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Build cover 49871564644.png

Build cover 49871564644.png

Rei, (Default name.) the main character, is a girl or guy who travel from their town to the city to study the career of photography in the university. Rei is active, lively and has a radiant personality, what they like, the way that they think about certain topics and how innocent they are depends on you, the player. Rei wants to study hard, have good notes and complete their career, love is not something in their plan, however, that changes when a clumsy girl appear in their life…

They meet Evangeline, a shy girl who appears to be nervous about everything. At the beginning you don’t know what is the deal with her, why she acts defensive all the time, don’t talk too much or is reserved about herself, something that with the time changes. Spend time with Evangeline, talk with her using different dialogue options, be part of cute events that sometimes deal with every day occurrences and other times with problems, have small interactions with her that improve her self-esteem and see how she opens more to you every day. With the time you can become more intimate with her, not only emotionally, also physically…​

Thread Updated: 2022-05-07
Release Date: 2022-05-04
Developer: Studio 781 – PatreonItch.io
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English (MTL), Spanish

2DCG, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Futa/trans protagonist, Dating sim, Romance, Simulator, Anal sex, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Lesbian, PoV, Sex toys, Vaginal sex


1- Extract to the desired location.
2- Click on the .exe file to start playing.


Change log:
– The dialogues at the beginning of the ero scene have been expanded, now Evangeline will comment about every ero interaction that you have done with her, and even she will comment further after repeating said interaction multiple times (Ps: She starts commentating about it after doing each interaction five times).
– The dialogues during the ero scene, the ones right before start, have been double, now Evangeline has more comments about interactions during the act.
– Fixed global dialogue rotation, now all the dialogues for the beginning of the ero scene should work now.
– Now every orgasm event has dialogues, with three variations depending on how many times Evangeline or Rei have orgasms (Almost 1000 lines).
– Add more variation of dialogues, now Evan comment about how lewd is the player or what have done before or after interactions.
– Fixed a bug related with tribadism in which the interaction trigger dialogue of another interaction. Also, other bugs related to the ero scene.
– Add expressions for every new dialogue.
– Writing corrections and manually fixed English translation.
– New mechanic: H-Progress. (Check the developer notes for more information)
– Add dialogues for the change of position.
– Correction of dialogues and translation.
– Bug fixing.
– Adjustment of values in the ero scene.
– Added missing translation lines.
– Missing stamina limiter and initial value, now H-Progress should work as intended.
– Temporarily removing side face expression, waiting until new sprites.
– Spanking added to doggy position: When the intercourse arrow is in 3, press the arrow up to spank.
– Spank progress added.
– Major H-scene related bug fixes, now H-Progress should completly work without problems.
– Sprites for the ero scene fixed, some that where missing or displaced.
– Ero scene background for the missionary pose.
– More sprites for certain interactions improved and also expanded for future updates.
– Android port.
– Especial dialogue for female Rei when performing butt sex for the first time.
– Small dialogue corrections.
– Bug fix related to Rei and Evan reaching climax at the same time.
– Now, old save files should work.
– New adjusted text box for Android.
– Now the quick menu is persisting, meaning that going back in the dialogues wouldn’t hide the quick menu.
– New button on the quick menu to hide the text box (Special thanks to jadih96207 for the idea and part of the code).
Special thanks to jadih96207 for the following fixes:
– Fixed names of the main characters in the English translation.
– Fixed missing sprites in multiple parts of the game.
– Fixed a dialogue skip for male-Rei while choosing lust trait.

Complete patch notes and dev log.

– Better backgrounds in the main menu and game menu, using art that Sack post during the end of the year.
– Interactive quick menu buttons to make the screen look more clean and the text box less clutch.
– Android version (Special thanks to Ditto, who pointed out problems that prevent the app from running).
– Bigger interactive quick menu buttons on Android to facilitate the use of said buttons on smarthphones.
– Proper icons for the Android and PC version (Thanks to Ditto for pointed this out) with splashscreens.
Known bugs and errors:
– Rollback button hide the whole quick menu after being pressed.
– Menu buttons too small for smarthphones.
– Textbox not adjusted for Android.
– Patrons names updated (I apologize for this…).
– v0.7.15: Major bug fixes for the ero scene, mostly due to the pleasure bars.
– Small update for the quick menu, now when the “>” button is pressed, an “A” would appear indicating that the dialogue is in auto mode.
– Fixed hand sprites for the ero scene, Evangeline hand appear double when she use her hand.
– Temporarilly removed Evangeline hand’s wetness due to overlap over other sprites.
Complete patch notes.

