[Unity] She Will Punish Them [v0.930] [L2 Game Studios]



A dark fantasy ARPG that let you engage in brutal and gory combat in the demonic realm. Play as the gorgeous but deadly Succubus. Grind your way through enormous amount of horrifying abominations and bosses, until she becomes the most formidable and seductive devil.​

Thread Updated: 2022-07-02
Release Date: 2021-12-23
Developer: L2 Game Studios – STEAM
Censored: No Sexual Content
Version: 0.930
OS: Windows
Language: English

3d game, Female protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, Character creation, Animated, No sexual content, Big ass, Big tits, Combat, Graphic violence, Horror, Monster, RPG


1 – Extract and run


Update v0.930
Bug Fix: Army falling down to the ground on the world map.
Bug Fix: Garrison UI overlapping with other UI.
Bug Fix: Fireball on the skirmish map looks too bright.
Bug Fix: wrong spawning position in the Catacomb of Sacrifice.
Bug Fix: custom color doesn’t work.
Bug Fix: Can’t close the Free Pose Mode menu with the “X” button.
Bug Fix: When clicking Esc to see all menus, there is an overlap when selecting the Furniture Menu.
Bug Fix: Alluring Fantasy armor does not display.
Bug Fix: arrows stuck in the air.
Bug Fix: music volume slider doesn’t work.


Adjusted brightness for all levels.
Canceled fireball casting delay to make an instant cast.

Update v0.920

Main Features & Adjustments

Added some adult content (poses, animations and furniture, need to unlock through achievements).
Polished achievements (with better rewards, usually lingerie and furniture).
Canceled the lingerie set merchant(merged this feature with achievement system).
Added a feature for companions to automatically pickup gold and potions.
All interact-able furniture will be marked with an icon in the building list.
Added a toggle to don’t bring minions into combat.
Added a button to reset skill points (gold required).
Added a few new lingerie.
Modified dual wielding and great sword special attack.
Reduced rage accumulation speed.
Added facial expression (automatically applied to certain poses).

Major Bug Fixes

Loading rings and necklaces will give you the wrong stats.
After load the game enemy controlled cities will be yours once you enter the battle.
Many map related bugs are fixed.
Rage can be interrupt by blocking.
A series of bugs related to the building mode.
Many UI related bugs, for example misaligned fonts, overlapping UI elements, etc.
Merchants’ storage get refreshed every time you get home.

Update v0.900

Major Bugs Fixes:

Skeleton archer won’t shoot after death and revived.
Companions won’t switch to other weapons when they are out of arrows.
Save Pose button in the free pose menu doesn’t respond.
Boots get unequipped after interacting with furniture.
Weapons on the left-hand shares magical attributes with a weapon on the right hand.
Many invisible clothes and lingerie.
Spamming two-hand sword attacks can lock your animation.


Re-balance of skill points and leveling system.
Cloud save is temporarily turned off for re-work.
Traps are added to the levels.
Added some new poses to existing furniture. We will keep adding more.
Added diary(notes) to the game(WIP).

Update v0.860

Rebalance of the game.
Fixed many map-related bugs: including going through walls, falling down from the map, lighting, etc.
Fixed most of the bugs reported in the test build.
Optimized item drop rate and quality.
Balanced the Hell Arena.

v0.850 Test
Dual Wielding.
Hell Arena.
Amulets and Rings.
Shared Experience.
In-game achievements.
Gallery of lingerie.
Hide/Show a certain piece of armor.
Sell minions feature.
Added new and finalized old maps.
More weapons.

All Christmas Sets are free in the Special Lingerie Sets Vendor for one week!
Also there’s two new ones, they only showed in screenshots.

Bug Fixes
Bug Fix: Can’t back to Nova palace
Bug Fix: Bad bunny mask is still broken

We are aware of the current optimization issue and we already have a solution, and a patch should come in a few days.

And the heavy motion blur is probably related to the low framerate since we have already turned it off.
Which means it should be fixed when optimization is better.

