‘smart alchemy’ option for the ai – they’ll not always make anything they can, but they will only do proper recipes
+ AI should no longer try to escape before acquiring a weapon, or if there are more enemies (that didn’t start human) than there are humans
+ AI will no longer mix ‘bad recipes’ (always witch, always spawn monsters) when smart alchemy is on
+ Replaced checkmark with one that is visible at low quality levels

Bug Fixes:
+ Cauldron no longer sends success/failure/etc. messages across the whole mansion
+ Volunteering to a latex drone will always result in a latex drone tf; likewise for normal golem
+ During the antgirl volunteer, if the soldier dragging you dies you will no longer begin transforming (unless you’ve reached the grotto)
+ Infections shouldn’t tick when in enthralled/etc. states, to prevent monster types interfering with each other
+ Hopefully fixed occasionally pathing issues in dryad tree node
+ Fixed cupid tf
+ Fixed a whole bunch of typos
+ Fixed an oversight with spawn set reset to default
+ Fixed a bug breaking zombie aging
+ Cupids no longer attack ko’d characters
+ Cupids no longer tf thralls
+ Fixed a bug causing guard trainess to follow random characters
+ Fixed npcs attacking webs
+ Fixed several issues with the new pathing – including moth tf, alraune volunteer tf, golem/latex drone tfs
+ Cultists should no longer dash into the table when tfing someone into the demon lord
+ Mummies should no longer get stuck in a weird passive state sometimes while waiting for a victim to tf
+ Cupids that started human should no longer die when npc death is off
+ Fixed a few cases where non-human side characters were affected by perma incap effects (normally for eg. sarcophagus so victims don’t wander)
+ Made a possible fix for ai sometimes double-using doors/portals
+ Prevented player monsters from surrendering to room wide dark clouds
+ Fixed issue preventing fallen cupids from ordering around ais
+ Possibly fixed a bug causing the ai to get stuck in a drop/take key loop
+ Fixed some issues with Vampire Lord lurk-near-crypt code
+ Fixed an issue often causing multi spawns from portals
+ Sealing stone recipe should no longer be considered while sealing stone escape is off – might be the cause of the ‘npc stuck trying to alchemise’ bug
+ Fixed bedroom path layout
+ Fixed lamia timer slowing characters five seconds late
+ Fixed a couple of issues with npcs fleeing (would get stuck in open nodes, would stop sprinting even when chasing character close after a while)

Beta 2

+ A new character, Nanako (images created faremann)
+ The following transformations: Werewolf (faremann), Dog (faremann), Cultist, Demon Lord (and true form), Marzanna, Cowgirl Rancher, Lithosite Host, Nopperabo, Nyx, Mad Scientist, Frankie, Wraith (faremann), Zombie (faremann), Antgirls (handmaiden/solider/queen) and Leshies.
+ Volunteering! Trinity3 has written volunteer transformation text for all implemented forms
+ The victory methods have been fleshed out a bit
+ New items: stamina potion, shield, faceless mask, knockout drug
+ A lot of settings have been added

Developers Notes:

Pandemonium Classic: Unity Edition is a 3d version of House of Pandemonium/the Classic mode in House of Pandemonium – Remastered; which are both fantasy themed arena survival tf games.

This game includes some assets from House of Pandemonium – Remastered with permission from its dev (SaltyJustice); and also many from House of Pandemonium for which the dev (passelel) has given general permission for derivative works.

Faremann has assisted with image creation (specifically Sanya’s moth bikini, in progress thrall images for rusalka, fallen cupid thrall images, low hp/wp states, lamp dazed, scramblers, lamias and dark elves (serf/master))

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