[Unreal Engine] Wicked Island [v0.4 Beta] [RawDarkness]



Adult open world survival with sex defeat system.
Combat horny monsters, Craft and upgrade your gear, unlock pet monsters and upgrade them for more sex animations.​

Thread Updated: 2022-06-24
Release Date: 2022-06-17
Developer: RawDarkness – DiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.4 Beta
OS: Windows
Language: English

3d game, female protagonist, vaginal sex, bestiality, big ass, big tits, creampie, rape, combat, ugly bastard


1. Extract and run.


v0.4 Beta
Newly added

  • Added distance Depth of Field
  • Added player eye tracking when camera close to face
  • Added character customization rotation buttons
  • Added zoom toggle and scroll bar in character creation menu
  • Added credits in main menu
  • Added birth animation at end of pregnancy with some text
  • Added sound to level up effect
  • Added evasion attribute + text popup when dodging
  • Added stagger attribute for chance to interrupt enemy
  • Added bleeding attribute for DoT chance on enemy
  • Added absorption attribute for chance to absorb 50% incoming damage
  • Added several abilities to unlock new attributes under skill tree
  • Added ability to customize eye color
  • Added ability to customize skin color
  • Added ability to customize skin texture
  • Added defeat debuff after getting defeated
  • Added logic to prevent further defeats until debuff has expired, incentives player to crawl away after being defeated or else be killed
  • Added check for player level versus monster level. Monsters too strong compared to the player will simply kill the player rather than breed them.
  • Added new injured and downed states with animations and debuffs. When hp reach 0 (injured), -50 (downed), -100 defeat will be evaluated according to new system
  • Added rain/snow debuffs
  • Added pregnant buff
  • Added mother buff after birth
  • Created Drake enemy as well as initial animation (non polished)
  • Added player masturbation key and animation (remappable)
  • Added ability to change key for ending sex scenes
  • Added a help dialogue that provides some info to the player, will trigger on beach automatically where player spawns.
  • Introduced a new bug that causes clipping on leather and iron pants (sorry)


  • Made fibre more visually distinct and added more to landscape
  • Smooth belly expansion for pregnancy/inflation
  • Renamed and reworked attributes, Instead of 5 there are now 4, Might, Endurance, Determination and Grace. Each promoting a specific playstyle and tying in with the skill tree
  • Renamed project (folders, executables etc)
  • Disabled using 9 to initiate sex since this was broken
  • Updated key mapping to include all shortcut keys
  • Enabled toggle for enemy health bar in settings
  • Optimized landscape/environment texture size (should make the game run slightly better and smaller disk footprint)
  • Optimized armor material count as well as some texture sizes and mesh resolutions (should make the game run slightly better and smaller disk footprint)
  • Optimized Player character draw calls and GPU memory load
  • Tweaked belly bulges for all animations to better fit with the corresponding monster


  • Disabled another VR plugin. Should no longer launch VR when starting game
  • Fixed potentially being put outside walls when cancelling animations
  • Fixed some barrels physics making them fly around starting area
  • Hopefully fixed hair colors/styles randomly changing
  • Fixed settings slider not activating initially when loading settings
  • Clean up a bunch of referenses that might prevent crashing errors for some users (assertation failed)
  • Fixed being able to use items during animations
  • Fixed some chests and lootbag not being closed by interact button
  • Fixed sword position in hand
  • Fixed some text messages showing too often

v0.3 Beta
Mostly bug fixes and quality of life improvements but some new stuff as well. As always all feedback and all found bugs are extremely valuable. Thank you for helping me make this game a reality!

Change notes:

Newly added
* Added cheat menu (num +)
* Added sliders for inflation and pregnancy chance
* Made items dropping be picked up automatically
* Added logic to scale beast physics according to morphs (bigger bewbs = more jiggle)
* Added message when enemies get erection due to low health
* Added distance limit for free camera from player during animations
* Added wasp to desert
* Added delay and fade to black at start and end of animation
* Added wind to hair simulation
* Added text message at start of animation
* Added toggle for rotating camera (caps lock)

* Changed starting location to island instead of dungeon
* Altered several spawns in dungeon/on island
* Defeat/pregnancy/inflation toggles now affect game and are persistent
* Increased butt physics visibility
* Changed respawn time for monsters in dungeon
* Altered durability values to reflect quality of gear (better = more durability)
* Containers now close using the same key as opening them
* Unlocked loot chests

* Fixed cover face during rain to not break animations
* Fixed some clothing items to not adjust to body morphs
* Fixed ability to build on ground
* Fixed animations not playing for harder version of enemies
* Fixed collisions on desert rocks
* Fixed loot bags rolling away too easily
* Fixed some floating trees and a hole in the cave
* Fixed cum inflation not working properly
* Fixed hair style changes not being persistent
* Fixed free camera initial rotation to always face player


* Changed armor styles to no longer include cloth physics (skirt changed to panties)

* Replaced several armorstyles and added new ones

* Changed hair to use a different system, performance should be better and several hairstyles available

* Changed spoil rate on meat

* Changed breakage rate of equipment

* Added repair kit to repair broken equipment (craft, then drag to broken item)

* Added new Island area (can be accessed behind the door where you start, just turn around)

* Increased attack speed for all enemies

* Increased attack speed for player

* Removed hit reaction on enemies for every attack (resulted in stunlocking them)

* Character customization is now persistent in game

* Added sound effects to some animations missing them

* Fixed directional sprinting

* Removed thirst mechanic

* Disabled hunger during sex scenes

* Prevented attacking during sex scenes to stop animation

* Increased sprint stamina cost

* Preq installer should be included

Probably forgot something…

Known bugs

* Waypoint system only partially works

* Some texture issues on objects in general (black on top etc)

* Incorrect rotation for passive creatures in dungeon

* Bows not working

* Lantern not equipping

* Sex animations sometimes break/does not start properly

* Game options for pregnancy/defeat etc does nothing (everything enabled by default)

* Pokethrough on cloth chest armor

* Smoke sometimes apearing at player character feet

* Insects legs does not move when moving

* Neutral animals (deer) are extremly simpleminded

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

!!!Please note this is the first beta build available.
It is for testing purposes and is far from finished.
Expect lots of bugs and a very small portion of what will make up the game once released.!!!

* Detailed sex scenes with free camera mode
* Gather resources to survive and craft better gear
* Combat your way through dungeons
* Unlock and upgrade monsters to fuck at will
List of features
Detailed sex animations with different monsters
Sex defeat system
Cum inflation
Get ambushed while sleeping
Unlock monster system for revisiting your favourite animations at will
Character customization
Action based combat
Resource gathering and crafting
Player home
Open world with dungeons, caves, ruins etc
Day/night cycle
Dynamic Weather

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