Finalized a few maps (design and lighting) – Forsaken Ruins, Undead Valley, and two skirmish maps.
Added level 20, 21, 22, and 23 armors.

Bug Fixes
Bugfix: Custom pose bug. Most of the time, switching between girls reset the custom position of the last selected girl.
Bugfix: After winning Sarrow Meadow and Dallod Siege Camp, the game freeze when you are on the map and press ESC.
Bugfix: Invert mouse bug.
Bugfix: Hell Rider Gloves bug.
Bugfix: All Bad Bunny Ears related glitches.
Bugfix: 7 presets from Arwen to Liana are unresponsive when changing their settings in the character creator screen.
Bugfix:The siege notification with zero enemies inside of the battle.
Bugfix: The eyelashes are detached from the eyes on some presets.

Two new sets of lingerie and two costumes, free during Halloween.
New room located in the dungeon.
bug fixes:
Bug Fix: Mourning Labyrinth and Balanda Village don’t have a boss.
Bug Fix: There are no rescue missions anymore.
Bug Fix: Special Lingerie sets show the wrong price.
Bug Fix: The color picker doesn’t work in the skin customization window.
Bug Fix: In the character customization window, 7 presets from Arwen to Liana are unresponsive when I change their settings.
Bug Fix: If you remove the companions from the members at the beginning of the battle, minions will not appear either.

v0.801 Test Build
Bug Fix: Nipples Customization doesn’t save when you leave the customization window.
Bug Fix: When you are moving succubus in free pose mode, the model is moving very far.
Bug Fix: Except for equipped items, cannot pick up anything in inventory with the Right mouse button (including home inventory).
Bug Fix: Transmog feature doesn’t work correctly, armor from the right side doesn’t get all defense rate.
Bug Fix: The speed is too fast when moving or turning your character in the pose mode.
Bug Fix: In the Transmog menu, the item gets deleted if you press the remove button while holding onto an item with your mouse pointer.
Bug Fix: It doesn’t save progress after you concurred new locations.
Bug Fix: The minions level up when health is above the maximum.
Bug Fix: Minions disappear on combat maps whenever they are clicked in the Minion menu.
Bug Fix: Transmog feature does not remove the cost from the account.
Bug Fix: When you aim at the standing mirror in the building mode, it shows the wrong icon.
Bug Fix: There is no keybinding to change the party window hotkey. The letter “P” brings up a minions menu even though I have it mapped to different “Interaction” control.
Bug Fix: UI wouldn’t expand to the width of the monitor.
Bug Fix: When using a shield all equipped armor is ignored and players receive full damage.
Bug Fix: When you load preset it doesn’t load hair and lipstick color.
Bug Fix: After the win, there are no icons on the world map.
Bug Fix: Minions won’t recover health by themselves.
Added some more minions.
Polished most of the maps.
More loot drops and coins.
Increased army size to a maximum of 9 minions.
Added garrison function. You can add garrison to any conquered cities and they will appear in defense combat.
Fixed the steam cloud saves. You need to manually upload and download saves.
Note: this update is for the test build. Once it’s confirmed to be fine, we will upload it to the main build.

Bug Fix: Fixed many map-related bugs, falling down, stuck, etc.
Bug Fix: Cannot use character presets on the companions.
Bug Fix: Cannot quit the wardrobe UI with the X.
Bug Fix: Fixed many clipping issues for armors.
Bug Fix: Cannot delete saved games.
Bug Fix: Cannot move the characters up and down during free pose mode.
Added transmog: You can access it through the menu (ESC).
Added a few maps in region 4.
Added several orcs.
Added the minion system back. You can recruit minions from the slaver and upgrade them in the party menu. Minions will automatically spawn in combat.
Refined the world map.
Optimized the building system: When in the building mode, the player character will be hidden and you can aim at any furniture to interact with it. This will give you more control in placing furniture.
We will add the survival mode in the next update.

