[Unity] Some Modelling Agency [v0.8.7b] [T Valle]



A variety of women will come to your office looking for a modeling career. Your job is to rate them based on looks and personality. Over time, your rating changes females showing up, Example: rating 10/10 -big chest females- will cause more -big chest females- to show up (same goes for promiscuity). This Improving effect only happens on certain days of the week.​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-18
Release Date: 2022-04-26
Developer: T Valle Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.8.7b
OS: Windows
Language: English

3D Game, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Big tits, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Animated, Big Ass, groping, Internal view, POV, Spanking, Stripping, Teasing,


1. Extract and run.


-Pubic hair added.(You can disable it in the settings panel)
-10 new hairstyles
-Consent has been implemented in a hierarchical way. “You can touch it if you can put your peepee in it. You can look at it if you can touch it.” It is not so straightforward, but that is the essence of it.
-Changes made to models using mods will be saved to disk and/or fed to the genetic algorithm.
-In single interview mode, the player can photograph a model and save her to disk.(will save changes made with mods)

-Many small bugs in the auto rating system
-The random generator was not generating genes with indexes in the right way.
-Many other small bugs.

Known bugs
-Due to a bug that was already fixed, old characters will have their hairstyle changed.(oops!)


-Clothing: Added socks.
-Custom poses: Implemented Inverse Kinematics for hands and feet.
-Custom poses: more heroine reactions when changing her pose.

-Pose editing: indirect light contribution was staking up.
-Window flicking has been reduced.
-She’ll no longer lie under the desk; it was a small Raycast layer problem.
-Custom Poses, Edit mode: player can no longer interact with the light switches.
-Minor bugs.

Known bugs
-Post-effects will not be applied until the player exits pose editing mode.

-Controls for scene lighting have been implemented.
-The user configuration now includes toggles for post effects.
-Upscaling is now done by AMD FSR.
-Some generic dialogues were Totally misplaced. Ex: “it feels nice ejaculating in my self”.
-On high quality, the X-ray blur is fixed. (Low quality lacks this blur effect)
-If you turn off all lights and are no longer able to see anything, delete the InterviewLighting.sav file from the “TValle Games/Some Modeling Agency/Config” directory and restart the game.

– Nine different sets of moaning and orgasm sounds have been added.
– All moaning and orgasm sounds are lip-synced.
– Updated unity version.
– Updated HDRP version.
– When females are estimated, there should be a little more facial expression.
– Voice volume control is added. -Breathing volume control is added. Fixes
-Custom poses: Dragging bone mode is finished before ending pose editing mode.

Minor bug
– The dental lip animation was not executed.
– Some mouth gestures were being performed incorrectly. –
– “Can I” dialogues had some errors. -Genetics: The random generator was improved on genes using indexes. These genes are: hair type, eye type, skin type, eyebrow type, etc.
-Genetics: The random generator was using default values of zero on many genes.

I’ve left a lot of work unfinished from earlier updates, and it’s time to resume bug fixing. I’ll build more features, but they won’t be as difficult as implementing sounds, which is a rather difficult subject for me.

-Custom Poses!
-Custom Poses: She will revert to a previous pose state if she feels she is showing too much.
-Custom Poses: added input sensibility configs.
-Custom Poses: added input descriptions for pose editing mode
-Custom Poses: going slow (Alt) or going fast (Shift) does work in editing mode.
-Custom Poses: added sensibility config for editing mode inputs
-Custom Poses: added dialogues for the “guide her” option.
-Custom Poses: added dialogues for the “Load” option.
-Clothing: Added a swimsuit.
-Synonyms: The probability of changing the name of some body part is much higher.
-Most of the time, she will explain why she will not do a certain pose.
-She will say if there is an obstacle in her way of performing a pose.

-Now she talks if she likes something you are doing. (I’m not sure how it broke; it could have been a unity serialization error.)
-The obstacle detection algorithm has been improved.
-AutoRatings: skin color is better auto-rated.
-AutoRatings: sizes of ass, breast, and lips are better auto-rated.
-Custom Poses: handlers have the same size ignoring screen resolution.
-Custom Poses: You can no longer interact with the female while in editing mode.
-Custom Poses: while in editing mode, you can’t interact with the desk anymore.
-Custom Poses: while in editing mode, the camera has no inertia.
-Custom Poses: hand pose works now.
-Custom Poses: bone hitboxes are thinner.

