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Pocket Dungeon.png

“Beware of the mysterious dungeons that have appeared all over the region. Something seems to have corrupted them into becoming… a more dangerous place.”
-Notice board at the guild

Pocket Dungeon is a Pokémon game with animated scenes and the dungeon roguelike style of the mystery dungeon games. In this game, the MC is Lucario, a Pokémon and you can choose its gender at the start. The goal of the current demo is going through every floor of the dungeon until the end, which is the 35th floor without you becoming too corrupted to continue from either losing or submitting to the other mons. All enemies currently are either male or genderless. It also contains several kinks that can all be disabled, preventing anything tied to it from appearing and the scenes are replaced by ones without it.​

Thread Updated: 2022-07-13
Release Date: 2022-07-12
Developer: FerisLycan Itch.ioTwitterFur Affinity
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.0
OS: Windows
Language: English

2D game, Animated, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Parody, Furry, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Creampie, Pregnancy, Gay, Turn based combat, Mind control, Transformation, Multiple endings, Corruption

Pokémon, Roguelike


1. Extract and run.


Pocket Dungeon 0.2.0 is here and it finally adds a town to the game filled with several NPCs you can talk to! Each of them allows you to prepare for your runs and use the items you’ve found inside of the dungeon. In addition to that, they might need you to bring them some items for passive upgrades.

Note that there are no new NSFW scenes added in this update. This update only adds gameplay content with the NSFW part of it being added in the next one.

The town includes the following features:

  • Runes: Select a rune that’ll give you a passive effect while you’re exploring the dungeon.
  • Shop: Buy items you might need on your next mission or sell ones you don’t need anymore!
  • Storage: Store items that you don’t need, but might come to for a later mission.
  • Bank: Money can now be found in dungeons and earned through missions. You might want to store it in a bank!
  • Move Tutor: You can now change your moveset and try out new combinations or interesting interactions. (Note that TMs now only change your moveset for the current exploration only)
  • Chests: Chests can now be found or gotten as a rare reward. They can contain quite a lot of interesting items!

In addition to that, you can now do missions to gain rewards and rank up your explorer rank. Doing so allows you to further upgrade the 6 different NPCs, allowing you to use more runes, increase bag space, learn more moves, etc. There are Delivery, Outlaw, Curse and Recon Missions that can be done. The first three can be acquired from a mission post in the south of the town, while Recon Missions can be done when simply leaving the town without another mission set.

The higher your explorer rank, the harder the mission and the stronger the enemies in the dungeons become. At the same time, however, having a higher rank makes more rare items and structures spawn. Due to more options being unlocked in the town, a lot of items and different strategies can be unlocked by progressing this way as well

Next to the town, there are also these following additions/changes to the game:

  • Held Berries: Berries can now be held like equipment, automatically being used when it would make sense to do so
  • 11 new runes
  • 9 new items
  • 9 new moves + some enemy or rare Smeargle exclusive moves can now be permanently gained
  • Special treasure chests appear in dungeon and need to be opened with a key
  • Each equipment with a sole negative effect now also has a second positive effect
  • Lots of new dark trader options
  • Smeargle now changes all of your moves instead of only 1 when encountering them in the dungeon

Oh and there’s also sound and music now.


Small update that adds three different difficulties to the game, (hopefully) allowing everyone to have more fun with the game. These difficulties change the spawn rates of different items, traders, traps and enemies while also increasing the enemies’ level scaling.
Playing on a higher difficulty not only makes the game a bit harder, but might also make it easier to search for certain endings as some effects needed for those can be encountered here more often.

Another mechanic added is the Endless Mode that is automatically active once the demo mission of reaching floor 35 is completed. Every run started after that doesn’t end anymore, most likely making the dungeon generation go crazy after 100 floors or so. Have fun!

In addition to that, a few moves have been slightly altered to be more viable. Submitting now also has an almost guaranteed chance of the enemy accepting your “offer”.


Initial release


You can always press H while inside of a dungeon to see a small overview over all of the controls.
In the titlescreen you can either use your mouse or WASD for selection, E to confirm and Q to go back. Those same buttons are also used in the menus inside of the dungeon.

General Controls:

  • W, A, S, D: Movement
  • Shift: Rotate
  • Capslock: Diagonal movement only
  • Q: Speed Up
  • TAB: Open attacks
  • E: Inventory
  • R: Open menus
  • Escape: Open options
  • M: Open map
  • Y: Show/hide map
  • H: Show help

Scene Controls:

  • E: Next
  • Escape: Skip sequence
  • TAB: Autoplay

Developer Notes:

This game is a small fun project made within 2 months. Music, story and other elements are planned for the future but not yet in the game. In total, there are 6 main animations (each with up to 7 variants depending on the player’s status effects) and over 20 endings.

Since all enemies in the game are male or genderless, your starting gender dictates if you see M/M or M/F scenes.

Current Kinks:

  • Breeding
  • Chastity
  • Gender Transformation
  • Intelligence Loss/Amnesia
  • Mind Control/Hypnosis
  • Oviposition

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