Added Steam Cloud Save Support.
Uploaded the modding tools for weapons and simple furniture.
Download the modding tools and watch tutorials on our website.
Added custom pose maker.
Added the in-game photo taker and the album function.
Added a few new hairstyles.
Added a few new lingerie.
Added 2 new maps.
Added 2 new horns.
Added pubic hair changer to the makeup options.
Added a few new face mixer sliders.
Added Japanese localization.
Note that after loading previous games, characters’ hair color may appear black. That is because we have changed how colors are stored in the save files. So you will need to re-color the hair.

Added 3 different color pantyhose.
Added the expression changer to the Free Pose Mode
Added 2 thrones.
Added 20 new poses to the Free Pose Mode.
Added the lower body light to give more contour to the lower body.
Added the character rotation function in the inventory window.
Fixed many typos.
You can turn on/off Nudity in the settings.

v1.781 – 1.783

We have officially enabled the Steam Workshop. It is the first step to the modding support of this game. You cannot mod the game yet since we have not released any official modding tools yet. But you can already download two test mods we uploaded to the workshop.
And the next step for the modding implementation is to release the official modding tools to the public, test it and gradually add features to it. Similar to the game itself, the modding tools require plenty of time to make, test, and polish. So we figured it will be a good idea to start it early in the development and have it grow with the game itself.
Added several new companions. You will get them from the rescue mission, which will appear on the world map after some time.
Added a new faction: The Orcs (WIP)
Added the balance parameter to determine whether the Succubus should stagger when hit.
Added two new maps: Venom Den and The Misty Den.
Added the expression controller when posing.
Added more than 10 new lingerie.
Added a few armor sets.
Added more than 10 new pieces of furniture.
Added a few higher-level weapons.
Moved most of the Smuggler items to the loot pool.
Added confirmation window when you click the return to main menu button.
Tweaked strength attributes to scale with player’s damage.
Bug Fix: Certain type of bows doesn’t work.
Bug Fix: The inverted controller bug.

Bug Fix: Whenever players change the weapon on companions at home, they switch to a T-pose and stay like that.
Bug Fix: Can’t return home from the new lingerie shop location.
Bug Fix: UI of makeup table cannot be hidden.
Bug Fix: The second-floor room of the Nova Palace doesn’t have a collider and the player will drop to the first floor.
Bug Fix: After equipping certain weapons, the player cannot be controlled, or slide to the side constantly.
Bug: Nova Palace can’t be purchase and unlocked.
Bug Fix: Accessing customization from the Nova Palace will teleport the player to the original home.
Added the mod manager. Preparing for the mod support and workshop.
Note: Full nudity is now a mod. You need to load the nudity mod to enable it

We don’t talk about 0.71…

Added the (unfinished) Nova Palace, reach level 10 first and spend 1000 crystals to claim it.
Added 10 new weapons, mostly higher-level weapons.
Added a few new poses to the Free Pose Mode.
Added a few glowing eyes.
Added language toggle on the desktop.

Special lingerie set to celebrate 10,000 players online at the same time.
Bugfix: During the Seige defense mission, you could still open the world map, which resets the enemy spawns.
Bugfix: Lvl 10 dungeon near end boss chests, can drop out of the dungeon and can’t get back in.
Bugfix: Can get stuck in the ladder.
Bugfix: No more lingerie rewards from random encounters.
Bugfix: Have just a few items available for purchase in the game store.
Bugfix: On the world map difficult to choose locations if the armies are too close.
Bugfix: The weapon store no longer sell anything other than arrows.
Bugfix: Siren boots are suddenly lower lvl while the rest of the set and other colors are still normal lvl.
Bugfix: Can’t step on stairs.
Bugfix: Prices have gone up to 100 crystals for all furniture items.
Bugfix: Followers cannot path through the fenced area in the Plagued Village Checkpoint.
Bugfix: Can get stuck in Skogarth Dungeon.
Bugfix: Standing mirror doesn’t have icons.