Custom poses are not a studio-style game mode or mechanism. It’s just supposed to be used as an extra gameplay mechanic during interviews. I’m hoping to create a studio mode. It won’t be as advanced as Illusion’s studio, but something is better than nothing…
This implies that the models react to your bone editing inputs in real time.

What’s next
-Settings for post-effects.
-Settings for scene lights.
-Camera angles.
-Hero humping recorder.
-Hero customizations.
-Female Sounds.
-Fixes for minor bugs in the genetic algorithm.
-Fixes for the know problems


-You can choose how many groups to start with.

-The game asks about auto-rating profiles on level up.
-No More Chocolate Rain (If you continue to believe that there are extremely strong or extremely weak genes, please notify me.)
-User-defined ratings are no longer overridden when opening a rating panel with an auto-rating profile set.
-The problem of starting a new game on Wednesday, plus the panel not working, is fixed.
-“Sensibility” instances changed to “Sensitivity”
-Models that had evolved were not being used to create new models. oops…
-AutoRatings profiles DO reset when going back to the main menu.


-Auto Ratings, at the start of the interview. (if the player is using a profile for that group)
-Now you can restrict the Hue of: hair, eyebrows, eyes, lipstick, nipples, clothes (some), underwear (some). -> Gameplay Option tab.
-New option tab: Guide. Please read it.
-All UI fonts improved.
-Rating a slider at zero, will produce random genes for that slider
-The default hole “wear away” of a model, won’t affect calcules from physics nor AI
-Genes will have more control over the iris color.
-Had to add 30+ more fields to the Profile Complete Mode.
-Simple Mode for Profiles uses facial types rather than face part sizes.
-Instead of earning decimals for each model in the finalist pool and a level when the finalist pool fills up and is emptied, a single model in the finalist pool now earns a full point, but gene pools will NOT be finalized until only one model remains (before there were 4 models). The twins detector is less sensitive, which means that models in the same pool will be more similar to one another, extending the number of interviews required to narrow the pool to a single model.
-When a group’s pool narrows to a single model, it is added to the pool of finalists. Rather than waiting for another nine models to create a new super pool, this model is now used as the basis for the generation of new models within the same group, ensuring that the algorithm is constantly fed.

-fixed auto sex speeds calculation
-fixed physics force direction from hole tightness and depth.
-typos: plural/singular stuff vs plural/singular verb


-New Radial UI implemented, to go back without using the go back button, just press right-click down and then up, needs to be fast.
-minor decrease of lips physics movement on the x-axis (it may need more)
-player can move finger inside holes with more freedom (be careful)
-fixed the circular dependency between penetrating-finger position constraints, hole position, finger position.


-Phone Camera Saving
-Dialog: Names written by the player are no longer ignored.
-Fixed null exceptions when the player tries to take a picture without any model in the scene.

Known Issues
-Single Interview Mode: Player Name is default “LoadNameFromMEM”

-Check your antivirus if the photos do not appear in the “Characters” folder


-hero can pull out his finger.
-when pulling out the hero’s hand, fingers are close together
-option for changing hand rotation inputs inversion. It is turned off by default. (sorry about the spelling error)
-versioning is now: major.minor.patch. (This does not mean we are 5 minor releases away from a big release)
-low quality is faster
-suck joint against lips will break by force (no more super stretched out dick)
-no missing references anymore (could help with crashes)
-updated to a new unity version (could help with crashes)
-same physics logic for penetration depth, now applies to penetration thickness (generic dialogues for this have not been developed yet)

-oral sex servicing: all IK effectors were turn on while standing pose.

-press 2 to pull out the finger. it is missing from the inputs list, sorry.
-there is a spelling error in the inputs -> hand rotation reversal, option.

v0.01 Hotfix Vol 2


-minor deserialization bug

-Xray penis not being drawn.

-problem with penis erection

-problem with penis tip mass being like 0.00000001

-minor breast rotation bug

-minor ass modifier not being applied

-LVL 9 bug fixed.


