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Realm of Dominance is a Femdom Role Playing Game
Welcome to Realm of Dominance, step in the shoes of Destor. A fallen champion, trying to save his realm from destruction.
In our game, the player will fight vicious female fighters and have a relationship with them. You must build a strategy and execute it well in order to prevail in combat.
Every opponent will have their own kinks, fighting style and characteristics. Therefore, every opponent must be fought with a different approach.
With time, player will develop his/her own strategies.​

Thread Updated: 2022-07-08
Release Date: 2022-07-08
Developer: Morte Dara PatreonItch.ioBlogspot
Censored: No
Version: 0.1
OS: Windows
Language: English

Male Protagonist, Footjob, Female Domination, Animated, Teasing, Combat, Turn based combat, 2DCG , Rpg


1. Extract and run.


Realm of Dominance Sandsworth 0.1 Update
Changelog: 07.07.2022

We have evaluated all the feedback from you and try to fix all the problems you have shown to us. Therefore, while fixing and readjusting the game based on your feedback and our own design decisions, we worked on our game over two months. Hopefully, we have achieved most of what we want and you want from us. We are happy to release our first major update and ready to get more feedback from you.

New Content:
-Sandsworth map is added.
-Shop is added.
-Tavern is added.
-Colosseum is added.
-Gym added.
-Prologue has been changed, you can read all the text at your own speed now.
-Inventory system added.
-Major visualization update (The combat is much much more readable than ever now.)
-Codex and Library system is added.(Right now they are just a placeholder showing only one fixed text each)
-Three more interactable character and two more opponent characters added to the game.
-Quest system is added.
-A new moveset “Long Sword” is added.
-Pop up damage animation is added to our game.
-Special/Sexual-Moves work as intended now.
-Nine pieces of new armor added.
-Sleeping and day system is added.
-Money system is added.
-Save and Load system is added. (The game only uses autosave at the moment, continue button now works as a load game function. DON’T click on new game unless you want to overwrite your save file)

-The game size is reduced nearly from 2GB to 135 MB. (We used spritesheets for animations before, so the animation files were using so much data. Right now, we are using Unity’s own rigging system for our animations and thanks to this change, although we have more content in it, our game is now smaller in size.)
-All the animations are reworked and re-sized without losing any quality.
-The game is optimized and works well on lower quality computers.
-Some typos are fixed.
-Text speed is fixed for all the dialogues.

This update took more than 2 months to come up with. The main reason why is that we needed to lay some ground for our main systems in the game. As we are still learning the engine while we are working on the game, some systems confuse us more than it should be to a proficient developer. Re-doing the animations for all the characters and trying to come up with a working save load system took most of our time in the process.

On our next update, we will be focusing on new content can be found in Sandsworth. We will be adding two more opponent characters. Making more out-of combat scenes for our current fighters and making the codex and journal system active. Right now, we are in the planning stage of our next update.

If you like our game and want us to make better game, please consider supporting us.

We hope you enjoy the update, have a great time.
Morte Dara-

Update 1.1
– New S-Move is added (Pirate Woman 3rd S-Move consists of 8 animations)
– Skip button for prologue added.
– Options menu is now interactable and functioning. (Still under development, resolution options will be tweaked in future)
– Continue button is now interactable and functioning. (Starts the scene before the fight)
– Tutorial on how combat works added.
– Some typos are fixed.
– Combat UI elements are changed.
– Combat is now faster and readable.
– Dialogue speed is tweaked for each dialogue.
– Escape menu is added for tutorial combat. To access the menu, press “ESC” key in combat scene.

Initial Release

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