Siege and defence returns.
Days system returns.
Two fortresses – The Grimhelm Castle and Helios Outpost.
checkpoint map – the King’s Tomb.
A new set of wings.
New dungeon furniture.

Bug Fix: Cannot rescue companion
Bug Fix: Cannot add succubus to the combat party.
Bug Fix: Sometimes cannot attack.
Bug Fix: FPS bug


Improved the lingerie collection and dressing-up system.
Added a new (WIP) lingerie shop to the world map, with a few new items.
Added interaction for the Torture Table and two new intractable dungeon devices.
A few furniture-related bug fixes.
Not sure if we have fixed the 100% GPU bug, at least on our computers, the GPU usage is dropped.

Added buttons to quickly take off bra, panties, stockings, and heels during posing and character customization.
Added two Asian-looking character presets.
Added 3 additional pages for the home storage.
Refined lighting during character customization.
Added feature that allows you to pose multiple characters at the same time in the Free Pose Mode.
Added warning when trying to access the customization or the makeup mode but doesn’t actually own a customization mirror or a makeup table.
Bug Fix: The character customization sliders don’t update after you load a preset, or switch between different characters.

Bug Fix: Cannot roll sometimes.
Bug Fix: After you load preset, many clothes (especially lingerie) are clipping
Bug Fix: Can’t fight next skirmish if you go right from the previous battle
Bug Fix: Can’t pick up unclaimed rewards
Bug Fix: Can’t pick up dropped equipment.
Bug Fix: ESC stops working after picking up some items.
Bug Fix: Can’t access the Special Lingerie shop and personal storage.

Companions are now fully customizable!
Bug Fix: Auto-save on the battlefield will corrupt the save files.

Added auto-save function: the game will auto-save when you enter the fight.
Optimization: Reduced VRAM usage by around 2 GB. Before it takes around 6.8GB and now it is around 4.8 GB. This will result in faster launching of the game. And may help some lower end computers to actually start the game and reduces crashes. (Most of the time, the crashes are the results of low memory). We will keep optimizing while developing the game, there are still much space for further optimization.


Added level 6: The tower of decay.
Added bathtub pose and camera.
Added function to save and load the character customization preset.
Added a few pairs of wings.
Bug Fix: Succubus ends up on the roof after exiting interaction.
Bug Fix: Strange “structure” coming out of succubus’ body during certain poses.
Bug Fix: Golden chest still turn in the wrong direction when opened
Bug Fix: Stays forever on the loading screen when entering skirmish combat.
Bug Fix: Cannot exit the romantic bath.
Bug Fix: Sometimes companions won’t fight, even if she has a weapon in hand.
Bug Fix: Cannot drop items on the ground in the inventory UI.
Bug Fix: Some items from the storage disappear after loading saves.
Bug Fix: Every time after loading the game, some already Cleared locations will be reset.
The customization preset saving/loading system can be accessed through the character customization window. You will see two buttons, Save Preset and Load Preset on the bottom right. You can save as many characters presets as you want. If you want to share your character with other players, you can copy the folder out from C://Users/User Name/AppData/LocalLow/L2 Games/She Will Punish Them/Character Presets. The folder name is your character’s name. You need to copy the entire folder, not just the files inside to make it work.
In the future, we will have a better way of sharing characters, but for now, this will work.


Tweaked the anti-aliasing to reduce dizziness.
Added several resolution options:
Tweaked the lingerie wardrobe lighting, poses, and cameras.
Bug Fix: buying lingerie no notification when no space
Bug Fix: Esc cannot quit the loading menu.
Bug Fix: Opening the golden chest sometimes flips the chest.


Added new map: Stroheth Ruins.
Added new map: Skargoth Dungeon.
Added a few more helmets.
Added lingerie gloves slot.
Bug Fix: Some controllers are not getting recognized
Bug Fix: Succubus gets launched into the air.
Bug Fix: Excessive stamina isn’t shown on the stamina bar.
Bug Fix: Companion can trigger player’s rage bar effect.