-no more il2cpp releases, (i hope, kinda hate it)
-penis sneaks into holes much better and easy when she is a big girl.
-small asses look better when she bends, big asses look as good as before
-breast physics reworked
-some poses changed to work better with huge breast
-max breast size increased 11 %
-go to, turn around now faster
-chance for her to get angry, just by looking at you are much lower. (won’t affect existing females)
-chance for her to get angry, by the hero looking at her on a non-private part are much lower. (won’t affect existing females)
-generic dialogues reworked
-dialogues will be changed based on her mouth state
-oral sex motion angles are better calculated now.
-hero’s penis sensibility cheat is less effective when the male has low pleasure.
-hair color gene is no longer highly mutative.
-eyebrows color gene is no longer highly mutative.
-lips color gene is no longer highly mutative.
-sliders changed and added help buttons
-new appearance sliders
-new personality sliders
-you can interact with your pc by pressing TAB
-vag/anus shapes exaggerated.
-reduce the change of unrealistic hair colors.
-main menu button
-interaction forces reworked
-chance of big girls and small girls increased
-chance of fat girls or fit girls increased
-no yellow teeth anymore
-holes wear away 25% faster
-hand does not lose physics until is completely at rest position.
-she no longer mistakes her armpits for her shoulders
-default save game folder changed from “v0.003” to “v0.01”

-eyebrow Color Hue of females in the save games will be affected, sorry…
It was the only way to sync hair color and eyebrows (it is semi syncing)
-if no female is showing up it is ok, if it happens on Monday morning, then it is definitely a bug, please report.

-when the hair color gene mutates, it goes back to unrealistic hair colors AGAIN.
-the hair moves too fast now

v0.01 HotFix Vol. 1

-game has cheats now.
-female emotions bars are unlocked from the start.
-female X-rays are unlocked from the start.
-UI will work on a 32:9 aspect ratio (kind of)
-hair root elasticity was way above zero, fixed back to zero.
-main light intensity was reduced by half.
-indirect lighting modifier increased from 1 to 2, to make shadows less dark.
-game windows capture cursor.
-cancel key can hide and show the main config panel.
-player can interact from afar, and at wider angles.
-main character’s hand comes in and out gently.
-interview level will reflect better what it means. which is how evolved the current female is.
-added hand movement sensibility in inputs configs.
-UI closing buttons are bigger.
-leaving behavior score dropdown with its default value, IS NOT recognized as an absent rating anymore. (non assigned rating input fields are perceived as a minimum score rating anyway)
-main character walks faster but runs slower.
-behavior score dropdown option “Don’t Know” changed to “She Is Crazy!” which is the lowest behavior score possible.
-behavior score dropdown default value is now “Not so much”.
-use C to crouch down and V to rise up, like XtoryPlayer.
New know issues:
-Main config panel sub-panels require some tweaking.
-hair needs some tweaking for each style.
-female character sometimes will react too aggressively if you try to insert hand fingers in her mouth.
-when the hand is activated, some physics are not activated until the animation is completed.
-toggle on/off dialogues UI using Space Bar missing from inputs list.
-main config title should be changed to the current menu name.
-running sideways animation need some tweaking.
-when giving oral sex, most girls are too aggressive to the point of glitching out.
-when building the game some UI items do change their order. (it is an il2cpp problem, so is a unity problem)
Were already in-game:
-you can skip dialogues by holding control.
-you can toggle on/off dialogues UI by pressing Space Bar.
-heroine’s pain resistance is increased with pleasure and horniness. The increased amount
is different for every female.
-horniness increases: pain resistance, anger resistance, pleasure gain, max pleasure per body part, favorability effect in her AI. The increased amounts are different for every female.

– Unity’s HDRP implemented.
– oral sex partially implemented.
– a pseudo softbody on the gpu.
– simple X-rays.
– rewards per level. (temporal, until developing a store or something).
– MANY small changes and bug fixes.


Developer Notes:

Guide and tips:
-game can be very difficult I know, it will be improved.
-every single part of their body has a different sensibility and erogenous, and every single female is different, so you have to try it out.
-hold alt, so your hand moves slower and doesn’t hurt them, still, there are some extra sensible body-part/females.
-if she starts to complain about you being too soft with her, just hold shit, careful, you may touch her where she doesn’t want to be touched.
-if she says she won’t go any further (shield icon under the green bar), try to make her come (yes I know it sound ridiculous it’s just a game), it will increase her favorability and horniness temporarily, and permanently. (the increased amount is different for every single female)
you will get favorability for every time you raise her pleasure! the more pleasure you accumulate in a single interaction more favorability you gain. Every female has her own favorability limits. (the shield icon)

Caution: this version is no longer compatible with save games from past versions


Custom Poses Prototype

Extras: Pleasure System HintsLevel System Explained Save Editor* – GuideCheat Mod* – poses/girl file sharing

martin518441 thanks for the link
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.











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