– The first important event has been rewritted, with better writting and a more down to earth event development throuhg the event.
– 60+ Dialogues added to the sandbox section, between daily conversations and physical interactions. Avalible after the second important event.
– New backgrounds for the in-game menu that change depending of the character on screen.
– Unknown characters names translated (Special thanks to Ditto for this).
Known bugs and errors:
– Continuity errors because the rewritting of the first event.
Hotfix v2:
Thanks to MysteryMani for the next fixes:
-Multiple corrections for the english translation.
-Fixed interactions images not displaying or dissapearing in the correct way.
-Fixed errors related to backgrounds.
Hotfix v4:
-Added messages to notify the player about events.
-Fixes in multiple parts of the code.
Thanks to MysteryMani for the next fixes:
-Multiple corrections for the english translation.
-Fixes in the code for the ero scene.
Hotfix v5:
-Fixed a lot of gramatical errors, missing words and letters in spanish, improving the english translation even if is MTL.
Hotfix v6:
-Fixed errors related to the translation files.
Hotfix v7:
-Continuity errors related to the first time in the ero scene, is a WIP, more related bugs are being revised.

B&L v0.7.1.9
– Stable version added. The full game with all the fixes.
Hotfix v9:
– Fixed a lot of bugs related to the ero scene, specially when playing with a female or futanari character.
Hotfix v8:
– Fixed errors related to the english translation.
Hotfix v7:
– Fixed errors related to the ero scene.
– A quality of life improvement, Evan and Rei can orgasm at the same time in a simpler way.
Hotfix v6:
– Fixed error related with the events and dialogues.
Hotfix v5:
– Fixed an error related to trigger events.
– A quality of life improvement, now you can speak with Evangeline even if you hasn’t achieved the requirements for the next important event.
v5.1: I made a mistake and now is fixed.
Hotfix v4
– I’m an idiot and never considered default the variables to make old saves work on recent updates. A variable depot added to the code.
Hotfix v1-2-3:
– Minor bug fixes.

Initial release:
– Fourth important event with variations depending on previous desitions.
– Really game breaking bugs fixed.
– Bug preventing the ero-scene being executed fixed.
– Translation fixes (Thanks to KuraScropia for reporting).

Hotfix v1:
– Missing translation files added to the game and other fixes.

Initial release:
– Most of the backgrounds have been re-done (Missing Evangeline room and the city).
– All the art related to the erotic scene is now the final version.
– All the interactions in the ero scene now are animated.

Patch v0.5:
– Fixed visual bugs during the ero scene.
– Fixed missing elements error message.
– Fixed the main character being able to talk with Evangeline multiple times.
– Fixed backgrounds and characters sprites.
– Fixed continuity errors.
Patch v0.4:
– Internal patch.
Patch v0.3:
– Fixed an error related with rubing or fingering during the sex scene.
– Removed the button to ejaculate outside if the main character is a girl.
– Fixed Evangeline never geting tired during the sex scene.
– Various bugs fixed.
Hotfix v0.2:
– Fixed an error that prevent the player to trigger the erotic scene.
– Remove dialogue place holders that appear during day to day dialogue.
Hotfix v0.1:
– Translation fixes.

Initial release:
– Erotic scene avalible in the main game (Ask Evangeline about going to her appartment)
– Reactions and commentaries from Evangeline before, during and after the sex scene (Is going to be improve in the future).
– Events for the sandbox part of the game, repeatable and with routes.
– Code improvements.
– Translation improvements (Thanks to Ditto for their colaboration).
– A selection screen to choose the language before the game start the first time.
– UI spanish translation.
– Translation fixes.
– Serious bugs has been fixed.