HD remake made the main build (but still early access) and store page updated.

v0.710 Test build

Reduced Dodging duration.
Reduced stun-lock duration.
Improved animation fluency for all weapons.
Added dodge/Roll attack.
Added sprint attack.
Improved blocking/parrying responsiveness.
Reduced the attacking speed of level1 draugrs.
Added difficulty options.
Added optional losing equipment settings.
Improved Freezing magic.
Improved fire magic damage.
Improved fire magic collision detection.
Bug Fix: Open inventory sometimes messes up with the weapon and forces you to draw the weapon again.
Bug Fix: After getting killed and returned home, the succubus is still in the holding weapon pose.
Bug Fix: T-pose if putting on certain boots.
Bug Fix: Succubus holding an invisible weapon.
Bug Fix: Using a minion scroll in your home deletes it from your inventory.

v0.704 Test build

Added music for combat maps.
Bug Fix: Click on the free pose menu tool icons will exit the free pose mode.
Bug Fix: Open inventory will holster weapon bug.
Bug Fix: A successful perry does not play the perry animation, instead it stuns the player.
Bug Fix: Can’t enter lvl 5 map.
Combat balancing: Reduced stun-lock duration.
Reduced dodge duration.
Tweaked animation speed for all weapons.
Tweaked two-hand sword animation.
Increased the chance of enemies circling you, instead of charging right into you.

v0.701 Test build

Main changes –
Improved combat.
Remade maps.
Succubus companions.
Minion scrolls.
Home expansion.
Weapon random Stats.
Fixed controllers.
Multiple save slots.

For this update, you have to start a new game.

v0.650 Test Build

Added partial Xbox controller support.
Added weapon slashing trail.
Moved the gift box to be easier accessible.
Bug Fix: If clicking H when using bow and arrow aiming, the character will not be able to use the bow again.
Bug Fix: Player arm clips through the Templar Shield.
Bug Fix: The armor shop stops working when you reach level 11.
Bug Fix: If to press the O key during the battle, you will be stuck in the pose menu.
Bug Fix: The special attack of the Morning Star weapon doesn’t work properly.
Bug Fix: Loading a save resets dead minions.
Bug Fix: The weird facial expression.
Bug Fix: Bug with the armor of Draugr Captain.
Bug Fix: Can’t zoom in or out when the weapon is unsheathed.
Bug Fix: The minions suddenly stop joining raids and siege defenses.
Bug Fix: The slave’s armor will not automatically recover after the battle.
Bug Fix: Enemies fight each other.
Bug Fix: If load in and join a battle without preselecting minions, the amount of minions which can bring is higher than the skill should account for.
Bug Fix: The Skeleton Champion’s shield is missing.

v0.633 Test Build

Bug Fix: Stuck forever in the loading screen.
Bug Fix: Sometimes the road doesn’t appear to be connected.
Bug Fix: Sometimes enemies stop generating on the world map.
Bug Fix: Enemy siege armies do not come for a long time.
Bug Fix: Unlimited enemy hordes generation on the world map and makes the map crowded.
Bug Fix: The healing beam cannot heal the minions.
More balanced enemy siege force.
Added End Day Button On Top.

v0.631 Test Build

Bug fixes

v0.630 Test Build

Bug Fix: Conquered regions do not generate any tribute.
Bug Fix: Sometimes the lighting becomes strange in the combat party selection window.
Bug Fix: Sometimes the roaming armies on the world map do not generate on a fresh start.
Bug Fix: Health regeneration doesn’t work.
Bug Fix: You can take more minions into combat than you should.
Bug Fix: Sometimes rolling will not cancel attacks.
Bug Fix: Can upgrade troops from the slaver before recruiting them.
Bug Fix: Falconvile loot-boxes are placed in the wrong places.
Bug Fix: Sometimes your succubus has wrong facial expressions.

