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Bound by Night
is an adult Visual Novel set in the modern world with supernatural elements. It includes six core characters as well as four patron-sponsored characters, all of whom are romanceable. The story combines elements of the the psychological horror and erotic genres, with explicit sex scenes between men and dominant/submissive relationships that can evolve over the course of the story.

Bound by Night has its own mythology around the supernatural elements. It takes place in a world just like ours — without magic — but in which vampires and werewolves exist. Over the course of the story, the main character will learn how these creatures came to be and how much more dangerous they could become.

What’s New in this Build?
This build (0.8) includes the first part of Chapter 12, resolving the Chapter 11 cliffhanger and brings Alex into Mayhew’s tower where they begin to discuss Mayhew’s plans for our young doctor.

The six core characters plus one patron-sponsored character have already been introduced , three more patron-sponsored characters are in the works. The core characters consist of primary and secondary protagonists (both human), a vampire, a werewolf, and two supporting characters.

Alex is in the lead role. He just finished medical school, moved to a new city, and has begun his residency. Overworked and overwhelmed, he’s questioning whether this is really what he wants in life when his boss orders him to take a night off and… get off.

Nick is the secondary POV character and parts of the story are told from his perspective with RPG choices for dialogue and character interaction. He is a little older than Alex, works as a detective for the city police force but moonlights as a vampire hunter. Whereas Alex is the naïve newcomer unfamiliar with the supernatural, Nick is the jaded veteran.

Work is currently underway for Chapter 12, which will be the conclusion of the first of three acts.

Over the course of the story, Alex will travel to other parts of the world, meet more characters, unravel the secrets of the vampires who rule the world from the shadows, and — in the end — make a choice on what to do with the knowledge he has accumulated.

Thread Updated: 2022-04-28
Release Date: 2022-04-28
Developer: BoundByNight Patreon itch.ioTwitterDiscord Server
Censored: No
Version: 0.8b
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

3DCG, Anal Sex, Male Protagonist, Gay, Horror


1. Extract and run.


Version 0.8b – 3/31/2022
1. Corrected a broken audio file link at the end of the update

Version 0.8a – 3/30/2022
1. New content for Chapter 12
2. Style of artwork for Chapter 12 images altered slightly
3. Implemented “belltolls” tracker
4. Adjusted GUI file to automatically accommodate for PC versus mobile builds
5. Minor updates to splash screens

Version 0.7 – 12/21/2021
1. New content for Chapter 11
2. Eliminated line of stray text from “stay at home” option at end of previous build.
3. More typo smashing
4. PC Build updated to include Linux support

Version 0.6a – 9/24/2021
1. New content for Chapter 11
2. Corrected typos
3. Replaced some of Santino’s dialogue with more authentic/accurate Italian-language phrases
4. Changed the texture on Connor’s teeth so they appear a little whiter
5. Adjusted the “Ear ringing” sound effect so it was less aurally offensive
6. Added code and alternative dialogue for Ronan in Chapter 10 if MC has not had any sex except for the scene in Chapter 1.
Version 0.5.2a – 07/09/2021
1. New Content for Chapter 10
2. Fixed more typos
3. Replaced some of Santino’s dialogue with more authentic/accurate Italian-language phrases
4. Changed the texture on Connor’s teeth so they appear a little whiter

Version 0.5a – 06/26/2021
1. New content for Chapter 9
2. Put images and scripts into archive files
3. New compression and rendering processes for images (Chapter 9 converted to WEBP instead of JPG; Chapter 10 rendered at 4k, resized to 1920×1080, then converted to WEBP)
4. Corrected incorrect audio channel for explicit sounds in Chapter 8
5. Correctly hid text window during animated sequences in Chapter 8
6. Executable file should now display with the BBN logo rather than default RenPy logo
7. It is now possible to add a description to save game files

Version 0.4b – 05/23/2021
1. Many typos caught and corrected (a huge “thank you” to those who have submitted these via Discord)
2. Replaced all images and added new ones for Chapter 1
3. Redid the shots for the prologue (again) with better render settings
4. Additional text and images added to Chapter 2 for flashback sequences and some minor adjustments to dialogue between Nick and Ronan
5. Replaced images of Nick going through the hotel lobby in Chapter 2
6. Revised some coding for sex sequences to allow for loop until player interrupts
7. Fixed scripting error in Chapter 8 that made two images in the explicit scene with Connor not display
8. Replaced audio for the main menu and for some previous chapters with new assets
9. Split script files into multiple parts for improved stability and to better facilitate translations into languages other than English

Version 0.3b – 04/08/2021
1. Adjusted settings for scene at end of Chapter 6 for improved lighting and overall quality
2. Redid shots for Prologue
3. Added scene within Chapter 4
4. Replaced shot in meeting in Chapter 4 to correct Alex’s eye color
5. Redesigned some of the dialogue choices for improved consistency and clarity
6. Adjusted the relationship scoring for the first conversation with Nick in Chapter 6 so it’s easier to unlock the explicit scene
7. Corrected lighting in one image from the solo/fantasy sequence at end of Chapter 3
8. Adjusted dialogue following first choice at beginning of Chapter 5 based on player feedback; conversation now better reflects player’s choice

Version 0.3a – 03/14/2021
1. added chapters 4, 5 and 6
2. Revised touch in a optional scene from Chapter 3 where Alex is looking at his crotch
3. changed format of images included in release from PNG to JPG
4. more tweaks to default rendering settings
5. Added additional audio to Chapters 2 and 3
6. Corrected 2D background in some images from Chapter 3
7. Moved sex and explicit sounds to a new Explicit channel (instead of the previously used “Sound” channel)

Version v0.2b
1. added chapters 2 and 3
2. added two new characters
3. revised some dialogue in Prologue and Chapter 1
4. changed name of hospital
5. fixed some pause and transition coding
6. increased volume of footsteps
7. implemented relationship tracking
8. replaced images for prologue
9. replaced images for chapter 1 cliffhanger
10. increased max settings for renders from 5k iterations to 10k for better quality on more complicated images (reflections, windows, lighting, etc.)
11. revisions to Alex
– adjusted skin textures
– adjusted eye texture
– brought the hair a little lower over the ears
– increased subD for body and hair to improve rendering quality
12. revisions to Santino (formerly Mateo)
– changed name
– shortened his hair a little
– new outfit in prologue
– changed eye texture
13. revisions to the vampire
– textures
– hair
– changed eyes
– changed outfit
14. Fixed Kai’s disappearing fingers in one image when Alex is getting rimmed
15. Fixed a disappearing hand in the first “animation” sequence between Alex and Kai

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