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VR HOT is a digital sex toy for creating and interacting with dream partners.
It gives you the opportunity to explore your most intimate desires in a non-judgmental surrounding.
VR HOT offers a virtual environment and a construction kit for dream partners and the interaction with them.

(VR only – Limited Desktop Support)
All SteamVR-compatible headsets (not standalone) should be compatible.
Compatibility tested and confirmed for Oculus Quest 1 (with Link) and Valve Index.

Thread Updated: 2022-07-27
Release Date: 2022-07-25
Developer: VR Hot – SubscribestarSteamPatreonWebsite
Censored: No
Version: 0.8.0
OS: Windows
Language: English

3d game, male protagonist, big tits, big ass, VR, vaginal sex, groping, character creation


1. Extract and run.


NEW: High Heels (incl. 2 pair of shoes)
NEW: 12+ new female characters and skins
NEW: Softbody and Cloth Simulations individually switchable
NEW: Help System (additional info buttons in main menu)
NEW: Male Audio
NEW: Male Hottie Cum
NEW: Male Hottie haptic Feedback
NEW: Male Face asymmetric slider
NEW: Male simulated cloth

Improvement: Performance (esp. with simulated cloth and hair)
Improvement: Female Genital Physics
Improvement: Full Body Collision System (e.g. between Breasts)
Improvement: Long Legs work better with Animations
Improvement: Cloth Simulation, better handling of Cloth with player hands (e.g. undressing)
Improvement: DLSS works more often (still not at 100%)

Bug Fix: Pussy Slider affecting Body Shape
Bug Fix: Glans Sliders
Bug Fix: Snake Penis
Bug Fix: Left Hand Mode Arm Collider

Known Issue: Occasional Crashes on loading complex Hotties (e.g. with complex hair and many clothes); might depend on GPU memory / Quality setting
Known Issue: Current animation will look off after dressing with heels (will resolve with starting the next interaction)


Developer Notes:

VR unique

  • Embodiment – you are not just a pair of gloves, you have a fully customizable virtual body.
  • Interaction – it’s not just a doll you are playing with. She talks, she moves, she reacts.
  • Voice commands – let her know what you want. Whether by using the menu or telling her.
  • New innovative physics system – combining state-of-the-art physics with animations.
  • Thrust control – let your controller track your hip movements.
  • Customizability – create*° and save° your own characters.
  • Makeup system*° – who are we to dictate your favorite lipstick color? The makeup police?

VR the future
Features we are already working on:

  • We already started developing a brand new clothing physics from scratch
  • Improved soft body physics
  • AI-based voice dialogue system
  • Improved dynamic character reactions, including orgasms
  • More environments
  • Male characters
  • Female players
  • Anal penetration
  • MILFs and DILFs (and GILFs)
  • More Sextoys
  • External Camera
  • Scene saving

System Requirements
Windows PC with a DirectX11 compatible video card and the latest version of SteamVR installed.
We recommend

  • Intel i7-7XXX series or higher (3.6 Ghz or higher),
  • or AMD Ryzen 5 or higher (3.2 Ghz or higher)
  • Nvidia 1080Ti GPU or higher
  • 16GB RAM or higher

All SteamVR-compatible headsets (not standalone) should be compatible.
Compatibility tested and confirmed for Oculus Quest 1 (with Link) and Valve Index.

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