Added undo button for skills points. But if you close the skill window, the changes will be permanent.
Added the basic commanding orders for minions: Follow me, charge and stand ground. The default key to open the window is R.
Added the resurrection altar to revive dead minions.
Added mini health bar display for enemies.
Added 3 shields. Shields have wider blocking angles making it easy to block attacks. Shields can also by default block arrows.
Added access to the most common UIs from the game menu. (ESC)
Added scaling to spell effects depending on character’s Power.
Removed the white dot in the center of the screen.
Brought the equipment vendors and the lingerie vendor to the Palace for quicker access. We are planning for the world map to have more special vendors, rather than simple everyday use items.
The power attribute can increase mana regeneration now.
Agility now increases defense by a small amount, speed of attack and movement, and bow accuracy.
You will also get exp if your minions killed something.
In the character UI, elemental damage will be displayed.
When the minions’ health is low, they will tend to avoid being killed.
Enemy army level will be displayed on the world map.

Improved fire magic range and damage.
Tweaked one-hand axe animation and hit-boxes.
Tweaked one-hand mace animation and hit-boxes.
More fluent combat with better auto-targeting and animation flow.
More fluent bow handling.
Improved bow efficiency, accuracy, and damage.
Reworked on the blocking mechanics. Now you can hold down the blocking button and
as long as you are facing the attack, it will be blocked.
Rolling/Dodge cooldown has been greatly reduced.
Balanced pricing, damage, health, and many other things.
The loot system has been balanced more.
Sometimes the enemy will drop much more coins than usual.
Enemy hordes will continue to generate on the world map.

v0.610 Test build
Chinese pavilion and Luna New Year gift.
Valentine room and gift.
Akala prison and Nemhom castle bugfix.

v0.600 Test Build
Skill tree.
Minion and party overhaul.
Siege and defensive combat.
Road system for the world map.

v0.5.30 Test Build
Added basic settings.
Added keybinding.
Bug Fix: Ground texture bug on some maps.
Bug Fix: The inventory doesn’t update during posing if you loot an item.
Bug Fix: Right-click on a key for transfer to personal storage, but instead it moves to the bra slot.
Bug Fix: When you trade with an NPC and then try to close the shop window, almost everything in the game freezes, and you cannot move.
Bug Fix: When pressing space in the shop, dodge roll sound is played.

0.523 Test Build change log

Bug Fix: Can’t close the trading window.

0.522 Test Build change log

Bug Fix: When you use pose 3,4 in the “change shoes” menu, a white thing shows on the chin.
Bug Fix: Demon Slayer is displayed on the wrong side.
Added different staggering rates based on damage and agility.
Bug Fix: Running with a one-handed sword has no footstep sounds.
Bug Fix: some items display as white in the lingerie shop.
Reduced stun-lock duration.
Bug Fix: Opening a chest disables dodging.
Bug Fix: Some skin tones that are different from the rest of the body.
Bug Fix: Areolae Depth resets to zero after loading.
Bug Fix: You can not try on heels at home.

v0.521 Test Build

  • Bug Fixes: Some skin textures have black nose hole.
  • Bug Fix: When pressing space in the shop, dodge roll sound is played
  • Bug Fix: Text overlaying when displaying some item names.
  • Bug Fix: can gain combo-points from corpses
  • Bug Fix: Hip size option does not work
  • Bug Fix: Player shows T-pose and sinks underground sometimes.
  • Bug Fix: Can double health potions into lingerie slots.
  • Bug Fix: You can press Enter on the world map after winning a map to make the map victory screen reappear
  • Bug Fix: The carpet in front of the bed sounds like a regular floor.
  • Tweaked price for weapons.
  • Add different skin color selector.
  • Added display for speed and type of weapons.
  • Refined some hairstyles and added 2 new hairstyles.
  • The “Show UI (U)” prompt is hidden now.

