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Here you will see the story of a journalist who came to interview the leader of a secluded sect far from the city. All her expectations can be a great fallacy during the journey. I suggest you get the first experience of being in this world. Don’t be swallowed by fog entirely…​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-07
Release Date: 2022-05-29
Developer: Absent.Dogma PatreonTwitterYouTube
Censored: No
Version: 0.6 Public
OS: Windows x64
Language: English

3d game, 3d, female protagonist, anal sex, bdsm, bukkake, creampie, group sex, groping, humiliation, interracial, vaginal sex, adventure, oral sex, horror, monster, rape, slave, guro


1 – Extract and run Threshold Road v0.55 Public Build.exe
2*- Install save (Optional)

*In case of Loading has started but music still playing and nothing happens after “Continue” just kill process and launch game again.
*If you got any issues with saves open “Readme” file in “SAVES INSTALL’ folder inside game root folder. Also “F.A.Q.” file for common issues.

Walkthrough is also INSIDE game folder!



  • Acts in four locations.
  • Revealing the story of Alice – new heroine.
  • Few H-scenes.


-3 locations (2 of them are brand new).
-1 new character*.
-3 H-interaction scenes.
-It is a Story Update, thus answers to many questions will be received in this part.


v0.49 Part 2

Version features:
-Repeatability. Literally and figuratively.
-Meet with “Boss”.
-7 straight h-interactions.
-Mini-game for dessert.

v0.46 Part 1


  • 3 locations along the story.
  • Alternative ending (H-Scene).
  • Newly-revealed community’s Clan.

A bit detailed:

  • 5 h-interactions.
  • 20+ completely new objects.
  • New character type – Wincher.
  • New location – “Winchers Nests”.


  • Glossary update.
  • Patreon Gallery update (room C3).
  • Main menu bugfixes.


  • Large new level feature: You don’t need to find the direction to go. The plot will do it for you.
  • 4 complete H-animations with 3 characters you met before.
  • Few different scenes of action.
  • A companion who will be with you. Regardless of your desire.
  • Many small features (moods, certain behavior, choices).


  • Glossary update: 5 new stories (special thanks to Raz for translate adaptation).
  • Patron Gallery: Room C2 added.
  • Fast Forward option added to level 4 (after “interview” when leaving the Church).
  • Music is now optional in some scenes (Gallery two, The Great Ritual (level #14).
  • Save now contains all rooms open in Public Gallery.


Current version addings:

  • Replayable scene with random npc pick.
  • New scene and ritual.
  • 7 new actors.
  • 5 new H-anims.


  • Glossary in main menu (story of the TR characters).
  • Patreon Gallery (in Patreon Build) with first animation.
  • One more H-scene in the last level (Trapper’s tunnel).
  • Medium quality graphic settings fixed and works fine now (no lighting or other issues anymore).
  • Many bugs removed (jump in h-scenes, ponytail invisible, HUD and menu issues).


Briefly what’s expected in current version:

  • Mostly H-interactions than story itself.
  • “Big event” from flock’s leader.
  • New location and nighttime.
  • Another turning point in the story.
  • Another one cloth set for the main character.

For next version what had promised before:

  • New “special task” from Church.
  • New character in new location.
  • Two locations more expected.
  • Patron’s gallery.
  • New feature – Glossary – description of actors and their stories.
  • Meet with “Old friend”.


New Features:

-Changed brightnesslighting controller of each level in game options.
-Now we have a minimap with pointers to quests (to not get too deep).
Fast Forward feature – you now can skip some path parts.
Checkpoints. Self explanatory.
Dialogues became more rapid.
-Partial customization: glasses, stockings, panties.
-You get three brand new robes to choose.
-Some new design for “Controls menu” and “Main Menu”.
-More particles in interactions. Going to use it more often now.
-about 100 non H-animations to smooth everything.
-Two complete story-themed H-acts.
-New location.
-3 Characters.
-4L Room.

-Dialog with Hunchback now stable (savesload problem solved)
-VR call is now unavailable so it wouldn’t appear now.
-Many fixes with miscellaneous (anims, text correction etc.).

Known issues:
-clothes. We’ve got a conversation about hood and all the mechanics with it. I struggled like a digital lion to fix everything but sometimes skin will be “leaking” through the clothes. I hope it won’t spoil your journey too much.
-aspect ratio. Still can’t get what is the main reason some players get improper screen resolution. So I’ve decided to make a side launcher for next version.
-Low quality set in game might cause lighting issues. Use high or epic quality predominantly.

UPDATED 22.06:
-Bug fixed when ponytail disappears in
Abscessed Lowland
-Bug fix to clothes and hood appearance Abscessed Lowland
-Bug when quest in Hollow Plateau is still on map but completed.
-Fast forward in Cavern of Sutured added
-Minimal exposure (brightness) in Cavern increased
-Bug with double click in menu fixed.
-Checkpoints now contain full information due to your progress!



  • System of moving in combat was slightly changed.
  • Physical asset of main character was improved.
  • SaveLoad system put into operation.
  • 4R Gallery room + new Rooms “reach” idea.
  • Lighting was rebuild for each level besides first one (I think it’s acceptable).

Bugs fixed:

  • Screen aspect ratio was fixed and must works good on every common screen size.
  • Shaders stability – now “dark” textures shouldn’t appear (some players comments).
  • 1,2,3,4 buttons were rebind therefore it must solve problem some users had (NUM-keyboard works too).
  • Gallery “Reset” and “Focus” buttons were collapsing with others. Now they aren’t.
  • Issue with too pale Sasha’s face made by torch light now is fixed.
  • Tons of tiny things like overlapping letters, unproductive code, even typos from dialog in 2nd level (Church) etc.

Weak points:

  • Performance. It is striking. Professionals do it through “Streaming level system”. Painstaking work. I’ll try to do something with it in future. I need more time to learn.
  • Materials and objects. I guess 95% of stuff were made by me. So… It’s funny, but I really feel that spending too much time for each “whatever chair” would delay this post to month or so. I’m ashamed for that. Try to avoid any objects, please! I’m just joking. But you got the point.
  • “Where are H scenes”? I know a few good “gallery-type games” with no plot but smooth animation. But that balance it’s not about this project. Plot must be developed to make an effect to player (like that lovely old-fashion Hentai RPG). If speak briefly, for this time this opinion stops to have a point.

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