– Crash fixed.
– Second videogame store event now accesible.
– Multiple bug fixed, like sprites appaering where don’t belong and events triggering on wrong time and place.

“At last, the new build is done. Make work the dialogues was kinda hard, we need to make space for at least 100+ dialogues variations and also, dozens of events, the dialogue structure was change and a lot of bugs appear, but nevertheless, everything ended up working, now that the foundation is done, is just a matter of time and efford to fill all the empty space with dialogues and events, that is why the next updates are going to be more narrow between each other.”

– Fixed some typos, and also some dialogues has been imrpove.
– First main event expanded.
– Three new backgrounds: City, Evangeline’s apartment and bedroom, the first one with two variations, and the other two with three, for each time of the day.
– Second main event completed, with some important desitions for the third phase.
– Evangeline phase one and two completed.
– A first glance of the phase three, the last phase and the biggest, bigger than the first two combine.
– Add two new intreactions:
Kiss and Fondle: For now with two placeholders each interactions and variations for gender.
– Five interactions and option dialogues for the phase three, every one with twenty possible answers, still a WIP but with some content already.

– Fixed on the way that Rei’s sprites spawn on some scenarios.
– Fixed missing sprites and also missplace images.
– A lot of bug fixes related with Rei’s sprites.
– Some backgrounds had being improve on small details and also some of them had shadows representing people on the city doing their own business.

– All Rei (Main character) sprite’s implemented on every interaction, conversation and event on the game, 69 sprites for every variation.

– A few more sprites variations for Evangeline.
– A main event for Evangeline that expand the dialogue tree and add physical interactions.
– Minor events for Evangeline, two on the super market and one on the park, (Necessary to progress the story.) also an optional event on the video games store that change each time that is activated.
– More dialogue rotations and also variations depending on the player decisions and opinion about various topics, also his/her gender.
– Minor events where the main character expend time with him/herself alone depending on the place and the day of the week.
– Several backgrounds for all the scenarios.

– Several sprites for Evangeline (The love interest).
– Implementation of all the scenarios on the game like the Video Games Store, the Park, the Institute/University and the Super Market.
– Dialogue system for Evangeline with a few dialogues showing the dialogue rotation.
– Basic activities on each scenario.

– Fixed an issue related with the GUI, preventing the outside spurt to be executed an any moment.
– Fixed bugs related with the english translation that make the game crash ( Thanks to masterdragonson for this fix).
– Partially fixed the way fluids are show. Is going to be improve in the next fix.

– Fixes related with the male main character.

– Code improvements.
– Translation improvements (Thanks to Ditto for they colaboration).
– Fixes for bugs that has been reported.
– Number indicator to show the current trust.
– Button to exit the scene earlier, like for example, see the outcome of doing nothing (Thanks to Ditto for this suggestion).
– Button to return to end the current interaction. Same icon as the interaction buts keeps present to return in any moment to the main screen (Thanks to Ditto for this suggestion).
– Two new interactions:
– Lick fingers before insert (Thanks to Rachel for this suggestion).
– Touch breast during intercourse (Thanks to Rachel for this suggestion).

– First Release.

Developer Notes:

NEW MECHANIC!!: H-Progress.
Now the first time when Rei ask Evangeline about what they should do for the first time, depending on what you choose, is gonna be unlock at the start of the ero scene, and should be unlock with the progress using lewd interactions.

The increase H-Progress you need to make Evangeline satisfied once per session, each time new things would be unlock, for example, to unlock doggy you need H-progress at level 2, and if you choose using only hands, the rest of interactions would be unlock at level 4, also to increase the stamina of Rei and Evangeline you need to increase the H-progress. A side of interactions, dialogues also increase with the progress.

For now in that consist the mechanic, we are open to any suggestion or balancing. The next related mechanic would be M-Progress (Masochism (Don’t worry, is gonna be light, keeping things sorta vanilla)).

WARNING!!: H-Progress is going to brake your save game if you already have your first time with Evangeline, start a new game or wait until I upload a guide to fix this in a couple of days.

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