v0.520 Test Build

  • Bug Fix: Mountains with no collision.
  • Bug Fix: Dagger has no idle animation.
  • Bug Fix: The game deletes stuff from your inventory if it can’t figure out how to put it into your inventory when loading your save file.
  • Bug Fix: If to turn off option “lingerie only” the succubus still stays in lingerie and armor.
  • Bug Fix: When selling items, the sold item is listed as “added”.
  • Bug Fix: Can wear a key.
  • Bug Fix: Anything that auto-loots (gold, potions, crystals) can be doubled by picking it up twice.
  • Bug Fix: Cannot exit furniture interaction with the X button.
  • Bug Fix: Loading bug caused by equipping a key.
  • Bug Fix: invisible zombie claw weapon got from loot.
  • Bug Fix: If you disband your last minion, and then get another minion, the minion info panel does not show.
  • Bug Fix: If you open inventory, it pauses the game, but if there’s an intractable object nearby then it does not pause.
  • Bug Fix: If you unequipped a weapon directly into personal storage it stays there floating in the air.
  • Bug Fix: White icons for the items from the lingerie shop.
  • Bug Fix: Siege army and roaming army not getting saved.
  • Bug Fix: some Boots with golden rarity have 0 armor value and cost 60 gold.
  • Bug Fix: The wrong weapon holding position for axes and maces.
  • Bug Fix: When I am pressing the TAB button, my UI in combat (for health, mana, amount of enemies, and minions) is disappearing.
  • Bug Fix: Aerolae Depth slider “preview” gets reset to default each time you re-enter character customization.
  • Bug Fix: When you enter character customization and then exit, whatever boots you have equipped become invisible.
  • Bug Fix: Doesn’t save the item order in inventory.
  • Bug Fix: After loading the game, underwear stopped showing.
  • Added separated inventory slot for high heels.
  • Added text to show how many monsters are attacking your territory on the world map.
  • Different types of weapons gain rage at different speeds.
  • Better random characters in customization.
  • Better Wings: physics and texture resolution.

v0.510 Test Build Hd Remake

Bug Fix: Traders stop to refresh after player level 15.
Bug Fix: There are no footstep sounds for the Succubus at first
Bug Fix: Some items have missing models.
New Year extras.

v0.501 Test Build Hd Remake

Bug Fix: If to bring up the menu in-game and do SAVE GAME, the UI disappears.
Bug Fix: Sometimes you can see a prompt “Chest (F)” when there is no chest nearby
Bug Fix: Barmaid in the Tavern suddenly has nothing to sell after reaching a certain level.
Bug Fix: Arm texture seam removed
Bug Fix: Fixed some wrong item icons.
Bug Fix: Hips customization slider doesn´t work.
Added function to rotate character during customization-Hold RMB

v0.500 Test Build Hd Remake

We have pretty much remade everything.

New Graphics: Better lighting, atmosphere, post-effects, etc.

Customization: Extended customization that has many more options, including detailed morph sliders, makeup, etc.

Combat: Improved combat animations, feedback, sounds, and effects.

Minions: Your Succubus can lead an army of minions. You no longer fight alone.

Enemies: Better animation, rendering for enemies as well.

UI: Slimmer and gothic style UI.

Freelook Camera: You can look at your succubus from any angle.

Cameras and Poses: Chance pose during an interaction and change camera angle.

Full 3D World-Map: More interesting places to go, such as shops, enemy camps, and random enemy field armies.

Home: Re-designed home that can hold much more sensual interactions. And we will keep adding content to it.

World Campaign: Conquer all the enemy territories, and defend your domains from the enemy sieges.

Camps: Enemy camps on the world map that can be destroyed.

Maps: We have remade all maps to fit the current playstyle and graphics style.

Separated underwear inventory slots: Here you can find slots such as bra, panties, stockings, garter belts, heels. Anything lingerie related.

Shops: We have added two shops on the world map, a blacksmith for purchasing weapons and armors and a lingerie shop for underwear.




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